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Thread: Haunted Fate

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    Re: Haunted Fate


    "Are you sleeping ?"
    Eyes closed but aware, Nikolai let out a smile "I don't know, am i dreaming right now ?"
    The laugh who followed his question made Nikolai's inside heated.

    "If so then my nightmare was the longest and suffering one in my long life."
    Nikolai opened his eyes and looked at ceiling "Then tell me, what did you dream about Goemon ?"

    He felt near him his soul mate shift on the bed and look at Nikolai, but Nikolai didnt look back. He didn't have the courage yet.

    The courage ?
    "I dreamed.." Goemon stopped abrutly when he heard his voice shake and letting out a breath said again "I dreamed that you were dead."

    Neither of them talked for a moment until Nikolai said " I'm Nikolai Deucius.."
    "Yeah i know you can't die. Too powerful." the words seemed irritated but his tone was amused.
    Nikolai nodded.

    "But here you died Nikolai. In my dreams you really died."
    Nikolai bit back a smile"Was my corpse an horrible sight ?" Goemon took his jaw in his hand and made him look at him.
    Their eyes finally meet each other and Nikolai gasped. He was there, his soulmate, his Fae was there ! Something on the back of his head nagged him, something was clearly wrong but he didnt want to think about it.

    Goemin looked at him and whispered "God you are so beautiful."
    Beautiful ? "I'm broken."
    Huh ? why was he broken ? he didn't remember.

    Goemon frowned looking at him from head to toe "What an odd things to say, is this word common on earth ?"
    "Yeah." Nikolai didnt think he would use his world neither "When someone you love hurt you. You are considered broken."
    But Nikolai didnt remember who broke him.

    Goemon fingers let his jaw and without taking is eyes off him got up until he was above him. They looked at each other and Goemon said quietly "Did i hurt you ?"

    Did he ? "What do you think ?"
    Goemon's eyes seemed oddly sad "That i am"
    "Asshole ?"
    After a shocked silence, Goemon laughed finally his eyes wet "Yeah..yeah. This is how you would have called me. An asshole."

    Nikolai felt tears fall along his cheeks like their were real and here he remembered everything. Goemon cheated, he broke his promise their mating. Nikolai felt his throat close saying angrily "It's you. Goemon you broke me."
    Goemon bit his lips and nodded "I know."

    "Look at me Goemon, just look." His hand was back at his deteriorated state. Red, dry blood on it and pale. "Look what did to me."
    Goemon's eyes widened "Is this because...because.. Oh." his eyes now were cold under his eyes "I'm dreaming right now right ? you are not Nikolai."

    He suddently got up and looked around. They were at his castle. Again. Nikolai didnt like that one bit but he couldn't care less. He was freaking angry. Here he could feel his power back even if his body was still aching. He wanted to finish all for once. Ending this dream saying everything he had in his heart.

    "This is all because of you. You killed me." He spated.
    "Ok. Enough." Goemon looked around the piece "come out Fate it isnt funny."
    Nikolai when in front of him "Look at me Goemon !"
    But Goemon ignored him "Fate ? come on i don't care i will not back off, wake me up."

    Nikolai took him by the shirt and made him look in his eyes. "Have the decency to at least look at the man who you breaked the life. You broke me. From my trust, my faith, my love,my heart and my soul YOU BROKE ME ! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME AND CARE FOR ME, I GAVE UP MY HEART AND LIFE FOR YOU AND YOU CRUSHED IT !"
    Goemon also took him by the shirt and said in voice echoing in the wall "YOU KILLED YOURSELF, YOU LEFT ME ! YOU COULD HAVE HEALED YOURSELF BUT NO YOU SIMPLY LEFT YOURSELF TO DIE."

    Nikolai let his hands falling off Goemon's shirt and laughed so loudly that his throat hurt "Are you kidding me ? You are my mate. I mated you in our first night, do you really think i could live proprely without you ?" and made a take-a-look at his appearance "Does it look like i'm alive right now ?"


    "What ?" he croaked.

    Nikolai shook his head . It was in this moment that Fate appeared and looked at Goemon "Why are you so loud ?" when Goemon didn't acknowledge him and still looked at Nikolai mouth agape Fate turned toward him too. "I thought you would have do dirty things with him already. You search for this idiot for a long time right ?"

    Fate Alias Sungjong didnt change at all. He was still good looking with his white hair and black eyes. His cute appearance was very off with his bad character. He wasn't evil, but he liked to mock others and show that he has their lives in hand.
    Goemon took Fate by the throat and squeezed it. "What did he mean ?"

    "H...Huh ? what ?"
    "What this illusion mean, why did he say that ?"

    "Illusion what ?" Fate looked at him like he asked why the sky was blue.
    "Why did he say he's my mate ?!" roared Goemon shaking him off.
    "Because he's your mate Duh !"

    Goemon stopped shaking him and Nikolai knew now what was happenning.

    Goemon asked the help of Fate to contact Nikolai. He still thought Nikolai was dead and wanted a last word with him but knowing Fate, he was going to take him at Taehyung's house soon. If he knew Nikolai was alive, then he would reveal it to his Kingdom. Zitao would know about it too and search him once again to revenge, and even kill Taehyung in the process.

