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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    Hinata woke feeling like he was being choked. True enough, Kageyama snuggled with him in his own bed. The redhead jolted and sat up straight, inspecting his body and checked to see if he has any underwear on. He was fully cloth and his back doesn't hurt. From what it seemed, they drank last night and went to sleep afterwards. Or at least he went to bed before Kageyama. However, he made sure that he gave the raven has his own futon to sleep in.

    "Tch.", with a click of his tongue, the redhead kicked the intruder off his bed, and the latter landed on the floor loudly.

    "Ugh. That fucking hurts." Kageyama groaned and Hinata snorted. "Who is this piece of shit who crawled on my bed?" Hinata brushed his hands together and looked down on Kageyama who was still asleep on the floor. "Sleep on the futon I gave you, or be ready to get kicked in the scrotum next time." he added and then got up, stepping on Kageyama's stomach as he went to the bathroom to freshen up.

    "Ow. That hurt, you evil sadist. uhh." grumbled Kageyama.

    Hinata doesn't have to hurry for today, he has no work and his classes starts in the afternoon. After he washed his face and brushed his teeth, Hinata started his laundry. There wasn't much so one load was enough. While he waited for it, he got dressed up with his cycling gear and checked his bike tires. He usually parks his road-racer on the entrance way, since he can't trust it on the bike racks down stairs.

    Since they have a match soon, they were given a time to rest for today. But he just can't miss this chance to stroll around, this was how he spends leisure mornings. He opened the bedroom door one last time before he wore his shoes and saw Kageyama still sprawled on his bed, lightly snoring.

    "Bakageyama!" Hinata flipped the cover off the raven and Kageyama opened his eyes and stared at him. "Where are you going, idiot?" Kageyama asked.

    "I have laundry in the wash, please unload it after. There's food in the fridge. Cook it." Hinata said and he went on his way. He admits that Kageyama's presence was making him feel uneasy. The raven doesn't like wearing shirts when sleeping, even in winter. And since Hinata was weak to those side abs of the raven, it's best if he set some boundary before he goes down and licks it.

    Hinata shook his head off those dirty thoughts and wore his shoes on the entrance way. He heard the bedroom door open and there emerges Kageyama; coal-hair disheveled, no shirt on, the hem of his underwear peaking from his pajamas. "Morning, I'll probably be out before you come back.. Classes." Kageyama said and walked towards Hinata. He gave Hinata his phone and the other shook his head.

    "No, I don't bring my phone when riding. Please put it where you saw it. Don't forget to lock the doors when you get out." Hinata tried his best not to look at the delicious meal in front of him, but he was too late. His radar-like eyes caught a glimpse of Kageyama's bulge and he audibly gulped. He was sure Kageyama heard it so he pretended to have something lodge in his throat as he tried to cover it up with a few fake coughs.

    Shit. Morning wood is dangerous.

    "Could be a start of a cold." Kageyama said and went to the fridge to check for food. Hinata remembered that Kageyama has a habit of thawing meat or even chilled vegetables, before he cooks it or place it in a microwave. The raven then disappeared from his sight and went to wash his face.

    "I'm off." Hinata said and Kageyama called out for him to take care.

    Ever since they broke up, Kageyama thought that Hinata didn't hold back on showing who he really are. When they were dating, everything seems to embarrassed that the man with the red-orange hair. Now that they were just having sex, the Hinata he once knew was different from the Hinata he knew today.

    Hinata farts in front of Kageyama, burps, he eats without reserve, he sings even though he sucks at it, and he's more alive than he's ever been when they were romantically involved.

    Last night, Kageyama thought of having sex with Hinata, as a celebration for his stay, or probably just to past the time. Since he loves the man, there was really no need for specific reason he wants to hold him. It's only natural that he felt this way.

    But that was another story when this change in Hinata came to him as a revelation.

    He did court the guy for a few months before he said yes to him. Rather, he's forced to admit that he loves Kageyama too. But Kageyama treated Hinata like he has no experience, cause that's what he's been seeing. Dating him is like dating a girl. He would know, he has ex-girlfriends before. And they were all blushing, and timid type. He figured Hinata is the same.

    He was so wrong.

    This leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. Who knew that Hinata was the type of guy who likes his draft beer, and can hold on drink lots of sake. Who likes PC gaming and sometimes forgets to take a bath. Someone who likes to deep throat his lover. Who talks dirty in bed, scratches and bites someone in the throes of passion.

    Hinata was livelier.

    Oddly enough, Kageyama loves this Hinata even more.

    "But I'm not the one that caused this change. Kenma did." the second he said this, Kageyama slapped his face and sighed. "You need food. That's right. Have breakfast, fix your things and go to class."

    Kageyama saw there's already cooked rice in the rice cooker and some poached eggs on the table. So he decided he'll just fry some of those chicken breast that's been marinated on a Tupperware. "I'll take a shower first."

    Kageyama always enjoyed taking a shower at Hinata's place. Though it's not really big, Kageyama can see that Hinata tool care of his self. There were bath salts, bath gels, nice shaving creams, moisturizers for the face and even the body. Kageyama marveled at the things inside. He was just going to wash his face but he's tempted to take a shower, and so he did.

    After he finished using those coconut scent shampoo, he went to the medicine cabinet and saw the usual things. There was a spare shaver, but he thought he doesn't need to shave yet. His facial hair doesn't grow too fast so he's still okay. He caught a glimpse of the carefully wrapped tube medicine, and he felt embarrassed after he read the label. It's the enema Hinata uses. Though the packaging was sealed and it was unused, Kageyama felt like he has to apologize to Hinata for a lot of things. "Uke's have it hard, huh?", muttered Kageyama when he read the procedure. "You have to hold the laxative for fifteen minutes?" Kageyama mouths the word 'wow' and suddenly dropped the box on the floor when the bathroom door flung open.

    "You can use it if you want." Hinata teased and stared at Kageyama's uncovered lower region.

    "W-why are you back so soon?" Kageyama said, he swiftly wrapped the towel at his waist and picked up the enema and placed it back on the cabinet.

    "It's raining." Hinata said and went to collect some of the towels on the cabinet. Kageyama went out and goes to his bag to take out his change of clothes. After he got dressed, with his hair still wet, he went out of the bedroom only to see Hinata doing some sit ups in the living room.

    Well, he did intend to cycle. Kageyama thought, appreciating the fact that Hinata is taking care of his health.

    "I'll just put your laundries in the basket." Kageyama said when he finally heard the beep of the washing machine. He placed everything in the basket and rest it on the sofa while Hinata continues to ignore him. He proceeded to do what he usually does in the mornings, a little thankful that there's food, cause most of the time he skips breakfast to save money. Though their dorm has a little kitchen in every room, Kageyama doesn't use it much. Cause electricity is expensive and there's not much to cook anyways.

    "Hinata, I'll go ahead, I'm borrowing this umbrella.. See you." Kageyama called out on Hinata when the other man started with his weights. "Yeah.", he simply replied.

