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    Getsuyoubi no Yakusoku(eng)

    Original name: Getsuyoubi no Yakusoku
    Manga ALT. names: 月曜日の約束, La Promesse de Lundi
    Written by: KAWAI Hideki
    Drawn by: KAWAI Hideki
    Original run: 2005
    Description: N/A
    Manga-type: Manga
    Published by: Biblos (2005), Libre Shuppan (2007)
    Group(s) Scanlating: Andante-Peach
    Status: Complete
    Completely Scanlated: No
    Completely Translated: No
    Genres: Sports (Judo)
    Categories: -
    Main Characters: -
    Adaptations available: N/A
    Recommendations: Newaza Ippon

    Download Getsuyoubi no Yakusoku Manga:
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