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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    Hinata woke feeling like he was being choked. True enough, Kageyama snuggled with him in his own bed. The redhead jolted and sat up straight, inspecting his body and checked to see if he has any underwear on. He was fully cloth and his back doesn't hurt. From what it seemed, they drank last night and went to sleep afterwards. Or at least he went to bed before Kageyama. However, he made sure that he gave the raven has his own futon to sleep in.

    "Tch.", with a click of his tongue, the redhead kicked the intruder off his bed, and the latter landed on the floor loudly.

    "Ugh. That fucking hurts." Kageyama groaned and Hinata snorted. "Who is this piece of shit who crawled on my bed?" Hinata brushed his hands together and looked down on Kageyama who was still asleep on the floor. "Sleep on the futon I gave you, or be ready to get kicked in the scrotum next time." he added and then got up, stepping on Kageyama's stomach as he went to the bathroom to freshen up.

    "Ow. That hurt, you evil sadist. uhh." grumbled Kageyama.

    Hinata doesn't have to hurry for today, he has no work and his classes starts in the afternoon. After he washed his face and brushed his teeth, Hinata started his laundry. There wasn't much so one load was enough. While he waited for it, he got dressed up with his cycling gear and checked his bike tires. He usually parks his road-racer on the entrance way, since he can't trust it on the bike racks down stairs.

    Since they have a match soon, they were given a time to rest for today. But he just can't miss this chance to stroll around, this was how he spends leisure mornings. He opened the bedroom door one last time before he wore his shoes and saw Kageyama still sprawled on his bed, lightly snoring.

    "Bakageyama!" Hinata flipped the cover off the raven and Kageyama opened his eyes and stared at him. "Where are you going, idiot?" Kageyama asked.

    "I have laundry in the wash, please unload it after. There's food in the fridge. Cook it." Hinata said and he went on his way. He admits that Kageyama's presence was making him feel uneasy. The raven doesn't like wearing shirts when sleeping, even in winter. And since Hinata was weak to those side abs of the raven, it's best if he set some boundary before he goes down and licks it.

    Hinata shook his head off those dirty thoughts and wore his shoes on the entrance way. He heard the bedroom door open and there emerges Kageyama; coal-hair disheveled, no shirt on, the hem of his underwear peaking from his pajamas. "Morning, I'll probably be out before you come back.. Classes." Kageyama said and walked towards Hinata. He gave Hinata his phone and the other shook his head.

    "No, I don't bring my phone when riding. Please put it where you saw it. Don't forget to lock the doors when you get out." Hinata tried his best not to look at the delicious meal in front of him, but he was too late. His radar-like eyes caught a glimpse of Kageyama's bulge and he audibly gulped. He was sure Kageyama heard it so he pretended to have something lodge in his throat as he tried to cover it up with a few fake coughs.

    Shit. Morning wood is dangerous.

    "Could be a start of a cold." Kageyama said and went to the fridge to check for food. Hinata remembered that Kageyama has a habit of thawing meat or even chilled vegetables, before he cooks it or place it in a microwave. The raven then disappeared from his sight and went to wash his face.

    "I'm off." Hinata said and Kageyama called out for him to take care.

    Ever since they broke up, Kageyama thought that Hinata didn't hold back on showing who he really are. When they were dating, everything seems to embarrassed that the man with the red-orange hair. Now that they were just having sex, the Hinata he once knew was different from the Hinata he knew today.

    Hinata farts in front of Kageyama, burps, he eats without reserve, he sings even though he sucks at it, and he's more alive than he's ever been when they were romantically involved.

    Last night, Kageyama thought of having sex with Hinata, as a celebration for his stay, or probably just to past the time. Since he loves the man, there was really no need for specific reason he wants to hold him. It's only natural that he felt this way.

    But that was another story when this change in Hinata came to him as a revelation.

    He did court the guy for a few months before he said yes to him. Rather, he's forced to admit that he loves Kageyama too. But Kageyama treated Hinata like he has no experience, cause that's what he's been seeing. Dating him is like dating a girl. He would know, he has ex-girlfriends before. And they were all blushing, and timid type. He figured Hinata is the same.

    He was so wrong.

    This leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. Who knew that Hinata was the type of guy who likes his draft beer, and can hold on drink lots of sake. Who likes PC gaming and sometimes forgets to take a bath. Someone who likes to deep throat his lover. Who talks dirty in bed, scratches and bites someone in the throes of passion.

    Hinata was livelier.

    Oddly enough, Kageyama loves this Hinata even more.

    "But I'm not the one that caused this change. Kenma did." the second he said this, Kageyama slapped his face and sighed. "You need food. That's right. Have breakfast, fix your things and go to class."

    Kageyama saw there's already cooked rice in the rice cooker and some poached eggs on the table. So he decided he'll just fry some of those chicken breast that's been marinated on a Tupperware. "I'll take a shower first."

    Kageyama always enjoyed taking a shower at Hinata's place. Though it's not really big, Kageyama can see that Hinata tool care of his self. There were bath salts, bath gels, nice shaving creams, moisturizers for the face and even the body. Kageyama marveled at the things inside. He was just going to wash his face but he's tempted to take a shower, and so he did.

    After he finished using those coconut scent shampoo, he went to the medicine cabinet and saw the usual things. There was a spare shaver, but he thought he doesn't need to shave yet. His facial hair doesn't grow too fast so he's still okay. He caught a glimpse of the carefully wrapped tube medicine, and he felt embarrassed after he read the label. It's the enema Hinata uses. Though the packaging was sealed and it was unused, Kageyama felt like he has to apologize to Hinata for a lot of things. "Uke's have it hard, huh?", muttered Kageyama when he read the procedure. "You have to hold the laxative for fifteen minutes?" Kageyama mouths the word 'wow' and suddenly dropped the box on the floor when the bathroom door flung open.

    "You can use it if you want." Hinata teased and stared at Kageyama's uncovered lower region.

    "W-why are you back so soon?" Kageyama said, he swiftly wrapped the towel at his waist and picked up the enema and placed it back on the cabinet.

    "It's raining." Hinata said and went to collect some of the towels on the cabinet. Kageyama went out and goes to his bag to take out his change of clothes. After he got dressed, with his hair still wet, he went out of the bedroom only to see Hinata doing some sit ups in the living room.

    Well, he did intend to cycle. Kageyama thought, appreciating the fact that Hinata is taking care of his health.

    "I'll just put your laundries in the basket." Kageyama said when he finally heard the beep of the washing machine. He placed everything in the basket and rest it on the sofa while Hinata continues to ignore him. He proceeded to do what he usually does in the mornings, a little thankful that there's food, cause most of the time he skips breakfast to save money. Though their dorm has a little kitchen in every room, Kageyama doesn't use it much. Cause electricity is expensive and there's not much to cook anyways.

    "Hinata, I'll go ahead, I'm borrowing this umbrella.. See you." Kageyama called out on Hinata when the other man started with his weights. "Yeah.", he simply replied.

    This bummed out Kageyama, he thought for sure Hinata will feel flustered with his presence. Especially since this was the first time in a while since Kageyama has been in his apartment. But it looked like Hinata wasn't affected in the least.

    The second the raven was out the door, Hinata stood up.

    "What the fuck!" Hinata went to go on his toilet, locking the door and he braced one arm on the wall. "Shit!" He grumbled as he whipped out his erected member and started stroking himself.

    He didn't expect to see Kageyama freshly showered the first day they became roommates. And the raven surprised attack him. Seeing that coal-black hair glistening, that toned body glistening wet and steaming from the hot water; smelling his favorite shampoo off him, Hinata lost his control for a second.

    "Uhn." It didn't took long for Hinata to cum, a few pumps more, Hinata panted and aimed his cum on the toilet bowl. He shuddered at the feeling and breathed hard. He didn't expect that he will masturbates using Kageyama. Coming down from his high, Hinata flushed the toilet, wiped his weeping penis and puts it back in his shorts. While he wash his hands, he saw his very red face in the mirror. "Dammit! How the hell will I last like this?"

    "It's clear as the summer's day. We need another setter." The vice Captain said out loud and though Kageyama thought he can shoulder everyone, this wasn't the case. There's always a need for a back up in case there's an accident. They can't take that chance since this is sports after all.

    "I still want to recruit that Kozume-kun." Their captain crossed his arms and the other ones who were familiar with how Kenma played nodded in agreement. Hinata's confused so he raised his arm to ask.

    "Is Kenma really that good?" he asked, his eyes shone with admiration. His friend was acknowledged by his seniors and he couldn't be prouder. Kageyama was annoyed as hell, especially since Tsukishima behind him couldn't contain his snickering to himself.

    "While our Kageyama is a power setter, good in serving, received, blocking and well- simply put, he is a high spec player; Kozume is the type to look for the other player's weakness. Even having him on the bench, observing the other players, we're sure it will amplify our defense and offense." Sawamura said.

    Since Kenma played at another district Kageyama's previous school didn't have the chance to play against him. Plus he is older that him so by the time they played in the championship match, Kenma already graduated.

    "Okay! I'll ask him personally. I'm not making any promises though." Hinata grinned and Kageyama muttered the word 'idiot'. He's pissed at the redhead for obvious reasons. - Hinata's too much into Kenma.

    "Eh? Do you know him, Hinata?" Tanaka said and Hinata nodded. "I'm seeing Kenma later, so I'll go ask him."

    Tanaka fell silent, he heard the name Kenma before when Hinata talked on the phone. He just didn't think that Hinata was like that, someone who plays for the other team. He isn't prejudiced, since his Vice-Captain along with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are gays, but it was such a surprise that Hinata was also like that. Tanaka looked around the guys near him and felt shy.

    "The fuck I'm thinking." Tanaka said to himself.

    "Why don't you try it Kenma? You know this could be fun." Kuroo said to Kenma and the other one just looks at his drink. "It's so troublesome." Kenma answered and Hinata protested. "Try it Kenma, it's not right that you only slave yourself on games. You're so pale now, you need sun and exercise." Hinata nodded as he said this and Kuroo found the little man, funny.

    "He's right, you know. Plus I also want to see you play. Could be fun, right Chibiko?" Kuroo addressed Hinata likes this and the latter became accustomed to it. He's really short compared to Kuroo anyway.

    They were eating in a family restaurant just a few blocks away from their University and they often do this since Kuroo has taken a liking to Hinata ever since his lover goes home with a new story on how Hinata made him toss balls for him, or how they ate the smelly but good kimchi pancakes, or anything silly Hinata does. He felt like Kenma was finally branching out and he's glad Hinata was the kind of person who is patient enough to hang out with the socially awkward Kenma.

    "Ah, I'm going to buy some cake so I can eat some later. Wait a bit." Hinata stood from his seat and accidentally bumped into man, spilling the latter's drink on him.

    "EHH?! I'm sorry." The other man panicked, he looked like he was someone who goes in the same University as they are since his bag has the same patches and pins as their school logo. "Ah, it's fine. It's just water, so it'll dry right away." Kuroo gave Hinata some tissues to clean himself.

    "Ah, wait. I know you!" The man who bumped Hinata grabbed him by the arms and leaned his face closer to the redhead. "Right! Sadoqueen! You're him, right? I know from the voice! And there's no mistaking that eyes!" the other male was forceful with him that Hinata coudln't break free.

    "Let go of me!" Hinata's voice raised and he felt his breath is constricted. "Why? Come on, come chat with us! Some of my friends knew you. You're crazy sexy you know. Come chat with us!" The other male laughed in his face, and he felt dizzy. Next thing he knew was that Kenma was beside him calling out his name, while Kuroo towered the guy who harassed Hinata.

    There were a few of the waiters and managers who kicked the other guys out. Because they were causing commotion and that they clearly saw the incident. Hinata knew that he can never escape from his dark past, but this wasn't something he considered. That there was someone who will know him no matter where he went.

    "Shouyo, drink this." Kenma gave Hinata a new glass of water, while Kuroo talked to the crew inside the shop, saying they were fine and no one was hurt.

    "Kenma, what should I do? Should I drop out? Transfer schools? What do I do?" Hinata was teary and still pale. Kuroo sat at the opposite of the two and sighed. "First of all, tell us what happened. What's with this 'sadoqueen'? It's better that we have an idea of what's going on."

    Hinata looked at the two and nodded. He thought there was no escaping the inevitable. He went on and explained his situation, all those things he'd rather forget.

    His father was laid off from work, and at the same time, they got swindled out of their money. His father's friend also named him as a guarantor on a loan with a gang. So they were harassed day and night to pay up. The stress affected their mom, until one day when their father was looking for work, his little sister Natsu was taken by the bad people to be sold for money. Hinata, as an older brother did what he was supposed to do and volunteered in her place.

    At first, he's told he was going to auctioned as a prostitute, since he was naturally little in stature and looks like he can cross dress for the perverts. But Hinata refused. He'd rather do anything other than being a slave to anyone. Since porn were a big thing for the thugs and that they earn a lot from it, they have no qualms in sending Hinata there.

    While Hinata told his story, the two just listened to him intently. They were in a secluded booth anyways, and Kuroo was aware that no one sat near them after he sent the idiot earlier on the floor.

    "I never really enjoyed what I was doing. They even had to retake my videos over, since I'm defiant. But later the director used sex performance enhancing drugs on me so that I can go through it. Every time, I kept thinking this is for Natsu. For my little sister. I kept tabs on our loans and made the boss sign every time I pay him. Until one day, the director said there was a request for me in a BDSM porn. I was scared, but they say the pay was twice as much. And I wanted to be done with it sooner. Then when I was finally on the set, they said I was the one who was going to play the role of the sadist, the dominant." Hinata clasped his hands on top of the table and then continued.

    "I was glad, I felt like I was finally enjoying what I'm doing. Every whip I did, every bite I gave, every pain I inflicted elevated my twisted anger. I'm not happy about it. It's something I wish I wouldn't have to remember. Every day I'm filled with this fear that my family would know about this. I don't think my Dad will forgive himself if that happens." Hinata's tear rolled on his cheeks and Kenma gave him a napkin.

    "Despite the fact that I was sad and angry, my only comfort was knowing that my sister is safe in her warm bed. And my Mom and Dad are slowly recovering from it. I thought my life is finally getting together, until Kageyama - the guy I was dating that time, caught me." Hinata's tears flowed and the two listeners felt he was really hurting. They did not say anything, just listened to him and waited for him to calm down.

    "I can't immediately stop, so I had to record at least two movies after. The company announced that it was my last movies so the sales went well. Since I was really good at what I'm doing, it looks like I got famous for it. Even though I did precautions to hide my identity." Hinata patted his chest.

    "Anyways, I think you shouldn't associate yourself with me, Kenma. I don't want people like that going after you too." Hinata smiled, but his eyes were sad. He was glad that Kenma didn't call him disgusting or anything and that's enough for him.

    Kuroo sighed and rustled Kenma's hair. He already knew what his lover's thinking and he smiled at Hinata.

    "What?" Hinata asked them both and Kenma just mouth the word. "Idiot."

    "Why? What I'm saying is a valid point." Hinata insisted.

    "Shouyo, please tell your Captain, that I will come to practice tomorrow." Kenma said and sipped his latte.


    "Give it up, chibiko. Kenma isn't the kind of person to judge like that." Kuroo grinned and called for the waitress, ready to order another round of food.

    Hinata felt so embarrassed and guilty, he gulped the water and slammed the glass loudly on the table.

    "Kenma, there's one more thing I need to tell you?."

    When Hinata finally got home, Kageyama still wasn't there. He knew Kageyama has to work till late. He got worried since his place was at least 20 minutes away from Kageyama's dorm and 40 minutes away from the raven's part-time work. Kageyama rode bikes so it may be alright, but since the weather was moody of late, he can't help but feel anxious whether or not the raven will open his door, or he'll decide to come to the dorms again.

    He opted to make rice balls and left it on the table. He also readied that futon and placed it in the living room. He then went to bed after this.

    "I'm home." Kageyama called out, no one answered him though. It's obvious since it's already past midnight. "Ah, ah. I'm so tired." Kageyama debated whether he'll take a bath first or eat. He dropped his things on the sofa and saw that his futon was already ready for him.

    "Tch, he really don't want to sleep with me," he muttered. He also caught a glance of the rice balls and his tired body suddenly had the energy again. Kageyama's face was filled with a silly grin.

    "Huddle up!" The captain called up and the team who were just starting to warm up gather around him.

    He cleared his throat and continued. "There's someone joining us today, please welcome him. Kozume-kun." The captain called on to Kenma who already dressed for practice. He looks shyly at them and gave his nod. "Please take care of me." He said timidly. Hinata grinned widely and the team greeted Kenma.

    Tsukishima by this time grinned and teased Kageyama. "Looks like someone's here joins so he can look after his little kitty." Tsukishima stands besides Kageyama, whose face cannot be explained.

    There's no way I would lose to this pudding!

    "I think I'm starting to like Hinata and Kozume. I mean, look at Kenma! He didn't join no matter how much we persuade him, yet when Hinata asked him, he joins the next day. Ah! How lovely!" Yachi said, her eyes are a little weird towards the two.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    The practice resumed like the usual. Starting with warm-ups, practice tosses, receives, spikes, and then to the 3 on 3 match game. Like always, the setter was Kageyama and for the opponent the Libero plays this part. But now they have Kenma for the other team, everyone were excited to be on his side of court.

    The eccentric young man has nothing grand about his play. If you consider the amount of attention everyone has given him, you can say that he was the shiny new toy among boys. But then again, Kenma wouldn't be so important if he was not worth it.

    In a few short plays, Kenma already discovered the reason Hinata was the middle blocker. This baffled him before, but now he can see that Hinata has some crazy reflexes, and he jumps from one end to another in a flash. That's good for a decoy, which was perfect for the middle blockers.

    "There's one flaw on the odd quick Kageyama and Shouyo makes." Kenma muttered softly when the Coach asked him after the games.

    "Huh? Oi, what're you talking about, pudding!" Kageyama leaned his face closer to Kenma whilst the other players just sat and listens, urging Kenma to ignore the irrational man who wasn't even trying to hide his irritation.

    "..Err. You see, Shouyo is just running to where there is no one around. While it is effective at first blush, like what happened to us; they'll get used to it." Kenma said without looking at anyone.

    "What're you suggesting we should do then?" Sawamura crosses his arms on his chest, pondering on Kenma's analogy. Hinata, who sat next to Yamaguchi just plainly looked lost.

    "Let Hinata train so he can spike a normal quick. His crazy reflexes and reaction time is a notch above us. Though he lacks height, he make up for it by using what he has." Kenma fidgetted in his seat. He isn't used to being asked by strangers, and in his mind, except Hinata, they were all strangers even if he knew them by name.

    "Ha! Hinata doesn't have the skills for that!" Kageyama snorted and stared at Kenma.

    "What did you say? How rude!" Hinata blushed all kinds of red and Tanaka patted his head while the other players chuckled.

    "He obviously doesn't understand what he's saying." Kageyama added and Kenma spoke a little louder, "No. I think it's needed. Hinata can't be dependent on you Kageyama-san. Who do you think initiate an attack for a spike?"

    "Huh? The spiker hits what is tossed to him." Kageyama said knowingly.

    "You're wrong." the pudding colored-hair swayed as Kenma shook his head in disagreement.

    "You've been speaking stupidly since the beginning." Kageyama pointed out and Sawamura calmed him down. "Maa, maa, Let's listen on what he has to say, ne?" Sawamura tried his best not to be rational too, so he breathe out and Kageyama knows it's best to shut his mouth, for now.

    "While we do arrange the offense of our court side, we setters respond to the initiative of the Spiker. When we see them in motion for jumping, near a position where they are open, or simply them asking for a toss, it means we respond to them, not the other way around. You wouldn't toss to an unsuspecting, not ready spiker, would you? You toss to that one person who has the greater chance of scoring. Hence, the most ready to strike player." Kenma said. Though his words are just saying it plainly, there is some pang after it for Kageyama. What he said was absolutely right, but it's hard for him to agree.

    "One point for Kozume." Tanaka whispered to Tsukishima and the other one snickered.

    "E-even so, do you think someone like Hinata can do these things instantly? Our first match of the season is in two days. He can't learn how to hit a regular quick with an indirect pass that easily." Kageyama added.

    Kenma nodded and add, "He can still try. Two days are enough to give him at least an idea how to. It'll double his effect as a decoy."

    The consensus in the clubroom all agreed with Kenma and Kageyama clicked his tongue. Yamaguchi felt sorry for Kageyama, since the setter is prideful. But he was glad that there was someone there who can sub for Kageyama. He knows Kageyama pushes himself to the limit most of the time.

    "Ohhhhh! Kenma is so cool!" Hinata butted in, adoring eyes for his friend, which made one particular male hate Kenma more.

    "It's too bad that I can't come and watch, Hinata-kun. But do your best, okay?" Hinata's boss said, chuckling a bit since Hinata groaned from the muscle pain he was feeling.

    Kenma and Kageyama didn't hold back in supervising his practice and he silently throw curses at the two. Though, he was quite happy about it. Kenma trusted him that he can do it, and this made him try harder so he wont disappoint his friend.

    "Ah, Hinata-kun. About that friend of yours - is she still coming to have a check up? I haven't heard from that yet." She pointed out and Hinata cried in realization, "Sorry, I was told by my friend she's coming over after our elimination match. Our fortnight's going to be busy."

    "Eh? Okay then, no pressure. Tell her for the meantime, make a list of all her previous and current sexual partners so we won't have to go over embarrassing questions later. She's a young girl, I presumed? You said it's going to be her first time check up." She added. She was drinking coffee and Hinata already tidied the office up. The magazines that were thrown about on the waiting room got sorted out so Hinata only needs to sweep the floor and mop it.

    "Ehh! That'll be too weird for me. So I don't know if I can ask her that!" Hinata heard the doctor chuckled behind her computer screen and she added, "Fine. Ask your friend to ask her that. You did say they're dating, right?"

    "That's even worse! He's my ex, you know?" Hinata took the mug she handled him, asking for a coffee refill.

    "Oh? This is quite interesting, ne? Are you playing the martyr role? The good friend to accept all the circumstances? Being happy for them and accepting your fate?" She teased. By accident she discovered that her attendant is gay, because Natsu blurted it out on her visit. Since then, Hinata and his boss has been closer than ever. She like gays; Hinata suspected this because she's been behind her computer whenever they were free from patients. She giggles and squeals now and then and asked strange questions to Hinata, about gay relationships. He just deduced that she is a fangirl and finds the situation rather cute.

    "Sensei, if you only focus on gay guys, you won't ever find yourself a boyfriend. You're not young anymore." Hinata kids her and gave her coffee refill.

    "I've read too many fanfictions about gay men, I only see them being paired to one another." she said simply, and took a sip from her mug.

    The redhead chuckled at her and looked at the clock, "Oops. I have to go now. Is there anything else you need?" he added and she shook her head when she saw that Hinata already finished the cleaning. "Good work today." She called out and Hinata gathered her things.

    "Sensei, please lock the door once I'm out. Your sister will pick you up later, right?" Hinata made sure she was safe.

    Hinata soon reached his home and called out "I'm home," but there was no answer. Hinata saw that Kageyama usually goes home later than he is, and he's worried about the man. When they were dating, he realized that Kageyama is a hard worker. He goes home and soon after he finishes his nightly routine- AKA, bathing, eating and preparing his clothes for tomorrow's practice; Kageyama then proceed in studying till late.

    He sighed and started to prepare dinner for himself. Kageyama pointed out a few days ago that he was not a guest so Hinata should not mind Kageyama's food portion. Still, how can he just cook for himself knowing that the person he loves' temporary sharing a roof with him.

    "The idiot had a rough day, I think I'll make something he likes." The redhead inspects what he have on stock. He wants to make black curry, but it'll be a waste to prepare it with vegetables, so he went and made some omelets out of chop ones instead. "Ah, I think I should call first to ask if he's eating here. Eh. Wait. He just said not mind his portion, so calling him would sound like I'm desperate to cook for him. No, no. I better stop. I'll just cook for myself, and it just so happens that I made plenty and he can eat it if he wants to." He nodded to his rationalization and started mincing the greens away.

    By the time he finished cooking, Hinata looked at the time and feel a bit sad when it's already late, yet the raven was still not home. He wanted to eat with him, yet a part of him doesn't want it too. It's a complicated feeling- loving someone who doesn't see you as a lover but someone he just casually have sex with.

    "I'll just take a shower, by the time I'm finished and he's still not home, then I'll just eat without him."

    Hinata docked his phone to the speaker and browses on tunes to play. He decided to go with something smooth, soft and sexy. The first song on his playlist is 'So in love' by 'Curtis Mayfield' .He acquired this taste in music through his previous roommate and much as this song was old, he still likes it. Hinata sometimes like to pretend he was drinking wine while he listened to this, and it made him burst a chuckle now that he remembered how childish he was. Where did the innocence went? He wondered.

    The intro started and like his old habit, he started on his way to the bathroom. He haphazardly threw his clothes on the floor and hopped on the shower with the soulful song in the background. He set the water hotter than he usually sets it. And slowly, he danced to the tune while he lets the shower wash this day's weary away.

    His shower was cut short by his growling stomach so Hinata finished quickly and wrapped his towel on his waist. When the bathroom flung open, he caught a glimpse of Kageyama's bag on the sofa and his heartbeat quickened, like someone who expected their boyfriends to come over. "Kageyama?" he called out, and went to the living room to lower the volume of the player.

    "Yeah? I'm at the bedroom. Just changing." Kageyama called out and Hinata entered the room.