    Nikolai recoiled and prayed that he had enough power to wake up and pack his things to disappear.
    Goemon looked toward Nikolai when he took a fews step back and before Nikolai disapeared he heard his soulmate say "Take me to his reicarnation."++

    He didnt wait one second.

    He took Ignis and ran out of his bedroom as fast he could ignoring the tears on his face and nearly fell off the stairs. His breathing was ragged but he pushed himself to his limits to go at the living and feeling a prickle of Magic coming inside the house he shouted "κλειστό με χιλιάδες κλειδί!"

    He felt his magic even weakened answer at his request and act despite knowing his body couldnt take it. He spat an important amount of blood across the floor and his knees gave up under him, Shit. That's it he was going to go lethargic for using so much power.

    "What's happening ?"
    The familliar voice coming from outside the house made Nikolai jump.
    "It seems we can't enter." Fate's voice said as a matter of fact.

    "You said his reicarnation didn't have Nikolai's powers !"
    "I said it but it seems that he's enough talented to use Nikolai's spells. He used the Thousand of Key thing."
    "I don't care, he will open this door for the King."

    Nikolai could feel his soulmate behind the door and the closeness God almighty, helped his body to regenerate.
    "Wait, i can feel where he is and Taehyung is not here."
    "Then why is the house under protection ?"

    "Maybe he has something to keep guarded in the house."
    In the silence that followed, Nikolai breathed as little as possile.

    "We will come back King, let's go for now."
    "Take me to where is his reicarnation."

    "Not now, and i don't want you to interfere. Don't worry he will not disappear."
    After that Nikolai couldnt hear nothing else and understood that they left. He got up and feeling definitely better looked at Ignis in the middle of his blood "Shit."

    Before he could take Ignis in his arms he remembered Fate say that something was going to happen today to Taehyung.
    Taking a deep breath he looked at Ignis "Yo, i have a job for you."

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    Re: Haunted Fate


    Liam went inside the house with Taehyung following him.
    Taehyung didnt see Jaeshin and from the shout he could hear upstair he probably already found Ben.

    He still followed Liam the Beta while looking around the Mansion dumbstruck.
    "Nice huh ?" say Liam looking behind him.

    "It's so freaking huge !" say Taehyung amazed before covering his mouth "sorry."
    Liam laughed and shook his head "It's freaking huge right, we are all living here. 45 Wolves so we needed space."
    45 Wolves ! "Do you never fight ?"

    Liam laughed even harder "Rather when it is we don't f.."

    Loud growl was all they had as warning before seeing two wolves throwing each other in the middle of the living room.
    One Brown and the other grey, they were showing their teeth while encircling each other .
    "Hey !" called Liam, putting himself in front of Taehyung.

    But the Wolves either ignored him or didnt hear, they growled waiting for the other to attack.
    "Simon, Cedric stop it we have a guest !" they still ignored Liam.

    Taehyung gulped loudly thinking about Jackson and wanted only one thing right now : get the hell out of here.

    At his name, Taehyung looked at his right. Karl was here.
    "Taehyung let's leave." he said while pointing at the front door.

    Taehyung frowned then looked at Liam still trying to stop the wolves from fighting. "I can't. I have to talk to the Alpha. I have to tell him the next victim is a wolf."

    "I would have said you were right if Nikolai was here with you but no you are alone, barely containing powers that you dont know how to use, in a house of wolves hating Shamans. Please let's leave right now, i know you are scared too."
    Right. Taehyung was hella scared. But he couldnt always ran away. If he left, someone could seriously be injured or even killed. He shook his head "I can't Karl. I have to talk to the Alpha, and Jaeshin is up there. And i have you, you can still throw things." he said with a smile.

    Karl bit his lips then nodded. "Then i will go with Jaeshin. Be careful."
    When he left, Taehyung frowned at the silence behind him. He looked at the living and saw all the wolves looking right at him.
    "Wh..what happened ?"

    "Were you..talking to a ghost ?" asking Liam watching him warily.
    Taehyung frowned then threw a glance at the two wolves looking at him like waiting his answer.
    "Uh...yeah ?"

    The two wolf fought each other to ran away the fastest possible while Liam looked around him.
    "Wh..where is he/she ?!"

    "He went upstairs to see Jaeshin."
    Liam looked at the stairs like they were possessed. "The Alpha is coming, see you !" and with that he jumped from the windows.

    Now alone in the Mansion, Taehyung went still.
    "Ok." and Karl was scared for Taehyung after something like that ? theses wolf didnt seem so bad if we didnt count Ben.
    Feeling watched from up the stairs Taehyung looked up and froze.

    Kai Elesung was standing here.
    He was in a 3 pieces suit, his hair combed back but a few strand of rebellious hair fell in the corner of his eyes.

    God he was so beautiful.Taehyung hoped that the bump in his pants wasnt very visible.
    not knowing what to say he raised his right hand and said awkwardly "Hey."


    Kai looked at him from head to toe before saying in a tone more than bored "Hey."


    Taehyung gulped and wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans "How are y.."
    "Follow me."

