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    Yuki and Kou has been dating for 2 years now. They weren't what you would call a "perfect couple". They were as normal as every couple could be. They had their own share of problems but by the end of the day... or few days they would make up as if nothing had happened in the first place. This went on for two years and this would go on for years to come. Or so they thought.

    Yuki suddenly got pressured by his family to get married. His family are trying to meet him to any neighborhood girl they could find whenever he comes over. Kou, on the other hand, is facing an issue that questions his fidelity. Will Yuki and Kou stay strong and overcome the biggest problem they would face as a couple?


    "Yuki, I'm really sorry. I won't do it again."

    Kou said as he hugged his lover from behind. While the cause of their argument was something stupid to be argued about, Yuki has been under pressure lately. His family has been pressuring him to marry. He's already 26 years old and his parents are at the age where they want to see a grandchild.

    "I should be the one to say sorry, Kou. It's just that the marriage is not something for you to joke about. So it gets to me that you're fooling around when I'm really troubled."

    Yuki held the hands that wrapped him up. He turned his head around to meet the apologetic eyes of his lover. He leaned his head closer and made a light peck to Kou's lips.

    "I just wanted to lighten up your mood. I will be careful", Kou said as he tighten his hug and burrowed his head into Yuki's should then he continued, "Let's go home."

    "Yeah. I'm hungry."

    "Me too.."

    Kou held Yuki's hand and the two of them walked home together. Just like that, they reconciled without needlessly dragging the problem out. Close friends are calling them the perfect couple because they never had a serious problem. They also never needed to confide their problems or seen them crying or drinking their problems out.

    Yuki woke up with his whole body freezing. He was bare naked together with his lover, Kou who was still sleeping soundly. He stood up and took a hot shower.

    "We really should buy a new heater. That thing has been malfunctioning lately. Ughh damn. My body is aching all over. Kou.... you bastard...what a beast you are."

    Yuki cursed as he comforted himself with the hot liquid that is flowing over his skin. The coldness of his body turned warm and comfy. It felt like heaven. He could stay like this for another hour or so. While daydreaming, a loud knocking snapped his consciousness into reality.

    "Yuki! I need to take a leak. Open the door up", Kou said in a hurry.

    "I'm taking a bath. Can't you see? Hold it in." Yuki said as he smoothly smeared a handful shower gel into a sponge.

    "It's coming out Yuki. Come on... don't be shy. It's not like the first time I'm seeing you naked. I've seen enough of you last night you know.", Kou said teasingly.

    "Ughh.. Enough. It's open now."

    Kou hurriedly opened the door up to see his lover rubbing a shower sponge over his body. His attention instantly shifted to where the toilet bowl was and hurriedly relieved himself.

    "Thanks god.. pheww. It's so good to be alive."

    "Now get out. I'm taking a bath here. We need to buy a new heater you know. It seems fixing it won't help any longer."

    "Yea. It's so damn cold. It's always working but goes off when we sleep. Stupid machine. If I'm not broke I'd buy you the best heater there is",

    "You won't be broke if you go back to your work and not waste time doing part time job in a convenience store"

    "I know. Just give me time. I'll go back to work soon enough. But more than that..."

    Kou slowly pulled down the boxer shorts he was wearing, revealing a big and hard shaft.

    "Not now Kou. Have you not drained yourself last night?" Yuki asked as his naked lover comes closer.

    "Tsk. I feel so cold I just want to warm up with you... Come on please? Just one round. Look, it's already hard." Kou caressed his manhood in an attempt to seduce his bottom.

    Yuki, getting turned on, couldn't help but let the beast take over and have some hot bathroom action.

    Hello! It's me Tetsu! I'm back with a new story. This time I wasn't sure if I should continue an older work but it's been a while since I last wrote something so I figured I'd just make a new one. I'm probably going to make short but constant updates rather than lengthy ones. I hope readers will like this one or at least give this a shot ^^

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    Re: Congratulations


    Yuki was just wrapping things up from work when his cellphone suddenly rang. He wasn't expecting any call from work so he wondered who would call such in such late hours besides Kou who was sitting on his front. Curious, he took his phone and answered a call which came from his mother.

    "Hello, mom? How are you doing? I'm about to go off work"

    Yuki signaled Kou he'd be right back as he walked quite a distance away from his lover. He wasn't hiding anything but he knew what the call was going to be about. He didn't want his lover to hear the conversation and make him worry needlessly.