    This bummed out Kageyama, he thought for sure Hinata will feel flustered with his presence. Especially since this was the first time in a while since Kageyama has been in his apartment. But it looked like Hinata wasn't affected in the least.

    The second the raven was out the door, Hinata stood up.

    "What the fuck!" Hinata went to go on his toilet, locking the door and he braced one arm on the wall. "Shit!" He grumbled as he whipped out his erected member and started stroking himself.

    He didn't expect to see Kageyama freshly showered the first day they became roommates. And the raven surprised attack him. Seeing that coal-black hair glistening, that toned body glistening wet and steaming from the hot water; smelling his favorite shampoo off him, Hinata lost his control for a second.

    "Uhn." It didn't took long for Hinata to cum, a few pumps more, Hinata panted and aimed his cum on the toilet bowl. He shuddered at the feeling and breathed hard. He didn't expect that he will masturbates using Kageyama. Coming down from his high, Hinata flushed the toilet, wiped his weeping penis and puts it back in his shorts. While he wash his hands, he saw his very red face in the mirror. "Dammit! How the hell will I last like this?"

    "It's clear as the summer's day. We need another setter." The vice Captain said out loud and though Kageyama thought he can shoulder everyone, this wasn't the case. There's always a need for a back up in case there's an accident. They can't take that chance since this is sports after all.

    "I still want to recruit that Kozume-kun." Their captain crossed his arms and the other ones who were familiar with how Kenma played nodded in agreement. Hinata's confused so he raised his arm to ask.

    "Is Kenma really that good?" he asked, his eyes shone with admiration. His friend was acknowledged by his seniors and he couldn't be prouder. Kageyama was annoyed as hell, especially since Tsukishima behind him couldn't contain his snickering to himself.

    "While our Kageyama is a power setter, good in serving, received, blocking and well- simply put, he is a high spec player; Kozume is the type to look for the other player's weakness. Even having him on the bench, observing the other players, we're sure it will amplify our defense and offense." Sawamura said.

    Since Kenma played at another district Kageyama's previous school didn't have the chance to play against him. Plus he is older that him so by the time they played in the championship match, Kenma already graduated.

    "Okay! I'll ask him personally. I'm not making any promises though." Hinata grinned and Kageyama muttered the word 'idiot'. He's pissed at the redhead for obvious reasons. - Hinata's too much into Kenma.

    "Eh? Do you know him, Hinata?" Tanaka said and Hinata nodded. "I'm seeing Kenma later, so I'll go ask him."

    Tanaka fell silent, he heard the name Kenma before when Hinata talked on the phone. He just didn't think that Hinata was like that, someone who plays for the other team. He isn't prejudiced, since his Vice-Captain along with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are gays, but it was such a surprise that Hinata was also like that. Tanaka looked around the guys near him and felt shy.

    "The fuck I'm thinking." Tanaka said to himself.

    "Why don't you try it Kenma? You know this could be fun." Kuroo said to Kenma and the other one just looks at his drink. "It's so troublesome." Kenma answered and Hinata protested. "Try it Kenma, it's not right that you only slave yourself on games. You're so pale now, you need sun and exercise." Hinata nodded as he said this and Kuroo found the little man, funny.

    "He's right, you know. Plus I also want to see you play. Could be fun, right Chibiko?" Kuroo addressed Hinata likes this and the latter became accustomed to it. He's really short compared to Kuroo anyway.

    They were eating in a family restaurant just a few blocks away from their University and they often do this since Kuroo has taken a liking to Hinata ever since his lover goes home with a new story on how Hinata made him toss balls for him, or how they ate the smelly but good kimchi pancakes, or anything silly Hinata does. He felt like Kenma was finally branching out and he's glad Hinata was the kind of person who is patient enough to hang out with the socially awkward Kenma.

    "Ah, I'm going to buy some cake so I can eat some later. Wait a bit." Hinata stood from his seat and accidentally bumped into man, spilling the latter's drink on him.

    "EHH?! I'm sorry." The other man panicked, he looked like he was someone who goes in the same University as they are since his bag has the same patches and pins as their school logo. "Ah, it's fine. It's just water, so it'll dry right away." Kuroo gave Hinata some tissues to clean himself.

    "Ah, wait. I know you!" The man who bumped Hinata grabbed him by the arms and leaned his face closer to the redhead. "Right! Sadoqueen! You're him, right? I know from the voice! And there's no mistaking that eyes!" the other male was forceful with him that Hinata coudln't break free.

    "Let go of me!" Hinata's voice raised and he felt his breath is constricted. "Why? Come on, come chat with us! Some of my friends knew you. You're crazy sexy you know. Come chat with us!" The other male laughed in his face, and he felt dizzy. Next thing he knew was that Kenma was beside him calling out his name, while Kuroo towered the guy who harassed Hinata.

    There were a few of the waiters and managers who kicked the other guys out. Because they were causing commotion and that they clearly saw the incident. Hinata knew that he can never escape from his dark past, but this wasn't something he considered. That there was someone who will know him no matter where he went.

    "Shouyo, drink this." Kenma gave Hinata a new glass of water, while Kuroo talked to the crew inside the shop, saying they were fine and no one was hurt.

    "Kenma, what should I do? Should I drop out? Transfer schools? What do I do?" Hinata was teary and still pale. Kuroo sat at the opposite of the two and sighed. "First of all, tell us what happened. What's with this 'sadoqueen'? It's better that we have an idea of what's going on."

    Hinata looked at the two and nodded. He thought there was no escaping the inevitable. He went on and explained his situation, all those things he'd rather forget.

    His father was laid off from work, and at the same time, they got swindled out of their money. His father's friend also named him as a guarantor on a loan with a gang. So they were harassed day and night to pay up. The stress affected their mom, until one day when their father was looking for work, his little sister Natsu was taken by the bad people to be sold for money. Hinata, as an older brother did what he was supposed to do and volunteered in her place.

    At first, he's told he was going to auctioned as a prostitute, since he was naturally little in stature and looks like he can cross dress for the perverts. But Hinata refused. He'd rather do anything other than being a slave to anyone. Since porn were a big thing for the thugs and that they earn a lot from it, they have no qualms in sending Hinata there.

    While Hinata told his story, the two just listened to him intently. They were in a secluded booth anyways, and Kuroo was aware that no one sat near them after he sent the idiot earlier on the floor.

    "I never really enjoyed what I was doing. They even had to retake my videos over, since I'm defiant. But later the director used sex performance enhancing drugs on me so that I can go through it. Every time, I kept thinking this is for Natsu. For my little sister. I kept tabs on our loans and made the boss sign every time I pay him. Until one day, the director said there was a request for me in a BDSM porn. I was scared, but they say the pay was twice as much. And I wanted to be done with it sooner. Then when I was finally on the set, they said I was the one who was going to play the role of the sadist, the dominant." Hinata clasped his hands on top of the table and then continued.