    Kai left toward the other side of the stairs leaving Taehyung to decide to follow him or not.
    Taehyung felt it was going to be fun.
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    Re: Haunted Fate


    When he followed the path the Alpha took, there was only a door who was ajar, like waiting for him to close it.
    Taehyung taking a deep breath opened it slowly and put his head inside. The Alpha was sitting on his office table, eyes already on him.

    "Will you already come inside ?"
    Blinking Taehyung did, closing the door behind him.

    "I thought i told already." sighed the Alpha like he had already enough of the discussion.
    "Told..told me what ?" asked Taehyung still trying to act nonchalent, God he was so crushing on him.

    He even tried to be dressed nice today. With a white shirt without stain on it and jeans which Nikolai said his butt was great as hell. He even tried to tame his hair which was almost impossible.
    "To let us find this Killer. You are here because you want to investigate again-"
    Huh ? wait "What ?-"

    "-So it's still no, do you hear me ?"
    Taehyung shook his head, eyes big "But i never said i'm here-"
    Kai got up from the table, and took a step toward the window "Do you at least understand what mean 'no' ?"
    "But i'm telling you i'm not here for that ! i mean yes it's about that but-"

    Kai looked at him his eyes dark and pointed at his direction "You are in my city Sorcerer. Or Shaman or whatever you are-"
    Taehyung sputtered blushing "Whatever am i, what the hell-"
    "When i tell you to stay away from this investigation you do as i say there is no but."

    Taehyung threw his hands in the air "Will you hear me FOR SHIT SAKE ?"

    "Do i have your attention Alpha ? will you hear me now ?"
    The Alpha was silent, his mouth open.

    "Hello ?"
    The Alpha closed his mouth and crossed his arms "Talk then."
    Taehyung took a deep breath and tried to remember exactly what happened "I..when i was at your club i hear a man talking. He said..."

    He took a look at the Alpha who was still watching him. "So ?"
    "He said that the next victim would be a wolf."


    The Alpha let his arms fall " tell me that now ? two days later ?"
    "I..I know i sound like an asshole to you, but i didnt have the time.."

    Kai barked a laugh "Didnt have the time ? are wolves's lives so disgusting that it came in the last of your problems ?"
    Taehyung wanted to get closer but he wasnt sure it would be a good idea "No ! i know i should have told you earlier but i didnt have your number and didnt know where you live ! also Nikolai was sick and.."

    "Stop you pitiful apologie now. Sorcerer who have powers like him are never sick."
    "When they don't have their mate anymore they are."

    That made the Alpha silent.
    "Oh." he scratched his neck "i suppose it's a good excuse then. No that i know how it feel to loose a mate."

    He was without a mate. Heh he.
    No, Taehyung was not here for that. Maybe later he would ask the Alpha out and either the Alpha would laugh at him like it was a joke or he would punch him. But at least he would have asked.

    The Alpha went behind his bureau and sat, Taehyung still standing near the door.
    "I will not eat you, you know. Come here, sit."
    "I..i will not stay long, i should already get going."

    "You only came to tell me that ? surely you have more to tell about what you heard."
    "Not really. I only saw his back, his hands looked like they were rotten to the bones. Before i could listen more he knew i was behind the door and threw a knife toward me but i'm alr-"

    Suddently the Alpha almost jumped out of his chair and was touching Taehyung everywhere.
    Taehyung looked at Kai's hands touching his thighs then his torso "Woo woo woo, one second wait what-"
    "Did he hurt you ?"

    Taehyung looked up at Kai's eyes who were really close and gulped.
    "No. No he didnt. I was going to say that it landed on the door, not me."

    The Alpha, his hands on Taehyung's shoulder let out a breathe. "So you are not hurt."
    Taehyung looked at him trying to hide a smile "No, i'm not."

    "Then all is good. Be careful." he took his hands back and took a step backward. "We should go investigate the club again. The footage could show the man and identify him at least.
    The Alpha stopped "Yeah ?"

    "Do you.." Taehyung could feel a blush coming on his cheeks "i mean, are you worried for everyone like that ? because i'm from your city or.."

    The Alpha frowned "I don't know why to be honnest."
    Ok. "Are you seeing someone ?"

    Silence. Taehyung covered his mouth.
    "Excuse me ?" asked Kai slowly.

    SHIT. Taehyung wanted to sew his mouth. Why did he said it now ?!
    "A..are..huh... Oh look it's a butterfly passing by your window !"
    "Did you ask me what i think ?"

    Oh God, Taehyung wanted to be buried six feet underground. He should have asked for advice before asking a man like the Alpha on a date.
    "Forget it please, forget it."
    "Did you just ask me on a date, Murakami ?"

    Taehyung put his hands on his eyes "NO, i mean please. please. F.o.r.g.e.t i.t."
    "Just tell me honnestly, because i'm easily mistaking things when it comes to that. Or so my wolves say."

    It took a fews seconds. But finally Taeyung let his hands fall showing his bit red face.
    "Just. I like you."

    Silence. Taehyung didnt dare look up, eyes focused on his shoes.
    "Is that all ?" asked the Alpha with a ton of boredom like always.
    Taehyung shrugged "Yeah like, i really like you."

