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    I'm planning to read the manga now, but I have watched the anime. I;m from Australia XD!

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    I hope they continue the anime, I want to see semei TT

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    I wonder if there will be a second season. Loveless isn't so popular, I think and the mangaka takes so much time >.< But I would like to see a new season, too!
    I'm reading the manga now, it's really good! I have finished the 6th volume. Argh I wanna buy the seventh soon!
    I would really recommend to read the manga; it's worth it! :3

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    Hello! ^,^
    I've watched the anime first, and then read the whole manga, now awaiting the next release =D I adore it <3

    I'm from the Netherlands!

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    Hi, I've also watched the anime and read the manga. (currently waiting for the next chap :hamtaro-005 (10): )
    I'm from Portugal, by the way.
    I have to say that while I love both the anime and manga, I still prefer the manga. I think it has a darker side.

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    I lovvve Loveless^^ It was an amazingly cute story. I haven't caught up with the manga yet though. Last chapter I read ( think it was 90 or something) they were fighting this girl named Bloodless I believe. I like the way how the characters are named after emotions with -less on the end. It's like I'm without "this" and my sacrifice fulfills that missing part of me so without them I'd be nothing^^ Gwaah so cute :P

    At the begining when I 1st read Loveless, I was really confused because it seemed so sudden! You have some random grown man approaching a child saying "I Love You" and trying his hardest to get with him. I was like "Creep >.>" But now I look at it and think it's so cute no matter Wait how hold is he anyways rabbit12 lolz What do you guys think??

    I have watched some of the anime before but I prefer the manga because the manga is always better than the anime because it's originally what the author wanted But in the anime I loooved how Ritsuka's voice sounds when he whines Soubi's name :3

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    Hello Leanna, you're welcome! :3 But aaaahhh, you're spoiling me, I haven't read so much (I'm at vol 7 now .__.) -stopes reading till next passage -
    Yeah, Loveless is so strange at the beginning! But it's such a loveable story though. Like Kio said, Soubi is kinda pedophilic Kio is so cool xD
    The question of Soubis age... I was thinking about it very often and I think he has to be roundabout 20. Ritsuka was 12 when Seimei "died" at the age of 17. And that's two years ago, so Seimei has to be 19. And when Soubi's the same age as him, he is 19/20 He's at a university and that age fits.

    Yeah, the manga is also better because of the drwaing style *.* I love Ritsuka in the manga, he is soooo cute :3
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    Well Loveless is my fav yaoi anime!
    I can't help identifying a lil bit of me with Ritsuka
    And i really like the atmosphere of the anime!!
    Want to read the mangá! but i'll have to buy it on the internet T_T'~
    I agree with @[Only registered and activated users can see links. ], but i want to see Ritsuka again :3~

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    boo i wish there was more to loveless. it's pretty good and now that i'm aware of the manga i think i found something i can occupy myself with :3

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    I'm from Australia, I don't have the soudtrack but really want it, and I'm planning on buying the rest of the manga, I bought the first volume, didn't have enough for anymore, so I'll tell you if there is a difference when I'm done reading. And I've bought the anime (one of the few BL animes you can buy in Australia)

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