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    Re: The worst character ever

    ....I hate so many Characters, I should go and kill them.

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    Re: The worst character ever

    @[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] hahaha! That sounds good to me! XD

    After going through the past replies, I've seen the general hate is towards Tea from Yugioh and Orihime from Bleach, Yuki from Vampire Knight. They werent that annoying to be called the worst character ever. In fact both girls grew less annoying as the series went on! Personally I don't like Serenity from Yugioh. She was too soft and weak for me and suddenly she had two guys like her. (Jealous much?) I'm sorry to Kaiba but j didn't like his little brother mokaba(? Probe spelt his name wrong) There's no need for him. Kaiba didn't seem to care much for him as far as I saw and even though kaiba's character couldn't be left on his own I'm not sure if he wouldn't have just acted the same without him.

    I hate Dr Crowler from Yugioh GX. I hate his voice, how he acts smart but does dumb things, he can't play the duels good enough , he keeps getting the main characters into trouble and he's supposed to be the teacher, hate him. At first I didn't like jack atlas from 5DS but he grew on me, I suppose.

    I can't think right now who else annoyed me so I'll have to come back lol
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