    The silence took place again and definitely this was the most embarrasing moment of Taehyung's life. Like what did he expect ? he didnt have experience dating, his sex life sucks, he didnt have friends, he didnt like crowds, he couldnt control his powers, he never dated guys..

    "When you ask an Alpha to date you, it show that you don't respect him."
    Taehyung opened his eyes -which he didnt know when he closed them- and finally looked up.

    The Alpha stayed on his ground looking at him like he was much more than Taehyung could hope. If he looked like someone impressive before, now he was like way out of his league.
    "Uh..Is the fact that i'm a sorcerer worse ?"

    Kai thought about it then tilted his head "Yeah."


    Screams coming from the other side of the Mansion made them Jump.
    They didnt look at each other, they ran toward the noise of things crashing on the floor.

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    Re: Haunted Fate


    The closer they got, more the smell of dead flesh could be scented. Shout could be heard from afar and some other wolves were running toward the sound coming from the quarter of chambers.

    One of them called Cedric went near the Alpha. "Alpha !"

    "What's happening ?" asked the Alpha in a hard tone.

    "Some creature is inside the mansion. We tried to enter but something is blocking us from entering Ben's room." said Cédric lamely.

    Something was blocking them ? wait, in Ben's room ?

    "Jaeshin !" Taehyung ran seeing a group of people near an open door. Just when he was there, a wolf was thrown out of the room.

    "Ben !" were shouting the people gathered. Ben in his wolf form bled motionless on the ground, panting heavily.

    Taehyung's heart was beating so fast that he thought it would burst "Jaeshin !"

    "Murakami, no !"

    He heard the Alpha call him but Taehyung was already in the room, wait how? didnt the wolf said that no one could enter ?

    "Murakami !" the Alpha called him again but this time pointing in front of him.

    A growl in behind him make Taehyung look slowly toward the sound. The room was completely broken. Books and furnitures were in pieces. A woman was dead on the bed, his organ out of his stomach. Jaeshin was on the floor, a big hole in his stomach but alive. He had a hand on it like it could stop the blood but without success.

    A tall creature was near Jaeshin. His skin was green and smelled strongly of the death. Taehyung couldnt be sure but it looked like the same creature that he saw in the gay club with the cloak man.

    Taehyung didnt know what to do. For now the creature was only looking at Jaeshin, like he was hesitating at killing him. But why ?

    "Murakami !"

    Taehyung looked behind his shoulder at Cedric.

    "There should be four stones around the corners of this room. Take them off so we can help you, hurry !"

    Four stones. Ok..ok that Taehyung could do. At the condition that the stones weren't heavy and that the creature wasnt attacking him.

    For the moment it didnt seem to see him so Taehyung got easily in the right corner of his side of the room. He found two stones with runes on it. Even if he didnt know much about his powers or the surnatural in general, he knew at least that no one but a Shaman could have placed them.

    "Be Careful !"

    Jaeshin's voice made Taehyung look at toward him. The creature was looking right at him.

    "Murakami, Get off the others stones quickly !" Cedric voice shouted.

    Taehyung started to run on the left side of the room at the same time as the creature ran there too but to catch him. Luckily for Taehyung he had time to remove the stone not waiting for a second and without an ounce of hesitation climbed onto the bed where the girl had died to cross the room.

    The creature managed to catch him by the feet and made him fall on the blanket bathed in the blood of the poor girl.

    Ugh. Taehyung was going to throw up.

    He could hear people calling him but he couldnt understand what they were saying with the panic running through his head. He tried to kick the thing off but it was useless. What could he give to see Nikolai right now, for sure he would have killed the creature in a matter of seconds. Suddently coming from nowhere a big hand where Taehyung even in his state of panic could see some tattoo on it, took the creature by the neck and threw it agaisnt the wall behind him.

    There was a big commotion at the door seeing the stranger take Jaeshin in his arms, and Taehyung took the opportunity to go to the other side of the room to remove the stones.

    The last one was taken off when he felt an hand grip his throat and push him off the balcony.

    "TAEHYUNG !"

    Taehyung through his fall though in a side of his head that the panicked voice looked strangely like the alpha. He didnt even know he knew his name.

    He felt his body hit water, then the darkness.
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    Re: Haunted Fate


    Taehyung felt his eyelashes flutter. He could also feel the matress on which he was laying down . He didnt know how he ended up here. He only remembered being throw off from a balcon on the Alpha's mansion by a very ugly creature. He was so tired that he only wanted to sleep right now.

    Feeling hands on his pants, he opened his eyes with a startle. "What ..!"

    The Alpha was looking at him hands on his fly.


    "Oh, you are awake." the Alpha stated stoic.

    Taehyung blinked "Yes ?"

    "Good. How do you feel ?" asked the Alpha his hands still on Taehyung's fly.

    What was happening "..Good ?"

    It was apparently the good answear because the Alpha took Taehyung's pants off.

    "What are you doing ?!" he felt his cheeks go red. That man didnt even say if he was interested in Taehyung and he already wanted to take his pants off !

    "You are covered in dirty water and blood."

