Name: Matthew Brandt
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Sexuality: Gay, seme, mostly top
Probes: Empathy and telekinesis
Occupation: Laboratory technician
Likes: Chinese food, cloudy weather, BDSM clubs, his brother, takeaway food, science, new technologies, action movies, being able to pay the bills, manly chests, bubble butts, university life, leather, men in uniform, old school trains like in the movies, kitties
Dislikes: Government searches for probers, prober experiments, cold weather, rain, rent increases, not owning a glider, helmet hair, the secrecy that goes with being a prober, being mindbound, bad smells, powerful emotions, anger, hatred, sadness

Personality: Matthew is a man of action. He is boisterous and dominant in personality. He doesn't mean to be pushy but he does tend to inflict his will on others. He means no harm by it though and he has a good heart. He's always willing to lend a hand or offer support. Being a empath, he's able to pick up on people's emotions easily and knows when soothe their emotions through actions rather than just probing. He's picked up a few social skills because of his empathy.

Biography: Matthew and Ian didn't know their parents, though Matthew suspected they were scientists because he could remember going into the laboratories with them when he was very little. It was about the time his younger brother had been weened that their parents had given them away to their second-cousins Rachael and Michael. It was supposedly because their parents hadn't had time to bring up children and continue their research. Matthew didn't know the full story, though he'd asked. He'd always wanted to know why their parents never visited, sent word or came to their family reunions. It was almost as though they didn't exist.

In truth, Matthew and Ian were the very first life pod babies. Their parents had been the head scientists on the life pod project in the St Leonard's Fertility Centre. They had used their own samples to in-vitro fertilise thirty eggs, the best two being Ian and Matthew. Ian had been kept in cryostasis for four years before being placed in a newer model of incubator. After the project had been a success, the pair hadn't been able to keep their children. It was too dangerous, there were too many tests that would need to be undertaken and there was the children's welfare to consider. If kept in the fertility centre, their entire lives would be monitored and the government would possibly want to get hold of them for further research. The scrutiny was too much for any child, let alone their parents who would have to take care of the children. Ian was too young to remember any of it but Matthew remembered being in a white gown being led around the laboratories and having doctors watching over him. He liked to imagine his parents had doted on him and hadn't been able to bare the thought of leaving him with someone else during those first four and a half years.

Other than living with his second-cousins, the brothers' lives were fairly ordinary. They went to school, had their own friends and lived their lives the way any normal child would. It wasn't until they reached about the ages of fourteen and ten that Matthew and Ian started to develop their probe abilities. They both started to be able to nudge objects by will alone and both started to be able to form probes about the same time. Soon they developed different abilities too. Matthew could use empathy where Ian could use healing probes. The two practiced on each other in secret until their guardians discovered what they were doing. Little was known about probers back then so their guardians told them to keep it secret and went on pretending they knew nothing about it. They didn't want to know about it and didn't accept it, though they still loved their adoptive children. It was easier to pretend they didn't know than to accept their wards were unnatural freaks.

Matthew was smart enough and did well enough at high school to get into a good university in the city, studying science. He kept his degree as general as possible. He did extra subjects and took on a three-quarter load so he could work so it took him a bit longer to graduate than others. He considers university to be the best years of his life. He looks back on college lifestyle with fondness. He's not a man-child but he can be carefree.

Once he graduated, Matthew got a job as a laboratory technician at Petersham Innovation Centre. PIC was a multi-story science and technology facility with laboratories, offices, a few lecture theaters, an administration block and one small to medium sized hall for events. It was privately owned by a corporate run by the CEO, owner and founder of the centre. The CEO owned a few centres throughout the continent but PIC was the biggest. Individuals, companies, universities and government departments came to PIC to hire their facilities and technical staff. They made their proposal and it either got accepted or rejected by the committee. If they succeeded, they got as much space as they need to do their research.

The job meant Matthew was able to support Ian while he was studying to be a doctor at university. Ian moved in to Matthew's one bedroom apartment for a while before they decided they needed a bigger place. Sleeping on the couch just didn't cut it. Their deal was that Matthew would support Ian through university if Ian supported Matthew once he became a big-shot doctor.