A deep aroused groan escaped Kaine when Tenmo spoke, his eyes alight with lust. "Don't tease me with a good time." He purred before leaning forward to nip at his husband's neck a bit roughly. He loved the idea of Tenmo taking him like that, not caring if it would really put him at a disadvantage in their little friendly competition or not. Since he was sure even if the wold did do that it would also hinder his lover's performance. A small smirk appeared on his face as he ran his fingers teasingly down his puppy's chest. "But I doubt you'll follow through with such a little threat." He mused playfully a teasing smirk on his face. A second later and Kaine was getting to his face with a wink and moved away from the other liking the idea of teasing the other and being a bit flirty. It wasn't like he had really gotten the chance to be all that seductive and flirty back home, even after they had gotten married things had still been a bit hectic. So he was ready to take full advantage of the opportunity. Truly excited for just how much sex they'd be able to have here, especially knowing no one would be interrupting them.