I've been forgetting this shounen-ai manga I've read before and since it updated very slowly, I eventually forgot about it and wanted to read it again (Hopefully, a new update *hiks*).

The shounen-ai manga is centered about friendship and coming out. Two main characters had black hair and blond hair.

Blond hair is really popular and a closeted gay. Up until the latest update the story is mostly about him, from him coming out of the closet towards his older sister, and towards his friends. When the rumour of him being gay going all-around the school he had a girl friend, who protected him and saying she's his girlfriend to help him avoid the gay rumour which resulted in the girl got bullied. One day, one of blond's classmates took a pic of him when another gay side character (who were abused) kissed him in front of an eating place where side-gay worked. Blond is also have a close male friend named Keisuke if I'm not wrong whom he liked, but this guy despite cute is straight.

Black hair is a new friend of a blond. Black has a girlfriend. However gradually, their relationship is reaching the end with the girlfriend broke him off.

Up until the latest chapter I've read, there's no clue about how their relationship is going, whose the seme or the uke. Because both looks just like the usual High School student.

What's this manga? Thank you for the help.