    Oh "Ah shit..i'm sorry, i dirtied the sheets."

    Was that a little smirk that he saw on the Alpha's face ? impossible.

    "Let's get you in the bathtub."

    "Huh what ?" Taehyung didnt have the time to elaborate that the Alpha took him in his arm like a princess and carried him to what he guessed was the bathroom. "But i can walk !"

    "You were threw off the 2th foor. It's a miracle you weren't injured. You saved one of my wolf today so let me take care of you. "

    But the problem was that Taehyung could feel himself hardening under his underwear and he felt a little relieved to see that his tshirt hide this embarrassing aspect " I swear i'm completely alright, let me at least take off my shirt and underwear myself !"

    "Can you stand up ?"

    "Of course !"

    The Alpha let him up in the Bathroom then simply looked at him.

    Was he not going to leave ? "Hum..i have to get naked know.. take a bath."

    They still looked at each other. Taehyung was grabbing the front of his shirt nervously.

    "So please could you..turn around maybe ? so i could take off my clothes ? Please."

    The Alpha did so but didnt leave.

    Taehyung sighed ans took his shirt off. Some parts of his body were bruised from the fall and he grimaced seeing the purple on it. The bath was already prepared so fastly, he also took off his underwear and jumped inside the bathtub.

    Hearing the sound of water splashing, the Alpha turned toward him.

    Taehyung got water in his eyes but blinked saying " can go now Alpha, thank you." The Alpha took off his jacket ignoring him. "What the f.."

    He also pulled up his sleeves before going toward Taehyung "Let's wash your hair."

    What ? "What ?" he looked at the Alpha putting shampoo in his hand "i can do it myself really !"

    "Just let me take care of you."

    Was it some sorts of tradition in a wolf pack ? maybe. Taehyung felt the Alpha's hands on his hair, and he closed his eyes enjoying the moment while it lasted.

    After a moment of silence, the Alpha said lowly "Lean your head back."

    Taehyung did, opening eyes but looking rather toward the door than the man in front of him. He was feeling very shy in this moment. Last time someone washed his hair was when he was around 8 years old. Looking toward the door he could see the mirror attached to it.

    So when he asked him to turn around seconds ago he stills saw Taehyung by the mirror.

    The Alpha's hands stilled "What is it ? you are bit red."

    "Nothing." Taehyung muttered without looking at him.

    "If you say so. You were the most injured today."

    He jumped inside the water, he forgot ! "How is Jaeshin ? is he alright ?"

    The Alpha was rincing off Taehyung's hair "He is. At least it's what he's saying. It would be better if a doctor saw him but he refuse. He said that in a matter of hours it wouldnt matter anymore."

    And he was right. If he didnt bond with Ben, Jaeshin would be in one or two hours a spirit again and then, he wouldnt see his mate anymore or be alive. If Taehyung judged by the girl who was in Ben's bed, theses two wouldnt have a happy ending. Jaeshin would be forever trapped in his house as ghost.

    "Why nothing ever happens as we hope." he asked softly. "I would have understand if some things not go well but.." he shook his head looking at the bubbles covering his legs "it's everything." he looked at Kai, unshed tears blurring his sight "i thought for a moment that there was a purpose for me to come in this city you know. I'm from a family of shaman but i was without power, without abilities. And suddently i can see ghosts and they need my help. Since i came here so many things changed. I've meet Matthias ,Jaeshin, Nikolai ..i tought i finally found something..i mean.."

    The Alpha still looked at him.

    Taehyung felt so stupid "I dont know. Sorry forget what i said."

    The Alpha said nothing for a moment while looking at him then "Turn around. Let me was your back."

    Taehyung quickly wiped the tears that threatened to fall "Ok."

    Turning around he tried to calm down while the Alpha rubbed his back.

    "Suffering can take such a place in our life that it makes us forgets happiness. Because we do not remember being happy. I don't know many things about you Shaman, but i'm sure at least one thing in your life was good right ?"

    Taehyung looked at the water and whispered "My son."

    Yeah right. He didnt contact his son since he left Tokyo on month ago. Jun has to be either worried or angry about his disappearance.

    Taehyung's thoughts stopped when he realized that the Alpha's hands stopped moving on his back.

    Taehyung looked behind him "Alpha ?"

    Kai was looking at his back, eyes darkening.

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    Re: Haunted Fate

    Taehyung watched the Alpha lean toward him feeling like this wasnt happening until he couldnt denie it anymore. Kai lips were on his and his hands went behind Taehyung's neck.

    The kiss was hot fierce and deep, bruising Taehyung's lips already tender. When he let out a little whimper of hurt, the Alpha took a step back instantly stopping Taehyung from reaching for him.

    It happened so fast that Taehyung wasnt sure it really happened. He started saying something when the Alpha came with a towel.
    "Get up."

    "I can definitely dry myself !" said Taehyung blushing furiously.
    Kai frowned at him.
    "Okay.." He got up the water fastly to take the towel. "Thank you."
    "Get dressed quickly, the others are waiting for you upstairs. I hope you can tell me who is this man who saved you."

