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    digital manga and downloading methods


    i know there's a thread by someone asking about buying manga online, but i'm more curious about digital manga. i'm looking to buy raws from renta and ebookjapan. but i prefer download to own. i've noticed in the raws download section, the people who post sometimes share digital copies from those sites, as well as from bookwalker. wondering if there's a special program for that or those sites actually offer downloads...? i know it maybe faster just messaging those people and ask, but i hate to bother people directly.

    i usually tend to buy hardcopies from cdjapan or, but certain titles, i just rather have digital versions. i have too many manga and running out of living space!!!

    going to only limit myself to ongoing manga i've been collecting or MUST HAVE hardcopies and hoping to buy rest in digital.

    online readers don't fit my monitor well, so i always prefer downloads. and to be honest, if i pay for something, i want to OWN it. i want it IN my hdd. does that make sense? lulz ya. i'm nutz like that.

    also, if i can successfully get them downloaded, i may consider sharing some raws here as thanks for all the raws i've gotten from here. <3

    if anyone can help me out and let me know if there are downloading options/methods for digital sites, that would be fantastic! thanks in advance!

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    Re: digital manga and downloading methods

    never mind...
    think i figured out how to rip and convert

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    Re: digital manga and downloading methods

    Did you find it? I would like to know too ;-;

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