    "Why don't you take a shower or take a bath before you change? You're gross." Hinata said, seeing Kageyama struggling to remove his pants, standing up.

    "I took one at work, we arranged some deliveries and I got splattered by some soda. Anyways, there's food again? 'Told you to stop cooking for my part too." Kageyama stared at Hinata's behind, while the redhead tried to wear his boxer briefs with his towel on. After he successfully did so, Kageyama caught a glance at Hinata's buttocks crease, indicating how plump the redhead's ass. Kageyama smirked and mutters 'nice'.

    "Maybe you should pay for your food." Hinata can't look at Kageyama, especially when he's undressing. So he swiftly put on a white tee and lounge shorts. He went out faster than the raven and sat at the table. Kageyama followed him afterwards and sat opposite of Hinata.

    They both ate in silence, refilling their own bowl of rice. Every now and then, Hinata drank his water and Kageyama made an appreciative sound while he ate the redhead's cooking.

    "You know, I often think this but, I think this apartment is too big for you." Kageyama noted while he looked around. It's true, this room was big. Usually if you are single living in a housing district, it's best to choose 1LDK rooms. Or at least take a roommate that can share your expenses.

    "I had a roommate, but he left for abroad. Working there or something. You know, I can't really stay at my home. We live in the freakin' mountains. So.. Anyways." Hinata can't say that he can't really look at his family's faces for a long time because of what he did so he decided to stay here. "I told you, the lease is already paid in 6 months advance." Hinata added while he ate the last piece of the egg rolls.

    "How about we share? If you're okay with me staying here till next semester, before I get a new dorm room, then, would you like to be roomies?" Kageyama drank his water and gave his thanks for the food.

    "Hmm? One month. Let's see after one month." Hinata placed their dishes in the sink and started to wash it while Kageyama helped him rinse what he soaped.

    "I remember, Yachi's interested in having her HPV vaccine, and the doctor said she should have a list of her previous and current sexual partners. But I think it's best if you tell her. I don't want her to misunderstand that I'm sexually harass her or anything." Hinata tried to tell this as nonchalant as he could.

    "Hmm? Why should I tell her that? Wouldn't that be too awkward?" Kageyama, by this point already forgot that Hinata thought he was dating Yachi. When he did recall, he felt panicked and sweat a bit.

    "Well, never mind. I think she's a good girl, so that list is unnecessary." Hinata had a hunch that Kageyama will blurt out that Yachi's a virgin before she and Kageyama started dating so it's best if he shuts his mouth.

    After they were done with the dishes, Hinata went to the sofa and just relaxed. Kageyama sat beside him and gave him a can of soda. They both drank it in silence, enjoyed the sound.


    "Hmm?" Hinata had his eyes closed so he can't be unnecessary be arouse by the visual. He was, however, surprised by a kiss on his mouth. Not just any kiss, his teeth hurt from Kageyama knocking his own on him. "Umm." Hinata let out a cry of alarm and tried to push the raven off him. He was pushed at the sofa and Hinata's back landed on the soft cushion.


    "Hinata. Let's do it." Kageyama's voice didn't hide how much he wanted it and Hinata under him shuddered at the feeling of the raven's hot breath on his neck.

    Hinata thought about it, but decided to give in. "...Give me at least half an hour to prepare. You know we can't right away." Hinata answered shakily, his whole body was on fire as the raven slid his hand under the redhead's shirt, tracing his thumb on Hinata's nipple.

    "Why? You already went today, right? We'll just use a condom." Kageyama said, as he hovered on top of Hinata. The lack of resistance was obvious that Hinata wanted it as well.

    "But, that's fucking dirty." Hinata wanted to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. When the both of them dated, on the day of Kageyama's visit, Hinata cleansed out 3 hours before and he does this hourly. Making sure that it was safe for the raven to enter him. But of course, there were days when he can't do this thoroughly, so he often ask the raven to give him half an hour preparation.

    "Hinata. If you often think of dirty and things like that, you won't be able to have sex." Kageyama backed up and removed his shirt and Hinata's eyes wandered from the raven's neck all the way down to the hem of Kageyama's pants, catching a bit of that hair under Kageyama's lower abdomen.. "You can do what you want to me as a compensation." Kageyama teased and grabbed Hinata's hand to place it on his bare chest.

    Hinata groaned and stood up, he went to the bathroom and called out, "Just fifteen minutes. Please, fifteen minutes."

    Kageyama decided to wait for the redhead in the bedroom, dragging the speaker dock so they can play some music on the room. He removed his pants and left his boxer briefs on. He leaned on the bed's headrest with pillows on his back. Inhaling and exhaling slowly to relax himself cause he's already half-hard from anticipating. Alas, the door creaked with Hinata already stripped to his briefs as well.

    The redhead turned off the lights in the bedroom, with nothing but the light outside the window to serve their dim light. The moon wasn't full tonight, but you can see it shinning through which added some romantic feel to it. Hinata added some volume to the song when he heard 'Sail' by 'Awolnation' played. For Hinata, the song was sexy and added some color to the bedroom. He walked slowly to the bed and Kageyama met him halfway by crawling towards him.

    The two joined in a kiss, hands to each others hair. Kageyama's hand traced Hinata's back and the latter traced his on Kageyama's abs. His hands stopped on the raven's side abs and he hissed on the kiss at how much he wanted to graze his lips and teeth on it.

    As the two tongues battle inside each others mouth, Hinata slowly pushes Kageyama to the bed which the other one happily obliged. Hinata then whipped out his penis, slowly stroking it to hardness. "Tobio, you know the drill." Hinata said and the raven answered, "Yes sir."

    Hinata got off the bed and dragged Kageyama's head to the edge of it. Kageyama's vision clearly saw Hinata's legs and of course the redhead's crotch. Hinata removed his briefs and threw it on the floor. He then opened up the raven's mouth, and slowly sunk his hard member on that hot mouth.

    While the music played in the background, the redhead keeps pushing in and out of Kageyama's mouth. Hinata's vision can see Kageyama's chest, that chiseled abs and Kageyama's toned legs. He let Kageyama's head dangle off the edge of the bed while he leaned forward and planted soft kisses on the raven's chest.

    "Ugh." The raven choked as the pumping to his mouth became aggressive. He sensed that Hinata was feeling it, cause he's been biting Kageyama's nipples as Hinata goes to knead the raven's lower stomach.

    Almost tempted to tap out, Kageyama coughed as Hinata plunged his penis right through it, and Kageyama was scared that he might hurt him with his teeth, so he does his best to be careful. His last cough, however, made Hinata slow down and pulled out. Having his fill with the abs he missed so much, the redhead slapped his cock on Kageyama's face a few times. "Heh, you're getting good in deep throating. I can see your gag reflex slowly improving." Hinata teased and helped Kageyama to get back on the bed.

    "I need to finish soon, can you close your legs?" Hinata asked and Kageyama nodded, obediently removing his briefs as he goes. Kageyama laid down on the bed as Hinata poured lotion between his thighs. "Keep it super tight." Hinata said and he placed Kageyama's folded knees closer to his chest. The wet part of the raven's thigh felt so good on Hinata's penis as he slided between it.

    "Ah.. Feels good." Hinata moaned as his hips sunk between Kageyama, feeling his tip touch Kageyama's harden member too. While lying down, Kageyama watched as Hinata's face lost in sensation, frotting their penises together. Ah, I can see sexiness. I think Hinata can break some ukes heart with his face. Kageyama admitted when Hinata grabbed his ass and pulled him forward as the redhead pumps.

    "Hii..Your penis is poking my balls. Slow down." Kageyama winced as Hinata's hard thrust hurts him, but it seemed his plea was not heard cause Hinata pulled out and parts his legs wide.

    "Fuck." The redhead yelled out as his cum sprayed all over Kageyama's belly.

    "Ha..ha.." Coming down from his high, Hinata goes down and licked his semen off the raven which arouses the other one. Kageyama flipped their position and folds Hinata's knees close to his chest, almost bending the poor Hinata into two.

    "Wow, your inside is so wet." Kageyama was a little thankful that Hinata went on to prepare himself, cause he's not sure if he can hold on. The raven-haired man knelt and plunged right inside Hinata's hole.

    "Argh, good god, that's hot!" Kageyama cried out as he pulled back out. He wished there's much lighting in the room so he can see Hinata's hole well. But from the little light they do have, he saw it twitching and he plunged back in up to his hilt. "Ah!" Hinata cried out as the angle allowed Kageyama to hit his sweet pleasure wall. The raven then pulled out slowly and rammed it back inside. "Yah!" Hinata's tears overflowed and Kageyama wore a satisfied grin on his face.

    He started with a fast pace, not caring about foreplay. They both have enough. The room was filled with music and the slapping of their skin together. Kageyama's hips move non stop, plundering inside Hinata. He could see Hinata's butt jiggles as he thrust, and Hinata called out to his name, while clawing his nails to Kageyama's back.

    They both felt like they were having sex with their lovers, and an unfamiliar ache both filled their chest. Like wanting to say they still love each other. Wanting to take back the lies that has been said. But how can they? If one said that this sexual relationship is over, admittedly - Kageyama and Hinata won't survive another round of heartache.

    Kageyama bit his lips and leaned in and hugged Hinata close to him. That familiar scent off the redhead permeates his nose.

    "Kageyama.." Hinata whispered the raven's name and Kageyama made a click on his tongue. How he wishes his was the only name Hinata calls out in bed. The raven forced through and Hinata bit his shoulder. He hissed at how painful it was, biting Hinata's shoulder as well.

    "Hinata, I'm.. I can't hold on.." Kageyama pumped a few, while stroking Hinata. The other one nodded, saying he's close too. Kageyama released his hug and leaned back.

    Hinata watched as Kageyama pulled his penis out and cum all over his hole. When the raven finished, his cum smeared penis plunged right back inside Hinata and the other one reached climax as well.


    "Hmm?" Kageyama wiped Hinata's body with a wash cloth. The two of them went for another round after, but now both are exhausted to the point that they were hungry again.

    "If your back hurts from the futon. You can sleep on the bed." Hinata then rolled on his side after he said this. Effectively hiding his face from Kageyama.

    "Heh. Alright. Thank you." Kageyama answered, his cheeks a little warm.

    "Hinata." Kageyama went under the same covers and faced Hinata's back.

    "Yeah?" Hinata asked.

    Do you really love Kenma? Does it have to be him? All those little things you do for me - is it because you can't help but be kind? Kageyama almost said that out loud, but he just sighed and shook his head.

    "..Hmm, never mind. Good night."

    "..The hell was that." muttered the redhead.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "Ah, I'm so dead. Please let us rest for a while, Captain." Hinata laid his back on the cold gymnasium floor, while the rest of his teammates sat beside him. So far, the training they had was intense, even for the veteran players like Kageyama and the rest of the boys. Kenma on the other hand, quit the practice halfway through and the others did not force him further since it was evident on his face that he reached his limit.

    Their team breezed through eliminations, all thanks to Kageyama and Kenma; who somehow managed to play with each other despite the obvious irritation from the taller setter. They did not expect, however, that Kenma was also someone who gets fired-up in the heat of the games. Maybe during practice, he wasn't moving much and always complained how it was such a pain; especially towards Hinata who always missed his tosses. At the games, however, Kenma was as reliable as he can be.

    "Three days from now, as you guys already know, we are competing against the team in Tokyo. And as always, we are going there. In case we won this round, we have to stay there for at least one week during the semifinal rounds. Then we will have to get back here, for the finals will take place two weeks after. I advise you guys, especially those who works to notify your employer of your schedules. If in case you need some official notice, tell us and we will have our Coach to make you one." The Team Captain looked compose and not at all tired like the rest of them. In the back of Kageyama's mind, he can't help but admire this man. Of course, Sawamura is one tough cookie as well. He stood besides the Captain just as compose as he was.

    "It's back to your training. We'll close the gym in an hour, so make use of your time wisely. Let's go." The Captain addressed the last part to Sawamura and the two looked over their line up and talked to the Coach about the concerns they have about the stay over in Tokyo. Indeed, they have been doing well for the past years and the University considered giving them a bigger budget, but that is nearly not enough if you count the year round expenses.

    "Ah, Kozume-kun. You grew up in Tokyo, right? Do you think you can help us out with the lodging? We can't waste our money on hotels. And we can't really let you guys stay on Capsule hotels, when you guys are too tired playing the whole day." The coach said and while the others practiced, they listened to the conversation as well.

    "Err. I can ask my mother to let us stay. But our house is not that big so we have to share some space. If that's okay with you guys." Kenma said. He was not oblivious to their need for money and since his mother was not always at home, he thought it would be fine if he offer their house for the stay.

    "Eh? That would be great. Tell me how can I contact your parents and I'll talk to them personally. To send some money for the things needed to be prepared." The coach said and Kenma nodded.

    "Kenma! We're going to your house? Can I see some picture of Kuroo? He he. I'll use that when he tease me again." Hinata said with a wide grin on his face and Kenma nodded, tightly gripping the ball on his palms.

    Kuroo? Who the fuck is Kuroo? One particular raven scowled in the corner while he tossed some balls to the second string players.

    "Kageyama, don't wait for me. Kenma and I are meeting a friend and probably stay late for some drinks." Hinata said at the raven when they were changing clothes at their club-room.

    Kageyama just finished a quick shower and was applying deodorant while Hinata was half naked on the bench, drinking water.

    "What're you staring at?" Hinata asked. It's not like it was unusual for someone in the club-room to be in their boxers that he needed to be persecuted for his appearance.

    "Where are you guys going? A hotel?" Kageyama asked and slipped into his black t-shirt. Hinata finished his drink before he answered. "We're meeting Kenma's friend or something like that.", he can't say it's Kenma's boyfriend they are meeting so he was vague about it.

    "Don't get caught drinking. You're underage, we'll get in trouble." Kageyama reminded and leaned in for a surprise kiss. It's effective since Hinata was caught off guard.

    "You!" Hinata looked around and saw Yamaguchi wearing his shirt swiftly, his ears were red and his actions were clumsy. Obvious that he knew something about the two.

    When the freckled face man left them, Hinata gave Kageyama a slap in the face.

    "What the fuck was that?" Kageyama stroked his cheeks. The slap itself wasn't as painful as it seems, but the fact that he received one from Hinata was a shocker.

    "I don't care how disgusting you see me, Kageyama. Quite frankly, I am disgusted at myself for fucking you and smiling so sweetly at Yachi. But I'm okay with it, miraculously. But, please refrain doing something like this in broad light. I am not willing to throw a fight with a girl like her; I know no one in their right mind will side with me." Hinata slammed his locker door after he gathered his things and dressed himself quickly.

    "Yamaguchi is aware of our relationship." Kageyama tried to hold Hinata's hand and the other one swatted it off.

    "Did you also tell him that you threatened me to expose my past? Tell me that you will tell Kenma or everyone, rather, what shameful things I did? Did you let him know that you decided to put salt on my gaping wound?" Hinata didn't mean to be angry, he can't understand himself as well. All he knows was that he loves this man so much, yet he can't stand how he's being treated.

    "I'm going to cool my head. See you." Hinata said and Kageyama just gritted his teeth and sat down on the bench as the redhead shut the door.

    He exhaled while he finger-combed his hair when Kenma went inside the clubroom, hair wet from the showers, though he's already wearing his pants.

    "Kenma, can I ask you a question?" Kageyama said and Kenma paused a bit to test the air. It seems like Kageyama was in a bad mood, and although he did want to say he wanted to stay out of it, he got the feeling like saying no was not an option so he nodded meekly.

    "What would you do if you find out that the love of your life is living a different life than you thought he did? Will you forgive them?" Kageyama was annoyed by how much Hinata thinks highly of this man, that he was even willing to throw away his pride to save his relationship with Kenma.

    Kenma; for a fact, did not like what Kageyama's been doing to Hinata decided to say his piece.

    "If you are talking about Hinata's porn gig, then the answer is I already forgave him. You know nothing of what he has been through, and what he is still going through. I don't judge him as much as I don't judge people who watches these kinds of videos."

    Though Kenma's voice is soft, Kageyama felt the sharpness of pierce from it.

    "What do you mean by that?" Kageyama stood up and grabbed Kenma's collar, the tinier man, however, just stared at him with those eyes and the raven felt like he is being judged. Like Kenma knew all along that he still loves Hinata and he was acting like this because he's a sore loser.

    "What the fuck are you staring at?" Kageyama let go, and Kenma resumed to fix his things at an unhurried pace. He was gone after a few minutes and Kageyama was left with his rage with nothing to burst it with.


    "Shouyo, don't you think it's better to tell Kageyama the truth? I think your problems will be solved if you talk things out." Kenma said and Kuroo who was serving some meat on his lover's plate dropped his chopsticks on the dish, splashing some sauce on Hinata's sleeves.

    Hinata shook his head while he wiped himself. "No, Kageyama's dating someone. Which means that I will just look desperate to be with him, and I don't want to add another embarrassing thing to my name. Ah, but if you think that it is a burden on you, then I will say we broke up and find someone else. Of course it is a bother, right?" Hinata scratched his face and peeked at Kuroo but the other one didn't mind it. They both understood Hinata's desperation so even though what the redhead did was all kinds of wrong, they went along for the sake of lessening Hinata's burdens. Kuroo finds it amusing though, that his lover was willing to put up with it. This was the first time Kenma liked someone other than him. If he didn't know how much Kenma loves him, he'll feel a bit jealous. But, Kenma is hopelessly in love with him. That's what Kuroo can guarantee, arrogantly.

    "Chibi, let's have threesome." Kuroo said with a grin on his face and both Kenma and Hinata coughed and sputtered their food on the table. Luckily, their dishes wasn't on the trajectory of their spits.

    "Kuroo." Kenma said and the taller guy wiped Kenma's mouth with a napkin before giving it a lick. Hinata was used to them being like this, and while Kenma is shy, he appreciates how Hinata doesn't judge his relationship with Kuroo.

    "But you're a virgin, technically. Since we three are close enough, even letting Chibi be your pretend boyfriend.. Then don't you think we can do this? Something friends do." Kuroo continued to tease and Hinata ignored him. Sitting comfortably under the kotatsu while he ate the tasty meal. They were having dinner at Kenma and Kuroo's place, which they often do whenever the older male received his paycheck.

    "I don't know if you're just trying to break the tension, but I won't bottom for you, Kuroo-san." Hinata said nonchalantly. He knew Kenma wouldn't like it, but what would he do if he does? Will he agree?

    He shuddered at the thought.

    "Then, I'll just watch and you guys have lesbian sex." Kuroo snickered and Kenma rolled his eyes and sighed.

    "Stop being disgusting." he added.

    They finished their meals and soon after, Kuroo cleared the dishes while he left the two to discuss the things Hinata came in here for.

    "This is all the evidence I could gather through the years I've been in their office. As you can see, they are also auctioning some underage girls, willing or unwillingly, to people with perverse sexual preference. Though I don't think this will help my case now, since this was taken 2 years ago. From what I understand, they change MO every time, even offices. I also talked to the other victims, but they were too scared of the consequences of their actions so they decided to keep their mouth shut." Hinata spreads out the sheets in front of Kenma and the other one read the materials.

    "I see. What about the porn studio?" Kenma said and Hinata shook his head.

    "They frisked us before and after and checks our things. So I couldn't get a hold of any evidence to incriminate them of forcing minors to record porn against their will. Plus, I don't think me saying I have recorded porn against my will is a credible story." Hinata gave the porn videos he made to Kenma and the other one accepted it without malice.

    Kuroo by this time gave them coffee and sat on the bed, while the two are on the floor. They are living in a one living and dining room, so of course there won't be enough space for sofa and other stuff. It's been weeks since the two started gathering things to see if Hinata can win a case against the group who forced him from selling himself to porn. He knew Kenma is careful enough not to poke his nose where he shouldn't so he lets the two be.

    Still, one of his condition to allow Kenma and Hinata do these things is to discuss it inside the safety of their home.

    "Ne, Hinata. Why did you study Psychology then? Wouldn't it be better to pursue something like Kenma. Law?" Kuroo asked curiously and Kenma would like to know as well, so he paused for a bit to listen.

    "I thought about it, but when I see the emotional stress it does and how little support we have for these people, I feel like I'm needed more in a field of counseling or something like that. But to be honest, I'm not sure myself either. All I know is that, I've seen far too many shits happening to keep my eyes close. More than anything, more than being able to reach justice, I want to reach out to people who have experienced the same things like me, on an emotional level. There was one phase where I think I'm so unclean, I washed myself a few times a day. And I can't even eat, there was no one I could talk to and I feel like I deserve what has happen with me." Hinata said, and while what he isaid was a sad thing, he was far from that. It was evident that he has accepted this and tried to move on gradually.

    "All because of Kageyama." Hinata said softly and his two friends heard him. "That's why the idiot is still on my mind. It's a love hate thing. He came at the time where I came to accept that porn was all I could do. And that I've been doing fine. When he loved me, I came to love myself a little bit."

    Kuroo looked at him and sigh. "Then foursome it is."

    Both Kenma and Hinata threw a pillow at the man's face.

    "Yosh. I really think we should have some group sex. I bet it's fun to see Kenma struggle how to top you." Kuroo said and Hinata thought about it for a second before bursting out a laughter.

    "Don't laugh. I can do it if I want to." Kenma pouted and the two laugh some more at his expense.

    Kageyama received the call from Hinata saying he lost his key and he should just open the door for him. He was still watching a recorded match between their opponent from the previous year, so he decided to just wait for the redhead. However, each passing minute he grew anxious. Since Hinata spent the afternoon with Kenma. Of course, as lovers, it was inevitable that they did this and that.

    The raven clicked his tongue, remembering what happened earlier between him and the pudding head. He got an unnecessary talking to from Kenma. But the biggest surprise of all was that Kenma already knew and accepted the fact the Hinata has a history with porn.

    "What's up with that? How long have those two known each other for Kenma to imply he knows what Hinata has been through?" Kageyama paused and thought of what he had said.

    "Well, I supposed I didn't really take the time to know Hinata. Why he did what he did." Kageyama recalled the time when they were dating, that Hinata was always the one asking how he is. And he was always pouring his frustrations towards him while the other one listens to him.

    "I suppose I wasn't an ideal lover after all." He cringed while he recalled the times when he's being a baby about everything and expected the redhead to nurse him.

    He didn't know how many minutes have past, but all he knew that the recording he was suppose to review already finished and the door suddenly opened. He clicked play as reflex and saw Hinata came inside. He expected him to still be angry. But the redhead greeted him with the same smile like before.

    "Oh damn, my heart skips a beat there." Kageyama muttered while he assisted Hinata with his things.

    "I'm home, Tobio." Hinata said and it's obvious that the redhead's been drinking.

    "Welcome home." Kageyama said as a conditioned reply and to his surprise, Hinata pounced on him and clings. "Ugh! You're heavy." Kageyama said.

    "Carry me, I'm so tired." Hinata wrapped his arms on Kageyama's shoulders and buried his face on the raven's neckline while he breathed in the scent. "As expected, your smell is the best." Hinata babbled and Kageyama felt his face got warmer.

    "I..IDIOT!" He carried Hinata, with difficulty. He sat on the sofa first and lets the man cling to him while he let Hinata sat on his lap.

    "How much did you drink, idiot." Kageyama unfastened the button on Hinata's jacket and the other one shower his neck with wet kisses. He admitted that he misses this kind of affection, when Hinata is drunk and acts like a spoiled kitten.

    "Are we fucking?" Hinata asked when Kageyama lets the jacket fall to the floor.

    "No! Geez, you drunkard. I'm just letting you rest. Come on, let's remove this too." Kageyama lifted the sweatshirt off Hinata and the said man obliged. Kageyama threw the cream colored shirt on the floor as well and Hinata immediately went in for a kiss. His fingers entangled in the silky coal black hair.

    "Mhnn." the redhead moaned when Kageyama tried to push him away. He was annoyed at the taste of alcohol from Hinata's mouth, since he wasn't a fan of it to begin with.

    "Hinata, just rest. Aren't you tired? You were in Kenma's apartment earlier, you must have had enough." Kageyama's voice tried to soothe Hinata, but the redhead kept on touching the raven sensually, snaking his hands under the black T-shirt Kageyama wore.

    "We didn't fuck. Kuroo wants threesome, I don't want to. Kenma said so too." Hinata nodded as he speaks, like he was justifying an event which made Kageyama more confuse.

    "Sounds like a kinky relationship." Kageyama finger-combed Hinata's hair while he look at his face.

    "Kageyama, I like it when you do that.. More." Hinata's eyes are clouded with lust and Kageyama gulped at the pressing erection coming from the man on his lap.

    Face to face, Hinata took Kageyama's fingers that's been playing with his hair and licked it. "Ngh." Kageyama can't help but shuddered at how hot Hinata's tongue was. The redhead continued to play with his fingers while his own hand traces Kageyama's lips.

    He gently pushed his finger on Kageyama's mouth the both of them started sucking and swirling their tongues on the tangy tasting fingers.

    "Kageyama, let me tie you up." Hinata said and Kageyama immediately shook his head. "No, you're drunk. We can just do that tomorrow. It'll be dangerous to do that since you might lose yourself in the sensation and hurt me or yourself in the process." Kageyama stroked Hinata's thigh, his breathing was obviously faster now since Hinata keeps grinding his hard penis on Kageyama's stomach.

    "Tch. Do you promise to let me tie you up the next time? Probably play with your nipples too?" Hinata asked and the raven nodded.

