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    Re: 10 favourite BL novels

    1. The heart rate of a house
    - wrecked me so hard. made me say to myself, if this is what love is, then i dont want it. i dont think i can read it again anytime soon. But so, so beautiful. God.
    2. captive prince series
    -once had a blog dedicated to this series. book 2, oh my goodness. restraint and, wow.
    3. all for the game series

    thats all i got for favs and all time famouses

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    Re: 10 favourite BL novels

    this is harder than i imagined... but here goes my list.

    -Captive prince series
    - Mirage of blaze (does it count if ive only read a few volumes then jyst a detailed summary of the last volumes..?? but this
    -Spy Vs Spook series by tinnean
    -The locker room by Amy Lane
    -Cold sleep series Konohara Narise
    -Try (Temptation series ) Ella Frank
    -Want me - Rowan Mcbride
    -Overtime - T.S McKinney
    - Protection - S.A Reid
    - Soldiers - Alexandr Voinov .Marquesate ( this was really really good .. but the 2nd book just breaks my heart which made me never to read this book again.. )

    -- I just realized how i miss this books...

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    Re: 10 favourite BL novels

    Thank you all for answering! I have a terrible memory, so I completely forgot about this thread!!
    I also am going to post my new list, because I found out that some of my fav books changed, but some others are the same from 2 years ago

    1) The Rifter series by Ginn Hale (sort of medieval fantasy, two main characters, travelling between words, ) magical powers, enemies to lovers I guess, epic)

    2) The Archer's Heart by Astrid Amara (fantasy inspired by Indian mythology, sort of instant fall into lust, but slowly falling in love, long plot)

    3) Tournament of Losers by Megan Derr (fantasy setting, a tournament to marry the prince, misunderstandings that end up in fairytale romance)

    4) The God Eaters by Hajicek (characters met in prison, fantasy, very plotty)

    5) Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale (urban fantasy, enemies to lover, detective story)

    6) The Course of Honor by Avoliot (this is actually on ao3, but it is novel quality. Space adventure, arranged marriage, royalty, misunderstandings, it has everything I could want)

    7) Shades of Grey by Brooke McKinley (classic FBI guy falls in love with criminal)

    8) Cagebird by Lowachee (in space, characters met in prison, mostly about the main character and the love story is very secondary, but what a great main character, quite violent, I have to admit)

    9) The Only Gold by Tamara Allen (Victorian era, sweet and soft but with some big surprises)

    10) The Reliquary Ring by Cherith Baldry (renaissance sci fi, clones, multiple main characters, there are two gay romances but secondary and one is unrequired!)

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    Re: 10 favourite BL novels

    My list is less than 10

    my number one is Mirage of Blaze (only fan translated. Hope one day they get fully translated)
    Yokozawa no Baai
    Amai Wana de Torokasete
    Immoral Darkness

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