    A man ? oh true, someone helped him with the ghoul. Taehyung followed him and watched the Alpha putting clothes on the bed.

    Then he saw something that he didnt see before. Something was shining in one of his fingers.

    A ring. The Apha was married.
    The Alpha feeling his glance looked at him "What is it ?"

    Taehyung gulped "You have a ring."
    Kai looked at his finger "Yeah."

    Yeah ? what the fuck.

    "Want help to dress ?" Kai was already taking the pants in hands.

    "Get out !" snapped Taehyung.

    The Alphas's darkened breathing loudly before he left.

    He was married. He was fucking married and kissed Taehyung.++

    Minutes Later Taehyung went down the stairs and saw immediatly many person in the living room.
    His eyes went to Jaeshin touching his stomach, his face white.

    "Jaeshin, are you all right ?" asked Taehyung going toward him.

    "Finally you are here, can we leave !" Jashin tried to get up but he grimaced and fell back on the sofa.
    "Are you badly injured."

    "Yes." said Cédric, Taeehyung looked at him "It doesnt stop bleeding and he doesnt let me take a look at it, he's so stubborn !"
    "I don't need you to look at it, in a matter of hours it will not matters anymore." snapped Jaeshin at him.

    Taehyung closed his eyes. In a matters of hours, Jaeshin would stay a ghost forever.
    "Where is Ben ?" asked Taehyung.

    Even the wolves looked sad "He was badly injured. Some of his bones are broke. He's sleeping right now."
    Taehyung shook his head. What a day.

    "You are here." constated the Alpha joigning them.
    Taehyung glared a him.

    The Alpha looked at him confused before asking 'Now do you know him ?" he pointed a finger behind Jaeshin.

    Taehyung was surprised he didnt see him first. The man was absolutely gorgeous ! no that it was the moment to admire beauty but you coudnt denie he was absolutely worth the sight.

    "I don't know him." answered Taehyung still looking at him quizzically.
    "Are you sure ?" asked Kai taking a step more near Taehyung like protecting him.

    Taehyung looked at the man again. He could find something familliar in him even thought he was sure he never saw him. He hair was gold like his eyes and tattoo and he was looking at Taehyung without expressions.

    Taehyung took a step toward him the Alpha whispering in his ear "Be careful."
    Taehyung shivered but still took a step toward to man. "I feel like i know you." he sais softly.

    The man still didnt move following him with his eyes. That when Taehyung saw it.

    The man had like holes in the flesh, like made by thornes.
    He gasped "It can't be.." he went toward the man -oh so tall- and took his face in his hands.

    "You know that guy ?" asked Jaeshin grimaçing at the pain.
    Taehyung shook his head like confused "Amazing, how could Nikolai do that.." he turned toward the wolves who watched them warry "It's Ignis."

    Jaeshin choked "WHAT ?!"
    "Ignis ?" repeated Liam.

    The man who Taehyung said was Ignis still looked into Taehyung's eyes.
    "Who is he ?"
    Taehyung look at the Alpha who was watching them closely. "It's.." should he say it ? "It's Nikolai's creation. A book."


    Liam tilted his eyes like when a dog doesnt understand "It's not a book."
    Cédric gulped "A stronger Sorcerer can change the shape of everything. I suppose the book is alive thanks to his blood, that man he's a"

    "And he took the shape of Nemesis." whispered Taehyung in awe "so this is how looked like the first Vampire."

    Taehyung felt a pang of hurt knowing he would never meet the man. Nikolai talked about him like a friend.

    "We should leave, if one of you could help me get up i would be very happy." said Jaeshing bored.

    Ignis went immediatly toward Jaeshing and took him in his arms. Jaeshing shrieked.
    "I didnt ask to be held like a princess, aouch !" he grimaced in pain when he tried to leave his arms.

    "Sure, let's go." said Taehyung.
    "Stay here to dinner."

    Taehyung stopped walking toward the door "What ?"
    "We have matters to discuss. Stay here one hour or two."

    Taehyung bit his lips "I'm not sure it's a great idea." and he was very tired.

    "When the Alpha tell you to come to dinner you don't say no." said a woman voice.

    Taehyung turned toward the voice and froze.
    She was what he supposed the Alpha's wife.

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    Re: Haunted Fate


    Taehyung sitting in front of the Alpha at the table tried to gather himself.
    The man didnt seem to be affected by the turn of events or their kiss. It was as if nothing had happened. Devouring his juicy steak and ignoring Taehyung.

    Krystal -the Alpha's wife- ignored him too taking each mouthful delicately.

    Taehyung feel like being the third wheel here or rather the fifth.
    There were two little girls eating beside him. Completely silent too, which was weird for their age.
    They had to be 8 or 9 years old. Just like his son Jun.

    Taehyung felt a bitter taste in his mouth even thought he didnt even eat. If he was married and had two kids, why exactly the Alpha kissed him ? to say thanks ? he swore that if it was the case he would punch him in the teeths, Alpha or not.

    God he was reacting like Nikolai now.

    "You dont like it ?"

    Taehyung look up at the Alpha who was watching with an eyebrow raised. Taehyung breathed slowly before saying "Im not too hungry after all of what happened."