    "I was glad, I felt like I was finally enjoying what I'm doing. Every whip I did, every bite I gave, every pain I inflicted elevated my twisted anger. I'm not happy about it. It's something I wish I wouldn't have to remember. Every day I'm filled with this fear that my family would know about this. I don't think my Dad will forgive himself if that happens." Hinata's tear rolled on his cheeks and Kenma gave him a napkin.

    "Despite the fact that I was sad and angry, my only comfort was knowing that my sister is safe in her warm bed. And my Mom and Dad are slowly recovering from it. I thought my life is finally getting together, until Kageyama - the guy I was dating that time, caught me." Hinata's tears flowed and the two listeners felt he was really hurting. They did not say anything, just listened to him and waited for him to calm down.

    "I can't immediately stop, so I had to record at least two movies after. The company announced that it was my last movies so the sales went well. Since I was really good at what I'm doing, it looks like I got famous for it. Even though I did precautions to hide my identity." Hinata patted his chest.

    "Anyways, I think you shouldn't associate yourself with me, Kenma. I don't want people like that going after you too." Hinata smiled, but his eyes were sad. He was glad that Kenma didn't call him disgusting or anything and that's enough for him.

    Kuroo sighed and rustled Kenma's hair. He already knew what his lover's thinking and he smiled at Hinata.

    "What?" Hinata asked them both and Kenma just mouth the word. "Idiot."

    "Why? What I'm saying is a valid point." Hinata insisted.

    "Shouyo, please tell your Captain, that I will come to practice tomorrow." Kenma said and sipped his latte.


    "Give it up, chibiko. Kenma isn't the kind of person to judge like that." Kuroo grinned and called for the waitress, ready to order another round of food.

    Hinata felt so embarrassed and guilty, he gulped the water and slammed the glass loudly on the table.

    "Kenma, there's one more thing I need to tell you?."

    When Hinata finally got home, Kageyama still wasn't there. He knew Kageyama has to work till late. He got worried since his place was at least 20 minutes away from Kageyama's dorm and 40 minutes away from the raven's part-time work. Kageyama rode bikes so it may be alright, but since the weather was moody of late, he can't help but feel anxious whether or not the raven will open his door, or he'll decide to come to the dorms again.

    He opted to make rice balls and left it on the table. He also readied that futon and placed it in the living room. He then went to bed after this.

    "I'm home." Kageyama called out, no one answered him though. It's obvious since it's already past midnight. "Ah, ah. I'm so tired." Kageyama debated whether he'll take a bath first or eat. He dropped his things on the sofa and saw that his futon was already ready for him.

    "Tch, he really don't want to sleep with me," he muttered. He also caught a glance of the rice balls and his tired body suddenly had the energy again. Kageyama's face was filled with a silly grin.

    "Huddle up!" The captain called up and the team who were just starting to warm up gather around him.

    He cleared his throat and continued. "There's someone joining us today, please welcome him. Kozume-kun." The captain called on to Kenma who already dressed for practice. He looks shyly at them and gave his nod. "Please take care of me." He said timidly. Hinata grinned widely and the team greeted Kenma.

    Tsukishima by this time grinned and teased Kageyama. "Looks like someone's here joins so he can look after his little kitty." Tsukishima stands besides Kageyama, whose face cannot be explained.

    There's no way I would lose to this pudding!

    "I think I'm starting to like Hinata and Kozume. I mean, look at Kenma! He didn't join no matter how much we persuade him, yet when Hinata asked him, he joins the next day. Ah! How lovely!" Yachi said, her eyes are a little weird towards the two.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    The practice resumed like the usual. Starting with warm-ups, practice tosses, receives, spikes, and then to the 3 on 3 match game. Like always, the setter was Kageyama and for the opponent the Libero plays this part. But now they have Kenma for the other team, everyone were excited to be on his side of court.

    The eccentric young man has nothing grand about his play. If you consider the amount of attention everyone has given him, you can say that he was the shiny new toy among boys. But then again, Kenma wouldn't be so important if he was not worth it.

    In a few short plays, Kenma already discovered the reason Hinata was the middle blocker. This baffled him before, but now he can see that Hinata has some crazy reflexes, and he jumps from one end to another in a flash. That's good for a decoy, which was perfect for the middle blockers.

    "There's one flaw on the odd quick Kageyama and Shouyo makes." Kenma muttered softly when the Coach asked him after the games.

    "Huh? Oi, what're you talking about, pudding!" Kageyama leaned his face closer to Kenma whilst the other players just sat and listens, urging Kenma to ignore the irrational man who wasn't even trying to hide his irritation.

    "..Err. You see, Shouyo is just running to where there is no one around. While it is effective at first blush, like what happened to us; they'll get used to it." Kenma said without looking at anyone.

    "What're you suggesting we should do then?" Sawamura crosses his arms on his chest, pondering on Kenma's analogy. Hinata, who sat next to Yamaguchi just plainly looked lost.

    "Let Hinata train so he can spike a normal quick. His crazy reflexes and reaction time is a notch above us. Though he lacks height, he make up for it by using what he has." Kenma fidgetted in his seat. He isn't used to being asked by strangers, and in his mind, except Hinata, they were all strangers even if he knew them by name.

    "Ha! Hinata doesn't have the skills for that!" Kageyama snorted and stared at Kenma.

    "What did you say? How rude!" Hinata blushed all kinds of red and Tanaka patted his head while the other players chuckled.

    "He obviously doesn't understand what he's saying." Kageyama added and Kenma spoke a little louder, "No. I think it's needed. Hinata can't be dependent on you Kageyama-san. Who do you think initiate an attack for a spike?"

    "Huh? The spiker hits what is tossed to him." Kageyama said knowingly.

    "You're wrong." the pudding colored-hair swayed as Kenma shook his head in disagreement.

    "You've been speaking stupidly since the beginning." Kageyama pointed out and Sawamura calmed him down. "Maa, maa, Let's listen on what he has to say, ne?" Sawamura tried his best not to be rational too, so he breathe out and Kageyama knows it's best to shut his mouth, for now.

    "While we do arrange the offense of our court side, we setters respond to the initiative of the Spiker. When we see them in motion for jumping, near a position where they are open, or simply them asking for a toss, it means we respond to them, not the other way around. You wouldn't toss to an unsuspecting, not ready spiker, would you? You toss to that one person who has the greater chance of scoring. Hence, the most ready to strike player." Kenma said. Though his words are just saying it plainly, there is some pang after it for Kageyama. What he said was absolutely right, but it's hard for him to agree.

    "One point for Kozume." Tanaka whispered to Tsukishima and the other one snickered.

    "E-even so, do you think someone like Hinata can do these things instantly? Our first match of the season is in two days. He can't learn how to hit a regular quick with an indirect pass that easily." Kageyama added.

    Kenma nodded and add, "He can still try. Two days are enough to give him at least an idea how to. It'll double his effect as a decoy."

    The consensus in the clubroom all agreed with Kenma and Kageyama clicked his tongue. Yamaguchi felt sorry for Kageyama, since the setter is prideful. But he was glad that there was someone there who can sub for Kageyama. He knows Kageyama pushes himself to the limit most of the time.