    The both of them whipped out their own penises and started stroking each other.

    "Will you let me insert at least a toy inside you?" Hinata asked with his whisper voice, breathing audibly as if to tease the man and Kageyama paused for a bit before agreeing.

    "Nghn.. Kage..Kageyama, I kinda want you to fuck me senseless.. But I.. Guess it's bad. And I can't last long.. too.. Ah." Hinata said while he digs his nails at Kageyama's back. The raven removes his shirt so he can at least feel the redhead's skin.

    Hinata leans in, and right before he gave Kageyama a kiss, he licked his own lips to wet it and his free hand played with the raven hair.

    The kiss itself was sweet, slow and sensual. The kind of kiss that takes patience to give. A small bite, the sucking of the lower lip, the slow thrust of his tongue inside the raven's mouth. Kageyama's penis grew harder and hotter from Hinata's palm and the redhead can sense that Kageyama was feeling it from the petting.

    Hinata lets Kageyama froth both of their penises while he gave Kageyama a massage at his shoulder. He circled his thumb with it and moaned in the kiss. He then spat inside the mouth of the raven and the other one retaliate by spitting in Hinata's mouth as well. Kageyama likes how dirty and messy Hinata was when it comes to sex, even before he knew the his past. He likes how Hinata pay attention to his needs, how Hinata traces his back, letting him feel the goosebumps on the redhead's skin when he played with his own nipples. How Hinata begged some more, and how Hinata's eyes were filled with tears every touch he does.

    The redhead grind his hips so they can have more friction and he let go of the kiss. Hugging the raven, Hinata buried his face on its neck while he panted and moaned.

    "You sound so damn sexy." Kageyama said while he shuddered from his leaking pre-cum. Hinata teased him and licked Kageyama's ear. "Why thank you." He answered, and breathed on Kageyama's neck.

    "Kageyama? I'm cumming." Hinata's body shook and Kageyama leaned back to see Hinata's tip leaked with the white hot cum. "Ah.." Kageyama moaned when he reached his climax as well, seeing and feeling Hinata's cum all over his own hard member. His lips searched Hinata's and he bit the lower lip of the man on his lap while he rides out his orgasm.

    Hinata embraced Kageyama tightly and the other one received it. They both were silent for some time, smelling each others hair, kissing, and gazing at each others eyes. Their kisses where now longer, and the hugs were tighter than earlier. Like they were gauging to see if they can opt for another round. Hinata hugged the raven though, and sighed audibly.

    Kageyama was the first one to move, wiping himself on the bathroom while he got a towel for Hinata. He carried him to the bed and let him rest his head on the soft pillows. He wiped Hinata cum filled stomach clean, and got another clean towel to wipe the redhead's body.

    "This feels nice." Hinata said, while his eyes were close. Breathing with satisfaction from Kageyama's caring attitude towards him. The raven then tucked Hinata under the covers and slept beside him. He was ready to roll to his side when Hinata placed his head on Kageyama's chest, and snuggled with him. Giving the raven a lovely surprise.

    Kageyama felt all kinds of emotions flowing in him, especially since he just heard Hinata earlier saying something about a threesome, yet he went ahead and feel the redhead up. And now his fingers were playing with the familiar hair, that weight on his chest he longed to feel again. He can't help but feel sad and happy at the same time. Without much thought, Kageyama kissed the top of Hinata's head.

    "I'm such a masochist. It's freaking scary." He whispered and hugged the redhead, safely cradling him in his arms. How I miss this. Damn it. I think I can't take much more of this. I need to end this soon. Kageyama said while he stroked Hinata's hair, like he used to do.

    Kageyama, I'm sorry. I'm only pretending to be drunk. I just want to be willful to you, just like before. Please understand how much I love you, that's why I have to lie.

    Hinata clutched Kageyama's shirt tighter and drifted to sleep as well.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "Good morning.", Sawamura greeted Hinata when, by coincidence, they met at the convenience store.

    "Good morning, you're buying breakfast here?" replied Hinata.

    "Uhm, I woke up late and my roommate is gone for the week, so there's no breakfast at home." Hinata paid for his canned coffee and a small box of mints. Sawamura already munching off his bread and a big cup of?the type you can refill over and over.

    "Hinata, if you're not pressed for time, can you join me for a bit?" Sawamura grabbed seats for the both of them and Hinata joined him. The convenience store was filled with students who looked like they've been up all night, refilling the cups with juice to fill their stomachs. This scene was normal?most of the students at their school were poor people who work for their education or working on their scholarships and so on. Hinata remembers that even Kageyama does this, especially when he had to work overtime because he needed extra money for new knee pads and other volleyball gears.

    "What's up?" Hinata asked Sawamura and the latter finished what he was chewing before he answered.

    "I'm worried about you. You were quiet for the last few days. Though we've known each other for a short time, I think you're acting not like your usual self. Are you nervous because the series of games we're having days from now?" Sawamura asked. His face was indeed full of concern that Hinata felt a bit happy and embarrassed at the same time.

    "Well, that's one of the reasons. Other is that I'm having difficulty with my studies at the moment. But that's something I shouldn't affect you guys. I'm sorry, I didn't notice I'm being weird." he said this one with a smile.

    "Not at all. Being weird is Tanaka's job." the gentle Vice-Captain chuckled and ruffled Hinata's hair that made Hinata blush.

    "Err, Sawamura-san, I heard that you and Kageyama with the rest of the first years went to the same High School together." Hinata paused a bit and drank from his can. He then continued with a softer voice, almost in a whisper.

    "What do you think about Yachi being Kageyama's girlfriend? Ah! But this is just out of curiosity. I just think Kageyama isn't the type to have relationships. He looks like someone who only has volleyball in his mind." Hinata said and looked at Sawamura. However, the other one looks like he heard something outrageous cause his mouth was wide agape.

    "I know for a fact that Yachi is single. Cause I know someone in particular that she 'likes'. From what I understand, the person she likes is already dating someone. It's definitely not Kageyama." Sawamura puts emphasis on what he was saying that it made Hinata regret opening the topic of. It looks like Sawamura was so sure of what he said and thus confused the redhead. Of course he knew - they all knew Yachi likes Hinata. And they all pity her cause Hinata seems so clueless. Not that they can blame him, he is gay after all.

    "Is that so? Hmm." Hinata said and continued to sip his coffee, nursing another round of stomach aches. "Anyways, I need to go now, Sawamura-san. I want to copy some notes before my class starts. See you later." he stood up and Sawamura waved goodbye to him, focused on his food once more.

    What's that supposed to mean? They are dating, right? Hinata hopped to his bike after he shot the can on the trash bin and rolls away towards school.

    "Ah, mou. I'll go ask Bakageyama!"

    His chest instantly tightens after he said this out loud.

    "You know, you're a big nuisance." Tsukishima was only wearing his boxer briefs when he opened the door for fKageyama early in the morning. His classes starts a little later and so does Yamaguchi's. Because of this, they went for succession of rounds last night. Naturally, Yamaguchi was still asleep peacefully, completely naked under the covers.

    "Don't mind me. I'm just taking some stuff. We're leaving tomorrow, so I have no time to prepare." the raven said, while he went under his former bed and took the big bag he uses when they need to sleep over somewhere for a few days.

    "Ngh." Yamaguchi almost rolled out of his covers; good thing Tsukishima was quick enough to sit beside him and fix the blanket. "Kei?", Yamaguchi's freckled face peeked under white sheets.

    "Yeah, good morning." the blond guy leaned in for a kiss on the lips and the other one hummed as their lips touched. "I want more.", added Yamaguchi.

    "As much as I don't mind you guys being open around me, please don't start humping while I'm here." Kageyama said while he cleared his throat.

    "Eh? Good morning, Kageyama-kun. I didn't know you're here." Yamaguchi sat on the bed and Tsukishima gave him a shirt to wear which he puts on. "Don't mind the king, he's the one intruding on us." the blond hissed at Kageyama.

    "Hey..." Kageyama knew that Yamaguchi will probably sleep on Tsukishima's small bed, but he didn't expect that his bed - former one, will remain untouched as he left it. "You're not sleeping here?" He asked Yamaguchi as the guy sat dazed, while Tsukishima started making coffee?still in his underwear.

    "You're the one who begged him to stay here! We even had to lie to his parents that he's suddenly busy at school to let him stay." Tsukishima pointed out.

    "I didn't hear you complaining then." Kageyama said, as he opened up a small drawer, putting in his bag some of his special socks?the kind he used for tournaments, some towels and underwear. The two, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, were used to Kageyama being a bit weird when it comes to volleyball. He takes more preparation for every game more than he prepares himself when going on a date.

    "Never mind that, Kageyama?how are you and Hinata now? Did youmanage to get him back again?" Yamaguchi struggled to wear his underwear under the covers and when he succeeded, he goes up and started his stretches.

    "Well, it's not working well." Kageyama said, sounding a little sad.

    "Gross." Tsukishima grabbed his towel, seemingly looking like he's headed for a shower. Before he goes outside, though, he set two mugs of coffee on the table.

    "I hope you two can work it out soon." Yamaguchi said and sipped his on his cup.

    "Yeah, me too. But he's dating Kenma now. So I don't know how to go with it." Kageyama sat on his bed, taking sips at his coffee too. He admitted that this one tasted better than what they have back at Hinata's place. Since Kageyama isn't paying for the rent, he at least offered to pay for the groceries. The result was that everything he buys are items on sale or cheap ones. Damn, I should drop by here often and mooch off these two.

    "Why don't you confess to him? Tell him how you feel. Lying would just get you in more trouble." Yamaguchi said and Kageyama nodded.

    "I know that too. But our situation's a bit complicated than that. I was the one who broke off with him, you see. I don't think I earn the right to go back in his life, now that he seemed happy with Kenma." Kageyama started sounding so serious that it made Yamaguchi felt the secondhand embarrassment.

    "Is.. is that so? Then, the situation is completely hopeless? Why not give up and wish for his happiness? Wouldn't that be more honorable?"

    "I at least know that I have to do that. However, my stupid heart doesn't allow me to do so. It's kinda bad, considering I never use my instincts for other things." Kageyama unintentionally admitted that he is an idiot and acts on his instincts. Even so, this is the first time Yamaguchi saw this side of the raven and he smiled a bit?hiding it behind his coffee mug.

    "Well, good luck to you, then." he said and Kageyama nodded.

    It's night already and tomorrow midnight is the day of their travel towards Tokyo. The travel by car from their place to said destination is around four and a half hour, give or take traffic. So they decided that it's best to travel dead of the night. Also, some of the players were working and would get off their shifts tomorrow by night-time. To give them a chance to have at least a few hours of rest, the Coaches agreed that they leave around midnight. Which gives them enough time to be in Tokyo early morning.

    Kageyama was already packed and ready. Taking the leave early from work so that he can relax himself and rid of unnecessary stress during the games. It was certain that there are scouts for Professional Volleyball being present there. Not to mention, this was the first time they were competing against his seniors from middle school. The one setter who's considered his biggest rival by far: Oikawa Tooru.

    The raven by this time was having his dinner when the door opened. He heard Hinata called to him and Kageyama glances at the clock and see that even Hinata was early tonight.

    "Hey." The redhead already placed his bag on the sofa and hung his jacket on the rack. "What're you eating?" he popped his head at the side of Kageyama and the raven caught a whiff the sweet smell of Hinata. It's not the vanilla scent he's been smelling a few weeks ago, but a new one. Almost like the previous cologne Hinata used back when they were together.

    "Back to cucumber and melon?" he asked.

    "Heh. I didn't know you remembered what scent I used to wear." Hinata teased him and the other one shrugged. How could he forget? Kageyama said to himself.

    "Oi, Bastard. Is this an invitation to hit your face?" Kageyama pushed the redhead further when Hinata started picking up chicken pieces from his plate. Had he known that Hinata will be home soon, he would have prepared a portion for him as well.

    "I just want to taste it. I'm not really hungry so.." Hinata pouted before went along and entered the bedroom. Kageyama can hear him starting a song again and he got used to it by now. Hinata's pattern?before he does anything else?whether mornings or evenings, was to take a shower first.

    As always, some western song was playing in the background. Kageyama always wondered if Hinata is somehow proficient in English, cause he sure as hell not.

    He finished his meal and Hinata was still humming a song in the showers. "Well, his evening showers are always longer than those he took in the mornings. Maybe he's dipping in the bath." he muttered and resumed washing the dishes.

    After a few minutes, the raven focused on his laptop; typing his report due tomorrow morning. He already wrote it in paper and though he types slowly, he wasn't that much pressed for time. In fact, he can relax after this and go watch a movie or anime he's been dying to see a few months ago.

    "I want to watch that anime Yachi's been singing. What was it again? Hime, Hime, Hime. Suki, Suki. Daisuki.*" Kageyama sang the song, and pulled his hair a bit when he caught himself. He can't help it?Yachi sang the song during their practice and even lunch time. It was definitely infectious.

    Soon after, he heard the western song from the bedroom; it grew louder and Hinata sang to it to his heart's content. He chuckled for a bit cause he imagined what kind of face the redhead was making just about now. A few moments after the song ended, it was silent again and the bedroom door opened.

    "Hey, whatcha doing?" Hinata plopped on the sofa and turned the TV on. He was considerate enough not to turn it loud since Kageyama was using his laptop on the coffee table.

    "A paper due tomorrow. I'm almost done. But how do I place a graph here? I'm trying to figure it out cause I'm not used to this. Our high school isn't really big on submitting papers using computers and stuff like that." Kageyama's forehead has this crease in the middle. For others, it may look like a way to scare them off, or give the genius setter a way to intimidate and look down on them. For Hinata, however, it was kinda cute. He knew that this was Kageyama's face when he's trying to think about things.

    "I'll help you out. Show me what you need to do." Hinata slided down to the floor from the sofa so he can sit beside the raven. Kageyama, however, managed to let Hinata have the cushion he was sitting on.

    "Ohh. Your ass is hot. I like it!" Hinata said jokingly, feeling the warmth from the cushion. He did not remain unscathed, though, for the raven gave him a good head-chop.

    Hinata helped him finished up and by the time they were done, it's only after seven at night.

    "Want to watch some movie?" Kageyama invited and the redhead agreed. They didn't leave the floor though, Hinata just took some of the cushion near them and stacked it behind Kageyama's back, while he used the raven's chest to lean on. He safely positioned himself between Kageyama's long, spectacularly toned legs and he didn't hear any complaints for being a little bit touchy.

    In fact, Kageyama hugged his waist from behind and somehow playfully giving Hinata shoulder massages using his chin.

    The idiots were gauging each others mood and somehow can't sway the tension into sexual one. Kageyama, for one, wanted to touch Hinata so badly, now that he has resolved in his heart that no other one would do, and Hinata's heart wavers cause he thinks Yachi wasn't serious about Kageyama.

    Hinata long ago deduced that things aren't really working out well between Kageyama and his girlfriend, since he wasn't the type to cheat on a lover. Not because Hinata was confident Kageyama when they were dating, but because Kageyama is the type of person to commit himself in whatever it is he is doing. He might be an idiot, but Kageyama is the serious type. So the only thing clear to Hinata was that Kageyama and Yachi were hiding things from him. And because of this, somehow their relationship?Hinata and Kageyama?turned into one big mess.

    This made Hinata feel awful. Because if what he thinks really what's happening, then he is nothing but a person whom Kageyama vents his frustration with.

    I knew it all along, so I have no right to feel this way.
    Hinata clenched Kageyama's pants along the raven's knees. It was folded and it's near Hinata's chest so that's naturally the place where Hinata would place his arms. For Kageyama though, since they were watching a movie?a horror one?he thought Hinata was scared and that was incredibly cute for him.

    Moments after, Hinata's reverie was cut short when he feltsomething warm and hard growing and poking his back. Kageyama squired behind him.

    "Eh?" Hinata looked back only to see Kageyama blushing and his lips curled, hiding it behind his palms.

    "Don't look at me! Idiot!" Kageyama pushed Hinata's face off him and the other one blushed too.

    "Why? I mean we are just sitting next to each other?!" Hinata exclaimed as he scooted away from the raven.

    "How would I know. Maybe it's the smell. It has nostalgia for me. You smell, so.. Gah! I'm going to the bathroom." Kageyama was still blushing when he stood up, but Hinata grabbed his hand and peeked at the raven from below. Of course from this angle, you can see the blush under the redhead's eyes and the upward gaze somehow gives an erotic air to him. Not to mention and lust filled, misty eyes.

    Kageyama shivered visibly, and his penis hurts in the process. It seems like the blood flowed directly to his groins and the erection was painfully rubbing his undergarment.

    "Ne, I want to fuck. Can we at least do something a little hardcore tonight? We have a rest the whole day tomorrow since we're traveling. What do you say?" Hinata said, slowly getting up while his palms slid gently on the raven's thigh and then his chest.

    "Su..Sure." Kageyama answered nervously. However, he almost regret it instantly since the redhead gave him a dubious smile.


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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "Where the hell are those two? We need to get going now. Tch." Sawamura expressed his annoyance when the odd combo were late for their departure. It's not like them to be tardy at a time like this, so of course some?if not all of them?were concerned about the matter as well.

    "To think that I expected the two to be the first ones here. I wonder if they're alright. Now I'm getting worried." said Tanaka.

    "He has a point. Did someone call them yet?" One of the two coaches asked the members and Tsukishima sighed cause he knew they are all counting on him to do so. Just as he was about to dial Kageyama's number, they all heard a weird sound.


    "Huh? What's that?" Tanaka said and they all look around to check what it was.

    "Gwaaaaaa! Uwaaaa!"

    The weird noise sounded nearer now, and though their surroundings were a bit dark with only a lamp nearby, they can see that there's a two figure by the end of the block they were in, running at full speed towards them.

    "You idiot! Dumbass!"

    "Huh? Doesn't it sound like Kageyama?" Yachi said, while she used her hand as a visor above her eyebrows to see if it is indeed Kageyama. The figures who were running were both wore dark colored clothes.

    "No doubt that's him. Looks like the weird noise is from Hinata as well." Yamaguchi added with an exasperated sigh.

    "I'm sorry! But you're at fault too!"

    "Haha, I wonder what did Hinata do now to make Kageyama this mad." Tanaka said. The whole team can think of a few reasons and they all sighed and some scratched their heads cause they knew this was going to be a long ride. Those two will definitely argue a lot. Hinata will sulk in the process and Kageyama will bark orders at him. The seniors will have to intervene, and in the end - they will eventually be the ones to balance out the mood.



    Though they were far away, the whole team can see the two punching and kicking each other while they were running towards them.

    "You..Two.. SHUT THE HELL UP!" Sawamura cannot contain his anger anymore and reprimanded them. Though his shouting contradicts what he wanted to convey. It's night time around the campus and any noise echoes throughout. The two froze for a bit then ran at full speed towards them again. They were exhausted when they finally reached their team and panted really loud.

    "We apologize for being late." Kageyama said and made Hinata bowed his head together with him.

    "Maa, Maa. We really have no time to be dawdling like this. Everyone's getting on board now." The Captain tried to calm down Sawamura who was seething from rage cause the idiots still hasn't calmed down from their hype?glaring at each other and giving side kicks. Kageyama has a visible bite marks all over his arms and Hinata wore a gauge on his cheeks. This was probably not an ordinary fight for them to result into a physical altercation. Though they use to give a few head-chops, slaps or punch or two?Hinata usually takes the beating and apologize, he's often the cause of the argument anyways. This time though, looks like he fought back.

    "Eh? Some are already in the bus?" Hinata noticed that only a few people were outside waiting for them and Yachi answered? "Well, most of them are from their part-time work, so they got tired and decided to sleep on the bus while we wait for you two. You guys are okay, right?", she asked.

    "Eh? Ah, yeah. We're fine. Sorry for the inconvenience." Hinata said and they boarded as well, Kageyama was the last to enter.

    Yachi sat besides the other girl manager in front. It's a protocol for the Volleyball club team that the girls will sit in front near the faculty-staff so they are safe from the boys. It's to avoid unnecessary rumor and something along these lines.

    The front seats were usually occupied by the team Captain and Vice, along with the faculty members were already seated comfortably. By an unspoken rule, the first years, usually sit at the back. Though some seats were already occupied as well. From the looks of it, Kageyama and Hinata were bound to sit together at the back row.

    The two both realize this and muttered in unison. "This is just great."

    "Ha. I think this is going to be hard. I really wish Kenma rode with us, so he can at least diffuse Hinata if needed." Tanaka said while he looked back and took a glance at the two.

    One day ago

    "Do I really need to use this?" Kageyama's lips tcurled and his eyebrows furrowed as he inspected the box of the enema he was supposed to use. Hinata insisted he use it?after he made sure Kageyama shaved his delicates. The raven doesn't mind though, Hinata went through the trouble of doing this for him when they were dating. And he knew for a fact that Hinata still do, mostly during the weekends. He at least was man enough to experience the hardships of those who bottoms.

    He read about it before, that some bottom men, even go as far as not eating solids for three whole days prior to date. That's just something tops don't appreciate enough and goes on ramming at them like crazy. There was one forum he read that some ukes cried at how awful their semes treats them. Like all they care about was how they will finish, not really paying attention to their partners. More often than not, even hurting them and giving them fissures.

    Kageyama's size is big, not to mention he has the stamina for a few rounds. He understands that the first few tries he had with Hinata, he really sucked at it that it made Hinata cry and unable to walk after. But after a little research, he nailed it?figuratively.

    "Okay, so I'm supposed to lie on my back, knees to my chest. And then, uhm. I have to retain it for 5 to 15 minutes. Okay." Kageyama mumbled and looked at the towel laid on the floor which Hinata prepared for him. His heart beats fast and loud as he looked at the kit prepared for him. He took a deep breath as he lubricates his entrance. After he did so, he took the enema kit and plunge right in.

    "Oh damn, fuck my life."

    As Kageyama prepared himself, Hinata prepared the bedroom as well. He took out some sheets and spread it on the floor, just in case they needed to move it on a more solid footing. The bed sheets, however, was changed too. It was rather tacky of him to change it to red - but he did.

    There was a reason why this apartment is big. The former owner; his old roommate has a kink for BDSM. He owns the shop where Hinata gets his supplies for work. He took a liking to Hinata and pitied his situation. They got along fine, even allowed the redhead to live with him. However, his roommate had to move overseas for work. Of course, he left his 'tools and props' behind.

    It was an unspoken rule never share things that you 'insert' on a body: yours or your partner's. Of course he will use new ones to Kageyama. He specifically went and got the things he would like to try out for the raven and he got over excited that he exceeded his budget.

    That was a few days ago. Right now, he gets to play with him to his heart's content.

    Truth be told, Hinata is not an exclusive Sadist or Dominant. He enjoys a bit of both, sadomasochism is something to enjoy when you have a lover. In a sense, the feeling that you get to role play is exciting.

    Most of all, this was the first time Hinata is actually doing the things he did before nor for a love one. He somehow feels a bit happy. Weird feeling, Hinata said to himself. He's lucky enough that Kageyama was willing to participate and indulge him.

    I have to make sure I don't scare the one-track-mind-volleyball dork.

    As he finished unwrapping the packages for the equipment, the bathroom door creaked and Kageyama went out, with beads of sweat on his forehead.

    "I cleaned the kit too, where should I put it?", asked Kageyama.

    "Hm? Let it air dry a bit, but place it on top of the sink counter, there's a towel there. Place it on top," Hinata said while he prepared Kageyama's tea. When the raven went out, Hinata gave him the tea and urged him to sit and relax while he wash some of the 'toys' he needed or might use for later.

    "Are you alright, Kageyama-kun?" Hinata asked, with his signature confused look?eyes wide and lips sealed shut. "Yeah. I think I'm fine. I really needed to apologize to you. I didn't know it was that hard." Kageyama set his tea cup on the coffee table and yanked Hinata closer, forcing the smaller man to sit on his lap. He gave Hinata a squeezing hug and the latter felt flutters in the pit of his stomach.

    "Ka..Kageyama?" Hinata wanted to see Kageyama's face so he wriggled out of the man's hold. It was a mistake though, since he saw Kageyama's unusual face. Like he was remorseful, or in pain even.

    "Wha-" Hinata didn't even finish what he was about to say when Kageyama cupped his face and gave him a kiss ever so soft.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't appreciate you more than I should in the past." Kageyama gave him a hug again. Though Hinata was happy, he stopped Kageyama before things gets weird.

    "Mou, this is not the time to be all mushy. You'll ruin the mood." Hinata pointed out, but he can't help but be happy. Ineffably so.

    The raven continued to hug Hinata, securing him around him. "Hold tight." Kageyama said, and with difficulty, he carried him towards the bedroom. "Yah! Put me down, baka!" Hinata struggled, but the other one didn't listen.

    "Open the door, Hinata." Kageyama said, cause his arms were occupied at the moment, and seeing as Kageyama won't listen to him no matter what, Hinata decided to surrender and do what the raven asked.

    When they reached the room, Kageyama gulped a bit as he sees the items on top of the drawer being showcased for display. He already had a hunch of what was going to happen, but he never would have guessed that Hinata indeed has all these supplies on hand.

    He set the redhead to stand on his own and looked at his face wearing a confused look. "Where did you get all these?", he asked.

    "The ropes and other suspension things are from the previous owner of this apartment. Other than that, I purchased it myself. Well, since you started living here, that is, and since we started with this kind of relationship."

    "O-kay." Kageyama said nervously. "Then, what should I do?" He asked and looked around the room.