    "Oh! Are you still at work? Should I call later?"

    "It's fine mom. Everyone else left anyway"

    "I see. Say, can you come over this Sunday? I want to cook some healthy food for you. You're not really good at cooking I bet you're just living yourself off over instant foods and convenience store lunchboxes. I'll make you your favorite chicken curry sweetie."

    While his mother was acting all nice and caring. Yuki knew what his mother was planning all along. He's thankful he has such caring mother but her care had gone on the next level to the point it has gotten bothersome. She's always scheming something whenever she invited Yuki over. Pretty much everytime he comes home a woman is introduced to him.

    Because his family is pretty well off and known, some women willingly want to be wed to him in the hopes of making good fortune out of their wedding. A few had even tried to seduced but to no avail. After all, he's a gay man.

    "Mom. I told you already. I have no time to date. Work is keeping up so much of my time I don't even have time to rest and relax. If ever I meet someone I like, I will introduce them to you. But for now, I'd like to focus on work. A promotion is ahead I want to stay focused."

    Yuki made up some lie to convince his mother. There's no promotion. Work isn't hectic as he makes it out to be. As an office worker he only gets really busy when big projects are up.

    "I know Yuki. I know you don't want me introducing you to random women you don't know. But son, you're 26 already. It's been a long time since you've introduced a girl to us. I'm just worrying about your future."

    "I know mom. Don't worry I'll handle this matter privately okay?"

    "The older you get, the harder it is to find a partner. Me and your dad want to see our grandchild. We're already getting old."


    "Alright, Yu. Alright. I won't introduce you to someone but you have to come this Sunday alright? We miss you. Love you son."

    "Love you mom. Take care"

    Even though his mom said she won't, Yuki has the feeling she's not really telling the truth. The burden of being an only child in the family is taking the toll on him. They don't know he's gay. He has no courage to tell. If they knew, Yuki doesn't know what would happen.

    "It's about that again right?"

    Kou said as he walked closer to Yuki. Apparently, he has been around listening to Yuki talk to the phone.

    "Yes. Mom's pushiness is tiring. She promised not to bring over any women but I have to come on Sunday."

    Yuki sighed as he walked closer to Kou smiling at him as he hugged his coworker-slash-lover.

    "Yuki, we shouldn't be doing this here." Kou said though he really want to snuggle the worn out Yuki.

    "Yeah. Let's go home."

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    Re: Congratulations


    "It's been two months Kou. When are you coming back to the company? You suddenly quit work without telling me the reason yet you still come to pick me up everyday."

    Yuki nagged as the two of them walked on the brightly lit streets. He's worried about their future. Surely he trust his lover but Kou quitting work means that their income would be cut in half. Kou was never like this before. He was very popular to the higher ups because how good he is at work. Everyone thought he was going to be promoted but then he suddenly quit just like that.

    "I won't go back, Yuki. Sorry. I'm trying hard to find another company. It's just that my luck has been going downhill lately."

    Kou said as he smiled painfully to his lover followed by a long and deep sigh.

    "Won't you tell me the reason you quit? At least you shouldn't leave me in the dark."

    "I... I'm sorry. I can't tell you yet. I will tell you when the time is right."

    There was just no way Kou can tell his lover the reason he quit work. Yuki is troubled enough with his own issues. There was no reason to add fuel into a fire by giving him more troubles. Besides, it's a matter that shouldn't be taken lightly.

    "That again. Alright. I won't force you to tell me now but you need to get a proper job. And by then you should tell me already. Understood?"


    Sunday came just like a blink of an eye. Kou left home early in the morning to work at his low paying part time job. Yuki, on the other hand was getting himself ready to go to his parent's home. Well, while Yuki doesn't like the idea of being pushed into marriage, he had to meet his parents once in a while. He felt like it was his duty as an only child to at least see his parents and care for their well-being.

    Yuki drove his car which he rarely use besides going out of town. He and Kou preferred walking back and forth to work rather than using his car. It keeps their body fit without doing rigorous exercises. The reason he had a car anyway was because his mom insisted on buying him one. She said that it is useful to have a car in case of emergencies.