    "Ohhhhh! Kenma is so cool!" Hinata butted in, adoring eyes for his friend, which made one particular male hate Kenma more.

    "It's too bad that I can't come and watch, Hinata-kun. But do your best, okay?" Hinata's boss said, chuckling a bit since Hinata groaned from the muscle pain he was feeling.

    Kenma and Kageyama didn't hold back in supervising his practice and he silently throw curses at the two. Though, he was quite happy about it. Kenma trusted him that he can do it, and this made him try harder so he wont disappoint his friend.

    "Ah, Hinata-kun. About that friend of yours - is she still coming to have a check up? I haven't heard from that yet." She pointed out and Hinata cried in realization, "Sorry, I was told by my friend she's coming over after our elimination match. Our fortnight's going to be busy."

    "Eh? Okay then, no pressure. Tell her for the meantime, make a list of all her previous and current sexual partners so we won't have to go over embarrassing questions later. She's a young girl, I presumed? You said it's going to be her first time check up." She added. She was drinking coffee and Hinata already tidied the office up. The magazines that were thrown about on the waiting room got sorted out so Hinata only needs to sweep the floor and mop it.

    "Ehh! That'll be too weird for me. So I don't know if I can ask her that!" Hinata heard the doctor chuckled behind her computer screen and she added, "Fine. Ask your friend to ask her that. You did say they're dating, right?"

    "That's even worse! He's my ex, you know?" Hinata took the mug she handled him, asking for a coffee refill.

    "Oh? This is quite interesting, ne? Are you playing the martyr role? The good friend to accept all the circumstances? Being happy for them and accepting your fate?" She teased. By accident she discovered that her attendant is gay, because Natsu blurted it out on her visit. Since then, Hinata and his boss has been closer than ever. She like gays; Hinata suspected this because she's been behind her computer whenever they were free from patients. She giggles and squeals now and then and asked strange questions to Hinata, about gay relationships. He just deduced that she is a fangirl and finds the situation rather cute.

    "Sensei, if you only focus on gay guys, you won't ever find yourself a boyfriend. You're not young anymore." Hinata kids her and gave her coffee refill.

    "I've read too many fanfictions about gay men, I only see them being paired to one another." she said simply, and took a sip from her mug.

    The redhead chuckled at her and looked at the clock, "Oops. I have to go now. Is there anything else you need?" he added and she shook her head when she saw that Hinata already finished the cleaning. "Good work today." She called out and Hinata gathered her things.

    "Sensei, please lock the door once I'm out. Your sister will pick you up later, right?" Hinata made sure she was safe.

    Hinata soon reached his home and called out "I'm home," but there was no answer. Hinata saw that Kageyama usually goes home later than he is, and he's worried about the man. When they were dating, he realized that Kageyama is a hard worker. He goes home and soon after he finishes his nightly routine- AKA, bathing, eating and preparing his clothes for tomorrow's practice; Kageyama then proceed in studying till late.

    He sighed and started to prepare dinner for himself. Kageyama pointed out a few days ago that he was not a guest so Hinata should not mind Kageyama's food portion. Still, how can he just cook for himself knowing that the person he loves' temporary sharing a roof with him.

    "The idiot had a rough day, I think I'll make something he likes." The redhead inspects what he have on stock. He wants to make black curry, but it'll be a waste to prepare it with vegetables, so he went and made some omelets out of chop ones instead. "Ah, I think I should call first to ask if he's eating here. Eh. Wait. He just said not mind his portion, so calling him would sound like I'm desperate to cook for him. No, no. I better stop. I'll just cook for myself, and it just so happens that I made plenty and he can eat it if he wants to." He nodded to his rationalization and started mincing the greens away.

    By the time he finished cooking, Hinata looked at the time and feel a bit sad when it's already late, yet the raven was still not home. He wanted to eat with him, yet a part of him doesn't want it too. It's a complicated feeling- loving someone who doesn't see you as a lover but someone he just casually have sex with.

    "I'll just take a shower, by the time I'm finished and he's still not home, then I'll just eat without him."

    Hinata docked his phone to the speaker and browses on tunes to play. He decided to go with something smooth, soft and sexy. The first song on his playlist is 'So in love' by 'Curtis Mayfield' .He acquired this taste in music through his previous roommate and much as this song was old, he still likes it. Hinata sometimes like to pretend he was drinking wine while he listened to this, and it made him burst a chuckle now that he remembered how childish he was. Where did the innocence went? He wondered.

    The intro started and like his old habit, he started on his way to the bathroom. He haphazardly threw his clothes on the floor and hopped on the shower with the soulful song in the background. He set the water hotter than he usually sets it. And slowly, he danced to the tune while he lets the shower wash this day's weary away.

    His shower was cut short by his growling stomach so Hinata finished quickly and wrapped his towel on his waist. When the bathroom flung open, he caught a glimpse of Kageyama's bag on the sofa and his heartbeat quickened, like someone who expected their boyfriends to come over. "Kageyama?" he called out, and went to the living room to lower the volume of the player.

    "Yeah? I'm at the bedroom. Just changing." Kageyama called out and Hinata entered the room.

    "Why don't you take a shower or take a bath before you change? You're gross." Hinata said, seeing Kageyama struggling to remove his pants, standing up.

    "I took one at work, we arranged some deliveries and I got splattered by some soda. Anyways, there's food again? 'Told you to stop cooking for my part too." Kageyama stared at Hinata's behind, while the redhead tried to wear his boxer briefs with his towel on. After he successfully did so, Kageyama caught a glance at Hinata's buttocks crease, indicating how plump the redhead's ass. Kageyama smirked and mutters 'nice'.

    "Maybe you should pay for your food." Hinata can't look at Kageyama, especially when he's undressing. So he swiftly put on a white tee and lounge shorts. He went out faster than the raven and sat at the table. Kageyama followed him afterwards and sat opposite of Hinata.

    They both ate in silence, refilling their own bowl of rice. Every now and then, Hinata drank his water and Kageyama made an appreciative sound while he ate the redhead's cooking.

    "You know, I often think this but, I think this apartment is too big for you." Kageyama noted while he looked around. It's true, this room was big. Usually if you are single living in a housing district, it's best to choose 1LDK rooms. Or at least take a roommate that can share your expenses.

    "I had a roommate, but he left for abroad. Working there or something. You know, I can't really stay at my home. We live in the freakin' mountains. So.. Anyways." Hinata can't say that he can't really look at his family's faces for a long time because of what he did so he decided to stay here. "I told you, the lease is already paid in 6 months advance." Hinata added while he ate the last piece of the egg rolls.

    "How about we share? If you're okay with me staying here till next semester, before I get a new dorm room, then, would you like to be roomies?" Kageyama drank his water and gave his thanks for the food.

    "Hmm? One month. Let's see after one month." Hinata placed their dishes in the sink and started to wash it while Kageyama helped him rinse what he soaped.