    The Alpha nodded. "True. Seeing that young girl with her gut out would have been shocking for you."
    Taehyung looked at the girls eating.

    "Don't worry they have seen worse." said the Alpha following his eyes.
    And that was normal ?

    Something was wrong here. Taehyung couldnt shake the feelings that this familly had something going on.

    "So, what do you think about what happened ?" asked the Alpha.
    Taehyung to cut his steak while saying "I think it was the creature i saw in the night club the other night."

    "You think or you are sure ?"
    "I'm sure."

    "That night were you really here to have fun ?" asked the Alpha out of the blue.
    Taehyung frowned "I was searching clue about the serial killer, you know it now so why asking ?"

    "Have respect." Taehyung turned toward the Alpha's wife who talked to him for the first since the dinner. Her voice was cold and his eyes icy. "You are in our house so you will do as he say."

    "Learn you place women." said the Alpha in a even more cold voice.
    The silence was so heavy that Taehyung tried to not gulp too loudly. Even the two girl stopped eating.

    Something was really wrong.

    Taehyung coughed "The.. the runes i want to take them home and show them to Nikolai, maybe he could tell us more about them. If you are okay Alpha."

    Kai watched Taehyung then nodded. "My number is added in your new phone. Makes sure to call me."
    "My new .. ?" Shit. Taehyung's phone touched the water. "You didnt have to give me another phone."
    "You saved one of my wolves, this is the less i can do."

    "But still..thank you."
    The Alpha just grunted.

    Taehyung took a piece of the steak and instantly moaned obscenely out loud.
    The Alpha looked up instantly.

    Which of course made Taehyung cough a lung.

    The two girls giggled looking at him. And from what he was seeing in their eyes it was not because it was funny.
    It looked like they were mocking him.

    They wore an expression so mean while Krystal was ignoring him that Taehyung was taken aback. Frowning he watched his plate "I have to go." he said suddently.

    Even thought he was feeling the Alpha's eyes on him, he didnt dare look back "I will take you home once you finish your plate."

    "I'm not hungry." and he was not a child.

    "Finish your plate." repeated the Alpha in a decided tone.

    Taehyung gritted his teeth while eating.

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    Re: Haunted Fate


    You could say that being in a car alone with the Alpha was awkward.
    Taehyung really tried to refuse his proposal to take him home but the Alpha shoot one glare at him and Taehyung nodded.

    So much happened today. The attack,the kiss,Ignis...the Alpha's wife.
    Taehyung clenched his teeths so hard that the Alpha glanced toward him.
    "What is it ?"
    "Nothing. Absolutely nothing." answered Taehyung without looking at him.

    "I didnt think before kissing you. If this is why you are angry."
    Taehyung almost choked on his salive turning toward Kai "You are married !"
    "..Something like that."

    Taehyung frowned "What ? isn't she your wife ?"
    "She is."
    "And theses two girls were yours right ?."
    "Yes." answered the alpha looking at the road.

    "Then how the bloody hell is it something like that !"
    "She's still my wife and their mother but she's seeing someone else."

    Oh shit, Taehyung immediatly calmed down "..Sorry ?" oh my God and the man she was seeing wasnt dead yet ?
    "She need things. And i can't give them." he said it as a matter of fact.
    It was going a little too detailed "Oh.." Taehyung tried to be nonchalant "she was into Bdsm ?"

    Alpha this time looked sharply at him "What ?"
    Oh my God "I didnt mean it like that ! she kinda look like that no-- i mean..i don't mind ! no wait--" he could feel his face going red.
    The Alpha took a deep breath like was trying to control himself "She need someone who care for her."

    "Oh..i understand you want to stay with her for the kids.."
    "She stay because she's the Alpha's wife."
    " cared for her once.."

    Something was very wrong with this man. He was surprised the Alpha said so much about himself.

    "I know this has nothing to do with me but..then why did you.."
    "Our parents decided to marry us. I didn't mind."

    Taehyung bit the inside of his left cheek looking at his jeans. "You are a surnatural creature so you must have a soul mate somewhere."

    When he didnt have an answer Taehyung looked at him. The Alpha's face was white as sheet.
    "Are you alright ?" asked Taehyung immediatly worried.

    The Alpha gulped "I failed him."
    "What ?" what did he mean ? who ?
    Kai passed an hand on his face "i think i'm gonna sleep earlier tonight."

    That was the last thing he said until he dropped Taehyung home.

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    Re: Haunted Fate


    When Taehyung was deposed in front of his house he already knew something was wrong.
    Karl was in front of the gate like waiting for him.
    Taehyung immediatly got out of the car and went toward Karl "What happened ?"
    "Thanks God you are here, it's Nikolai he's.."

    He stopped talking when he saw the Alpha coming toward them.
    "Is there a problem ?" asked slowly the Alpha looking around the house.
    Taehyung shook his head before saying "I don't know" he look at Karl "what about Nikolai ?"
    "He's leaving Taehyung. Right now he's taking all his things."
    "What ?!" leaving where ?!