    Driving proved to be boring especially when alone. Sooner, though, the scenery became interestingly familiar. Childhood memories poured in as familiar buildings and establishment welcomed him.

    "This city almost never changed.", Yuki said as he parked his car outside his home. He rang the doorbell, expecting his mother to welcome him. However, it was their maid who opened the door for him.

    "Welcome home sir Yukito. Please come in. Your mother is waiting for you inside."

    Yuki entered home only to find a strange noisiness. Familiar laughter of parents engulfed the dining area together with some unknown people. Yuki didn't feel good about this. This must be another trap. His mother lied to him again. Yuki hurriedly turned himself around to go back to his car and leave. He felt irritated that his mother had to lie with her ulterior motives.

    "Oh! Yuki. Come here!"

    Unsurprisingly, Yuki's mother saw him and hurriedly walked to him. She dragged him to the dining area to see several people casually chatting.

    "Here's our son Yuki. He just arrived. Yuki, greet Mr. Kobayashi and her daughter, Sayako."

    Yuki couldn't believe his mother. he had no choice but to politely greet these people.

    "I'm Yukito Igarashi. Nice to meet you"

    "Yuri-san, your son is so handsome. He really looks just like his father, Gou-san."

    "Indeed. He looks just like me. If I'm 20 years younger I can pass as Yukito's brother. Son, don't just stand there go sit near Sayako.", his father, Gou Igarashi said with a big grin on his face.

    "Yes dad."

    It's not like he wanted to blindly follow his parents order. However, there was only 5 chairs around and the empty seat left was besides the woman who's looking at him with interest.

    "Anyway, back to the issue. Yukito, what do you think of my daughter Sayako?", Mr. Kobayashi said with gleaming eyes. He must have expected Yuki to rain praises to his daughter.

    "She's beautiful. She looks like an actress."

    This was a vague guess for him. Basically all people his parents want him to meet are people in the entertainment business who wants to make it big. They can only be actors, idols, models.

    "Really? You have good eyes young man. Sayako is a model. Well she's nothing famous but with your family influence she might just make it big."

    His parents are both working in the entertainment industry. His mother works in talent agency while his father works as a production manager in a big broadcasting network. Basically both parents of his has connections to make someone famous within a short amount of time.

    "Yes but... I don't like her. While my parents are pretending not to notice, all I can see is a gold digger over there. Excuse me."

    Yuki stood up and left for his room in an instant. He really wanted to endure well. However, he simply cannot take it any longer especially when these kind of people are blatantly trying to take advantage of them. That Kobayashi-san wasn't even trying to hide the fact he's selling his daughter for fame.

    Yuki locked himself on his room which was left untouched for years ever since he left this household. All he could hear outside his room was his parents apologizing and Kobayashi-san getting mad. He waited inside until Kobayashi-san and her daughter left. When silence finally took over, Yukito finally went out and sat on the dining area where his parents was sitting silently.

    The moment he took a sit, Yuki's mother stood up and slapped him in the cheek which didn't actually surprised him.

    "Yukito. How can you do this to me? Can't you at least behave and not embarrass me like this?"

    "That's enough Yuriko. It's also our fault for forcing him into this." his father, Gou, defended. At least his father takes his side and has always been supportive of him.

    "Can't you see the attitude your son pulled off? Is that something you should be turning a blind eye on?"

    "Aren't you the one turning a blind eye mom? Can't you see what they are after? I don't really like this. You promised not to bring over anyone. What is this about?"

    "I am doing this for your future! You're going to be 27 soon! You're old enough to have kids and you're still sharing an apartment with your friend. Some of your childhood friends have children already. When are you going to settle down? Don't make me worry like this. I will keep doing this until you you find yourself a lover."

    Yuki couldn't help but sigh. His mother has a point. If he was straight he probably would want to marry someone he likes. But he's gay and he can't tell his parents about it. He can't exactly tell them that the friend he's living with is his lover.

    "If you keep doing this, I won't come back here. I'm leaving."

    Yuki walked out and drove his car back. He need to tell his parents he's gay. If he don't, his parents will surely continue to do things like this. Still, he doesn't have the courage to live as a proud gay man. After all, he wasn't gay to begin with. So was Kou.

