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    The Mystery of the Invisible Monster Attacking in Japan

    Around 1890, strange fact started happening in Japan, especially in the area of Kamakura, Yamanouchi Ken. Men walking in fields, or even at home, would suddenly feel a strong wind that would knock them over. As soon as they stood up, they could see wounds long of about 4 cm and deep of about 3cm on their legs.

    These wounds were painless and bloodless at first and after about 30 minutes, they would turn into intense pain and bleeding would start. It was also stated that the injuries were really difficult to heal.

    Despite the fact that scientists at the time tried hard to find a possible reason for the phenomenon -they affirmed that the men’s wounds were most probably caused by an inexplicable loss of atmospheric pressure creating a temporary vacuum-, local villagers were convinced that the one responsible for the deeds was an invisible monster, called Kamaitachi.

    Kamaitachi, or the ‘sickle weasel’ was believed to be a creature who traveled in a whirlwind, having sharp claws and attacked humans so quickly that they couldn’t be spotted with the naked eye.

    Supposedly Kamaitachi was using a sort of medicine on the inflicted wounds that would temporarily halt bleeding and pain.

    The attacks eventually stopped and, as no clear explanation has been put forward, the events in Kamakura remain a mystery.

    Drawing by: Arisonthekitsune

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