    "Well, first off, you have to relax. I won't do anything that will hurt you. Well, it might hurt cause that's the purpose of this, but I can assure you that it won't affect you much after. It will be just a matter of pride, I should say." Hinata added the last bit with a chuckle.

    "Should I get to the bed?" Kageyama asked and Hinata nodded.

    "Ah, Kageyama. Would you like me to cosplay for this? Or how I usually look is fine with you?" Hinata asked, while Kageyama scooted to rest his back on the bed headrest. The position of the pillows suggested that he should use it for back support.

    Cosplay? Damn, my heart feels like it's going to leap out of my chest. Tch. I guess I kinda want to see it. But then again it'll be too hard for me to process if I see Hinata using those leathery things he wore on the net video. Damn it.

    "You don't have to think that hard. I'll wear one to set the mood, but not the kind you see on orgies and stuff. Don't worry. It'll just make this experience fun for us, so please wait there." Hinata crawled into the bed towards Kageyama and the latter was sure that Hinata purposely slowed down to tease him. When Hinata reached the raven-haired man's legs, he stripped the man off his underwear, exposing his placid member, he then grabbed the silk cloth hanging on the side of the bed. It looks like a part of the bed as the ends of the cloth have hook rings on it, attached to the wooden sides of the bed frame. Hinata gently tied one foot of Kageyama, tight enough not to let it slip out of the hold. He then straddled Kageyama for a short while and proceeded to tie up the other leg.

    Kageyama's heart beat was so loud that Hinata can hear it clearly. He smirked at the raven-haired.

    Of course, this was all for show. He's already in character, even though he is also nervous as hell and feels a vomits coming up.

    "Tobio, can you raise your hands above your head?" Hinata asked and Kageyama curled his lips again and nodded before he timidly raise his hands. Hinata removed Kageyama's shirt for him. "Keep it up." Hinata ordered and proceeded to cuff Kageyama's wrist. It's the same one they used in that love hotel, the pink furry one.

    "Is it tight? Comfortable?" Hinata asked and Kageyama took a few seconds, testing his arms if he's going to be sore with this position. The cuffs were attached in a metal hole that looks like fasten to the wall.

    "Are you comfortable?" Hinata asked Kageyama and the other one took some time before he answered yes.

    "Hinata, now that I've had a time to connect it, I feel like I've discovered something scary about this place. I see these hooks all over the apartment. I've always thought that this is too big for a curtain hook and some things are out of place, like the kitchen and bathroom." Kageyama said and Hinata snickers.

    "My roommate is a man with peculiar taste." He pointed out and leaned on Kageyama's chest to hear the raven's heart beat.

    "Hm. Don't tell me you guys did these kinds of stuff too." Kageyama pouted. There was a possibility - cause the other room was filled with things like some kind of storage and can't be considered a bedroom. He deduced that Hinata slept in this room together with whoever he shared with a roof before.

    "Ha! There's no way. That man is a drag queen and prefers big burly guys. Though I admit that I received a few invitations to join a group orgy." he snickered when he heard Kageyama's heart beats louder after he said the word 'orgy'.


    "I'm joking, of course." Hinata lifted his head and gave Kageyama a lick on the lips.

    "Be good and wait for me." the redhead said as he reached for one thing on top of the dresser beside the bed. From the design, it looks like a small dog chew bone, attached to a belt like mechanism at the back.

    "Bite it like a good dog." Hinata said and Kageyama gulped.

    "I'm.. what is this?" Kageyama asked, and he received a finger flick on his mouth from Hinata. "OW!", he protested and received another one.

    It's not painful, more like it was surprising and Kageyama's face visibly reddens. Right, there's no turning back. He said to himself, as he saw the face Hinata's making. The very eyes send shivers to his spine and reluctantly, Kageyama opened his mouth.

    "Good." Hinata said as he let Kageyama bit the Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag*. "Use your teeth, don't fold your lips. It'll be uncomfortable later on. There's a reason why this looks like a bone. Imitate how a dog bites its chew toy bone." Hinata whispered and Kageyama's arms that's been cuffed rustled as his it shook. Hinata also felt that Kageyama's penis was grew hard.

    "Heh." He smiked and Kageyama's face reddens once more.

    The gag was safely fastened in Kageyama's mouth and Hinata went down the bed to gather some of the things. "Hmm. Hnn." Kageyama mumbled through his gag and Hinata looked at him.

    "Right, the safe word for this is the rattles on your cuffs. Tug it once to let me know you're uncomfortable, twice to let me know you want to speak ?only if it's really necessary, okay? And tug it repeatedly to let me know you want to stop. Try to tug it once, see if I can hear it clearly."

    Kageyama did so, and he heard a little bell ringing from it.

    "I attached a bell from it. It's usually the ones we used for full restraint plays. Right now, you have restraint from your feet to your hand, even your mouth. Oh, and one other thing, never over estimate yourself. If you feel like you're reaching your limit, better let me know, alright?" Hinata said as he picked up a tray of the toys he was obviously going to use. He placed it on top of the bed, between the separate legs of Kageyama. It's clear that is also a part of the mental test for the raven as he can clearly see some weird things on that tray.

    Part of this was to let Hinata know that Kageyama can still back out, part of it was to tease the other man.

    "I'll just go ahead and change my clothes and prepare myself, be good and wait for me. Oh, for the time being, I will not hear your signal. You'll be okay, right?" Hinata leaned on Kageyama's face and tilted his chin to look at him. The reddish part under the eyes of Kageyama turned him on.

    "Uhn." Kageyama hummed and nodded his head. Hinata laughed inwardly at how Kageyama forgot that even gagged, he can still try to speak up and some words will be heard and be understood. This goes to show that Kageyama's been pretty submissive.

    The redhead left the sound on, a little something he played randomly. He chose the ones he plays when he's on the mood for a good nap, lounge in the bed or even masturbates.

    The creepy piano intro started and Hinata headed for the door, leaving Kageyama for himself.

    Okay, now what the fuck am I supposed to do? This is freaking scary. I see pins, and dildos. Is he going to use that to me?

    No, No. I understand that I wanted this too. But I only want to try some things out. I don't want to be subjected to some nasty shit.

    Fucking damn, the idiot is taking too long, my nipples are cold, I'm starting to have goosebumps.

    Kageyama breathed through his mouth with difficulty. creating a raspy sound like he was panting from running with something stuck in his mouth. This time, he really does have one. The texture of the gag was funny; biting it between his teeth, he touched it with his tongue and felt a bit weird.

    It's soft and doesn't have a rubbery taste.

    In his head, he at least know what to do to relax. However, he was sure that his rationality islipped away from the mood Hinata created. He's sure that the redhead was trying to create a nervous feeling; the lights, the fragrance in the room, the silky texture of the bond on his feet and the tone Hinata used when the man spoke to him earlier is a little bit unnerving.

    Okay, just breathe. Focus your energy on relaxing. Hinata knows what he's doing. Breathe, that's right. Enjoy this and breathe.

    He closed his eyes after he got a good look at the sex toys placed right in front of him. He has an idea why it's there. It's obvious that Hinata wanted to test him if he'll chicken out and if he didn't control himself, there was a possibility that he will back out. From the looks of it, there's some pretty weird things laid out on that tray, and he'd rather not know unless the redhead explains what they are for?else he'll imagine the worst of it.

    After a few minutes?which seems endless to the raven?Hinata emerged from the bathroom, dressed in a white buttoned down shirt and barefoot. It doesn't look much, considering the man said he'll at least dress the part. However, Kageyama immediately notice that the shirt was his; the one he often wears for interviews and he recently used when he had to present a group project.

    "Uhm.", he didn't expect Hinata would wear a kareshirt for him.

    "You okay? Nod your head for yes, shake it for no." Hinata asked. He opened up a drawer near Kageyama and from the looks of it, he took out a glove. A black laced one.

    Kageyama's saliva accumulated in his mouth and he gulped audibly before nodding. Hinata then wore the glove in one hand and pull it to fit by using his teeth.

    Fucking hot. Kageyama thought as he saw it. His penis by this time was half hard in anticipation.

    The bed creaked as the redhead sat on its side. With his glove laced hand, he tilted Kageyama's chin towards him and asked, "There's still time to back out?are you sure you want to do this?"

    The coal black hair rustled as he nodded and Hinata let go of his chin.

    "Your arms comfortable?"


    "Your feet okay?"


    "Are you okay with the gag in your mouth?"

    He took a second before answering and considered the warning Hinata said that he should not over estimate his limit and tell him if there's something off, but he nodded anyways since most of his problem are psychological, cause the gag itself wasn't hurting him.

    "Alright then." Hinata then crawled towards the bed and Kageyama caught a glimpse of the redhead's underwear.

    Is that a black panty? Black laced panty? Is that a thong? What?

    Unconsciously, Kageyama's handcuffs rattled repeatedly and Hinata immediately removed his gag off him.

    "Are you okay? What is it?", he nervously asked Kageyama and the other one dazedly looked at him, like he was confused about what has happened.

    "Eh? Ah. Nothing, I was just surprised at your underwear. I'm sorry. Let's continue." he said and Hinata smirked before he placed the gag again. He smiled a bit as the raven obediently bites it and he felt a funny churning at the pit of his stomach again.

    "So, you like this?" Hinata straddled Kageyama and showed the lace panties. It's thin, and small, exposing his fleshy bones. But it's obvious that it's for males since the bulge was fitted perfectly in front. The back side, however, was exposed as the underwear itself was a laced thong.

    Kageyama nodded three times and Hinata then grinded his hips at Kageyama's crotch, feeling it growing harder.

    Hinata slided off him and went towards the tray of goodies. He pulled out a pink egg vibrator from it. He can hear Kageyama's heartbeats cause he purposely turned the music off. It's just Hinata and Kageyama, and the deadly silence between them. Like how Hinata wanted it to.

    "Tobio, let's try this on you. Are you okay with it?" Hinata asked and Kageyama nodded. Technically, the redhead doesn't need to ask every time. Once they're already in role play, the submissive has two options: Take whatever the dominant dish out, or after the dominant did something?in case it's unbearable, he could make the dominant stop.

    This was the first time for them though, and Hinata doesn't want to scare Kageyama off. So it can't be helped that he needed to ask every time.

    Lucky for him, Kageyama kept an open mind and agreed.

    Hinata then lifted Kageyama's hips up, and placed a pillow under it for leverage. "Your feet okay?", he took a glance at the silk binds and it looks like it's been stretching the raven's feet. Hinata received a tiny nod from the man and he proceeded.

    He opened a bottle of lubricant and poured an ample amount of it in one hand that doesn't have the glove and dab it at Kageyama's hole.

    Kageyama fidgeted and felt funny when his own ass were being played at, he realized that it was going to be hard for him to change positions since he's too sensitive down there. More like, every touch tickled.

    Hinata unceremoniously inserted his middle finger in, making a popping sound when he was two knuckles deep in.

    "Ah. It's warm and soft." Hinata said and swirled his finger inside.

    "Uhnn." Kageyama winced and whined as he felt Hinata inside. It's an odd feeling and he can't help but close his eyes.

    "Just look at me Tobio, see what I'm doing. There's nothing to be afraid of. We're just having fun." Hinata soothed him and Kageyama nodded.

    "I'm inserting another one." Hinata warned and pushed his index finger in.

    "Ngh." Kageyama felt a little pain in it and Hinata chuckled.

    "Ne, Tobio, your hole's clenching me so tightly. Is it that good?" he teased and rubbed his fingers on the anal wall. He still wasn't going for the prostate yet, since his goal was to just stretch him up and lube the inside, enough to insert the egg vibrator in.

    Hinata knew it well that sometimes rubbing near the entrance was pleasurable when done slow and tender. So he did, and he heared that Kageyama started moaning through his dog bone bit-gag.

    Of course, this wouldn't be a BDSM play when it's always comfortable for the masochist, so while Kageyama enjoyed a little play through his anus, Hinata grabbed a thin metal looking pin. Kageyama immediately knew what it was and tried to wriggle out.

    "Tobio, trust me. Just relax and enjoy. I'll insert it slowly." Hinata reassured.

    Every male would be at least scared to insert anything in his urethra, much more the device Hinata was inserting looked like it has waves or beads, not the usual penis plug*. Although it looked thin and possible to be inserted, Kageyama can't help but be scared for his penis. So his already hard penis became placid again, almost immediately. Hinata saw this and sighed. He then traced the inside of the raven to find the sweet simulating spot to help Kageyama be aroused.

    In no time, the redhead traced the harden part of the anal wall and felt Kageyama quivered as he pressed his fingers to put pressure to it, "Nice, no?" Hinata said as he poured a little bit of thick lubricant on Kageyama's penis tip.

    "Hmm." Kageyama felt the cold liquid and moaned. Hinata by now gave his prostate a good massage as he used his fingers to make a scissor like movement inside him. He felt that Hinata took his good time to stretch him up. And true, the feeling inside him started to feel good. Earlier, he kept clamping down on the redhead's finger and the latter patiently waited for him to relax his muscles before he moves. Admittedly, he wouldn't be able to do such thing. He knew that he was faithful to his penis' needs and so he might be stretching Hinata before intercourse, but he just left the rest with ample lubrication and hoped that the bottom man will be able to take the pain when he push his member in.

    This made him feel guilty again.

    Eh, what was that? While Kageyama was lost in thought, he felt that besides his fingers, Hinata inserted something else inside.

    "HNNN!" Kageyama jolted and his teeth bit through the gag as he felt the vibration inside started.

    "Shh. It's just the egg vibrator. Don't be nervous." Hinata said as he made sure that the vibrator was safely in before he removed his fingers out.

    Shit! This feels so weird.
    Kageyama said, and Hinata leaned in to wipe the tears off Kageyama's face.

    Eh? I'm crying?

    "Your face is red, use your nose to breathe. That's it, slow and steady breaths."Hinata said as he placed massages on the raven's chest. Kageyama did so and realized that he's been holding his breath for a while. A little bit of inhale and exhale and his face that felt warm felt a bit comfortable now.

    "You're hard now, so let's continue." Hinata said, while his glove hand traced the raven's nipple for a while. The scratchy part of the texture made Kageyama squirmed and his feet struggled with the silky cloth, stretching it further.

    Hinata added lubricant to the penis plug itself. Since the device has a hook on its end so a finger or two can be hooked in, Hinata inserted his index finger in; the one with the glove.

    Since the penis plug is a metal (surgical one), it shines through that black glove and Kageyama can't help but whine a bit. He admitted that he's never been scared like this before in his life. But what's funny was that Kageyama also anticipated it.

    He can't deny that all this felt surreal and somehow he wanted a bit more. He didn't expect Hinata to be this gentle. He kinda thinks that Hinata would be rough?some dirty talking here and there, a bit of humiliation, or even inflicting pain. He didn't realize that BDSM is not always hurting someone, but rather controlling the limit of their pleasure and embarrassment. He's been mislead by all the porn movies he saw, where every sadist almost beat the masochist up that secretly, that's what he wanted too.

    Geh! What am I thinking?
    Kageyama checked himself. He just deduced that Hinata slowed down so he won't be overwhelmed and as proof of it, Hinata was rock-hard and peeking out of his black laced thong panty.

    "Here we go." Hinata warned and plunged the plug slowly on Kageyama's urethra.

    "HMM! NGHH! NNAA." The cuff bell rattled and Hinata immediately stopd and removed the bit gag off the raven.

    "Haa. Haa." Kageyama caught his breath while Hinata waited for him to speak up.

    "Hinata, can we just remove the gag, please? So I can speak up. I'm nervous about this." Kageyama said and Hinata looks a bit relieved.

    "Okay. Whew! I thought you were going to ask me to stop. Are you sure about this?" Hinata asked and jiggled the plug in front of Kageyama's face. The latter nodded and gulped his saliva. He braced himself for another weird sensation and Hinata proceeded to resume what he has been doing.

    The redhead lubricated Kageyama's tip again just to be sure and positioned the plug on the urethra's entrance. "Tobio, relax. Look at this closely, if you see, this is quite erotic, na?" Hinata said and smiled. Kageyama knew Hinata was trying to make him feel a little less tense and he nodded with a smile on his face as well. If anything, he admits this was all exciting.

    Hinata successfully inserted the plug at least half of it and Kageyama moaned like he hasn't before. The sensation was indeed good and new. He might be addicted to it as his hips moves on its own as if wanting more of that stimulating sensation.

    "It's just scary visually, but the piss hole has a lot of nerve endings and it's quite fun. Ah, but don't worry. This plug is surgical grade. So you're safe." Hinata followed this one with a chuckle and successfully inserted the whole thing in.

    Kageyama saw that the only visible thing from that long plug was the ring hook and it looked obscene on his tip.

    Hinata then straddled the raven, surprising Kageyama. The glove hand traced Kageyama's nipple, "You did good." Hinata's praised show a bit of lust in it as the redhead licked the side of Kageyama's teary eyes. He can't help but feel happy too. He was now certain to a degree that he was indeed someone who enjoys this type of play. As to what he enjoys the most: Sadism or Masochism was still uncertain.

    "Please bite this." Hinata pushed his finger on the raven's mouth, implying Kageyama that he should bite the glove off, so he obeyed. After he did, the vibrations inside him intensifies. It seemed Hinata raised the level of vibrations inside and he felt that the sex toy inside him gave punishing stimulation on his prostate.

    "Ngh. Hinata, this is.. too much." Kageyama pleaded as the redhead enjoyed how Kageyama's face contorts with the intense pleasure. By then Kageyama just set aside the gloves since there's no way he won't speak at a time like this.

    "Hi...My penis hurts so much.. I wan't to cum." Kageyama rattled his cuffed hands and bell chimes throughout the room.

    "You're quite arrogant for someone who wants something from me."Hinata pinched Kageyama's nipples and Kageyama gulped before speaking again.

    "Ple-.. please, I beg you. Let me cum." Kageyama said and Hinata raised the level of the vibrator once more.

    "Yah! I can't! Please!" Kageyama's voice rang through the bedroom and Hinata decided to let him off. He sat back on the bed and slowly removed the plug with his finger hooked on the ring. The visual itself aroused Kageyama, much more when the rim like on the plug felt like it was massaging his insides.

    "Fucking good!" Kageyama said and he immediately regreted it cause Hinata looked at him with a grin on his face.

    "Dumbass." He muttered at the idiotic face Hinata wore. The redhead decided to ignore it and inserted his finger back at Kageyama's hole while his other hand jerked the penis off.

    "Cumming!" Kageyama threw his head backwards, toes curling up and the creamy liquid oozes out of his member. Since his urethra was stimulated earlier, his climax felt intense than usual and he can't help but bit his lips.

    "Congrats." Hinata teased as he licked the semen of Kageyama off his hand. Kageyama almost lost his mind when he saw this and wish to fuck the daylights out of the redhead.

    While Kageyama came down from his high, Hinata removed the cuffs from the contraption on the wall. After, he massages Kageyama's shoulder since there's no way it won't feel uncomfortable after being held up a few minutes.

    "Your face is asking me if that's all there is and the answer is no. We're still a long way to go." Hinata said and attached a collar to Kageyama's neck.

    "Eh? What's this?" Kageyama felt confused a bit. Hinata, however, just removed the binds on the raven's feet and tug the collar, forcing Kageyama to crawl on all fours. The egg vibrator was still inside the raven, and even if it's turned off, he can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable as he moved since the cord dangled of him like a little tail. Humiliation wise, this was by far the most obscene.

    "Get off the bed and suck me." Hinata said, commanding Kageyama to kneel while he sat on the bed, completely exposing his crotch in front of Kageyama's face.

    Kageyama gulped as he saw how sexy this looks, despite the fact that Hinata was tugging his neck like a dog.

    Damn it, I can't wait to do the sadist role. I'll fuck the shit out of you!
    Kageyama said to himself as he started with the sucking.

    Kageyama was forced to wake up earlier than the redhead since he has a paper due this morning. His alarm from his phone went off and for the first time, he hit the snooze button.

    True, he's tired from the sex he and Hinata had last night, but aside from that, he can't seem to find the heart to leave the redhead while the man was tightly snuggling with him under the warm covers.

    Kageyama felt like a new husband with his wife and feels like they both lost something important last night.

    "Hn? You're already awake? What time is it?" Hinata casually rolled to his side and faced the other way to snuggle with his pillow. Kageyama on the other hand, rustled Hinata's hair and gave the man a kiss on the head. He doesn't care how sweet and cuddly this looks like, he was just savoring this moment with Hinata. Lucky for him, Hinata was in the mood as well as the redhead moved closer to him.

    "Come closer." Kageyama wasn't satisfied so he scooped Hinata's head and placed it in his arms to be used as a pillow. Like he used to do.

    Hinata buried his head near Kageyama's chest and armpits, while holding onto his body pillow. He got this habit of snuggling with it since he doesn't like to sleep alone. Now that he does sleep with someone, he can't seem to kick the habit off.

    "Ne, I still haven't packed my things for this trip, help me?" Hinata said and Kageyama patted the redhead's back. "No, I have to go now. I'll be home after lunch. How about you?" Kageyama answered.

    "I see. Well, I'll be home after dinner tonight. So would you mind packing my things for me? The toiletries and underwear are already packed, the rest ? hm, I'll leave it to you." Hinata mumbled and went back to sleep.

    "You have a lot of nerve." Kageyama muttered and sighed.

    "So what do you think, Kageyama-kun?" Yachi asked as she enthusiastically shows her new hair tie. Kageyama took a few second to look at it before he answered, "I'm not sure what I'm looking at."

    "Eh? This is the hair tie Hinata gave to me the other day, hihi." She giggled and slapped Yamaguchi's shoulder near him and the latter chuckled cause he still thinks that Yachi is cute when she acts like this.

    "Hinata? Why would Hinata give you a gift?" Kageyama sounded so alarmed that Yachi was startled.

    "Uhueh?" Yachi asked and scooted closer to Yamaguchi. Just in time?Tsukishima saw what happened and gave Kageyama a smack on the back of his head.

    "You're scaring her again." the blonde said and Yamaguchi scratched his face when the two?Tsukishima and Kageyama?started arguing and shouting again.

    "Ne, ne. Don't you think Kageyama's a bit of weird when it comes to Hinata? Last time he also acted weird when I mentioned Hinata and I went for ice cream. It's like, I don't know, he seems like he's hiding something." Yachi noted and Yamaguchi gulped audibly.

    Uwah! Girls are perceptive that it's scary.
    The freckled-face man thought so.

    "Kageyama! You asshole!" Hinata stormed inside the bedroom where Kageyama rested and the raven knew what's he angry about. He didn't expect, however, that Hinata would jump on him and bite his arm.

    "Ow! You little ? that hurts!" Kageyama wrestled out of Hinata's hold but to no avail. The tinier man clung to him even if he stood up and continued to bite his arm. One particular mark even broke the skin.

    "Seriously, stop it!" Kageyama retaliated by pinching Hinata's cheek.

    "Why did you do it? Tell me!" Hinata demanded to know why Kageyama marked him throughout his body. Feeling the embarrassment when he had to hide such kiss marks towards his boss.

    "Sorry, I lost control during the last round. You released my restraint so all my pent up energy kinda you know.."

    This was a lie, of course, Kageyama clearly marked Hinata cause they are going in to Kenma's home. To prevent the redhead from sleeping with him, he did this. A low blow indeed, but he doesn't care. In fact, if not for the games, he will definitely tell Hinata the truth.

    But the raven knew, that even for Hinata, this game means everything. Their future as athletes starts now. So considering this, Kageyama decided that it's best to speak to Yachi first, and apologize to her for getting her involved. He'll have to find the right timing though.

    Hinata continued to nag while Kageyama zoned out. He went for a long run right after school so he felt a bit sleepy after a big meal. He yanked Hinata into the bed and asked the redhead to sleep with him. He received another punch in the gut while Hinata yapped and nagged even when he wasalready in the showers.

    After a few minutes, Kageyama felt the bedroom door opened and Hinata looked through the bag Kageyama prepared for him. He heared some rustling sound and Hinata nagging again.

    "...set the alarm." was the last thing Kageyama heard and he assumed that Hinata told him that he already set the alarm.

    What happen was, Hinata asked Kageyama to set the alarm for them and they both started sleeping.

    They were woken up by Yamaguchi's text and the two started arguing again. Pointing blames at each other, creating another set of argument. They took the cab in a hurry and soon after they stepped out of the vehicle, they rushed towards the team as if they are in a marathon?both refusing to surrender and accept defeat, even if this doesn't have anything to do with what were they're fighting about.

    If not for the fact that Sawamura warned the two to shut up, for sure they will still bicker now.

    Hinata pissed at Kageyama for being irrational and Kageyama pissed at Hinata for not getting why he did so.

    Thirty minutes after they departed, the bus driver shuts the light inside since the boys were already resting. Aside from Tsukishima who was busy doing something on his phone, and Yachi who was reading a cellphone novel, all of them seemed tired and ready for a nap before they reach their destination.

    Hinata breathed out and even though Kageyama was still annoyed at the man, he goes to check his status. As he suspected, Hinata fell asleep already.


    Kageyama took Hinata's head and made it rest on his shoulder, knowing that they are sitting in the back row and no one will see them. With the lights turned off, it'll take a few minutes to adjust what's happening at the back.

    Yachi, however, took a glance at the two out of concern and saw what Kageyama did. She felt embarrassed looked away.

    Kageyama-kun? He took Hinata's head and rest it on his shoulders? What's going on?

    By this time, Kageyama held onto Hinata's hand; interlocking the fingers together and close his eyes as well.