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    Re: Congratulations

    Aww poor Yukito. Even though his mom his forceful I can't find myself hating her. Maybe because she reminds me of my own mom haha. She tries to talk to me about marriage I'm only 18 LOL. I'm so curious as to why Kou quit though. Can't wait to find out. I love your writing and am anticipating the update!

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    Re: Congratulations

    @[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] indeed this was partly based on my personal experience. I'm 23 and my parents are wondering why I'm not introducing a girlfriend to them. I hope by the time I turn 26 I won't be as burdened as Yuki xD Thanks for reading btw ^^


    Kou woke up with an intense urge to relieve his liquid. The heater died once again, leaving himself and Yuki freezing in this cold winter dawn. It's 5:30 A.M in the morning and work starts a 6:30. There was enough time for him to goof around and have some smutty morning exercise with his lover but the later is very sound asleep and will have to meet his pushy parents in few hours. Kou decided not to disturb his lover and instead opted for a hot shower.

    Getting himself ready for worked, he checked on his lover but there wasn't a sign of him waking up anytime soon. He walked closer to his lover and kissed him on the forehead as he left for work.

    The sun hadn't risen fully but the streets were already starting to get busy. There were people like him who had to go to work early even at weekends. He doesn't hate things like this though. The business of the streets makes his eyes and mind occupied. He hates silence and stillness. It gets him thinking of something he's trying his best to run away from. But whenever his mind is not occupied, dreadful thoughts comes running and haunting him down.

    "Good morning Serizawa-san. There's still time before your shift comes. Have you taken breakfast yet?"

    Kou's co-worker said who was counting paper bills over the counter.

    "Morning Mayu-san. I ate some leftover food for breakfast. I'd like to have some coffee though."

    "Oh. Can I join you? I'd like to have some coffee too. It sure is cold today."

    "No problem."

    "Alright. I'll wrap things here."

    It was all thanks to Mayu-san that Kou had part-time work. When he quit his work at the company, he found it hard to find any company. It was weird because when he applied and during interviews, the company gave him lots of praises and they always made him expect something. Yet, no company took him in.

    It was one day after he applied work when he felt like going for a smoke. Kou's not into smoking but the stress was piling up and he wanted an outlet for it. Because he didn't usually smoke he didn't carry those with him all the time. He spotted a convenience store nearby and decided to go buy a pack.

    Entering the store had Kou surprised. The store clerk was arguing with someone who looked like a thug. From the way he saw it, the clerk was refusing to sell alcohol to this thug and that's probably how the this whole argument started.

    When he noticed the guy lifting his hand, he knew he was gonna do something with it. He quickly grabbed the arm which was on its way to meet the clerk's face. He warned the thug he'd call the police if he insist on buying alcohol. Somehow, because of this encounter, Kou worked part time job on this place.

    "Here's your coffee Kou-san. How's your job hunting doing?"

    Mayu-san asked while she sat besides Kou, putting down two cups of hot coffee and handed one to Kou. She sniffed the fresh from vending machine coffee before taking a small sip.

    "Same as always. Still no luck. I'm not way past my prime but no company is taking me in."

    "Why not go back to your previous workplace? Are you still bothered by it?"


    "But... it's all in the past now. I'm pretty sure everything is forgotten by now."

    "Let's stop right here Mayu-san. I don't want to be reminded."

    "I'm sorry Kou-san. Anyway, I'm cheering you on. I hope you find a good job."

    Mayu left when he finished his cup of coffee. She must be pretty tired to have such early shift at work. Kou went to the counter and started doing his part time job. He doesn't earn much at this workplace but at least it's safe.

    It was late in the afternoon when Yuki got back into his neighborhood. He was pissed at his mother's pushiness. However, he really can't blame her. It's a social norm for him to be wed and have children since he's not openly gay. He has to tell his parents one day. There's simply no way he can keep this secret for so long when marriage issues has starting to take a toll on him.

    There wasn't anything for Yuki to do and simply decided to go to his lover's workplace and watch him work. The convenience store had no parking space so he had to park his car on the nearby fast food chain. The store was pretty busy when he entered. There were few teenagers and some workers who are on their way home. Kou hadn't noticed Yuki so the later decided to simply sat on a chair and watched his lover.

    Thinking about it now, Yuki surely didn't expect he'd ever fall in love with a man especially someone like Kou. He's tall, handsome, manly. He's kind and he excel at work. He's every girls dream. Yuki on the other hand was not tall. He has average height and he doesn't look manly at all. He's not as good at work and oftentimes people had to help him. Kou and him was heaven and earth apart. It was such a wonder how they fell in love.

