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    Looking: Movie/Drama similar to Night Flight 2014 (Korean)

    Hi guys,

    Anyone here watched this movie? What do you think of it? I liked it because I thought it's unique.
    Do you have anything in mind that similar like the movie?

    Looking forward for your recommendation & opinions!

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    Re: Looking: Movie/Drama similar to Night Flight 2014 (Korean)


    I love watching Night Flight and I still do today. For me, I like movies/dramas that do not cringe so, therefore, these are the ones I recommend you.

    - Anger or rage 2016 Japanese movie
    - A Frozen Flower 2008 Korean movie
    - Red Balloon Chinese
    - April Fools japan
    - Bungee jumping of their own Korean
    - Farewell my concubine hong kong
    - East Palace, west palace Chinese or Taiwan
    - Eternal summer taiwan
    - Cutter korean
    - The tenants downstairs I think Chinese or Taiwan
    - Double mints japan
    - How to win at checkers every time Thailand
    - Lesson of the evil Japan
    - In between seasons Korean
    - Dangerous boys Thailand
    - Girlfriend and boyfriend Taiwan
    - Open Korean

    Okay I think it's enough. It is 3 a.m. now so I have to go to sleep. bye

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    Re: Looking: Movie/Drama similar to Night Flight 2014 (Korean)

    @[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    thanks for the rec. now i got new stuff to look forward to! ps: i've watched in between seasons. good stuff

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