    "I remember, Yachi's interested in having her HPV vaccine, and the doctor said she should have a list of her previous and current sexual partners. But I think it's best if you tell her. I don't want her to misunderstand that I'm sexually harass her or anything." Hinata tried to tell this as nonchalant as he could.

    "Hmm? Why should I tell her that? Wouldn't that be too awkward?" Kageyama, by this point already forgot that Hinata thought he was dating Yachi. When he did recall, he felt panicked and sweat a bit.

    "Well, never mind. I think she's a good girl, so that list is unnecessary." Hinata had a hunch that Kageyama will blurt out that Yachi's a virgin before she and Kageyama started dating so it's best if he shuts his mouth.

    After they were done with the dishes, Hinata went to the sofa and just relaxed. Kageyama sat beside him and gave him a can of soda. They both drank it in silence, enjoyed the sound.


    "Hmm?" Hinata had his eyes closed so he can't be unnecessary be arouse by the visual. He was, however, surprised by a kiss on his mouth. Not just any kiss, his teeth hurt from Kageyama knocking his own on him. "Umm." Hinata let out a cry of alarm and tried to push the raven off him. He was pushed at the sofa and Hinata's back landed on the soft cushion.


    "Hinata. Let's do it." Kageyama's voice didn't hide how much he wanted it and Hinata under him shuddered at the feeling of the raven's hot breath on his neck.

    Hinata thought about it, but decided to give in. "...Give me at least half an hour to prepare. You know we can't right away." Hinata answered shakily, his whole body was on fire as the raven slid his hand under the redhead's shirt, tracing his thumb on Hinata's nipple.

    "Why? You already went today, right? We'll just use a condom." Kageyama said, as he hovered on top of Hinata. The lack of resistance was obvious that Hinata wanted it as well.

    "But, that's fucking dirty." Hinata wanted to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. When the both of them dated, on the day of Kageyama's visit, Hinata cleansed out 3 hours before and he does this hourly. Making sure that it was safe for the raven to enter him. But of course, there were days when he can't do this thoroughly, so he often ask the raven to give him half an hour preparation.

    "Hinata. If you often think of dirty and things like that, you won't be able to have sex." Kageyama backed up and removed his shirt and Hinata's eyes wandered from the raven's neck all the way down to the hem of Kageyama's pants, catching a bit of that hair under Kageyama's lower abdomen.. "You can do what you want to me as a compensation." Kageyama teased and grabbed Hinata's hand to place it on his bare chest.

    Hinata groaned and stood up, he went to the bathroom and called out, "Just fifteen minutes. Please, fifteen minutes."

    Kageyama decided to wait for the redhead in the bedroom, dragging the speaker dock so they can play some music on the room. He removed his pants and left his boxer briefs on. He leaned on the bed's headrest with pillows on his back. Inhaling and exhaling slowly to relax himself cause he's already half-hard from anticipating. Alas, the door creaked with Hinata already stripped to his briefs as well.

    The redhead turned off the lights in the bedroom, with nothing but the light outside the window to serve their dim light. The moon wasn't full tonight, but you can see it shinning through which added some romantic feel to it. Hinata added some volume to the song when he heard 'Sail' by 'Awolnation' played. For Hinata, the song was sexy and added some color to the bedroom. He walked slowly to the bed and Kageyama met him halfway by crawling towards him.

    The two joined in a kiss, hands to each others hair. Kageyama's hand traced Hinata's back and the latter traced his on Kageyama's abs. His hands stopped on the raven's side abs and he hissed on the kiss at how much he wanted to graze his lips and teeth on it.

    As the two tongues battle inside each others mouth, Hinata slowly pushes Kageyama to the bed which the other one happily obliged. Hinata then whipped out his penis, slowly stroking it to hardness. "Tobio, you know the drill." Hinata said and the raven answered, "Yes sir."

    Hinata got off the bed and dragged Kageyama's head to the edge of it. Kageyama's vision clearly saw Hinata's legs and of course the redhead's crotch. Hinata removed his briefs and threw it on the floor. He then opened up the raven's mouth, and slowly sunk his hard member on that hot mouth.

    While the music played in the background, the redhead keeps pushing in and out of Kageyama's mouth. Hinata's vision can see Kageyama's chest, that chiseled abs and Kageyama's toned legs. He let Kageyama's head dangle off the edge of the bed while he leaned forward and planted soft kisses on the raven's chest.

    "Ugh." The raven choked as the pumping to his mouth became aggressive. He sensed that Hinata was feeling it, cause he's been biting Kageyama's nipples as Hinata goes to knead the raven's lower stomach.

    Almost tempted to tap out, Kageyama coughed as Hinata plunged his penis right through it, and Kageyama was scared that he might hurt him with his teeth, so he does his best to be careful. His last cough, however, made Hinata slow down and pulled out. Having his fill with the abs he missed so much, the redhead slapped his cock on Kageyama's face a few times. "Heh, you're getting good in deep throating. I can see your gag reflex slowly improving." Hinata teased and helped Kageyama to get back on the bed.

    "I need to finish soon, can you close your legs?" Hinata asked and Kageyama nodded, obediently removing his briefs as he goes. Kageyama laid down on the bed as Hinata poured lotion between his thighs. "Keep it super tight." Hinata said and he placed Kageyama's folded knees closer to his chest. The wet part of the raven's thigh felt so good on Hinata's penis as he slided between it.

    "Ah.. Feels good." Hinata moaned as his hips sunk between Kageyama, feeling his tip touch Kageyama's harden member too. While lying down, Kageyama watched as Hinata's face lost in sensation, frotting their penises together. Ah, I can see sexiness. I think Hinata can break some ukes heart with his face. Kageyama admitted when Hinata grabbed his ass and pulled him forward as the redhead pumps.

    "Hii..Your penis is poking my balls. Slow down." Kageyama winced as Hinata's hard thrust hurts him, but it seemed his plea was not heard cause Hinata pulled out and parts his legs wide.

    "Fuck." The redhead yelled out as his cum sprayed all over Kageyama's belly.

    "Ha..ha.." Coming down from his high, Hinata goes down and licked his semen off the raven which arouses the other one. Kageyama flipped their position and folds Hinata's knees close to his chest, almost bending the poor Hinata into two.

    "Wow, your inside is so wet." Kageyama was a little thankful that Hinata went on to prepare himself, cause he's not sure if he can hold on. The raven-haired man knelt and plunged right inside Hinata's hole.

    "Argh, good god, that's hot!" Kageyama cried out as he pulled back out. He wished there's much lighting in the room so he can see Hinata's hole well. But from the little light they do have, he saw it twitching and he plunged back in up to his hilt. "Ah!" Hinata cried out as the angle allowed Kageyama to hit his sweet pleasure wall. The raven then pulled out slowly and rammed it back inside. "Yah!" Hinata's tears overflowed and Kageyama wore a satisfied grin on his face.

    He started with a fast pace, not caring about foreplay. They both have enough. The room was filled with music and the slapping of their skin together. Kageyama's hips move non stop, plundering inside Hinata. He could see Hinata's butt jiggles as he thrust, and Hinata called out to his name, while clawing his nails to Kageyama's back.