    Kou finally noticed Yuki staring at him. The part time worker winked at him seductively. The girls who saw this giggled, thinking it was think he was flirting with. This act got Yuki half pissed. He stood up and went to the counter.

    "I'd like to buy a condom", Yuki said teasingly.

    "Yuki, why are you buying we have lots"

    Kou leaned over and whispered. They had a few condom kept at home. When they have sex they don't use them anyway. They have mutual trust that both of them are from any STD. There was no reason for Yuki to buy a condom.

    "Mister, are you not getting me one?", Yuki raised an eye and told the clerk/lover.

    "Err... which one do you like? Sir"

    "You see I like to spice up my sex life. My partner has been pretty famous lately. I'm afraid my partner will be taken from me if I don't do something. Do you have anything that can add a kick to our sex life. I've heard something like flavored condom, edible condom, glow in the dark condom and textured condom. Do you have anything like that?"

    "E..ehh sure we have. which one are you buying?", Kou was confused and suspicious of what his lover was trying to pull off.

    "All of them. I need 1 pack each."

    While confused, Kou grabbed 1 pack of each that was mentioned and placed them on a small paper bag. Yuki payed for them and teasingly smirked at his lover while he turned around and started to walk away.

    "Sir! You forgot your co... I mean items."

    "You keep it.", Kou replied.

    "But sir you paid for it already. Do you want to refund?"

    "I'm not saying I am returning it. I'm telling you to keep it stupid Kou. You'll be the one using it not me."

    People around noticed and blushed... including Kou. Yuki can sometimes be really evil especially when jealous. Silent awkwardness filled the area and just like that Yuki left the store with an evil grin on his face. It was Kou's punishment for flirting with young girls.

    Kou, on he other hand, had to deal with the gossips the people are making.

    "How evil. I'll be sure to punish him later with all these stuff he bought. Let's see if he can keep up the big talk with these... condoms inside him."

    Kou murmured as he kept the paperbag into his drawer.

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    Re: Congratulations


    When his shift ended, Kou handed the counter work to another convenience store clerk and started wrapping things up. Thankfully there wasn't much commotion regarding the stunt Yuki pulled off. It seems like the girls were interested and pretty much amused about the whole scenario and they kept asking him if it was true. They gave up, however, when he responded every question asked with silence.

    "That Yuki... just what is he doing. Did he want me to return to the company that much?", Kou sighed as he walked on his way home to meet his lover. However, on his way, his phone rang up from a call from his lover.

    "Yuki? What is it? Did you want me to get you something?"

    "I'm at the office Kou. Seemed like I left some important documents at my desk. I need to get them since I will be on K company tomorrow morning to propose a deal so I won't be able to come until afternoon. Since I'm outside wanna go grab a drink somewhere?"

    Kou was surprised and felt fear for the first time. Yuki was at the office on Sunday afternoon. It was dangerous. There's technically no one there since it's weekends... It's way too dangerous for Yuki! Kou ran his way to his former company to pick up his lover. He actually didn't want to come back after all the hideous thing that was done to him. Still, there was no way he'd let his lover experience the horrors he did. That's why he always make sure to walk his lover home.

    Getting inside the company, silence met him. The security guward was the only person around who asked him why he was here. Good thing he knew the guard and told him he came to pick up his friend. Kou ran towards the elevator. He clicked the button to the floor where his lover was waiting for him. The elevator door started to close but just before it could completely do its work, a hand was stuck in between, causing the door to open up once again. A tall man entered, gracefully walking towards him. He had an air of a conglomerate heir. And just his presence was enough to send shivers down to Kou's spine. After all, this man was the cause of his trauma... and the reason he left the company.

    "Well, if it isn't Koutaro-kun. Fancy meeting you here. Didn't you quit?"

    Kou couldn't respond and he didn't even want to. His whole body froze up and all the horrors he wanted to forget made their way back to his brain. He remembered all the things that was done to him... everything that he wanted to pretend never happened.

    "What's wrong Koutaro-kun? Why are you sweating? Are you remembering something?", the man walked closer and with his right hand, he lifted up Kou's chin and stared at him with his predator eye then continued, "Did you remember how much me and my friends fucked up your body and filled your tight asshole with mixed semen and drugs? Is that it?"

