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    Please help me find the title TvTT

    So-...the story is about a boy who just turns 15 (or 16 i think??) and another white haired (or at least it was white in the manga) boy who's an exorcist. They have met around 7-8 years ago when the white haired boy was visiting the other boy's village with his teacher.
    So the exorcist boy happens to come around that village for work (exorcise some yokai) and the other boy recognizes him. Then for some reason, I don't remember, the white boy has to stay at the village (if I remember correctly he breaks his arm??). Then one day the MC (the 15-16yo boy) accidentally enters a small shrine where young boys get trapped until they're 20+ something yo. After spending a few days trapped in there the MC gets sad that the whitey didn't visit him once, but suddenly the whitey just comes in and starts declaring his love (acting, probably-) and then they get kicked out from the shrine cuz the shrine spirit didn't want them to be lovey-dovey in her shrine. (The shrine spirit liked to have a young and good looking boys to herself and got jealous or sthing-)

    At the end of the first chapter the MC ends up following the exorcist and travels around the land.

    (Also- I remember the artist also drew a DJ BL of some title-....but can't remember of which- they had cute art tho ! //slapped)

    I apologize if this turned out very long but- I tried to remember and be as specific as possible ><;;; Please help me find the title if anyone knows-! Thank you very much in advance!! TOTT;

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    Re: Please help me find the title TvTT

    I think you are talking about 'Awairo Emaki' by Fujitobi:

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    Re: Please help me find the title TvTT

    Aaahh yeess ! Finallyy i7ii thank youu !!

    It’s such a nice fluffy story ^q^

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