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I'm a hikkikomori in real life :|

I'm currently making money by selling off my manga collection *_* Other than that, I'm jobless. I did try to apply as a typesetter at Amimaru Manga but I kinda get the feeling I'm being snob'd coz I haven't gotten a response from them for a week ;D So yeah, I'm just here stalking the forum for JP raws to scanlate =_=
xryuchan27-san, i am also an unsocial person, but i have to deal with people no matter what. well, it's a bit hard on the first, but now i find it amusing to be a part of social. eventhough i'm afraid to talking with people on the first, after i'm teaching for several years, i find that i can talk normally try to freelanching on translating or something so you can work on your room well, give it a try and walk of your comfort zone