    Hearing that, Kou couldn't help but feel his knee weaken as his whole body fell on his knee. How dare this guy remind him of everything. Still, he felt weak and vulnerable. Kou is a strong person. He can probably beat the crap out of this guy and still not drop a single drop of blood. However, all his power was meaningless behind the real power of the world. The power of the rich is stronger than the law itself. The rich make the law bend to their will and he was at that position.

    "How cute of you. Don't go doing something like that in front of me, you're making me want to do everything all over again. Not that I mind though, but I prefer innocent looking guys. Someone who wouldn't expect it. You already know everything so it's not much fun with you anymore."

    " dare you say that! What wrong did I do to you? Why me of all people!? I am nobody. There are many people who would love to be used by you!", finally Kou mustered the courage to speak up. However, he could only say it in a way that looked like a barking puppy in the eyes of this filthy rich man.

    "Why? Koutaro-kun, then let me ask you the same thing. Why not? It didn't have to be you, yes. But it could also be you. And it happened to be just you. As you said you are nobody, you have no privilege to be excluded. You poor unlucky thing." the man replied and started to make a move on Kou. Thankfully, the elevator stopped and it's door opened to the floor Kou wanted to go to.

    "Seems like this is your floor." The heir of the company said. Kou hurriedly left the elevator and thankfully it seemed like the predator had no plans to do something to him. He stared at the man left behind in the elevator while the other also did the same, with eyes that could pierce his very soul.

    "If you wanted to avoid me that badly as to quit work then at least don't go around coming here in the company. At least have the resolve to run forever if that's what you want to do. Well, it was nice seeing you.", The smirking man sad as he disappeared with closing elevator.

    Kou blankly stood a the front of the elevator, his heart was pounding so loud it could burst at any moment. Kou never expected that it would go like this. It had been forever and he thought he was over it and he had completely forgotten. However, just the mere presence of the man had everything come back to him. He wanted to get back to that man. Or at least run away so far away that he won't be standing up on the same land as him. However he was too powerless as to fight back. And he can't simply run away and leave his lover behind.

    He had to protect Yuki. If Yuki is victimized too, Kou would probably kill a person. It would be good if Kou could convince Yuki to quit work. But Yuki loved working here and there was no way he could tell him that his superior is up to no good. There was no way he could tell his lover he was raped. He has dignity as a man. With all these thoughts inside his mind, Kou was stuck in between... in a loop of doubt and fear. He couldn't do anything at all. There was no other way for him but to endure everything for the sake of his lover.

    "...ou? Kou..? KOOUUU!!"

    Without realizing it, Yuki was yelling at Kou's front. He didn't notice his lover walk up to him. He was too lost in thought.

    "Stupid Kou. What are you doing? Are you pretending to be a statue? Don't just stand there with eyes wide open. You looked like you see a ghost."

    "Yea... I did."

    Yes... for this person that meant the world to him, he will endure everything and embrace all the horrors that may come. If that means being by Yuki's side.

    "FOR REALL!!? Damn... No wonder I've been feeling some chill the moment I entered the office. It felt like someone was watching me. Let's go home... fasttt!"

    "Yes.. We should."

    Kou and Yuki hurriedly left the floor and walked towards the elevator. When the presence of the two lovebirds was gone, a man came out from the shadows.

    "So what do you think of him, Haruki. That dude looks like he would be a fine man to destroy with a huge cock on his back." one of Haruki's friend said.

    "Yes, he really looks fun to break. I'll be expecting so much from him."

    "Still, I didn't expect he'd be good friends with Koutaro. I guess all these perverts stick close together. You know, birds of the same feather flocks together. HAHAH. I actually thought you'd back Koutaro on the elevator Haruki. I was having fun looking at you two over the surveillance."

    "Shut up. Make arrangements so we can taste that cute ass friend of Koutaro."


    Without Kou and Yuki knowing, a huge dilemma was on their way to test their strong bond of love.

    Hello! It's Tetsu here. I finally finished a good chapter after a week or so. Kou's trauma is finally revealed >.< and we're finally getting the whole picture here. Poor Kou and Yuki >.< What did you guys think? Please tell me your thoughts haha <3 Thanks for reading!

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