    They both felt like they were having sex with their lovers, and an unfamiliar ache both filled their chest. Like wanting to say they still love each other. Wanting to take back the lies that has been said. But how can they? If one said that this sexual relationship is over, admittedly - Kageyama and Hinata won't survive another round of heartache.

    Kageyama bit his lips and leaned in and hugged Hinata close to him. That familiar scent off the redhead permeates his nose.

    "Kageyama.." Hinata whispered the raven's name and Kageyama made a click on his tongue. How he wishes his was the only name Hinata calls out in bed. The raven forced through and Hinata bit his shoulder. He hissed at how painful it was, biting Hinata's shoulder as well.

    "Hinata, I'm.. I can't hold on.." Kageyama pumped a few, while stroking Hinata. The other one nodded, saying he's close too. Kageyama released his hug and leaned back.

    Hinata watched as Kageyama pulled his penis out and cum all over his hole. When the raven finished, his cum smeared penis plunged right back inside Hinata and the other one reached climax as well.


    "Hmm?" Kageyama wiped Hinata's body with a wash cloth. The two of them went for another round after, but now both are exhausted to the point that they were hungry again.

    "If your back hurts from the futon. You can sleep on the bed." Hinata then rolled on his side after he said this. Effectively hiding his face from Kageyama.

    "Heh. Alright. Thank you." Kageyama answered, his cheeks a little warm.

    "Hinata." Kageyama went under the same covers and faced Hinata's back.

    "Yeah?" Hinata asked.

    Do you really love Kenma? Does it have to be him? All those little things you do for me - is it because you can't help but be kind? Kageyama almost said that out loud, but he just sighed and shook his head.

    "..Hmm, never mind. Good night."

    "..The hell was that." muttered the redhead.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "Ah, I'm so dead. Please let us rest for a while, Captain." Hinata laid his back on the cold gymnasium floor, while the rest of his teammates sat beside him. So far, the training they had was intense, even for the veteran players like Kageyama and the rest of the boys. Kenma on the other hand, quit the practice halfway through and the others did not force him further since it was evident on his face that he reached his limit.

    Their team breezed through eliminations, all thanks to Kageyama and Kenma; who somehow managed to play with each other despite the obvious irritation from the taller setter. They did not expect, however, that Kenma was also someone who gets fired-up in the heat of the games. Maybe during practice, he wasn't moving much and always complained how it was such a pain; especially towards Hinata who always missed his tosses. At the games, however, Kenma was as reliable as he can be.

    "Three days from now, as you guys already know, we are competing against the team in Tokyo. And as always, we are going there. In case we won this round, we have to stay there for at least one week during the semifinal rounds. Then we will have to get back here, for the finals will take place two weeks after. I advise you guys, especially those who works to notify your employer of your schedules. If in case you need some official notice, tell us and we will have our Coach to make you one." The Team Captain looked compose and not at all tired like the rest of them. In the back of Kageyama's mind, he can't help but admire this man. Of course, Sawamura is one tough cookie as well. He stood besides the Captain just as compose as he was.

    "It's back to your training. We'll close the gym in an hour, so make use of your time wisely. Let's go." The Captain addressed the last part to Sawamura and the two looked over their line up and talked to the Coach about the concerns they have about the stay over in Tokyo. Indeed, they have been doing well for the past years and the University considered giving them a bigger budget, but that is nearly not enough if you count the year round expenses.

    "Ah, Kozume-kun. You grew up in Tokyo, right? Do you think you can help us out with the lodging? We can't waste our money on hotels. And we can't really let you guys stay on Capsule hotels, when you guys are too tired playing the whole day." The coach said and while the others practiced, they listened to the conversation as well.

    "Err. I can ask my mother to let us stay. But our house is not that big so we have to share some space. If that's okay with you guys." Kenma said. He was not oblivious to their need for money and since his mother was not always at home, he thought it would be fine if he offer their house for the stay.

    "Eh? That would be great. Tell me how can I contact your parents and I'll talk to them personally. To send some money for the things needed to be prepared." The coach said and Kenma nodded.

    "Kenma! We're going to your house? Can I see some picture of Kuroo? He he. I'll use that when he tease me again." Hinata said with a wide grin on his face and Kenma nodded, tightly gripping the ball on his palms.

    Kuroo? Who the fuck is Kuroo? One particular raven scowled in the corner while he tossed some balls to the second string players.

    "Kageyama, don't wait for me. Kenma and I are meeting a friend and probably stay late for some drinks." Hinata said at the raven when they were changing clothes at their club-room.

    Kageyama just finished a quick shower and was applying deodorant while Hinata was half naked on the bench, drinking water.

    "What're you staring at?" Hinata asked. It's not like it was unusual for someone in the club-room to be in their boxers that he needed to be persecuted for his appearance.

    "Where are you guys going? A hotel?" Kageyama asked and slipped into his black t-shirt. Hinata finished his drink before he answered. "We're meeting Kenma's friend or something like that.", he can't say it's Kenma's boyfriend they are meeting so he was vague about it.

    "Don't get caught drinking. You're underage, we'll get in trouble." Kageyama reminded and leaned in for a surprise kiss. It's effective since Hinata was caught off guard.

    "You!" Hinata looked around and saw Yamaguchi wearing his shirt swiftly, his ears were red and his actions were clumsy. Obvious that he knew something about the two.

    When the freckled face man left them, Hinata gave Kageyama a slap in the face.

    "What the fuck was that?" Kageyama stroked his cheeks. The slap itself wasn't as painful as it seems, but the fact that he received one from Hinata was a shocker.

    "I don't care how disgusting you see me, Kageyama. Quite frankly, I am disgusted at myself for fucking you and smiling so sweetly at Yachi. But I'm okay with it, miraculously. But, please refrain doing something like this in broad light. I am not willing to throw a fight with a girl like her; I know no one in their right mind will side with me." Hinata slammed his locker door after he gathered his things and dressed himself quickly.

    "Yamaguchi is aware of our relationship." Kageyama tried to hold Hinata's hand and the other one swatted it off.

    "Did you also tell him that you threatened me to expose my past? Tell me that you will tell Kenma or everyone, rather, what shameful things I did? Did you let him know that you decided to put salt on my gaping wound?" Hinata didn't mean to be angry, he can't understand himself as well. All he knows was that he loves this man so much, yet he can't stand how he's being treated.

    "I'm going to cool my head. See you." Hinata said and Kageyama just gritted his teeth and sat down on the bench as the redhead shut the door.

    He exhaled while he finger-combed his hair when Kenma went inside the clubroom, hair wet from the showers, though he's already wearing his pants.

    "Kenma, can I ask you a question?" Kageyama said and Kenma paused a bit to test the air. It seems like Kageyama was in a bad mood, and although he did want to say he wanted to stay out of it, he got the feeling like saying no was not an option so he nodded meekly.

