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Returning after a day of hard work Harold sat down on the sofa and pulled his necktie off, exhaling heavily as he looked blankly up towards the ceiling. The death of his father Alexander took everyone by surprise and for the past couple of days he busied himself with all the legal procedures involved. Thankfully nobody on the board of directors objected to him taking over his father’s position, after all he had taken over most of his father’s daily business long before he passed away, if anything Alexander’s death only made it official.

Harold’s gaze turned to a opened letter on the coffee table, his father’s will, or more precisely, a part of it. The official one detailing the transfer of all his property and rights to Harold was read openly in the board meeting, but this one was for Harold alone, and Harold wasn’t quite sure how to react. It told of a illegitimate child Alexander recently discovered to have and was secretly supporting. Apparently his father met this woman who he fell madly in love with, but that woman suddenly disappeared one day and he never found her. It wasn’t until recently that Alexander met the kid by chance, and immediately realized the kid to be his child with that woman.

The story itself wasn’t that surprising. After all as far as he could remember the relationship between their parents were always cold, and it’s only natural that his father would have other women out there. But even from the writing he could tell the love he had for this woman between the lines, and subsequently the love he had for this kid. At the end of the letter Alexander begged Harold to take care of this kid.

He would’ve ignored his father’s request, if not for the other document attached to the letter saying he would lose his right of inheritance if he refuse to take the kid in, which was beyond frustrating. Although if he really wanted he could surely hire legal expert to challenge the validity of the document and most likely win, he didn’t want to risk the story get leaked to the press and create a huge fiasco. So he arranged to get the kid delivered here to his house. He looked at the clock and it was already pretty late, shouldn’t they be here by now?