    When Kageyama finally fell asleep, a particular redhead squeezed the hand that joined to his and muttered? "You idiot."

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    Kageyama woke up from the nap before Hinata. It's understandable since he went to rest earlier than the him, but since they are near their destination?with all the seniors already excitedly chatting?Kageyama lightly tapped Hinata to wake him up.

    The light-colored eyes opened slightly before it blinked twice.

    "We're near." Kageyama said when Hinata seemed confused at what was happening.

    "Ah, I feel like I had a very short nap. Ugh, I'm still. Haaa." Hinata finished his sentence with a big yawn and Kageyama felt sorry for him. If only he can let Hinata rest a bit more, but it's impossible, for the person in front of them - a fellow freshman, was already awake and taking selfies or something Kageyama often hear but has no interest in.

    "Is this your first time coming Tokyo?" Kageyama asked Hinata, who was currently rummaging his bag for some mints.

    "Hm? Not at all, I've been here a few times. But for jobs, not really had the time to look around."

    Though Hinata answered Kageyama's question, his tone somewhat sounds uninterested. No matter how much Kageyama caught on?no matter how much he asks Hinata?Kageyama had a feeling the redhead won't answer him so he just kept his curiosity to himself.

    "Please make yourselves at home. I'm sorry I won't be here to accommodate everyone since I'll be busy with my job, but I've already told my son what to do, so please be comfortable." Kenma's mom greeted the boys with a warm breakfast. It was a little early for it quite frankly, since the time was just a bit over five am. But some of the members were from work last night and they've worked up quite an appetite.

    "Ittadakimasu!" They simultaneously called and dug in. Kenma was in the kitchen busy helping with the managers, at the same time he's teaching them where to find the things they might need for their stay.

    The house wasn't all that big. But the living room was spacious and free to use. It was agreed first hand that the girls will be staying at Kuroo's place, since there are parent's present there. Not to mention the space and privacy they can have.

    Of course, money wise, they already sent it in advance so Kenma?who went on a day before them?already shopped for food, toiletries and other supplies.

    "Ah, but the bath will be unreasonable to use, since it's small. So I suggest you boys visit the public bath house."

    "That would be perfect, thank you and sorry to trouble you." One of the coaches said and Kenma's mom shook her head a chuckled. "Kenma is always with his games and cell phone and only talks to his only friend since childhood. I'm surprised he even joined the volleyball team on his own." His mom looked at the girls who were near her son and wondered who among them was the person Kenma sets his eyes on. He had an intuition that Kenma was dating someone but the pudding-head refused to tell who. And even if she asked Kuroo Tetsurou, the guy seemed to be evasive about the topic as well.

    Sawamura caught on what their hostess thinking, so he gulped his miso soup in one go and tried to ignore the awkward feeling.

    It was not a secret to them that Kenma and Hinata are in a 'special relationship', especially since Yachi seemed to have caught interest at the two. I don't want to risk the two getting caught and cause a scene. So I guess I have to change their sleeping place assignment. Sawamura made a mental note that he has to separate Hinata and Kenma, or things could get ugly. I guess I could let Hinata stay with Kageyama, since Kageyama is strict with him, he can guard Hinata closely and he'll make sure Hinata won't ruin it for us.

    "Eh, what if the two starts to fight again?" muttered Sawamura and the Team-Captain near him gave him a questioning look. He shook his head as if to say not to mind him much.

    Tch. This is going to be a pain one way or another.

    "Look. That's the genius setter, Kageyama-kun! And his former teammates at Karasuno High."

    "Seems like this year's matches will be interesting."

    "Uwah! Look at the guy behind them!"

    Right on cue, Kageyama and the rest of his fellow freshmen looked at Hinata who looked like an idiot gawking at the stadium. He kept on saying 'ohh' and 'ahh' like he was genuinely marveling at how a stadium looks.

    "Oi. Stop acting stupid! You're super embarrassing!" Kageyama slapped the back of the head of the little middle blocker so that he will get a move on. Nevertheless, the chibi still continued doing what he does and Kageyama tried his best to hold back, simply because Sawamura issued warning glances at him.

    "Yosh, the game's about to start. Let's be the first to enter the court." The Coach said and Hinata suddenly felt nervous.

    "My stomach hurts. Gah.." Hinata winced and Kageyama almost gave him a punch but was intercepted by Tanaka.

    "You're always like this, Hinata. Can't you at least get used to this already? We've been in different games already." Tsukishima sighed and tapped Yachi's shoulder to get her attention. "Hm?" she asked and one look at Hinata, and she already got the message. "I'll go prepare the medicine." Yachi added.

    As the warm-ups started, Kenma took noticed on how Hinata was actually conscious of his neck. He had an idea of what it was; Hinata called him about it. But he can't help but feel annoyed at Kageyama for doing so. He was somehow reminded that his own boyfriend marked him as well, so he'll be sure not to show his skin with his teammates. Kuroo, by this time was perfectly settled on the viewing deck. He waved at Kenma and grinned. Hinata saw this and waved at the man as well, Kenma, however, ignored him and firmly gripped the ball between his hands.

    "Hey, I think I recognized that person." Yamaguchi noted while he poked Tsukishima's side. The other one yelped and clicked his tongue. He hates how Yamaguchi kept poking his sides when the man wants his attention, and the tall glasses-guy kept saying how much he hated it. The other one will say sorry, but keeps doing it anyways?as if to tease Tsukishima, or he simply forgot.

    "Who?" He answered Yamaguchi with an annoyed voice.

    "That one on the deck, the one who I think was called Tetsurou-kun by Kenma's mother. Don't you think we saw him before?" Yamaguchi was certain of it; you won't see Kuroo's hairstyle often after all.

    "Yeah, he's one of the best middle blocker, I must say." Sawamura nodded to Kuroo and the other one nodded back. Now that the word 'middle blocker' was mentioned, it finally rang a bell to the two freshmen.

    "Ah, right! He's the guy from Tokyo, from when we were high schools. I wonder which team he plays now?" Yamaguchi wanted to know. For someone who played the same position as him, he can't help but feel an admiration towards the senior.

    "Whoa! I?we're ? Cen.. Wwah!" Kageyama tried to express his joy that they are playing on the center court but his tongue got tied from his excitement. Tanaka pointed and laughed at the Setter and somehow the mood of the team got light. Except for one nervous shrimp.

    "Wahh! I need to go to the bathroom." Hinata called out as he ran towards it. They still have some time and he wasn't in the starting player line ups anyways, so Sawamura and the rest of the faculty sighed and lets Hinata be.

    "The idiot! Let's punch him!" Kageyama rolled up his imaginary long sleeves and headed towards Hinata. Luckily, Tanaka along with a few freshmen intercepted. No matter how much he hated Hinata acting like this, part of him was worried about the redhead too. He scratched his head and hoped that Hinata relaxes soon.

    Not long after, an exhausted Hinata emerged and Yachi gave him a bottle of sports drink to replenish whatever he lost during his bathroom emergencies. While the redhead rest, Kageyama saw a dark red part on Hinata's neck and he felt pangs of guilt towards it. Now that he saw it under light, it was quite undesirable?not to mention indiscreet of him. He shook his head and patted his chest, inwardly apologizing to Hinata.

    Kageyama felt something weird behind his back and when he looked, not far away, a certain cat-like-eyed man stared at him. As if saying he knew what Kageyama did and we won't get away with it.

    "Ittadakimasu!" The boys happily dug in to the food the managers and Kuroo's mom prepared for them. They decided to set up a long table at the backyard on Kenma's place so they can dine together. Lucky for them, not only Kenma's family opened up their home, even Kuroo's as well.

    The said man joined them and told them how he retired from volleyball. It wasn't because he wasn't interested anymore but he had to stop playing for work. In case he gets an offer to play professionally, he sure wont pass the chance.

    "Still, Kenma didn't stand out much during high school. But who knew you guys played for the same team." The Captain noted. All of them, including the Coaches were in a good mood. Since Kenma played well on the first set, the score ended in a spectacular 25 to 17 in favor of them. The second set was even better with Kageyama conducting, with the score 25 to 13?landing them their first win on their road to championship.

    Kageyama wasn't in a festive mood like the rest of them though. He kept his distance and ate in silence as he watched how Hinata kept fawning over Kuroo and Kenma. He felt something weird with those three as Kuroo kept on whispering to Kenma and Hinata and the two kept hitting him. He heard from the redhead before that this man was the one who asked for 'threesomes'.

    From the looks of it, those three seems like they were close enough to do that.

    The raven felt the bitter churning inside his stomach again. Not the kind you have when you feel happy but the nauseating feeling like you want to throw up.

    He stood up abruptly, startling everyone and excused himself. "Thank you for the meal, I'll excuse myself now, I feel rather sick." Kageyama thanked the managers and their host and went inside, leaving a trail of confused people behind him.

    Kageyama eats a lot, so for him to passed this opportunity, must mean that he really was unwell. Yachi followed him out of concern and Hinata caught it, just because he was closely paying attention to Kageyama.

    "What's wrong with your lover, chibi?" Kuroo tried to teased but all he got was Hinata's downcast glance and a little redden eyes. This caught Kuroo off guard.

    "Who knows? Maybe he's annoyed that the girls sleeps at a different house." Hinata chomped on his own food and Kenma jabbed Kuroo's thigh under the table for being so insensitive. It was obvious that the redhead was hurt at what he saw.

    "Kageyama-kun, are you really okay?" Yachi gave Kageyama a bottled water and the latter accepts and opened it. It seems like Yachi needed something from him so he stopped before he went upstairs. He knew Yachi wasn't allowed to come up so he waited for the little blonde to say what she needs.

    "Err, Kageyama. There's something I have to ask you, and I realized this isn't the best timing. If.. well, can we talk for a bit?" She managed to tell him but it took all of her strength, she actually felt her knees feel weak a bit.

    "Sure, let's leave at the back."Kageyama said and fished out his phone to send Sawamura a mail that he and Yachi went out to buy at the nearby convenience store. Of course, he did this so they won't worry about them so much.

    As the two left, Sawamura reads his mail and clicked his tongue but say nothing more. It's best to keep his mouth shut now and reprimand Kageyama later.

    The two walked side by side?Yachi and Kageyama?and headed to the nearby convenience store. Kageyama grabbed an ice cream on stick for Yachi. "Thank you," she said and they went out of the store to talk. As Yachi sat at the bank, Kageyama squatted besides her.

    "What is it that you want to talk about?" Kageyama said and he saw at the corner of his eye that the little blonde became nervous again. She gripped the hem of her shorts and tugged it a bit. She bit her lower lips like she always do when she can't say what's on her mind. It's clear that the blonde was nervous so Kageyama breathed out and pointed at the ice cream.

    "Let's split that in half." He said and she looked at Kageyama before she panicked and fumbled how to open the wrapper.

    "What're you doing? Idiot." Kageyama followed this one with a chuckle and took the ice cream from her. He proceeded to split it in half. He bit his share while he gave Yachi hers. This seemed to relax her and Kageyama felt relieved as well.

    He knew Yachi for a few years now, and while she occasionally chats with him, there was never really a chance for him and her to talk like so. Kageyama knew that she's a good girl though. A little negative thinker with an airhead side in her, but she's always been taking care of the team. She's good friends with Yamaguchi as well, and if not for the reason that Yamaguchi and Tsukishima are dating, he'll definitely think that Yamaguchi and Yachi will be dating, as the said man openly expresses his fondness of the little blonde.

    Eh, wait. Maybe Yamaguchi has a blonde fetish?
    Kageyama knitted his brows together and stared at Yachi's hair.

    "Is something wrong with my hair?" Yachi asked and Kageyama shook his head and looked in front. He regretted not wearing a jacket now, since he can see Yachi wears something short. He could give her the jacket as cover or something like that.



    "Are you and Hinata, well,.. Do you like Hinata?" she bravely asked and Kageyama already knew that this will happen anytime soon. He was surprise, yes. But he already made up his mind to come clean to Yachi, so there's no reason for him to hold back on the truth. He just wondered how the hell did Yachi concluded to this. Indeed, girls intuitions are terrifying. He sighed before he answered her.

    "..I don't just like him. I love that little dumbass." Kageyama chomped the remainder of his ice cream and waited for Yachi to react to what he said.

    There was awkward silence, then followed by sniffles.

    "...uwahh? hu.."

    "Huh? Why are you crying?" Kageyama?the ever so idiot, was lost on what to do. He panicked and flailed his arms. "Are you okay?" he doesn't have a handkerchief so he doesn't know what he can offer to her. He looked around and decided to turn his back on her.

    "Don't cry. Here, wipe your face on the back of my shirt." He offered but she cried out loud some more.

    "You! You really are an idiot, you can buy some tissues inside the convenience store!" Yachi pointed out and Kageyama's face flushed red.

    "I know that!" he shouted at her and Yachi?while her tears won't stop flowing?shook her head and shouted back. "No, you didn't!"

    "Ah, just stop crying. Geez! I'll buy you some star shape ice cream inside!" Kageyama shouted and pointed at her and Yachi cried and shouted back..

    "If there really is star shaped ones, please get me two!"


    "Ah, so that's how it is. Somehow this all seemed rather sad for Hinata. How could you do that?" Yachi turned accusing eyes at Kageyama when he told her the truth. It was rather tactless of him to say the reason they broke up, but he did. He knew that while Yachi is loud, she knows how to keep a secret. And this particular secret is not theirs to share.

    Kageyama stood up and crossed his arms to his chest, he knew that this was all his stupid mistakes. He knew in his head, at least, that he needed to let the redhead go. Hinata looked happy that finally, someone like Kenma can accept his dark past, and that he seemed to be enjoying his days with him.

    He knew all of it. Yet he can't let go.

    "When are you planning on coming clean with Hinata then?" she asked.

    "I'm too coward to do so. Now that I live with him, somehow the things I didn't see before now make sense. He always put my needs first before his own when we dated before. I saw him as the meek, submissive lover. I didn't cared for him enough, and I deeply regretted it. I didn't know what he was going through. I often caught him feeling sick, and dazed. I just thought that he was just unwell or tired. I didn't know he's going through something. And instead of asking him what's the reason, I just point blank rejected him." he contemplated.

    Yachi fell silent and then hugged her knees before she spoke again. "What's his reason for doing so? What brought him to do such things?" She can't even bring herself to say 'porn' out loud. Not to mention a BDSM one. She visibly blushed as she recalled what Kageyama had told her.

    "Well, that's what I need to know too. But even if I want to ask, I don't know how it will change things as it is." Kageyama's heart sank as these words left his mouth. He was hurt by what he said as well. So much that tears are threatening to overflow. He inhaled and exhaled to calm himself, while he tucked his hands in his pockets. The night air started to feel cold even though the place where they were seemed to be a busy neighborhood.

    "So? What exactly is your plan then?" Yachi wanted to know,

    While the gentle wind blew, Kageyama told Yachi what he wanted to do and somehow Yachi's tears fell again. This time, it's for Hinata and Kageyama.

    Back at the group, the team knew that Kageyama and Yachi went for a walk, cause Sawamura had to call the two when they still haven't return an hour after they said they went out. They got back with Yachi looking like she cried her eyes out. Though they really wanted to know, they decided to let it go and let Yachi and Kageyama rest.

    Hinata witnessed the whole thing and snorted, showing his irritation. They went to get a bath in the public bath house and he was lucky that Kenma and Kuroo were there to cover up for him. From what he understood, things weren't going well with Kageyama and Yachi and somehow the raven kept pouring his frustrations towards him.

    He knew he's not to complain, but still he doesn't feel well with things being left like this. Somehow, Hinata kept on debating if he should just let Kageyama go. He knew he should, yet the evil side of his was rejoicing the fact that it Kageyama was going to him.

    If there's one tiny spark of hope that Kageyama might come back to him, he'll take it.

    The question was: will Kageyama take him back as well?

    The night fell, and they got to their sleeping arrangements. The seniors will be sleeping in the living room, so they can watch for those who will be trying to sneak out. The second years will sleep on Kenma's room. It's quite spacious and they can at least fit five persons on the floor with futon laid out. On the bed, that's enough for two people. But since they don't want Kenma to feel rather stuffed, they let him have the bed for himself.

    The first years' sleeping quarter was in the guest room. There were only 7 of them, one was Yachi and the other manager. So there were only five of them sleeping there. Yamaguchi wanted to sleep on the floor futon, simply because he wanted the comfort of rolling around and Tsukishima don't mind staying on the floor with him. The one who took the bed was Hinata and while the other freshman wanted to share the bed with him, Yamaguchi manipulated the poor fellow into staying with them. He at least understood the gloomy mood that has been masking Kageyama and he wanted to help him in his own way.

    They had a lot of plans for tonight like sharing some stories?sex ones?maybe drink a few or even gamble a bit like Tanaka would want to, but the players were too tired to do so. Instead, you can hear the snores from each corner of the house and somehow this made Hinata chuckle. He hasn't experience things like this. In fact, he missed out on a lot of things because of his circumstances.

    Hinata rolled to his sides and he felt Kageyama rolled together with him and hugged his back. Hinata struggled but he heard the raven whispered 'please' to his ear. This made him stop and accepted the touch. Hinata's heart beats so fast when Kageyama run his hands though his thighs and buried his head to Hinata's shoulder.

    "Baka, control yourself." Hinata warned Kageyama and the raven breathed in audibly against Hinata's skin that it brought the redhead to feel goosebumps all over.

    Kageyama noticed this and run his palms on Hinata's skin. He smelled the redhead and note that the scent of soap was different from what he usually use. Must be the soap from the public bath house. Hinata can't help but shudder at the hot breathes on his neck and ears. He clasped his hand on his mouth so he won't let out unnecessary sounds. He anticipated some sensual touching from the raven, but instead, all he got was a tight hug and litters of kisses on his neck.

    "Take my pillow." Kageyama said. He knows how Hinata can't sleep without hugging one so he offered his.

    "What are you going to use then?" Hinata turned around and looked at he raven, only to see him covering his eyes with one of his arms while the other one was placed behind his head as a pillow. This somehow left the redhead a bit frustrated. He's already half hard from the touch and he at least would like some jerking off.

    "Good night, Shouyo." Kageyama said softly and Hinata's emotion got confused. He held his chest and patted it. He looked at Kageyama as if the man was nursing a heart break. Hinata frowned a bit knowing that inside the raven-haired's heart was someone else. Something definitely must have happened between Yachi and him?Hinata painfully admitted to himself, seeing Kageyama like this. He tried his best to return the goodnight and hugged the pillow with Kageyama's scent in it so tightly.

    The night deepens and Hinata finally fell asleep. When his breaths sounded steady and deep, Kageyama leaned down and gave Hinata a kiss. He rolled to his side and hug the redhead's back before he slept too.

    At that point, Tanaka and Sawamura, who was in charge of this night's rounds saw the whole thing from the door. They looked at each other and before Tanaka could open his mouth, Tsukishima sat up from where he was laying and signaled the two to shut their mouths.

    Yamaguchi smiled under his covers. I knew Tsukki looks out for Kageyama, too.

    a/n: how's everyone doing? enjoying the fic so far?

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "So? Why did you receive the ball with your face?" Kageyama looked at Hinata and the other one blushed till he's almost like a boiled octopus.

    "It's... Just shut up, mou." They were both standing in the reserve line waiting to be called inside the court again. Kageyama's been the ending act, so to speak, since they started playing with Kenma on the first set. This was one of the few things that's been irritating the setter. He's been cheering for his team, at the same time, he wanted to be the one who actually tossed or set that winning point.

    This was actually a good opportunity to be scouted for pro. Yet he has to sit on the sidelines.

    "Tch." he cluck his tongue with too much force in it that Hinata, together with the members near him stared at him. One glance and they can see that Kageyama was itching to play as his foot moved and his body swayed a bit every toss Kenma does. It's like one of those game consoles you play and your whole body moves as you move your character.

    "I know you want to be in the court, but please stop tapping your feet. It's seriously annoying." Tsukishima rubbed his sports glasses to clean the moist and sweat off it. Kageyama just realized that he was doing the tapping unconsciously, he clicked his tongue once more and Hinata kicked his shin.

    "What's gotten into you? We're in the lead here. Let Kenma do what he does." Those light colored eyes of Hinata look a bit dilated seeing its pupils enlarge. He stared at Kageyama as if Hinata was forcing him into submission. Kageyama didn't like it.

    "Fine." he resigned and tried his best to accept that he just have to wait for his turn in the court.

    There was a reason why the raven wanted to monopolize the ball for today, and the reason was one particular person on the sidelines, watching them close.

    It was his senior and rival Oikawa Tooru.

    "I hope the first set finish soon."

    "I hope so too, cause you're really getting on my nerves." Tsukishima said to Kageyama with a glare.

    "Don't look so glum. We did our best, and as expected of a championship university, we can't secure a win that easily." Sawamura did his best to cheer up the players, but he himself felt the sting of the lost, especially for the seniors cause this was their last season.

    The Vice Captain wore a smile, but his feeling was far from being happy. It was frustrating.

    "I'll meet you guys on the bus. I'm going to the restroom." Kageyama said and turned around before they can say anything. It's awfully hard on the setter since everything was riding in this play. He sort of made a gamble on his parents that he wanted to play volleyball as a profession and as a return, he will at least show some substantial results in his first year of playing.

    His mother knew how much he loves volleyball and she has no qualms that her son would make it. His father was a different issue though. He's always been a realistic person, especially when he lost his job due to the losses the company he was working for suffered. Despite Kageyama's selfishness, he values his parents' decision and his father's words.

    He took out his phone and called his mom, telling her the news.

    "Ah, don't worry Tobio-chan, I'm sure there's another chance for you. Why don't you come home this weekend and I'll cook your favorite pork curry with soft boiled egg. Cheer up, ne?"
    The sound of his mom always soothes him and Kageyama felt better, even for a little.

    "I think I'll take up on your offer." He answered her and said his regards to his Dad before he cut the line off. He washed his face to freshen himself up and returned to his team, already waiting for him inside the bus.

    "You okay?" Hinata asked and Kageyama just nodded and sat beside him. Kageyama didn't even try to cover it up and just went ahead and hold the redhead's hand. Hinata was startled yet he felt happy and accepted the hand with a squeeze. As if fighting his rival in an unknown battle, Hinata stared at Yachi. Since they were far in the back, he can only see parts of her hair and the side of her face. Still, he felt a bit of superiority to her this time around.

    "It's a shame that you guys can't stay another day." Kenma's mother came home right after Kuroo sent her a mail of what happened with the game. She reckoned that the boys might need a little cheering up, so she asked Kuroo's family to help her set up a barbecue party for them.

    And she was right. The moment they parked outside the Kozume's home, they saw a bit of smoke coming from the backyard and smelled the heavy scent of charring meat.



    "Don't hold back, okay?" Kenma's mother with the managers brought soda's that goes well with their meals and the boys charged at them like starving wolves.

    "Oi! You guys are so rude! Say your thanks!" One of the coaches caught Tanaka and forced him to bow his head.

    "No! It's quite alright! Next year, make sure you come again and definitely win that championship, okay? I'll be happy to throw any kind of food party you guys want." Their hostess' smile towards them was a bit touching, that some can't help but feel the vexation of losing, and tears naturally flowed.

    "Ah, ah..." The coaches sighed when they saw the players cried while wolfing down on the food and smiled a bitter smile.

    The coaches decided to let the boys roam around Tokyo till they have to leave a few hours from now. This was to let them relax a bit, and due to the fact that it'll be a long ride if they leave now with all the rush hour of city workers coming to and fro.

    They were divided in two groups by coincidence since one group wanted to visit some stores to shop; mostly the freshmen who were so into games and other gadgets, while Sawamura's group wants to do some usual touring around the city. They have plenty of time and so they decided to visit Asakusa (浅草) , mainly the Buddhist temple of Sensoji.

    As expected, the place s filled with people. Before they went in?knowing that his group are full of idiots?Sawamura brief them on what to do in case they were separated. They synced their time and decided to meet at the same spot in an hour and a half so they can walk around and look around at the comfort of their own pace.

    Sawamura was bent on taking pictures and souvenirs for his Sugawara back home and wanted some peace for himself. But he knew that he can't take his eyes away from the single-celled idiots aka Kageyama, Hinata, and Tanaka. Not to mention Tsukishima who has a nasty habit of making Kageyama angrier than he usually is.

    "Why are you guys following me?" Sawamura shot glances at the group behind them and the rest just shrugged. "I think they just don't know what to do, so can we please walk with you instead?" Yachi twiddled her fingers, feeling a bit uncomfortable walking together with Hinata and Kageyama. Now that she was aware of the two, somehow the air was tense. Why did Kenma had to stay behind? She lamented inside. She knew that if Kenma was here, Hinata will be a bit occupied talking with him. Instead, the redhead walked side by side with her.

    Tsukishima notice the unusual behavior of the little blonde and sighed loudly. "King, you owe me for this." He said to Kageyama and the other one just looked confused with a bit of a pout on his lips.

    "Yachi, let's go!"Tsukishima called on her surprising Yamaguchi and Tanaka.

    "Uhue?" She said and Yamaguchi caught on immediately. "I saw some Taiyaki nearby, you like that right? Let's get the ones with the cheese filling."Yamaguchi said, scratching his freckled face a bit.

    "Ohh! I want those too, can I come?" Hinata bounced a bit and Kageyama caught him by his sleeves. "Let them roam where they want to and let's go to the temple. Let's pray for your volleyball skills instead." he said and dragged Hinata away. Thankful for Tsukishima's uncharacteristic meddling.

