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    That one time I yelled something dumb in class

    This is something dumb that I did that I wanted to share

    Last year close to winter break in my European Studies class everyone in my class was just chilling, chatting, doing work for other classes, etc. I was in a conversation with my friend who was going on and on about how sweet her boyfriend was; at one point I got slightly jealous of her and at the time I was just a lonely mess, so when it was my turn to speak I said "Oh my god someone please let me fuck you like the people in ancient Greece did twelve year old boys!" I said it a little louder than I thought because a few moments later the entire lecture hall broke out in laughter except for my professor. Once everyone calmed down the professor coughed to get everyone's attention and asked: "Now, what do you mean by that Mr. (Insert my last name here)?"
    On the spot, without thought, I responded with "In a giant orgy whilst covered in olive oil" That is what broke my professor and he just burst out laughing along with the class.

    The next time I went to that class one, we were waiting for the professor to finish making his coffee until our classmate (Let's call him Jeff) walked up to the professor's desk connects his computer to the projector in the room and loads up crudely made powerpoint with the tidal "How to have the sex". Once the Professor returned to the class, Jeff slammed a bottle of olive oil next to his laptop and started an entire lecture about the sex all the while the professor just sat down in the third row of seats taking notes.

    So that's the end of an idiotic moment in my life. I am oddly proud of it.

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    Re: That one time I yelled something dumb in class

    I love this! The last time I did something like that I was sent to the office

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