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    ~German for beginners ~

    Ok hey guys ^^ So i thought id give some basic lessons in German and whoever is interested could ask questions, no matter the level ^///^

    Lesson 1:


    Guten Tag = Good Day (used the same way as good evening or good morning)
    Guten Abend = Good evening
    Guten Morgen = Good Morning
    Hallo = Hello (simple but necessary)

    Question words, also called W-Wörter in German:

    Wie? = How?
    Was? = What?
    Wer? = Who?
    Wo? = Where?
    Wann? = When?
    Warum?/Wieso? = Why?
    Wem? = Whom?


    Ich = I
    Du/Sie = You
    Er = he
    Sie = She
    Es = it

    Wir = We
    Ihr = You
    Sie = They


    Du = Thou/Impolite
    Sie = You/Polite

    => For the polite form, the same conjugation as the plural is used

    Key Questions:

    Wie geht es dir? = How art thou (Casual for how are you?)
    Wie geht es Ihnen? = How are you? (polite)
    Wo ist die Toilette? or Wo ist das WC? = Where is the toilet?
    Was machst du? = What are you doing?
    Wie heisst du? = What art thou called?
    Wie heissen Sie? = What are you called?
    (Even though you can ask Was ist dein/Ihr Name? (whats your name) it is very uncommon)

    Ok Please do tell me what you think and feel free to ask questions, but both preferably in private because i kinda want this to stay in a nice order XD

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    Re: ~German for beginners ~

    Lesson 2 - Countries


    For the polite form, one uses the second person plural.
    Example: Was machen SIE? = What are you doing? + What are they doing?
    Remark: When you see it written, normally the "SIE" will have a capital S if the singular is meant.

    Questions concerning countries:

    Woher kommst du? = Where dost thou come from? (This question does not imply a country)
    Woher kommen Sie? = Where do you come from?
    Aus welchem Land bist du? = From which country art thou?
    Aus welchem Land sind Sie? = from Which country are you?
    Welche Nationalität hast du? = What nationality dost thou have? (Not a very common way to ask)
    Welche Nationalität haben Sie? = What nationality do you have?
    Wo wohnst du? = Where dost thou live?
    Wo wohnen Sie? = Where do you live?

    Different countries (sorry if yours wasn't mentioned):

    Amerika = America
    Deutschland = Germany
    Österreich = Austria
    England = England
    Frankreich = France
    Spanien = Spain
    Kanada = Canada
    China = China
    Die Philipinen = The Philippines
    Vietnam = Vietnam
    Australien = Australia

    Nationalities (male):
    Remark: These are nouns, not adjectives

    Amerikaner = American
    Deutscher = German
    Österreicher = Austrian
    Engländer = English
    Franzose = French
    Spanier = Spanish
    Kanadier = Canadian
    Chinese = Chinese
    Philipiner = Philippino (extremely awkward, you'd rather say "I am from...")
    Vietnamese = Vietnamese
    Australier = Australian

    Nationalities (female):
    Remark: These are nouns, not adjectives

    Amerikanerin = American
    Deutsche = German
    Österreicherin = Austrian
    Engländerin = English
    Franzosin = French
    Spanierin = Spanish
    Kanadierin = Canadian
    Chinesin = Chinese
    I literally have no idea = Philippino
    Vietnamesin = Vietnamese
    Australierin = Australian

    Nationalities (adjectives):

    Amerikanisch = American
    Deutsch = German
    Österreichisch = Austrian
    Englisch = English
    Französisch = French
    Spanisch = Spanish
    Kanadisch = Canadian
    Chinesisch = Chinese
    Philippinisch = Philippino
    Vietnamesisch = Vietnamese
    Australisch = Australian

    Ok sorry, nationalities are not my strong point, because most of the time you just say where you are from.
    Please with questions message me
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    Re: ~German for beginners ~

    Oh that's nice thank you!

    I live next to the German border and since I've arrived I'm thinking about learning German.. so yeah 5 years ago I learnt numbers and stuff and forgot most of it

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    Re: ~German for beginners ~

    speak with german native speakers

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    Re: ~German for beginners ~

    Thanks for tips. I am newbie in learning Germany, but have strong motivation to learn it. I am college student and study international politic so I need to know foreign languages very well. I will work on my essay now, analytical essay example I found on [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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