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    Sute Neko No Ie by Inoue Nawo (Eng)

    Title: Sute Neko No Ie - An Abandoned Cat's House
    Author/artist: Inoue Nawo
    Genre: Drama, Historical, Slice Of Life, Supernatural, Yaoi
    Warnings: Vampires, Murder
    Groups scanlating: Psycho Pandas
    Scanlation status: 1 Volume (Complete)
    Year: 2008
    Summary: A vampire who lives in complete isolation, Ed, one day finds an abandoned child named Phil on a whim. From then on, they live together. Saying he loves Ed, Phil grows innocently emotionally attached to the vampire. Meanwhile Ed grows perplexed by the passions awakened in him by the human.

    Read Sute Neko No Ie Online
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