Is just an idea not an actual story. Is about a princess who has to get married and two princes who are trying to conquest her, but she gets kidnap (I know. Cliche) The two princes go in her rescue. Meanwhile the princess is in a place full of prisioners. She becomes the lider of a rebellion and without the help of the princes manages to free everyone. The princes go on a journey looking where the princess is. They have a rivalry because of the princess but over time get closer until they develop feelings for each other. Before even knowing that the princess doesn't need them they confess but one of them doubts and use the princess as an excuse which hurts the other prince. Once they discover the princess is the lider of a village form of the prisoners she released they start thinking differently. In ome point the princess intervenes and helps them understand the important of their feelings. In the end they become a couple but stay in the village instead of going back. Because as princes their love cannot be accepted.