    "Tanaka-san, come with us!"Yachi said, almost pleading Tanaka to come. She knew that coming with those two lovers means she has to put out with seeing them being lovey dovey. Especially Yamaguchi, since the man usually acts different around Tsukishima when they're alone. At least with Tanaka around, she can have someone to have conversations with.

    "Sure!" the man answered and they went on their way. Leaving Kageyama and Hinata with Sawamura.

    "Kageyama, you take care of Hinata and I'll go this way. Don't do anything stupid, okay?" he said. He somehow connected the dots with what's going on Kageyama. He's been looking out for him since high school so he at least have an idea that the previous problem Kageyama had had something to do with Hinata. He was suspicious when Kageyama and Hinata acts like they've known each other before, other than the fact that they worked together. Their closeness always seemed suspicious.

    As the two walked together, Hinata felt thirsty and asked Kageyama if they can stop for drinks.

    "Later, after the temple visit." he said and grabbed Hinata's hand.

    "What're you doing? There's a lot of people here!" Hinata said and tried to wriggle his hand out of the raven's hold. "Just raise your hood up high, they won't know you're a guy." Kageyama said and fixed Hinata's hood to cover that red-orange hair.

    "What if Yachi see us?" Hinata knew that Kageyama has a habit of holding his hand when they went for a walk and since he's always the one who worries about what others would say, Kageyama always say that Hinata just looks like a boyish girl so there's no problem. As a man, Hinata always felt anger towards this. Putting salt on your complex wasn't exactly fun for anyone.

    "Yachi is with the others. Plus, if she sees us, I don't think she's going to mind. It'll just look like I'm taking care of you so you won't get lost." Kageyama smirked and tease the redhead and Hinata pouted and muttered profanities. His face says something else though, as his blush slightly arouse Kageyama.

    Cute as fuck, ngh.
    Kageyama groaned.


    "So what did you get?" Hinata asked Kageyama of his fortune and the raven said he got Good Luck while Hinata got the same thing. They were both nervous when they said so and decided to change the mood by getting some drinks on the way.

    "Sawamura-san said we have at least and hour and a half, and it's not even fifteen minutes. Want to go shopping around? I didn't bring enough cash though." Hinata tried to open his bag but Kageyama stopped him.

    "It's okay, let's just look around. I think I'll buy something for my mom too." the raven said, tightly holding the redhead's hand.

    "Eh, but your Mom? You coming home?" Hinata felt good for a bit and swayed the hands that's been joined together.

    "Yeah, I am. Since I took one week leave from work, might as well take the opportunity to come home and visit my folks. How about you?"Kageyama stopped and let go of that hand for a while before he got the canned of soda from a vending machine and gave it to Hinata. He got an iced coffee for himself and opened it up. They were walking for quite a while that he didn't realize they're in Nakamise (Shopping street near the temples of Sensoji).

    "Hinata, what do you think of this giant fan?" Kageyama's eyes were shining in excitement, seeing the goods he can buy. It looks like he wanted the fan for himself and Hinata smiled.

    "Haha. I don't think your Mom will use that one large bamboo fan, so how 'bout we choose something smaller." He suggested and talked to the shop owner. "Kageyama, what's your mom's favorite color?" Hinata looked back and timely, Kageyama's camera phone flashed to his face.

    "What's that for?"

    "Taking pictures." Kageyama said nonchalantly.

    "Ara, Your girlfriend is going to get angry if you take her picture in secret, dear customer." The shop owner said and before Hinata blew a fuse, Kageyama's arms slid to Hinata's waist.

    "We'll take one of those fans, the blue-green one please. Can you wrap it up, Mister?" Kageyama asked and the owner nodded. "We also have couples shirt. How about it?" he said to Kageyama.

    "I refuse!" Hinata said and stormed out of there. "Looks aside, do I sound like a girl to him?" he muttered, leaving Kageyama chuckling and paying the old man of his purchase.

    "Dear customer, how about you buy your girl a bracelet? This one was a little unisex so she can wear it to match any of her casual wardrobe." the old man showed it to Kageyama and this took his interest.

    "Can we wear it as an anklet?" He asked and inspects that it's possible since the design has an adjustable strap.

    "Then.. I'll.. take.. two."Kageyama shyly mumbled and the wife of the owner who sat behind her husband smiled at how cute the young one's reactions were. "Ah, how nice. It takes me back to our youth." She said, making Kageyama's face flushed more.

    When the owner wraped all of Kageyama's purchases, he gave one small fan free, as an apology for teasing Hinata too much. As the raven bowed and left, the lady owner called out and said "Take care of your boyfriend-kun!" shocking the unsuspecting old owner when Kageyama stopped and bow as thanks to her.

    "Man, I'm so full." Tanaka said while holding on to at least a bag full of snacks. "I'm craving for a nap." Yachi said and rubbed her stomach. Aside from the barbecues they ate earlier, they went around the Senoji eating anything they can buy. She admitted that she eats a lot when she's around boys with big appetites. Feels like she needed to go on a diet soon.

    "You know what would taste good with all these sweet bean bread? Coffee!" Tanaka said and Yachi cheered. "Heck yeah!"

    "Hitoka, you'll barf on the bus, so stop."Tsukishima warned her and she froze.

    "Right! I forgot we'll go home later! But I still?

    Her sentence was cut short when she saw Kageyama and Hinata walking side by side holding hands no far from where they are.

    All of them, including Tanaka saw them and he was about to call the two when Yamaguchi covered his mouth.

    "Please Tanaka-san, let the two be for a while." Yachi pleaded, surprising Tanaka and Yamaguchi. Not Tsukishima though, as expected of his observation skills, he already knew that Yachi was aware of the king's idiotic secret.

    Tanaka nodded and the freckled face lets go. "How long have you three known about those two?" he asked, feeling a bit left out if he's being honest.

    "Yesterday." The small blonde said.

    "Ever since." The two said.

    "How about Kenma?" Tanaka continued to ask, this time he's going for his bag and started stress eating. Yachi joined him.

    "Not our business." Tsukishima said and Tanaka lets go of the topic. He has no choice but to do so since no one wanted to answer him directly.

    "Tsukki, let's buy some more of those chocolate taiyaki, please." Yamaguchi pointed, already moved on from the two idiot they saw.

    "You... It's not Yachi who likes them so much, but you, you know?"

    "Dumbass, you're too heavy." Kageyama said as he carried Hinata on his back. The little dumbass slipped on the step of the bus as they were getting off. Though he was not hurt per se, he kept saying 'he's seriously tired and sleepy'.

    The two were the first ones to get out of the bus for the rest of them are headed to the dorms while they're going in the opposite direction.

    "I'm too sleepy." Hinata lazily mumbled and nuzzled Kageyama's neck while he left Kageyama to carry even their luggage.

    "Hinata, you shitty bastard! I'm going to get hernia so wake the fuck up!" Kageyama knelt and let Hinata walk on his own.

    "Che." Hinata sulked and Kageyama showered him with curses. As they went inside, the redhead immediately goes to the bathroom and ran the tub while Kageyama set their things in the living room. "I can sort this out later." he said to himself and yawned loudly.

    The raven removed his shirt and tossed it on the sofa, he went to the fridge to look for something he can drink and saw the half finished lemonade. He opened the bottle and sniffed it before he drank. He went to the bedroom to take some of his sweat pants and comfortable shirt for sleepwear. He'll just have to wait for Hinata to finish in the showers before he can shower himself and finally fully rest.

    "Kageyama!" Hinata called out from the bathroom and he went to see what the redhead wanted this time.

    As he opened the door, the hot steam surprised him.

    "What is it, moron?" said Kageyama.

    "Let's shower-fuck.. if fucking is not an option then turn around and walk away, slowly." Hinata said. His arms rested on the corner of the tub?head resting on it?and his body already submerged in the steaming water. From the smell of it, he already took a shower as the coconut scent shampoo permeates. Kageyama knew he's too tired yet the shower sex or any kind of sex was too tempting to pass. Still shower sex will have to involve some high handling and he's rather too lazy for that.

    "Can I interest you in regular shower and bed sex instead? I'll give you a short massage before we get it on." Kageyama leaned on the bathroom door, waiting for an answer.

    "Hm, blindfold?"

    "Okay. So it's a deal?"


    Hinata clung to Kageyama waist with his legs while his hands wrapped securely around the raven's neck. One hand specifically kept combing through that coal black hair and Kageyama likes how Hinata's fingers felt through his scalp.

    "Hmm." Hinata hummed through the kiss and Kageyama maneuvered their bodies to walk to the bedroom.

    "Ngh." Kageyama grunted when he tried to gently rest Hinata to the bed. Of course it was difficult since the man was not really light.

    As Hinata's back gently rest on the bed, as promised, Kageyama slowly stroked the man's thighs, circling his thumbs to massage it. Though it was meant to be a relaxing massage, Hinata can't help but feel the heat and it was directly translated in his groins.

    "Shit." Hinata lets out a burst of exhale when Kageyama hung one of the redhead's legs over his shoulder and littered Hinata's inner thighs with kisses?soft ones?as if Kageyama's warm touch melting him slowly. Seeing as Hinata kept arching his back, Kageyama playfully bites the redhead's inner thigh, leaving a fresh mark from it.

    "Fuck." Hinata was left frustrated from it since the little teasing devil continued giving him regular massages. Triumphantly, Kageyama smirked at him. As he went to that marvelous legs, Kageyama gave it kisses again and run his palms all over it. Seeing Hinata's flushed face was a turn on, big time.

    "Had..enough.. fuck..penis.. now." Hinata's incoherent pleads as Kageyama tickled the redhead's balls and cups it a bit. The organ grew larger in his hands and Kageyama reminded the redhead with his blindfold proposition.

    "Ah, right. Lazy."Hinata said and shrugged and this gave Kageyama an idea.

    "Then, can I blindfold you?" Kageyama leaned in and parted the redhead's legs. He rubbed his stomach towards the Hinata's harden member, feeling its warmth through his skin. He felt Hinata shuddered with his raven's touch. Kageyama used his best arsenal towards his redhead: guiding Hinata's hands towards the perfectly chiseled side abs and whispering in Hinata's ears.

    Hinata admitted he kinda wants Kageyama to be the lead for tonight and be fucked senselessly. Oh boy does he wants to.

    "Yes, please. Do me hard, sir." Hinata said and Kageyama buried his head on the redhead's shoulder.

    "No verbal punches! I won't last long!" Kageyama guided Hinata's hand to his penis and it's so rock hard that Hinata tried to tug it towards him but the penis sprung back near Kageyama's lower abdomen.

    "Drawer." Hinata pointed where Kageyama can get their props, lube and condoms. The raven obliged and opened it and took out whatever he feels like using for tonight. It's his first try and he can't help but feel pressured; it's just his personality to take everything he do seriously.

    "Let's wear this on you." Kageyama said and Hinata nodded, a small smile present in his lips as he saw the face Kageyama was making. Whatever Kageyama do to him, he'll happily accepts.

    As the black silky blindfold was fastened to Hinata securely, Kageyama also guided the smaller man to sit in the bed and he asked the redhead to place his thumb together before he went and cuffed it. Kageyama saw this type of cuffs (thumb cuffs) at the internet before and thought it's rather kinky.

    "Shouyo, you think you can suck me off?" Kageyama stroke himself a few times and guided Hinata's mouth to his. The redhead was on his knees and elbows, carefully touching with his free fingers the penis he's about to blow off.

    The raven rested his head on the headboard of the bed while his legs are completely wide open. Seeing the naked Hinata with the silky blindfold was too stimulating visually and Kageyama debated whether or not he should take at least one picture of this.

    I don't want to risk it. He shook the feeling off as much as he could and just focus on Hinata.

    The pink tongue slowly licks the equally pink lips before Hinata helped himself with Kageyama's erection. He's been on the thumb cuffs before so he's not really a newbie and he knows how not to injure himself. He slowly bob his head up and down and felt extra sensitive to Kageyama's scent due to the fact that he's only relying on his sense of touch. Not seeing, he supposed, adds a bit of excitement to the both of them, as Kageyama met him with and upward thrust as well.

    While Hinata expertly blows him, tongue swirling inside and all, Kageyama poured lube in his finger before reaching out to the redhead's hole and tease the entrance a bit.

    "Ngh." moaned Hinata as Kageyama pushed two fingers in at once. He did clean and stretched himself earlier before he called the raven for shower sex, but prodding his insides with the sleek fingers in, rubbing his anal wall a bit before aiming at his sweet spot was a different matter. His mouth sucked the air out before he continued to suck on Kageyama's and his tongue played with the tip.

    "Fuck." Kageyama jolted as the last one hurt a bit. Seeing as he lubed Hinata well enough, he removed his fingers and guided the redhead to straddle him up. As the other one did so, Kageyama leaned in and showered Hinata's nipples with kisses and licks.

    "Ah, yes. More please." Hinata was now completely emerged in the role, and he threw his head back so Kageyama can have a better view of him. His penis standing tall and proud and aching some release, Hinata grinded his butt crack to slide towards Kageyama's erection. Seeing how impatient the redhead was, Kageyama slapped Hinata's rear and the other one cried out from the sting.

    "More!" Hinata's ears are red and even his cheeks are looking rather red. Kageyama reluctantly slapped Hinata's bum again, this time, feeling the sting from his own palms and Hinata squirmed in delight.

    "Ah. Ah!" was the needy moans of the redhead and Kageyama's inner sadist awoken, so to speak. He breathed in before he pinched the redhead's nipples and tweaked it hard. Hard enough to make Hinata bit teary under his blinds. He continued to slap Hinata's butt and stopped to pinch it when he felt his palm stings from it.

    "Ahh!" Hinata shouted a bit as two fingers hooked his hole to the side while he felt the hard penis filling him up slowly.

    "haa.. Ha.."Hinata felt the pain upon entering, but once the penis' head was inserted, Kageyama took a rest to let Hinata catch his breath. Well, not really catch his breath as the raven assaulted Hinata's mouth with fiery kisses.

    Both Kageyama and Hinata enjoys sensual kisses, and it's a direct stimulation to the pit of their stomach. Kageyama can still remember the first time him and Hinata shared one and to this day, he can't get over how a mere kiss have affected him so much.

    Kageyama's tongue traced Hinata's teeth a bit and tickled the top of the redhead's mouth, in return, Hinata's hole tightened around his shaft.

    Breaking the kiss off, Kageyama held that smooth hips and lower it on him slowly. Hinata's whole body shook and he heard that clinking sound when subconsciously, Hinata tried to part his thumb so that he can hug Kageyama.

    "Ha.. I'm all in." Kageyama saw streaks of tears at Hinata's cheek and kiss it. He then moved slowly, lowering the redhead's hips and he thrust his own upwards. After a few minutes, Hinata finally adjusted to the hardness and moved his hips on his own. Kageyama lets Hinata do what he wanted to do and just supported him. Bouncing up and down Kageyama, Hinata's own penis swayed. Since they were both feeling it right before that foreplay, Hinata was most certainly ready to cum.

    "Sir, please rub my dick. I want to cum." He said to Kageyama, and as proof of what he said, pre-cum leaked continuously and his anal wall clamping down on Kageyama, it's almost painful for the raven. Almost being the definitive word.

    Kageyama reached out on Hinata's cock and just a few squeezes and rub, the redhead came. The tightness around Kageyama's dick was warm and unbearable and he was surprised that he came too. Luckily for them both, he was wearing a condom or it'll be a mess to clean up.

    Slowly, Kageyama lifted Hinata up and rest the redhead's back on the bed, he then removed the blindfold which has made Hinata wince since the light from the lamp hurts his eyes a bit. Kageyama leaned down to kiss Hinata's eye and removed the thumb cuff too, before he rubbed Hinata's reddish buttocks.

    "Does it hurt?" Kageyama asked, mentally deciding what should he place to soothe the other man's ass. Hinata shook his head and giggled. "You should have slapped me harder while you're inside me, the vibration from it will rock your world." he added and gave Kageyama a hug before pulling him closer and gave the raven a lick at its ear.

    "Let's try that, shall we? Please." Hinata said and like a siren calling to her victims, like a sucker, Kageyama fell for it.

    Kageyama glanced at the clock and it's already twenty past nine in the morning. His first class should start now, but the whole volleyball team was excused for the week in exchange for some make up lessons or projects they already turned in before they left. Naturally, the team was resting upon their homes, dorms, or enjoying the day for themselves. Even Hinata who was usually up by this time was soundly sleeping naked besides Kageyama.

    Seeing an opportunity, Kageyama caressed Hinata's butt and gave it a bite.

    "Ow! You stupid son of a! That hurts!" Hinata jolted from his sleep and punched Kageyama in the gut. It's not as painful as he intended it to be since Kageyama swiftly dodged it.

    Sometimes Hinata wonders if Kageyama was taking up self defense lessons seeing him always dodging his assaults.

    Hinata laid back and hugged his pillow, not giving a care that he's very expose against Kageyama's perverted eyes. That was his intention anyways.

    "Hinata, your balls are kinda smooth. How'd you do that?"

    "Stop poking it, you bastard!" Hinata swatted Kageyama's hand off and the other one laid besides him.

    "Anyways, I'm going to my home today, remember?" Kageyama covered Hinata up and the latter clicked his tongue. The seduction for morning sex failed.

    "Yeah? Take care, don't forget the gifts." Hinata mumbled and Kageyama patted his back.

    "Come with me, you're free today, right?"

    This caught Hinata's attention and he sat right up. "What? Why?" he asked.

    "I told my mom about you before, I said I'm living with you and that you're my close friend. She's surprised and wants to meet you. If you're up for it, can you come with me?" Kageyama said, his eyes weren't looking at Hinata. This was somehow like those 'meet your lover's family' and he felt like he was imposing on Hinata, he'd risk it now though. Since that day he and Yachi talked, he already decided what to do with all this madness.

    "Uhm. Sure?" Hinata said,

    "...Why?" Kageyama sat up too and looked a bit flustered and confused by Hinata's answer.

    "What do you mean, 'why'? You were the one who asked me, idiot!" Hinata threw a pillow at Kageyama and he dodged it again. "Damn you, let me hit you once!"Hinata tried to throw another pillow and Kageyama dodged it again by reflex.

    "Grrr! You're making me irrationally mad this early in the morning!" Hinata said and pounded the bed with his fist.

    "Fine, then. So, I'm coming with you.. make breakfast while I shower please." He resigned and stood up, completely naked, walking towards the shower.

    Kageyama smirked at those plump butt and noticed that Hinata was already wearing his ankle bracelet. He doesn't know why, but his chest felt full seeing it on Hinata. It's like the redhead gave him an unfair amount of hope.

    Incidentally, a blushing Hinata patted his chest under the strong current of water from the shower thinking that Kageyama's invitation to his place is giving him strong hopes, fueling his will not to give up on the idiot.

    "Ah, mou!"

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "Woah, so this is what the dorms looks like. It's surprisingly large, isn't it?"

    "Would you like a cup of tea or coffee, Hinata?" Yamaguchi offered and gave the redhead a chair to sit in, while Kageyama and Tsukishima discussed something in front of the laptop.

    "Can I have a glass of water instead?" Hinata removed his jacket and crossed his legs, looking for things to read while he waited for Kageyama.

    Before they left their apartment, Kageyama received a call from Yamaguchi, asking if he can borrow Kageyama's laptop cause the one Kei used has corrupted for some reason. The desktop PC was busy with Kei's project and Yamaguchi has nothing to use. Kageyama doesn't mind, he rarely needed it anyway.

    "But that's a really big bag, how long are you going to stay at Kageyama's house?" the freckled face man asked and Hinata answered with a smile, "Oh, maybe a day or two. My bag is big cause Kageyama made me bring my pillow. It's sort of an insecurity thing, I can't have a good rest without it."

    "Heh, is that so?"

    "Can I ask you something personal?" Hinata said, surprising even Tsukishima and made him pause for a while, while he transferred songs to Kageyama's cell phone.

    "Err, sure?" Yamaguchi reluctantly answered, he knew Hinata has a blunt side to him and he doesn't mind, he's just nervous because he's not really good at lying and hiding stuff. Kageyama who's looking rather nervous for Yamaguchi, fidgeted in his seat.

    "How long have you two been dating?" Hinata tilted his head and looked at Yamaguchi and Tsukishima. From what he understood, the two were giving off the vibe that they've been together for quite some time. He sometimes sees Yamaguchi acts like a lovely wife; wiping Tsukishima's sweat off, giving him water, fixing his things, getting angry if he gets his things lost in the locker room, cheering for him.

    In exchange, he often sees Tsukishima giving gifts to Yamaguchi, reminding him to take care going down the stairs, getting angry for carrying too much stuff. Hinata sometimes think that if it's humanly possible for male to give birth, one of them will be carrying their child now. As to which one is it, Hinata has a hunch that the two have no definite position to begin with. That's just his hunch.

    "We dated around second year in high school? But we've known each other for a long time. I for one, loved Tsukki a long time." Yamaguchi answered bashfully, and Kei sighed.

    "It's finished." Tsukishima unplugged the connector and gave the phone to Kageyama.

    "Okay, let's go Hinata." Kageyama said. He looked at the clock and saw that they have time before the next bus arrives and he felt hungry enough to look at the three. "Why don't we grab some lunch while we're at it?"

    "Good idea, I'm in the mood for some meat." Yamaguchi said and looked at his boyfriend's face, as if asking him by look and Hinata chuckled at how Yamaguchi handled Tsukishima.

    "Hinata, bring your luggage with you. We'll leave after we eat."

    Hinata nodded.

    "Ehh! You guys are so unfair, going out without me." Yachi saw them going out of the Men's dorms and pouted as she walked towards the four. Hinata felt a bit nervous, seeing Kageyama's girlfriend.

    Shit! How can we explain this? Hinata's heart almost leaped out of his chest, but what he doesn't understand was that Kageyama seemed cool and calm. He didn't know Kageyama was such a poker face, since the man wears his feelings in his sleeves when it comes to the redhead.

    "We're having lunch at the Barbecue house, you said you're on a diet, right?" as expected of Tsukishima, he found an excuse so they won't hurt Yachi's feelings at the same time they dodged a possible super awkward situation.

    "Ah, right, then, have fun. By the way, what's with the bag, you two?" She asked Kageyama and Hinata casually while she looked at their things. Hinata's bag seemed so big compared to the scowling raven.

    "Eh, ah! Haha! Well.."Hinata stuttered and Kageyama answered for them.

    "We're staying over at my home. I asked Hinata to come with me."

    At first Yachi wore a surprised expression, but it slowly turned into a soft, happy smile while she looked fondly at Kageyama. She reached out her hand and tiptoed a bit so she can ruffle Kageyama's hair. She grinned widely and Kageyama's cheeks showed a tinge of pink.

    "Then, enjoy your vacation! Hinata, I'll see you when you get back." She smiled at Hinata too, and Hinata felt annoyed at how she acted, mostly at himself for being jealous of what he saw just now.

    "See me? What do you need to see me for?" Hinata's voice sounded hostile than what he intended it to be, and only Tsukishima caught on it.

    "Silly. Your job? I was scheduled for a meeting with the doctor?" Yachi reminded him and fixed her side ponytail. For some, fixing one's hair in front of others was kinda bad manner, but not with these people in front of her. They got used to her as she got used to them changing shirts in front of her.

    "Ah! Right, can you send me a mail? Remind me what time will you be coming so I can take notes." Hinata said and Yachi nodded before she tugged Kageyama's collar to whisper something in his ear.

    "Good luck!"

    She left afterwards, skipping happily, effectively pissing a certain redhead, and not to mention a blonde; who thinks they are all idiots. Especially Kageyama.

    "Thank you for the food, the curry was very delicious. Now I know why Kage- I mean Tobio likes curry." Hinata flashed his perfect smile and Kageyama's mother was a goner.

    "Maa, maa. This child is so sweet. Please come here often! This is the first time Tobio brought home a friend! Mama is so excited." Mrs. Kageyama ruffled Tobio's hair and the other one awkwardly swat her hands away. She's always the type to fawn over cute things and he had an idea that she will like Hinata. What he didn't expect was that Hinata was such a lady killer. There's no doubt that there's a lot of girls who will fall for that kind of smooth talking, Kageyama thought and cluck his tongue in annoyance.

    While Mrs. Kagayama cleared the table, Hinata's face distorted as he covered his mouth just in time for the big yawn. "Ah, I seemed to be tired." he said and Tobio escorted him to where the bathroom was so he can use it first. He then let Hinata do what he wanted while he himself helped his mother.

    "Ah, There's a futon on top of your dad's dresser, but I don't think it'll be comfortable since I haven't taken that out in a few months. Would you be okay sleeping on it and give Hinata-kun the bed instead?" She asked and Kageyama nonchalantly replied "It's okay, we'll sleep on the bed together. It's wide enough."

    "Eh?" to her surprise, her unsociable son was actually willing to share a bed with someone.

    She didn't press on, but she had a faint smile on her lips, thinking that Hinata was such a good influence on her son. He's quick on being annoyed before and there's nothing but scowl on his face. And while Kageyama still scowls a lot, he's also chuckling a bit and grinning. It seems like being friends with a ball of sunshine like Hinata was a good thing for him, or so Mrs. Kageyama thought.


    "You are sleeping, dumbass?" Kageyama opened the door to see Hinata in prone position in his bed. Hinata admired how soft the bed was compared to what they have at home. This one was obviously for a good sleep at night, while the one they have in their apartment was sturdy and obviously one for fucking hard.