    "What would you do if you find out that the love of your life is living a different life than you thought he did? Will you forgive them?" Kageyama was annoyed by how much Hinata thinks highly of this man, that he was even willing to throw away his pride to save his relationship with Kenma.

    Kenma; for a fact, did not like what Kageyama's been doing to Hinata decided to say his piece.

    "If you are talking about Hinata's porn gig, then the answer is I already forgave him. You know nothing of what he has been through, and what he is still going through. I don't judge him as much as I don't judge people who watches these kinds of videos."

    Though Kenma's voice is soft, Kageyama felt the sharpness of pierce from it.

    "What do you mean by that?" Kageyama stood up and grabbed Kenma's collar, the tinier man, however, just stared at him with those eyes and the raven felt like he is being judged. Like Kenma knew all along that he still loves Hinata and he was acting like this because he's a sore loser.

    "What the fuck are you staring at?" Kageyama let go, and Kenma resumed to fix his things at an unhurried pace. He was gone after a few minutes and Kageyama was left with his rage with nothing to burst it with.


    "Shouyo, don't you think it's better to tell Kageyama the truth? I think your problems will be solved if you talk things out." Kenma said and Kuroo who was serving some meat on his lover's plate dropped his chopsticks on the dish, splashing some sauce on Hinata's sleeves.

    Hinata shook his head while he wiped himself. "No, Kageyama's dating someone. Which means that I will just look desperate to be with him, and I don't want to add another embarrassing thing to my name. Ah, but if you think that it is a burden on you, then I will say we broke up and find someone else. Of course it is a bother, right?" Hinata scratched his face and peeked at Kuroo but the other one didn't mind it. They both understood Hinata's desperation so even though what the redhead did was all kinds of wrong, they went along for the sake of lessening Hinata's burdens. Kuroo finds it amusing though, that his lover was willing to put up with it. This was the first time Kenma liked someone other than him. If he didn't know how much Kenma loves him, he'll feel a bit jealous. But, Kenma is hopelessly in love with him. That's what Kuroo can guarantee, arrogantly.

    "Chibi, let's have threesome." Kuroo said with a grin on his face and both Kenma and Hinata coughed and sputtered their food on the table. Luckily, their dishes wasn't on the trajectory of their spits.

    "Kuroo." Kenma said and the taller guy wiped Kenma's mouth with a napkin before giving it a lick. Hinata was used to them being like this, and while Kenma is shy, he appreciates how Hinata doesn't judge his relationship with Kuroo.

    "But you're a virgin, technically. Since we three are close enough, even letting Chibi be your pretend boyfriend.. Then don't you think we can do this? Something friends do." Kuroo continued to tease and Hinata ignored him. Sitting comfortably under the kotatsu while he ate the tasty meal. They were having dinner at Kenma and Kuroo's place, which they often do whenever the older male received his paycheck.

    "I don't know if you're just trying to break the tension, but I won't bottom for you, Kuroo-san." Hinata said nonchalantly. He knew Kenma wouldn't like it, but what would he do if he does? Will he agree?

    He shuddered at the thought.

    "Then, I'll just watch and you guys have lesbian sex." Kuroo snickered and Kenma rolled his eyes and sighed.

    "Stop being disgusting." he added.

    They finished their meals and soon after, Kuroo cleared the dishes while he left the two to discuss the things Hinata came in here for.

    "This is all the evidence I could gather through the years I've been in their office. As you can see, they are also auctioning some underage girls, willing or unwillingly, to people with perverse sexual preference. Though I don't think this will help my case now, since this was taken 2 years ago. From what I understand, they change MO every time, even offices. I also talked to the other victims, but they were too scared of the consequences of their actions so they decided to keep their mouth shut." Hinata spreads out the sheets in front of Kenma and the other one read the materials.

    "I see. What about the porn studio?" Kenma said and Hinata shook his head.

    "They frisked us before and after and checks our things. So I couldn't get a hold of any evidence to incriminate them of forcing minors to record porn against their will. Plus, I don't think me saying I have recorded porn against my will is a credible story." Hinata gave the porn videos he made to Kenma and the other one accepted it without malice.

    Kuroo by this time gave them coffee and sat on the bed, while the two are on the floor. They are living in a one living and dining room, so of course there won't be enough space for sofa and other stuff. It's been weeks since the two started gathering things to see if Hinata can win a case against the group who forced him from selling himself to porn. He knew Kenma is careful enough not to poke his nose where he shouldn't so he lets the two be.

    Still, one of his condition to allow Kenma and Hinata do these things is to discuss it inside the safety of their home.

    "Ne, Hinata. Why did you study Psychology then? Wouldn't it be better to pursue something like Kenma. Law?" Kuroo asked curiously and Kenma would like to know as well, so he paused for a bit to listen.

    "I thought about it, but when I see the emotional stress it does and how little support we have for these people, I feel like I'm needed more in a field of counseling or something like that. But to be honest, I'm not sure myself either. All I know is that, I've seen far too many shits happening to keep my eyes close. More than anything, more than being able to reach justice, I want to reach out to people who have experienced the same things like me, on an emotional level. There was one phase where I think I'm so unclean, I washed myself a few times a day. And I can't even eat, there was no one I could talk to and I feel like I deserve what has happen with me." Hinata said, and while what he isaid was a sad thing, he was far from that. It was evident that he has accepted this and tried to move on gradually.

    "All because of Kageyama." Hinata said softly and his two friends heard him. "That's why the idiot is still on my mind. It's a love hate thing. He came at the time where I came to accept that porn was all I could do. And that I've been doing fine. When he loved me, I came to love myself a little bit."

    Kuroo looked at him and sigh. "Then foursome it is."

    Both Kenma and Hinata threw a pillow at the man's face.

    "Yosh. I really think we should have some group sex. I bet it's fun to see Kenma struggle how to top you." Kuroo said and Hinata thought about it for a second before bursting out a laughter.

    "Don't laugh. I can do it if I want to." Kenma pouted and the two laugh some more at his expense.

    Kageyama received the call from Hinata saying he lost his key and he should just open the door for him. He was still watching a recorded match between their opponent from the previous year, so he decided to just wait for the redhead. However, each passing minute he grew anxious. Since Hinata spent the afternoon with Kenma. Of course, as lovers, it was inevitable that they did this and that.

    The raven clicked his tongue, remembering what happened earlier between him and the pudding head. He got an unnecessary talking to from Kenma. But the biggest surprise of all was that Kenma already knew and accepted the fact the Hinata has a history with porn.

    "What's up with that? How long have those two known each other for Kenma to imply he knows what Hinata has been through?" Kageyama paused and thought of what he had said.

    "Well, I supposed I didn't really take the time to know Hinata. Why he did what he did." Kageyama recalled the time when they were dating, that Hinata was always the one asking how he is. And he was always pouring his frustrations towards him while the other one listens to him.

    "I suppose I wasn't an ideal lover after all." He cringed while he recalled the times when he's being a baby about everything and expected the redhead to nurse him.

