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    Is any group scanlating Yamashita Tomoko's works?

    Hi, everyone. I don't know if this is the section to ask this so sorry if this is the wrong place.
    The point is that I was reading "Snip, Snail and Dog tail" by Yamashita Tomoko and I realize it was unfinished, the group scanlating it "Indigo scans" seems is disbanded and I was wondering if anybody knows of any group picking any work of this author. I sought it in the famous scanlation sheet where many groups put their projects but none of them have any Y Tomoko's so.... if someone knows anything I appreciated it to tell me. Thank you and sorry for my english.

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    Re: Is any group scanlating Yamashita Tomoko's works?

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    Not many of Yamashita Tomoko works are scanated, at least not many of sensei's yaoi works.
    Touch Me Again is scanlated by kurogane, Bara no Hitomi wa Bakudan was taken by Nakama (Nakama also took Natsume Isaku Fanbook which contains short works from various authors among who Yamashita Tomoko too), Illuminationis completed by Storm in Heaven, Stroboscope was passed from a group to another and is finished as well. Hope it helps~~~

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    Re: Is any group scanlating Yamashita Tomoko's works?

    Oh, thanks for info. It's a pity that their works are not well known or nor much appreciated. I only recently found out this author and I'm inloved with her/him. I hope at least "Snip, Snail and dog tail" can be finished in a certain future. ^^

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