Oh hello there~

I love to rp and seeing you viewing my rules, I'm sure that you love to role play too. My rules are simple, very simple actually.

1. Use quotation marks ". . ." for character's dialogue and this one '...' for thoughts. Don't mess it up please. I rp once and the two got messed up.

2. Kinks? I'm up for it. Just tell me what kinks are those and I will add it.

3. No one liners please. Please reply in paragraphs (not long). 3-5 sentences are fines just no one liners.

4. I will let you make the plot. That's a bonus. Make the plot, I will add a lot of spicy twists on it.

Fantasy ( e.g. neko x human, neko x neko, vampire x human, etc. NO HORSES PLEASE)
Daily Life ( Teacher x Student, etc.)
R-18 (slavery etc. )

You can add more genres if you like, after all you will be the one who makes the plot.

Message me if you are interested!

P.S. I mostly play Seme but I'm okay with playing uke and seke too.