    "I still like the one we have at home though." the redhead mumbled and Kageyama gave him a questioning look.

    "What?" Kageyama sat at the foot of the bed and Hinata rolled and spread his arms. "Nothing, you bathe?" he asked the raven cause he wasn't sure if he did. He had a quick nap after he dried his hair and he heard some rustling sound. Honestly, it's still early to sleep, but he's been too tired lately he himself was unsure why.

    Kageyama played a disc with Karasuno's former matches and Hinata immediately shot up and watched with him. The room was filled with 'uwahhh!' and 'ohhhhh!' as the excited redhead saw with his own eyes how exciting the high school volleyballs was.

    There was a knock on the door and a moment later, Kageyama carried a tray with hot milktea in it with some light snacks his mother made for them. It's obvious that she went all her way to prepare something good cause the raven himself hasn't tasted black tea for a few years now. He laughed inwardly imagining what would his mom think when he tell her that he loves this 'friend' romantically.

    "Wow, your mom is so nice. But where's your dad?" Hinata asked and Kageyama wondered that himself. "Last I know, he was working with his friend, maybe he's out of town for business."

    Hinata sighed while he sipped his tea, "You don't know where your dad is? That's so weird." he noted, but didn't say anything anymore. Feeling a bore coming, Hinata suggested they watch something scary and Kageyama said he has no disc of such sort.

    "We can connect my cell phone to your TV, we can play some from my storage if you want."

    "Oh, we can do that? Cool." Kageyama still has doubts whether they can really, but he did what Hinata asked him to do anyways.

    As they plug the smartphone in, Hinata sat beside Kageyama on the floor while he snuggled his pillow. Kageyama then grabbed a blanket and covered Hinata and himself over the shoulder. The redhead was unfazed and Kageyama appreciated how the man doesn't make a big deal out of everything.

    As the movie played on, the munching sound Hinata made from the cookies can be heard as well and Kageyama thought how he was such a sucker for thinking how this makes Hinata looks like a tiny rabbit.

    "What's so funny?" Hinata pouted and looked at Kageyama and the latter burst out laughing. "Haha, you! Your face is filled with crumbs. Geez, are you a kid?" Kageyama smoothly leaned in and pressed Hinata's cheeks before he gave it a lick.

    Hinata's back hair rose up and he also felt goosebumps on his arms. "That's enough, don't you think?" He asked Kageyama, who continued from licking to light kisses on his cheeks.

    "Hm? Just some making out will do, we can't have sex here anyways. Don't you think this is rather exciting? Makes you feel like a high school kid yourself." Kageyama's nose rubbed against the redhead's throat and neck and Hinata hummed as a reply. Though in truth, Hinata wouldn't know. He dated before, but he never had any sex romantically per se, other than Kageyama. He'd rather not tell the man though, cause it'll cause them both discomfort.

    "I knew from before that you're a big pervert." Hinata said as he welcomed the hand that's been snaking its way under his shirt towards his chest. Kageyama snorted and removed the pillow out of the way before he removed Hinata's shirt off. His one hand tweaked and flicked one of the redhead's nipples while his lips and teeth work the other one.

    Hinata's breathing became ragged, obviously enjoying that warm tongue swirling on top of his now erected nipple. "Hm..." he covered his mouth to make sure there's no weird sound coming from him. Though he knew that Kageyama's room looked secure?not to mention the horror movie playing covering whatever sound they were emitting?still to err on the safe side, he did his best to control. He wasn't much of a screamer anyways, more like - sensual moaning was his thing.

    Kageyama then slowly pushed the man to lay his back on the floor while he hovered on top of him. With the blanket still covering Kageyama, the raven then went down and kissed the redhead's chest all over, licking him slowly towards the navel. Hinata felt so aroused that he fidgeted and tried to free himself from Kageyama's grasp, but the raven firmly held the redhead's ankle.

    As the strength and reasoning left Hinata's body, he quivered under Kageyama's touch and hot breaths against his skin.

    "Kag- Please.." Hinata decided to beg the other one to stop the pleasure assault, he can't hold on much.

    "Not yet." Kageyama said, still under the blanket. Hinata tried to look, but he can see the bulk under the sheets and thought how kinky that looked. Kageyama then parted the redhead's legs and used his teeth to pull the sweatpants and briefs down, enough to free the erection of Hinata.

    "Guh!" Hinata moaned as Kageyama teased his tip with a lick. He always felt pain through it and at the same time, there's a minute pleasure from it. He felt the tongue goes to lick the side and he used his elbows to prop himself up and look, but all he saw was Kageyama under the blanket and while he debated whether to remove the blanket or not, he knew not to disrupt Kageyama while he's on a roll, or his dick for the matter.

    He felt the raven stopped and rummaged something before his legs was yanked hard and he slid down.

    "What the fu-

    Kageyama then covered Hinata's mouth and the said man remembered they're not in their home.

    "Lie on your side." Kageyama said and Hinata did?their breaths bind under the blanket gave him a bit of a new thrill as well. He felt like they are young lovers, hiding under the covers so they won't get caught. Hinata scratched Kageyama's back a bit as the raven continued to pleasure him.

    Kageyama asked the redhead to cover himself with the blanket and after he did, Kageyama maneuvered himself reverse to the redhead and worked his mouth on the man's dick once more. Hinata instantly got what Kageyama wanted and slowly freed Kageyama's erection on his sweatpants too and started to rub it to hardness. The two licked each others penises on a side soixante-neuf position. Hinata's legs, however, was raised higher than Kageyama's because whenever the raven took a break from sucking him?possibly from his jaws hurting?and used his hand to stroke the man and licks Hinata's inner thighs, maybe work his hand on the balls as well as how the redhead likes it.

    He noted how Kageyama's hands were so skilled, even in bed. Good at handling balls, haha. Hinata chuckled and Kageyama took a peek at the him. "What're you laughing at, idiot." he asked and thrust his penis on the chuckling mouth. This caught Hinata by surprise and while he wanted to be mad, his own penis got assaulted by that wall on Kageyama's mouth as the raven sucked the air out before he bob his head to that shaft.

    Feeling the height of pleasure, the two of them tried to sync their orgasms, but Hinata lost by a few seconds, and Kageyama followed when he heard the redhead's very sensual moaning. Satisfied, the two sat still under their blanket fort and wiped each others cum.

    After they cleaned themselves, Kageyama removed the blanket from them and they both breathe long. "Boy, that's hot." Hinata meant the sex. "Yeah, I sweat quite a lot." Kageyama meant the covers.

    "Let's rewind the movie." Kageyama said and Hinata nodded. "Let's open your window first and rinse our mouth. I want to finish that cookie." he added.

    Kageyama scowled a bit as Hinata dressed himself back to that shirt. He thought the redhead was a bit cold to him and he silently promised himself to hug the man so tight when they sleep so he chokes him to death.

    "You fucking shrimp." Kageyama muttered.

    Tanaka, Yachi, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi decided to sleep over Sawamura's place for tonight, thinking they really have to talk about what's happening between the two: Hinata and Kageyama.

    Yachi on the other hand was a bit tight-lip; she did promise Kageyama not to tell anyone and she intends to keep it. Yamaguchi, however, was acting like he always does and not care for the two so much, he knew not to touch something troublesome because his Tsukki will get worked up too, and he knew Tsukki already cared for Kageyama. He silently thought this meeting was just Tanaka's jealousy for being single.

    "Well, knowing Kageyama, he wasn't going to something if he wasn't serious, so why not let him be?" Sugawara, who was busy serving the bunch some drinks added and Yachi nodded.

    "But! It'll be a huge problem! Kenma and Kageyama're both our setters and Hinata was dating them both?!" Tanaka said, and his voice clearly showed concern. He doesn't seem to be the type to gossip to bring a person down and they all know that. He has a valid point too, and Sawamura crossed his arms in chest before he sighed loudly.

    "Tsukishima, I want you to answer no matter how troublesome it is... What do you think about Kageyama and Hinata?" That's his immediate concern cause they were the ones who look like cheating on Kenma.

    Tsukishima fixed his glasses and looked around, even his boyfriend looked at him and waited for an answer. He knew he can't escape and he trusted everyone inside the room so he scratched the back of his head before he answered. "Those two are in love with each other."

    Yachi squealed a bit and corrected herself with a faked a cough when they turned their eyes on her.

    "Fine, I'm discovering a new path here. Leave me be." she said and blushed. Sugawara patted her head and sat beside her.

    While they remained silent, Yamaguchi, who was busy typing his report took a break from the laptop and left it on when he went for a bathroom break.

    "Can I borrow the laptop for a bit?" Yachi asked Yamaguchi and Tsukishima and said it's Kageyama's so don't open other things and she nodded. Though that piqued her interest more and through her browsing, he saw an odd bookmark on the web browser. She looked at the guys and saw they were busy. She clicked it right after she turned the volume down, luckily for her. Cause she opened a porn site, a specific video of a certain someone she knew.

    "What happened Yachi? You're so pale!" Sawamura noted. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima took a peek at her screen and had the same expression as her shortly after. Tsukishima was quick though, as he closed the tab instantly and swiftly hit the clear history.

    "We.. I mean, we forgot the date. We have a paper due tomorrow for Economics!" Yamaguchi said and Yachi clasped her hands. "Yeah, we forgot!"

    Tsukishima remained silent though, thinking how stupid the two were since they don't share that class together and everyone knew that.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    Yachi knew that Hinata did porn a while back, she knew, but it didn't cross her mind that Kageyama would keep something that pains him in his laptop bookmark.

    She tossed and turn in her sleep, thinking of the video she saw. It wasn't a big deal in reality, considering she's been hearing some stuff guys been talking about in their club room. She got used to a lot of things so just an apparent naked Hinata kissing one guy under him was something she can handle. She only saw some parts, luckily for her even porn videos have foreplays too, else she would see Hinata doing this and that and it'll be too late. She's been reading yaoi mangas recently, so she has an idea how it is. But real life gay porn was another matter. She was aware of that.

    There's a weird pain inside her chest. She likes Hinata even now. As to what she likes about the man, it's his will on not giving up. Every now and then, Yachi can see something different in the redhead's eyes and it draws her in.

    She had a hard time dealing with Hinata dating Kenma, but the closeness she saw between the two somehow alleviates the pain of losing her chance with the man. She can see Kenma was shy and closed off to others, but he talks freely with Hinata and that it shows how much Kenma is fond of the redhead. In a sense, Yachi told herself that she picked the right person to like, cause even the types of Kenma can't help but love Hinata.

    Then the revelation came and Kageyama confessed of the things he's been doing with Hinata. A part of her wants to tell how gross and unfair Kageyama was, but she knew the man longer than Hinata. She knew that Kageyama doesn't do things half-heartedly. She can see that the raven has clearly been in more pain than anyone. But knowing that Hinata has done these things with Kageyama with the intention to save his new found happiness with Kenma was a bitter pill to digest.

    When she learned what Kageyama wanted to do with their?Hinata and Kageyama's?current status, Yachi felt the need to cry herself to sleep - and she did.

    Now that she saw the video?or rather a glimpse of it?she understood why Hinata was doing anything to save his relationship with Kenma.

    Kenma?from what he heard from Kageyama?accepted Hinata's past. Yachi knew that if she's the one with Hinata while he did those things, she will curse him and detest him for years.

    With this, Yachi thought Kenma loves Hinata more, and Kageyama somehow agrees with her.

    "Poor Hinata." Yachi said as she hugged her pillow, hoping she can at least put her feelings at bay and drift off to sleep.

    Kageyama woke up from the giggles and chatters coming from the kitchen, he yawned and stretched before he went to the bathroom and refresh himself. It's always awkward for him every morning because of the morning-wood. Growing up in this house has been hard, especially since his mom stays at home at mornings.

    Luckily, he's not an innocent high school brat anymore, and he can settle this physiological occurrence quite easily.

    Hinata came to the bathroom and caught Kageyama brushing his teeth.

    "Good morning." Hinata said with a grin on his face. He knew the raven was prone to having morning erections and he wanted to tease the man for a bit to embarrassed him, Kageyama had an idea with what's up because Hinata shot a glance up his crotch.

    Kageyama rinsed his mouth and spited before he rest the toothbrush on the mug on top of the lavatory.

    "You wanna help me with my boner?" Kageyama whispered and smirked.

    "Hm? Haha, not really. Your mom and I made breakfast, Tobio-chan." Hinata teased and they walked towards the kitchen where his mother awaits with the food on the table.

    "Good morning. Ah, Dad?" Kageyama was surprised to see his father reading newspaper.

    "Good morning. I've met your friend already, you should have sent me a mail. I would have come home sooner." he answered as the rest of them settled on the table.

    It's a rare thing for his father to like someone who involves himself with volleyball, as he often hears him before, saying that it's a waste of time. He took a glance at Hinata and then back at his parents and awe at how Hinata managed to win over them. He thought Hinata had a strange skill to make others like him from the get go.

    Somehow, he wished he had brought Hinata in his home sooner. At the back of his mind, he wondered if Kenma's family will accept Hinata as their son's lover.

    No doubt they would.

    Kageyama sipped his coffee and made the pain at the pit of his stomach even worse.

    "Ah. I'm so tired." Hinata took a glance at the clock and saw that they made their way to their apartment at eleven at night. They still don't have work or class for tomorrow, but Hinata has to go visit the clinic later in the afternoon to assist Yachi. When they enter their apartment, Hinata immediately changed his clothes. It's rather rare for him not to shower before he went to bed, but he just took one not so long ago, so he decided to just lay his head on the sleep.

    "That reminds me, do you want to come with us tomorrow? Yachi will go get her HPV vaccine, I figured her boyfriend should come with us too." Hinata said while Kageyama changed his clothes with sleepwear. They took a bath at Kageyama's house before they went home, and the bus ride was just two hours or so, so it was not needed to take one again. They both are ready to rest for tonight.

    Kageyama scowled and stared at Hinata.

    "Wha-what is it, bastard?! Wanna fight?!" Hinata raised his hands in defense and Kageyama lunged himself to the redhead, effectively pinning the man down.

    "What the fuck are you doing, you stupid Bakageyama!" Hinata squirmed and tried to escape the man's grasp but he's unsuccessful.

    "Why.. Why aren't you affected between me and Yachi? Why do you want me to come, knowing that I will be with her?" Kageyama asked.

    The look upon his face was something Hinata saw once before. It's the same angry and pained look when Kageyama broke up with him and Hinata immediately felt the tears welling up at the side of his eyes.

    "What's? Wrong?" Hinata don't know what to say and this just slipped his mouth.

    Before Kageyama answered he bit his lip again, unknowingly hurting himself. He stopped when Hinata's tears overflowed, he don't know what to do with his anger rising up.

    "It's frustrating the fuck out of me, Hinata." Kageyama said, his grip on Hinata's arm tightened and Hinata winced, he knew that one was going to leave a mark.


    "Hinata, do you really love Kenma that much you're willing to do this and that with me?" Kageyama leaned down closer, his face just an inch or two away from the redhead and Hinata's breath hitched.

    "You're hurting me, let me go please." Hinata said with a soft voice. He figured Kageyama somehow lost his sense and succumbed to anger as the eyes of the said man darkened.

    "You know what I don't understand? Kenma said to me he knows you did porn and he accepts it. So why? Why are you still doing those things with me. Ah, I get it, you're just like this. You just like playing so much, is that right? Well, I'm not different from you, apparently." Kageyama said and Hinata couldn't answer. His voice just won't come out.

    "How about it, let's do these things we like so much." Kageyama licked the redhead's chin and the other one whimpered.

    "Not liking it? I thought you wanted to do these things?!" the raven continued to tease and removed his hands. Hinata has the opportunity to escape, but he loves Kageyama so much, any kind of emotion the man can give him was something he will accept. He could not deny the fact that this hurts though. Now it was clear to him that the raven really hates him and this was all for revenge. Why else would he wanted Hinata to be jealous and why else would Kageyama hurt him like this.

    All the redhead did was cry and reached out for Kageyama and hugged him with all his might.

    Hinata buried his face in Kageyama's shoulder and Kageyama clicked his tongue. "I don't know anymore!" the raven tried to remove Hinata's arms that's been wrapped around his body.

    "NO!" Hinata said and hugged him tighter, slightly clawing the raven's back.

    "What the fuck do you mean by 'no'?" Kageyama managed to remove Hinata's held and pinned the man to the bed. He knew what he did hurt cause Hinata winced and closed his one eye. Kageyama knew he needed to calm down or all his feelings will be for naught.

    He breathed in and out and just as he's about to calm down, Hinata raised his head and went in for a kiss.

    "Ngh." he was taken by surprise and he can't help but push Hinata off. He wasn't the mood, more so when he thought Hinata was just utterly cruel, kissing him at a time like this.

    "Stop! Just stop!" Kageyama pushed him, but Hinata bit Kageyama's collar bone. "No, I'm not stopping." Hinata said and reached out to Kageyama's crotch.

    "Tch! Fine! This is what you want right?! I'll give it to you!" Kageyama burst in anger and cupped Hinata's face before he went in and gave him a long wet kiss. Pushing his tongue in, Kageyama tugged down Hinata's shorts and briefs, just enough to free Hinata's penis. It's not near erection just yet, and Kageyama stroke it a few times before realizing that given the atmosphere inside the room, it looks like Hinata won't be hard just like him.

    He took a deep breath and stopped the kissing. He looked at Hinata's face and saw that the man was continually crying.

    What the fuck am I doing?
    Kageyama felt the guilt and managed to calm down.

    "Stop crying, idiot!"

    Kageyama then remembers his conversation with Yachi when she discovered them.

    "What did you say?" Yachi whirled her head towards Kageyama and latter clenched his fist and answered with his teeth slightly clenched too.

    "I just love Hinata. If there's a slight chance that he will love me back, then that's good. We'll work our problems from there. If not, then I have no right to interfere with his happiness. And as of now, I think he will be happier with Kenma than me." Kageyama was pained by what he said too.

    "Then.. You're breaking up with him?" the blonde said.

    "Hm? Break-ups are for people who's in a relationship with feelings involve. I for one loves him, but it doesn't look like he loves me. Maybe he's allowed me to be with him cause he felt this is some sort of expiation. You know, Hinata is some type of a masochist, I think we both are." Kageyama finished this one with a chuckle, but Yachi saw some tears or so she thought cause Kageyama kept himself checked.

    "That's just sad." she said.

    "You okay?" Kageyama asked and Hinata nodded his head. He has no other way to tell the raven how he was besides shake or nod his head. He's been in a bind and Kageyama roped him up good. His hand behind him were hurt a bit with the rope friction each time he tried to move. He asked for this, and he got what he wanted.

    While in the middle of heavy making out, Hinata begged Kageyama to be rough with him and make it hurt. From the looks of it, Hinata had an idea that Kageyama had enough of playing and he's about to be dumped again. At least he wanted something he can feel for a while. A pain to remind him of the hurt that's coming.

    There's a buzzing sound coming from Hinata's crotch and Kageyama knows it's been a few minutes since he turned the vibrating dildo on. Hinata's inside must be stretched up good by now.

    He took a good look at Hinata and saw the man was a big mess. He tied Hinata up bounding the redhead's hand on his back and while the intricate Kikkou Shibari bondage* looked exquisite on Hinata's fair skin. The ball-gag in Hinata's mouth was obscene as well, and Kageyama wondered if this was how he looked when Hinata placed a bit gag on him too.

    Going all out, there's also a bind connected to a chain in Hinata's neck. It was Hinata's request, but for Kageyama, he still wanted to have a regular lovemaking with the redhead. The one where he can kiss him all over, leaves bites here and there, touch every inch of the redhead's skin. But Hinata has definite serious kink and he gladly indulged this.

    "Your pre-cum's continually leaking. Looks delicious." While Hinata stood up, shaking in his feet, Kageyama poked the tip of Hinata's penis and the other one sniveled. "Oh ready to cum?" Kageyama asked and squeezed the other man's dick to prevent him for the very much needed release.

    "I wonder, will my cock fit inside you too? While this thing is in.." Kageyama pushed the vibrating dildo in and out Hinata and the said man trembled violently. Looks like he's really about to cum. But just like Hinata wished, Kageyama decided to make it last and make it hurt.

    The raven haired man bit Hinata's nipple, surprising even himself when he heard the redhead's cried behind his gag and the smell of iron permeated his nose. He let go of his bite and Hinata's strength finally left his legs and collapsed on the floor on all fours.

    "Haha, awesome. It broke the skin." Kageyama licked the side of his lips, tasting that tangy taste of Hinata's blood. The redhead looked at him with eyes filled with tears and though Kageyama wanted to stop because he felt so bad for hurting Hinata, part of him also wanted this too.

    "I'm going in." Kageyama decided to penetrate Hinata with the dildo still inside the redhead and Hinata?still on all fours?looked at Kageyama and nodded his head. His penis leaked still, since that last bite made him cum. Realizing this, Kageyama lost it and thrust in after he lubed his penis in ample amount.

    "NGHH!" Hinata trembled and his saliva escaped the side of the gag. The pain from being stretched reach its height. Kageyama made a shushing sound and stopped thrusting in, only successfully placing the head of his cock inside. Kageyama pressed the redhead to rest his head on the floor and Hinata got the idea that Kageyama wanted to push further in, so he nodded and gave the raven the consent. He leaned his chest on the floor and raised his hips a little so Kageyama can go inside with ease.

    The raven squeezed lube again to his shaft and he carefully pushed further. He heared Hinata whimpered and moaned and he knew this was rough; he himself felt the pain cause it was very tight. He turned off the vibrating function and managed to push half of his cock in. He stopped to plant kisses on the redhead's back and massaged Hinata's lower back.

    "Nod if you think you can handle me moving now." Kageyama said and Hinata nodded with tears in his eyes. The raven gulped and moved slowly and he felt his own organ rubbing on the beaded dildo too. Not to mention the tightness of Hinata's hole that gripped him so much, it was almost as if it was sucking him inside. Managing only half in. Kageyama worked his way through the hole, slowly pulling out but ramming inside back. He trembled as his urethra got stimulated with the dildo too.

    "Hinata, it's too hot inside." Kageyama said and Hinata turned back and looked at the raven while the said man moved his hips slowly and shake it so he have a circling motion as he thrust inside. Hinata couldn't help but notice himself that having sex with his Seme still wearing his pants emphasized that chiseled side abs. The V shape looked so good, especially when Kageyama glistened from his sweat.

    Hinata felt his prostate being stimulated and even though his penis was only half hard, since he just came and it can't be helped, he still felt a climax coming on.

    "I'm..." Kageyama was surprised when the insides became too tight for him to move and saw Hinata trembling.

    "You...Is that a dry orgasm?"

    He didn't need an answer because it's obvious that the redhead reached the height of pleasure, even without ejaculating. He then plunged into that hole one last time before cumming himself and emptying inside the redhead.

    "Ohhh." Kageyama moaned and bit Hinata's shoulders and the two collapsed on the floor. The raven slowly removed his penis, and just as he suspected, this cause a bit of fissures on the redhead, though it was not as bad as he expected it to be. Still, it will cause Hinata pain and discomfort. He removed the dildo too, and freed the mouth of the redhead.

    "You okay?" He asked again and Hinata nodded, "More or less," he added.

    "I'll remove the rest of the binds and help you bathe. We'll apply medicine on your hole after." Kageyama said, still panting from his climax a moment ago.

    "Thank you." Hinata said, it was obvious that his voice was sad and Kageyama also noticed that.

    Kageyama still kind despite it all. Hinata said to himself.

    Hinata looked so sad. The raven told himself as well.


    Hinata was all tucked in their bed, with his back facing Kageyama. He had been breathing deeply and Kageyama knew that Hinata was already fast asleep. He did give the man a massage earlier to help him sleep faster and that helped with the awkward silence between them.

    Kageyama went out of the bed and grabbed his phone with him. He looked at the clock and knew that it's too late or rather, too early to message someone but he still did.

    "Then.. You're breaking up with him?" the blonde said.

    "Hm? Break ups are for people who's in a relationship with feelings involve. I for one loves him, but it doesn't look like he loves me. Maybe he's allowed me to be with him cause he felt this is some sort of expiation. You know, Hinata is some type of a masochist, I think we both are." Kageyama finished this one with a chuckle, but Yachi saw some tears or so she thought cause Kageyama kept himself checked.

    "That's just sad." she said.

    "Yeah, it is, but there's nothing I can do. I don't want Hinata to continue to be a liar and my masochistic gauge is nearly full." Kageyama then added, "I received a call from a Pro-Team just earlier and they want me to check out their facility. I think I will take up on the offer."

    "Wait, what? You received a message? Does the Coach know about this?" Yachi knew that this was one of the things Kageyama truly wanted to do, but she felt a bit sad cause this might mean that one of her friends will be gone and will move on to another team and that's just sad, at least for the blonde.

    "I did tell him a moment ago and I told him I would think about it hard and before I made a decision, I'll tell him too."

    "Hmm, is this why you're so troubled too?" Yachi asked and Kageyama nodded, "Part of it, another reason was that I can't really stomach Hinata and Kenma and that Kuroo guy too. It's killing me." Kageyama glared at the asphalt floor and Yachi understood how he must have felt seeing the three. She herself feels jealousy towards Kenma, but it pales in comparison with what Kageyama might be feeling right now.

    "I wish you luck, Kageyama. I still hope you and Hinata somehow find a way to be together. This is your first love, right? Knowing you, you won't love anyone else."