    He didn't know how many minutes have past, but all he knew that the recording he was suppose to review already finished and the door suddenly opened. He clicked play as reflex and saw Hinata came inside. He expected him to still be angry. But the redhead greeted him with the same smile like before.

    "Oh damn, my heart skips a beat there." Kageyama muttered while he assisted Hinata with his things.

    "I'm home, Tobio." Hinata said and it's obvious that the redhead's been drinking.

    "Welcome home." Kageyama said as a conditioned reply and to his surprise, Hinata pounced on him and clings. "Ugh! You're heavy." Kageyama said.

    "Carry me, I'm so tired." Hinata wrapped his arms on Kageyama's shoulders and buried his face on the raven's neckline while he breathed in the scent. "As expected, your smell is the best." Hinata babbled and Kageyama felt his face got warmer.

    "I..IDIOT!" He carried Hinata, with difficulty. He sat on the sofa first and lets the man cling to him while he let Hinata sat on his lap.

    "How much did you drink, idiot." Kageyama unfastened the button on Hinata's jacket and the other one shower his neck with wet kisses. He admitted that he misses this kind of affection, when Hinata is drunk and acts like a spoiled kitten.

    "Are we fucking?" Hinata asked when Kageyama lets the jacket fall to the floor.

    "No! Geez, you drunkard. I'm just letting you rest. Come on, let's remove this too." Kageyama lifted the sweatshirt off Hinata and the said man obliged. Kageyama threw the cream colored shirt on the floor as well and Hinata immediately went in for a kiss. His fingers entangled in the silky coal black hair.

    "Mhnn." the redhead moaned when Kageyama tried to push him away. He was annoyed at the taste of alcohol from Hinata's mouth, since he wasn't a fan of it to begin with.

    "Hinata, just rest. Aren't you tired? You were in Kenma's apartment earlier, you must have had enough." Kageyama's voice tried to soothe Hinata, but the redhead kept on touching the raven sensually, snaking his hands under the black T-shirt Kageyama wore.

    "We didn't fuck. Kuroo wants threesome, I don't want to. Kenma said so too." Hinata nodded as he speaks, like he was justifying an event which made Kageyama more confuse.

    "Sounds like a kinky relationship." Kageyama finger-combed Hinata's hair while he look at his face.

    "Kageyama, I like it when you do that.. More." Hinata's eyes are clouded with lust and Kageyama gulped at the pressing erection coming from the man on his lap.

    Face to face, Hinata took Kageyama's fingers that's been playing with his hair and licked it. "Ngh." Kageyama can't help but shuddered at how hot Hinata's tongue was. The redhead continued to play with his fingers while his own hand traces Kageyama's lips.

    He gently pushed his finger on Kageyama's mouth the both of them started sucking and swirling their tongues on the tangy tasting fingers.

    "Kageyama, let me tie you up." Hinata said and Kageyama immediately shook his head. "No, you're drunk. We can just do that tomorrow. It'll be dangerous to do that since you might lose yourself in the sensation and hurt me or yourself in the process." Kageyama stroked Hinata's thigh, his breathing was obviously faster now since Hinata keeps grinding his hard penis on Kageyama's stomach.

    "Tch. Do you promise to let me tie you up the next time? Probably play with your nipples too?" Hinata asked and the raven nodded.

    The both of them whipped out their own penises and started stroking each other.

    "Will you let me insert at least a toy inside you?" Hinata asked with his whisper voice, breathing audibly as if to tease the man and Kageyama paused for a bit before agreeing.

    "Nghn.. Kage..Kageyama, I kinda want you to fuck me senseless.. But I.. Guess it's bad. And I can't last long.. too.. Ah." Hinata said while he digs his nails at Kageyama's back. The raven removes his shirt so he can at least feel the redhead's skin.

    Hinata leans in, and right before he gave Kageyama a kiss, he licked his own lips to wet it and his free hand played with the raven hair.

    The kiss itself was sweet, slow and sensual. The kind of kiss that takes patience to give. A small bite, the sucking of the lower lip, the slow thrust of his tongue inside the raven's mouth. Kageyama's penis grew harder and hotter from Hinata's palm and the redhead can sense that Kageyama was feeling it from the petting.

    Hinata lets Kageyama froth both of their penises while he gave Kageyama a massage at his shoulder. He circled his thumb with it and moaned in the kiss. He then spat inside the mouth of the raven and the other one retaliate by spitting in Hinata's mouth as well. Kageyama likes how dirty and messy Hinata was when it comes to sex, even before he knew the his past. He likes how Hinata pay attention to his needs, how Hinata traces his back, letting him feel the goosebumps on the redhead's skin when he played with his own nipples. How Hinata begged some more, and how Hinata's eyes were filled with tears every touch he does.

    The redhead grind his hips so they can have more friction and he let go of the kiss. Hugging the raven, Hinata buried his face on its neck while he panted and moaned.

    "You sound so damn sexy." Kageyama said while he shuddered from his leaking pre-cum. Hinata teased him and licked Kageyama's ear. "Why thank you." He answered, and breathed on Kageyama's neck.

    "Kageyama? I'm cumming." Hinata's body shook and Kageyama leaned back to see Hinata's tip leaked with the white hot cum. "Ah.." Kageyama moaned when he reached his climax as well, seeing and feeling Hinata's cum all over his own hard member. His lips searched Hinata's and he bit the lower lip of the man on his lap while he rides out his orgasm.

    Hinata embraced Kageyama tightly and the other one received it. They both were silent for some time, smelling each others hair, kissing, and gazing at each others eyes. Their kisses where now longer, and the hugs were tighter than earlier. Like they were gauging to see if they can opt for another round. Hinata hugged the raven though, and sighed audibly.

    Kageyama was the first one to move, wiping himself on the bathroom while he got a towel for Hinata. He carried him to the bed and let him rest his head on the soft pillows. He wiped Hinata cum filled stomach clean, and got another clean towel to wipe the redhead's body.

    "This feels nice." Hinata said, while his eyes were close. Breathing with satisfaction from Kageyama's caring attitude towards him. The raven then tucked Hinata under the covers and slept beside him. He was ready to roll to his side when Hinata placed his head on Kageyama's chest, and snuggled with him. Giving the raven a lovely surprise.

    Kageyama felt all kinds of emotions flowing in him, especially since he just heard Hinata earlier saying something about a threesome, yet he went ahead and feel the redhead up. And now his fingers were playing with the familiar hair, that weight on his chest he longed to feel again. He can't help but feel sad and happy at the same time. Without much thought, Kageyama kissed the top of Hinata's head.

    "I'm such a masochist. It's freaking scary." He whispered and hugged the redhead, safely cradling him in his arms. How I miss this. Damn it. I think I can't take much more of this. I need to end this soon. Kageyama said while he stroked Hinata's hair, like he used to do.

    Kageyama, I'm sorry. I'm only pretending to be drunk. I just want to be willful to you, just like before. Please understand how much I love you, that's why I have to lie.

    Hinata clutched Kageyama's shirt tighter and drifted to sleep as well.

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