It wasn’t that anybody of the team was scared, just the fact that Zay was standing there, so emotionless… Eunsoo was often told he looked cold, but the guy in front of him was at least one level above him, when it was coming to this. So, as he thought, that guy was indeed rude. Yeah, that was right, he knew well the idea behind leaving them choose the members by themselves, but was he really expecting that it would be fair? He didn’t even know what were his previous reactions, but the words he was able to catch made him raise his brow, taking a deep breath and smiling lightly.

“I will prove you that we are worth it the name, Young-Ja-sshi.” With these words, they stepped aside, Eunsoo not missing to take a look at the other group and the different reaction they got, as their ranks were all kinds of. So, he was right. Looking once again at his team, the young boy has realized it – they had to put twice more efforts then the rest of the teams, as they were a team consisting a few of the highest ranks, so that they could stay behind their name and pride.

The mission was told and the video was shown, Eunsoo carefully analyzing the dance moves only from just the first time. He heard every word Zay was saying as well, making sure to memorize it well, as that was going to be his motivation. 3 days, was it? While thinking about how to organize everything, despite the fact that he was the youngest among the others of his team, all five made their way to the pack of clothes – pink. It made him let out a small chuckle, taking a look at all three tall members, who were quite manly as well, unlike Taeyong and him. He shrugged his shoulders though and grabbed one shirt, letting the others grab one each as well.

Finally, they arrived to the dorm with the vans that picked them up, everybody seeming all excited to have arrived. Yet one thing they were all forgetting was the time they were given to practice before the evaluation.

All the formed groups were told which room was theirs, as they were going to share one room for the next few days, of course, including a bathroom and toilet, as it was a necessary part of everybody’s daily life. All of the “Superheroes” entered the small room they were given, leaving their suitcases wherever they could put them.

“Guys, lets quickly change in our clothes and get started. We’ve got no time to rest.” As Eunsoo said it, three of the four other guys threw him a small all amused glance, one of them just patting his shoulder, as if to show him it was going to be fine. No, it wasn’t gonna be fine, though. They couldn’t be just sitting and chit-chatting. As the youngest one opened slightly his suitcase, he took the first pair of gray over-sized sport pants, changing himself in them, putting on the pink shirt and grabbing his phone.

“I am going to the dance room. You can rest if you are that tired.” With these words he grabbed his sweater as well, opened the door and closed it behind himself, squeezing the cloth in his hand. Was it the right decision to choose that team after all? They seemed to be too full of themselves. With a small sigh Eunsoo headed to the dance room, once inside, putting on his sweater, sitting on the floor and playing the video again, as it was already sent on his e-mail. A few times – that’s all he needed to memorize the choreography. He was going to be fine. Even if he had to learn it by himself, it would not be a problem, as long as the team would not pull him down, which meant they had to come here and decide everything, so that they'd stay behind the name they chose and so that their pride would not be stepped on.
Unfortunately, Eunsoo was already pissed off with Zay’s words and his attitude towards his team, making the young boy just hit the floor.

“I will prove you that we are good enough like that, Zay. Just wait.”