    This was just Yachi's hunch. Kageyama is a volleyball idiot that even his notes are full of volleyball. So for the man to love anything other than the said sports, you know that it was a forever thing.

    "Thanks." Though in the setter's heart, he knew it was hopeless case. He already lost his chance when he lied to Hinata to get close to him, even if it's just physical.

    Kageyama sent the email to his coach and recruiter; he agreed to come to the Team's court to pursue his dream and decide to leave Hinata to have his peaceful life with Kenma.

    Hinata, while lying in bed was in tears. He knew that Kageyama already made up his mind, and a dirty person like him has no right to intervene.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't come today, I caught a flu. Yeah, but could you take care of my friend for me? I know, Thanks." Hinata cut the line off and tossed his phone in his bed. He wasn't really supposed to come to work today, but he was supposed to come for Yachi. He just don't want to see the girl, it was too much for him to take.

    The bedroom door opened and Hinata closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep. A hand was pressed to his forehead, "You don't have a fever at least, that's good. Want something to eat?" Kageyama asked and Hinata shook his head.

    "I just want to pretend I'm sleeping." He was frank and Kageyama scowled. "Okay." he replied and patted Hinata's back.

    "You got everything?" Hinata can't sleep cause of the ruckus Kageyama was making. He sat on the bed and looked at all the things Kageyama packed and he felt a tiny vomit from the back of his mouth.

    "Uh huh. I don't have a lot, so it'll fit in two bags." the raven said and zipped his jacket up.

    "Don't forget to bring your electric shaver." Hinata reminded the raven and the latter chuckled. "It's already packed in my bag. I took everything, even the cup ramens I bought and stocked up in the pantry."

    Hinata smiled and somehow appreciated how Kageyama was leaving without a trace. He likes that he can have some peace knowing that he won't see anything that reminds him of the idiot.

    "This is it." Kageyama stood by the bedroom door, carrying two big bags with him. Hinata tried his hardest to hold back the tears and gave the man a proper goodbye.

    "No, don't stand up. I know your fissures still hurts. I'm sorry about that."Kageyama said and Hinata nodded. "It really does." Hinata laughed and Kageyama joined him.

    After the laughter died out, Kageyama choked a bit and Hinata sniffled; keeping his tears was hard and his throat felt sore because of it.

    "I'm sorry for everything, Hinata and thanks. Take care of yourself." He said, his face was a bit relaxed than earlier and Hinata breathed a bit better as well. Leaving, apparently, was the right thing to do for Kageyama and he's glad for the raven.

    "Same here, Bakageyama." he managed to send him off with a smile.

    "See you, dumbass." was the last thing Kageyama said to Hinata before he closed the bedroom door behind him.

    Kageyama was not crying, but he felt like his chest was being stabbed repeatedly. He thought about this before and he kept saying it over and over; having a broken heart is not a figure of speech. Your heart really feels like it's being ripped apart.

    As he went downstairs, he already saw Sawamura with one of the coaches. They're there to represent Kageyama's guardians, also to talk to the team to make sure Kageyama wasn't going to be scammed over. That's one of the conditions his Coach laid out for him and he appreciated this situation, cause he cannot, by all means think for himself clearly. Sawamura can see that, and he can see that Kageyama's heart was elsewhere. He sighed and opened the car door for his both companion and started the car.

    "I don't think it's going to be this bad, but this is bad... Like bad, bad!" Yachi said and Yamaguchi smiled while Tsukishima sighed a long suffering one.

    "We don't understand what you mean." He said to the little blonde and Yachi pouted. "Just look at Hinata, will you?! Look at him!" She pointed at the man that's been practicing his serves since morning.

    Tsukishima now got what she meant?Hinata's been active lately and really tried his best to distract himself now that Kageyama was gone and has filed his Leave of Absence from the University. They got the notice that Kageyama's been scouted for Pro and he stayed there for a few days to see how things before he accepted the offer. He took a leave before he can transfer to a University nearby. Education was big on the team he went and joined in, and it was also Kageyama's wish to continue studying.

    Though, to be honest, Tsukishima felt a bit resentment towards the raven. He had a weird relationship with the man, something that can be called friendship that it was not. Still, he kinda wish the man said his goodbyes to them properly, instead of just talking to the coach and Sawamura and bypassing them like he did.

    "Pathetic." Tsukishima muttered and while Yachi thought the tall-glasses guy was talking about Hinata, Yamaguchi knew his Tsukki was talking about what his boyfriend's feelings towards Kageyama.

    "He'll call, I'm sure when he calms down, he'll give us a ring again." Yamaguchi said and patted Tsukishima's shoulder.

    "Hmph." was the reply he got.

    "Still, I wish Kageyama just told the truth before he left. He even went his way in threatening me for not telling Hinata about us." Yachi said. She already told Tsukki and Yamaguchi the truth about the messy 'pretend girlfriend' thing and it shocked the life out of Yamaguchi. Tsukishima just clicked his tongue in annoyance when he finally heard what his suspicious mind's been telling him.

    The gym was like how it is, as always, practice resumed in the afternoon. Before Hinata comes to the gym, he visits the library and reads up on possible future lessons for his classes. Kenma knew that Hinata was trying his best to put everything behind him and he likes it at one point, but he changed his views when he saw that man's eyes; seemingly recluse from everything else. Devoid of happiness, Hinata emitted a sad aura wherever he goes.

    He looked at Hinata while the man practiced his serves and sighed. He truly wanted Kageyama gone if he's being honest with himself. But it looked like Kageyama took a piece of Hinata's soul with him, and he couldn't help but worry. Besides Kuroo, Hinata was the first genuine friend Kenma made and he was sad to see the man like this.

    He squeezed the ball in his hands and saw the three freshmen looking at Hinata's back while on break. One specific person caught Kenma's eyes and he squinted it, suspicion rose over him. He slowly walked towards the three and Tsukishima saw him approaching. The tall man eyed him and this made him feel uncomfortable enough to rethink what he was about to do. Almost.

    "Yachi-san, may I have a word with you?" Kenma said and Tanaka, who sat by the bench heard it. "Wa-Why?" was the blonde's reply, but she gulped hard when she saw Kenma looked rather serious about it.

    "Okay." she said and wondered where would they talk. "Um, how about the back of the gym?" she said.

    Kenma shook his head, knowing that if they talk now, all the people inside the gym will snoop and he doesn't want that. At least not when Hinata was around.

    "After practice, how about you join me for dinner?" Kenma awkwardly squeezed the ball in his hand and looked at the floor. He knew that others were looking at him and this was about as much as he can take.

    "Su-sure.." The girl awkwardly answered back.

    Leaving the conversation there, Kenma bowed his head and went back to practice. Usually, Hinata will be all over him, asking for tosses. Nowadays, Hinata?as if trying to escape reality?refused to practice with him.

    Sawamura who saw everything sighed too.

    "What's wrong with you guys? Kageyama's doing his best, we should too!" the Coach clapped his hands twice before the team.

    Yachi kept bawling her eyes out and Kenma was glad that Kuroo went with him to meet the little blonde. Crying girls were one of the many things Kenma cannot handle.

    "Err, Uhm Yachi-chan? It's best if you stop crying now. People will think we're bullying you, you know?" Kuroo looked from left to right while he bowed his head and excuse them for making such a racket.

    "Cause! Those two.. How.. Much.. Suffering will they.. I just can't.. Uwah.." Yachi banged her forehead on the table and started to weep louder and Kuroo stood up. "Okay, we're taking her at our place." He told this one to Kenma and gave the money they owe for their food and the waiters who can't help but worry approached Yachi.

    "Miss, are you okay? Did these two harmed you?" One even tried to push Kuroo away and the man raised his hands to surrender and he felt himself sweat.

    "NO! They're with me.. Huuu. Kageyama.. Hinata!" Yachi bawled some more and Kuroo apologized again to the family restaurant owners.

    "She's on her period." Kuroo said, teasing the staffs a bit since they're all males and that's just how Kuroo is.

    "Well then.. Ah, please take care." the manager, who looked like he's in his twenties visibly blushed with what he heard and wishes the three on their way. Yachi, on Kenma's arms waved goodbye to the person who opened the door for her, while Kuroo grabbed her bag and escorted the two out.

    When they reached the two's apartment, Yachi saw Hinata's jacket hanging on the coat hanger.

    "Is he here?" She asked and Kenma shook his head. "He's not here. He hasn't come here since Kageyama left. I think he's sulking in their apartment every day." Kenma said.


    "Here, drink this tea. Geez, you really cried yourself a lot." Kuroo somehow pitied Yachi too, cause she even had to take a shower at their place cause she made a mess of herself. She really felt the pain for those two and Kuroo could understand. Yachi, after all genuinely loves Hinata. And when you love someone, their pain becomes your pain.

    Kenma blushed a bit, seeing a girl wearing his clothes was a novelty for him, and Kuroo got Kenma's ordeal so he patted his lover's head and offered him a tea as well.

    Kuroo gave Yachi her cell phone and urged her to call her friends to pick her up. It was already dinner time and it would be unwise of them to let a girl stay at their place. Okay, true, they're both gay for each other; Kenma and Kuroo. It's still unwise to let Yachi stay for the night.

    In under thirty minutes, there was a buzz in their intercom and Kenma tried to open the door, but Kuroo insisted he should stay with Yachi, so he did. A few minutes more, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi bursted into the apartment and Yachi bawled again when he saw the two.

    "Geh! What happened to you?!" Yamaguchi was a bit flustered when Yachi stood up and went in for a hug with the two. Tsukishima, most of all, blushed from ear to ear. He wasn't used to skinship other than his Yamaguchi.

    "Sit down, please. I'm afraid our place is a bit cramped. But will you please join us for dinner? There's something we have to talk as well. Looks like there's a big misunderstanding involving my lover Kenma and Yachi." Kuroo said with his perfect smile and Tsukishima instantly perceived that this man was the clever type. Someone who he hates to hang out with.

    "Lover?" While Yamaguchi rubbed Yachi's back to comfort her, he asked the two and Tsukishima resigned himself to fate. "Okay, let's join them for dinner. Yachi can't go home looking like that too." Tsukishima pointed out and Yamaguchi agrees. "Right."


    "Ah, so that's how it is. Seriously, what is up with those two?!" Yamaguchi huffed. Yachi by this time was stress eating and already on her third cup of rice. Somehow, Kenma stared at her, amazed by how much one tiny girl can eat.

    "I know what you mean. Here we thought Kageyama is such an assho?, I mean, err. Such a douchebag." said Kuroo.

    "I wonder why you corrected yourself. What you said is just the same insult." Tsukishima told Kuroo off and the man snickered. He's enjoying how the tall blonde wears his feelings in his sleeves. Kenma knew Kuroo was enjoying himself and he puffed his cheeks a bit, feeling jealous.

    "But you know Yachi-chan, all hope is not lost yet." Kuroo said.

    "Pardon?" she said. Yamaguchi chuckled how she was caught in the middle of eating a big cut of meat. He really thinks Yachi has her cute moments, despite her pessimistic attitude.

    "We really plan on taking this issue as far as Hinata asked us. I mean, the man intended to be painted the cheater here until the end. But I didn't know the two are just this depressing ball of idiocy. Kuhuuu." Kuroo can't help but burst out laughing, inappropriate or not.

    Yamaguchi followed him with a burst of giggles and started with the loud laughter. Not long after, the four men started laughing. "Those two with the cheating.. Haha. They think they're so badass. 'Oh you know.. I have a lover on the side.' ahahaha." Kuroo said and Kenma, even though feeling pissed, chuckled a bit.

    "You guys are horrible!"Yachi said.

    "Sorry, sorry. Haha. Whew.. Okay we'll stop now. Anyways, Yachi-chan.. You want to help the two idiots right?"

    "Of course!" she answered without hesitation and Kuroo wanted to tease her more, so he did. "You sure? I mean, now that Kageyama is gone, you can latch yourself to Hinata, maybe comfort him enough to let him understand that you love him." What Kuroo said was uncalled for and the four whose been listening to him felt uncomfortable with the topic.

    Yachi placed her bowl on the table and looked at her hands, a tear threatened to bubble up again, but she managed to control herself this time, since the truth sinks in a bit in her than earlier.

    "Even if you say so, Hinata won't love anyone other than Kageyama and same with Kageyama. There's no reason why they shouldn't be together." she answered.

    Kuroo looked at Yachi and sighed again. "Except there's one. Kageyama left Hinata when he learned about the porn thing without asking why Hinata did so. Of course, who wouldn't right? If Kenma pulled that on me, I'd probably go insane, maybe commit a murder and then suicide. Haha, I'm just kidding, honey." he gave Kenma a kiss on his hand and the man irritably swatted him off.

    Continuing, Kuroo said?"His reaction is understandable. Then he got jealous at Hinata and Kenma and starts to blackmail him? In a sense, do you think he has the right to come back to Hinata's life? Would you want this kind of person to be with the man that you love?"

    "Kuroo!" Kenma tried to pacify the situation, but Kuroo held his hand under the table with a serious look on his face. "Needless to say, my sympathy is with the chibi here. He's been through a lot, and to forget something like his past is not easy. Studying to pursue a path to correct his dark past is harder. I wouldn't want someone like a wishy-washy Kageyama coming into his life and leaving again when the going gets tough. Wouldn't you too?" He asked Yachi again and Yachi sniffled before she responded.

    "They still deserve to know the truth. Whether or not they fix their problems and move on from there is their decision."

    Kuroo crossed his arms on his chest. "Ohoho? Well said."

    "Eh? What do you mean?" Yamaguchi asked. His blonde beside him detested the fact that he followed Kuroo's train of thought and he clenched his fist under the table. "It means that we should do something to let those two talk to each other no matter what. Else they'll stay as idiotic as they have and they will never sort this thing out."


    "Will you stop with the 'ohoho' it's creeping the fuck out of me." Tsukishima said and Kenma elbowed Kuroo's stomach. "Yeah, stop it." he added.

    "Aww. My wittle itty bitty Kenma-tan is jealous."

    "Kuroo, you're super gross." Kenma pushed the man away from his face when Kuroo tried to nuzzle his cheeks with Kenma's, but to no avail. Yachi who had seen it all, just doesn't care anymore. She's more concerned with Kageyama and Hinata.

    "Ah geez, those two are such a pain!" Tsukishima knew they have to go out of their way to help, so he can finally have his peace of mind back. That, and so he could shut up Yachi from crying too much.

    "Hinata, mind if we hang out after your work?" Kenma arranged his things and placed it inside his bag while Hinata does the same. The redhead looked at Kenma and thought about it for a second before he refused. "I have a lot of things to do today. Next time, yeah?"

    "It's Kuroo's birthday." Kenma already knew he will say no, and in the event that he did, they already formulated a plan to hook the redhead in. Before Hinata could say no again, he added. "I wish to bake him a cake, but I don't know how to. And I wish to cook a simple dish, but I'm hopeless. Please, help me?" It's out of character for the pudding-head to ask, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

    "Guess I have no choice but to come. I'm sorry, I know I've been a crappy friend to you." Hinata said and waved goodbye at Kenma before he called out, "I'll be at your place around six. See you then."

    That's a good thing, Tsukishima and the rest went to meet Kageyama and their plan was in motion.

    The whole day went by as expected and not a moment later, at six in the evening, there was Hinata buzzing at their apartment door.

    "Come in, chibi."Kuroo answered and Hinata got confused. He saw the guilt in Kenma's eyes and he knew there was an intervening party coming.

    "Hell no!" He said and made a U-turn. "Oops, you can't go, chibi. We have planned this day for you." Kuroo manhandled the redhead and while Hinata squirmed and flailed, he could not escape Kuroo.

    "I don't want to listen! Just leave me to sulk and self pity. Just leave me the fuck alone!" Hinata doesn't want to hear their 'I understand how you are feeling.' or 'Just let it all out, we are here for you' crap. He's had enough of those already from his boss, and he just couldn't take it anymore.

    When Yachi canceled the afternoon check-up because she has something important going on, Hinata suspected it was because Kageyama had to leave that afternoon. And as his girlfriend, of course she would prioritize him over anything else. He hated the idea, it was sickening to his stomach. If it's not for Kenma, he would have quit volleyball too. That's how much he despises anything and everyone who came in contact with Kageyama.

    He knew it was not the raven's fault for being mad, it was also not Kageyama's fault for leaving, but this was all too much for Hinata to take. Watching the man close the door behind him for the second time almost killed him.

    He vomited so much, crawled his way back to bed, cried and wailed without tears. It's like Hinata's chest exploded on him and he stopped breathing for a few good hours. When he came to, there was a knock on his door and the landlord opened his house, with a few good neighbors very worried for him because of the banging noise he made. He didn't realized that he kept knocking things out of the way. He just wanted the pain to stop, that was all he wanted.

    And now these people in front of him was acting like they really have an idea, it was kinda frustrating on Hinata's part.

    He's a realistic person, he knows when to give and he knew heartbreaks aren't going to last forever. He's also open to the possibility of loving someone else in the future. Everyone deserves some happiness, no matter what kind of dark past they had. For now, though, all he wanted was some quiet; a time where he can hate everything and everyone and just wallow up in his own problems.

    His tears already threatened to bubble up when Kuroo forced him to sit in front of the table. There were food laid out and some booze. He knew this was really going to be an annoying situation.

    "Hinata, go ahead and take the call. You've turned off your cell phone so we can't contact you." Kenma said. It seemed like the smart phone the pudding pffered him was connected to a call with a number he was not familiar with. Reluctant, Hinata looked at the two, "You guys are acting so fucking suspicious." He grabbed the phone by force and placed it on his ear.

    "Don't cut the line, please talk to me, Hinata."

    "Ka-Kage.." Hinata muttered

    "Yeah, it's me."

    "Why?" Hinata's lip trembled and he can't think straight. Why was the idiot calling him after a month of being away? Once the height of his delirious night of loneliness, Hinata tried to send the man a message, but the address wasn't working anymore. He really thought he can only hear of the man from his team and his coach. Another reason why he can't leave volleyball behind. Hurting himself through the process was something he can't help.

    "I heard from Tsukishima and Yachi that you're not yourself lately. Are you taking care of your-

    "Yachi, Yachi? Everything is about Yachi with you, right? You damn one-celled moron!" Hinata exploded with anger and shouted at the receiver but he can't bring himself to cut the line. Love, apparently, makes people stupid as fuck. Hinata said to himself.

    The line was momentarily silent and it was followed by a sigh, "Hinata, I'm sorry. Will you listen to what I have to say?"

    "Listen to you? What? Why?" Kuroo and Kenma looked at the man and urged him to hear what the man has to say.

    "Hinata, I heard everything from Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Yachi today. They drove themselves here and surprised me. Sawamura-san gave them instructions how to. Anyways, I'm getting out of point here."

    Hinata waited for Kageyama to compose himself and speak again, only this time, his voice was a bit softer. "First, let me apologize to you. I didn't think that you had a deep problem for doing the things you did. Looking back, I should have seen the signs then. I'm really, really sorry, Hinata."

    By this time, Hinata broke into muffled sobbing.

    "You know, Hinata.. I never really understood love before you. I should have treated you better when I still had a chance. I suck, I know. Then all these things happened and I forced you to cheat on Kenma.."

    Hinata just sat there, sobbing while the phone settled in his ear. Kenma and Kuroo gave him some privacy and now prepared some food in the kitchen. Kuroo being inappropriately flirty even this time, nuzzled Kenma's neck and littered the man with kisses. Kenma ignored him and prepared the coffee.

    "But you know, you're not really cheating on anyone, right?" Kageyama asked and Hinata's heart tripled in pace. He burped and felt the bile coming behind his throat and he doused it with water.

    "I told you, they told me everything. And you know what, I'm really...glad..Hinata."
    Kageyama's voice broke and Hinata felt that the raven was already crying. A first from the man and he can't help but crack into bubbles of hiccups as well.

    "Baka.." said Hinata .

    There was silence again, followed by Kageyama blowing his nose off.

    "You see, I'm glad, cause it always guilt me, knowing that I made you cheat on the person that maybe the one who can bring you happiness. There's also the fact that I'm happy because you only ever looked at me, right? You only loved me?"

    "Uhn." Hinata hummed and nodded.

    Kageyama chuckled and Hinata smiled hearing so. "There's also another thing, Hinata.. I never dated Yachi, that's just a misunderstanding. I didn't clear that up."

    "That's right Hinata! I never want to date someone like Kageyama! It's just a misunderstanding!" Yachi shouted from the background and Hinata heard Yamaguchi tried to calm Yachi down.

    "You? You fucking idiot!"Hinata wailed and Kageyama shushed him from the other line.

    "If I see you, I'm going to cut off your penis!" Hinata said and Kageyama laughed.

    "You sure you want to do that?" he teased.

    "I'll kick your face, aho!"

    "You can do that. I'll just hug you till you've had enough beating me."

    "Damn you, acting all high and mighty again! You've clearly enjoyed being a masochist, asking a beating from me." Hinata cried some more and Kageyama waited for the man to calm down.

    "Hinata.. Can we please start over?"

    There was a long pause again and Hinata started to pat his chest. It hurts so much it seems like this was what's going to kill him.

    "Kageyama, you know.. The first time you left, I thought about how I can take you back, I really did. Then, with this dating Yachi thing, somehow I became obsessed with making you mine, by hook or by crook." He drank a glass of water and continued again.

    "Then, with this revelation came, and it hurts you know? You're the most honest, transparent man I know. And I made you into a liar. You carried a lot and hurt yourself in the process as well. I should know, I felt the same way. I'm really sorry, you big idiot."


    "Kageyama, I never really apologized for making the porn and hurting you. I'm sorry. Must have hurt you a lot. And I'm glad the misunderstanding is over.." longer pause was followed by a gulped and he spoke again.

    "Now, let me give up on you completely.."



    "Why? What the fuck are you trying to pull here?! You want me to beg? Cause I'll do that, let me quit the practice now and come back. I'd be happy to be tied to that bed of yours.. Whatever, right? Just don't be like this..."

    "Don't be mad and listen to me first. You see, I have a dream. One day, I will help those who became victims like myself, and maybe put an end to the abusive cycle of forcing people into pornography. To do that, I have to get myself together."

    "So? Are you saying I'll block your way? You say I'll hinder you?"

    Hinata shook his head "No. I'm saying I'll be hindering you. You see Kageyama, you're a terrible, terrible idiot."

    "You.. Dumbass, I'm going to kill you!" roared Kageyama.

    "Haha. But it's true, isn't it? You're not the type to multitask everything. When we dated, some of your grades suffered and your team had to help you. Now that you're trying to make it into Pro, things will be harsher... You know it too, right? I'll be here, you'll be there. Dating someone far, whilst doing a lot of things all at once is not something you can do, Kageyama. And honestly, I can't do that too. I.. Can't.."

    "This is getting ridiculous. Are you saying I.. I should.. Just give up? How? If you can tell me how, then that'll be great! Just tell me how, damn you!" Cried Kageyama.

    "I.. Kageyama, I love you so much.. You know that right?"

    "No! Fuck you!"

    "Listen to me! Bakageyama, listen.. When you already transitioned yourself, and things have settled in. You're already playing under the lights of the stadium, and your dreams are starting to come true at last, when? I also start to make my dreams possible? by that time.. If your heart still wants to be with me? come back to me.. Come back home."

    "What's the matter? I'll come home now.. If you can't handle long distance, distractions and everything.. I'll-"

    "...If I don't do this Kageyama, I'll be forever 'that prostitute'. The guy who did porn for money. I'll forever hide myself behind the hoody. I don't deserve to stand by your side. You, who is by a young age, already achieved your first step to your goal. I know I'm not much, but at least let me do this too. I'm a man, and just like you, I want to stand by your side with my head held high.. Us being together, while you are there, will give us a lot of things to be considerate about. You only need to focus on volleyball, and I'll do what I have to do."

    Hinata struggled to say those lines and Kenma who lsitened from the kitchen, sat on the floor and hugged his knees, feeling sad for his friend. Kuroo sat beside his lover and took the man's head to rest it on his shoulder. He knew this would happen one time or another. There's no trust between them once it was broken, so for them to make it work, they'll need constant reassurance and communication.. And they can't do that far away from each other.

    Misunderstandings breeds anger, self-pity, and hurt. And by being in a fragile relationship, their love for each other will turn to hate. One will have to sacrifice?either Hinata coming to Kageyama and leave the evidence gathering he's been working on here, or Kageyama leaving his team and comes back here, forever losing his chance to Pro. It's better to take a step back, assess one's self and start over when you have everything else in order. When everything else is clearer, when your feet are free from the mud of your past. For that, Kuroo commends Hinata's courage to prioritize both their future at a time like this. Seeing the bigger picture takes a lot of courage. He's a good man, as far as Kuroo can see.

    "Ah, ah." Kuroo patted Kenma's head and kiss the man on his temple.

    The silence was cut short when Hinata heard Yachi and the two guys excused themselves to leave Kageyama for himself.

    "Hiii. Hii." Kageyama's muffled sobbing.

    "Kageyama.." Hinata cried Kageyama's name. He knew he had to do this. Loving someone sometimes means doing the right things for them, even if it hurts you. For Kageyama, volleyball is his everything and he belongs in that world. If by chance Kageyama falls in love with someone else?for real this time.

    Hinata thought he can let him go now that he has a clear set of mind. One thing was for sure, Hinata would never love someone as much as he loves Kageyama. The man saved him from his misery, and though Kageyama caused him a lot of grief, the said man was also the cause of his happiness.

    "Shouyo?I ? "

    "I know? Me too.."

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