    Taehyung could hear the Alpha calling him but he went immediatly toward his house and froze.
    The human's shadow on his porche was still here but the face was turned toward him.
    Taehyung felt a shiver run down his spine and walked carefully aroung the shadow to enter the house.
    There was blood on the floor and he didnt knew how but he could scent some magic in the air.
    "What happened here." whispered Taehyung to himself.
    "Nikolai had visit."

    Taehyung looked at Jaeshin just beside him "Who ?"
    Jaeshin shrugged. For a ghost he looked tired "Ask him."
    "It reeks of Magic."
    Taehyung jumped at the voice behind him, the Alpha had followed him.
    "I don't want to disturb you Alpha you can l.."
    "Let's find your cousin, if he has a problems i can help."
    Taehyung shook his head " I don't think.."

    He stopped talking when he saw Nikolai with Ignis -being a book again- going down the stairs. He stopped a nano second seeing Taehyung then went in the living room. Taehyung followed him frowning watching him pack a bag.
    "What are doing ?" asked Taehyung.
    Nikolai aswered without looking at him "I'm leaving."
    "But why ? i mean, did something happen .."
    Nikolai looked at him and snapped "He found me !"
    Taehyung paled "Who, Zitao ?"
    "Key !"

    Taehyung covered his mouth "Holy shit. Your soul mate ?"
    He didnt answer "I have to leave. I'm sorry to leave you like that.."
    "But wait why do you have to leave, tell him you don't want him anymore !"
    "You don't seem to understand Taehyung. He's the King of Fae, he will stop with just a no you think ? he's..he's not even sure i'm alive he think you are my reincarnation so i should leave before he come back."
    "He came here in my house ?!"

    "He was with that damn Fate. He said he was coming back later. I can't Taehyung, i can't let him know i'm here. If he know then Zitao will know too and he will try to kill both me and you."

    "Why me ?" Taehyung stuttered. Then suddently the Alpha faced Nikolai placing Taehyung behind his back.
    "Zitao you said ? isn't he the leader of the Vampires ? you are not Taehyung's cousin isnt that right ?"
    Nikolai looked at him then at Taehyung " What the fuck is he doing here" he watched as the Alpha put himself between him and Taehyung "oh my god are you already dating ?"
    Taehyung choked.

    "Who are you." asked the Alpha again.
    Nikolai put on a fake smile "I'm Nikolai Deucius, the ancestor of that man behind you."
    Kai glanced at Taehyung then at Nikolai "I knew something was fishy with you. Then your name is not Nikolai Shit."

    Nikolai looked at Taehyung "Can i hit him ?"
    Taehyung sighed "Alpha you should leave."
    For the first time, Kai rolled his eyes "How to do you want me to leave if someone is trying to kill you and the King Of Fae search you."

    Suddently Taehyung had an idea.
    "Don't worry i know what to do."
    Nikolai eyes brightened "Really ?"
    Taehyung nodded "So you can go Alpha, i swear."

    The Alpha studied him "It's not something dangerous right ?"
    Taehyung bit the inside of his cheek "No more than what happened today."


    "Was that supposed to be reassuring." asked Nikolai doubtfully.
    The Alpha went toward the door "Then i see you tomorrow, good night."
    "He's really leaving ?" choked Nikolai. Taehyung honnestly was shook too.

    When they hear the car leave, Nikolai turned toward Taehyung "So ? what's your idea ?"
    Taehyung gulped "You look better than this morning.
    Nikolai licked his lips then looked at the window "Being near him helped me."
    " can use magic ?"

    Nikolai looked at him "Yeah. What are thinking about ?"
    Taehyung took a breath "It's time to meet Fate face-to-face."

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    Re: Haunted Fate


    "Are you sure Nikolai ?"
    Nikolai finished drawing the circle and looked at Taehyung with a bored exression "I don't know, i do this since many decades so what d'you think about it mate ?"

    Taehyung rolled his eyes "But do we have to do this in my garden ?!"
    "The circle has to be in contact with earth."

    "And him ?" Taehyung pointed Matthias,the neighbor sitting here watching them with pop corn. "Why is he here ?"
    Nikolai looked at Matthias near the bushes " Because he's watching us from his window day and night waiting for something like that to happen."

    "But that's creepy." said Taehyung in aloof voice.
    Nikolai just shrugged, Matthias didnt look upset.
    " do we have to call him ?"

    "I don't know" answered Nikolai, before Taehyung could get angry he continued "since i'm here he should have know i'm back, he usually like to get me mad so i don't understand why he's doing like he doesnt know i'm still alive. Something's wrong."

    "Maybe he doesnt really know ?" said Taehyung.
    "How could he not he's Fate."
    "Just.. try something."

    They turned toward Matthias.

    "Do something that isnt written in your destiny maybe he will..come to see what's wrong."
    Nikolai pointed at Matthias "Not bad !"
    "But doing what exactly ?" asked Taehyung.

    "That." Nikolai raised a hand to the sky and snowflakes immediately fell into the garden.
    "What .." Taehyung looked at the snow while Matthias was shaking in his short.

    Nikolai smiled "If this doesnt call him.."

    Everyone jumped when a cute twink looked toward them with an angry expresssion in the middle of the circle.
    It was Fate.

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