((Hey minna. I'm in the mood for a long term roleplay. I'm hope to find a slightly perverted Seme that would attempt to pull my Uke trap from his line of work. Now I'm not looking for the most detailed responses, but I do want to see some thought put into them. It's a situation of trying to match each other with what the other puts out. If it slacks, then I do. In your responses all I ask if to use the best spelling and grammar if you can. Likes will be ignored. If you are interested, comment below. A quick note: If the starter stumbles a little bit I must apologize. There was a saving problem with my notes.))

There is always some form of regret to any action that we do. May have some narrow effect, while in other cases, can truly dictate what one can do for some time. One might find themselves stuck with one single setback. Something that would chain them to one very tough situation. That was what Ai pulled on through.

Ai Mayeda was a rather feminine looking man. Throughout his childhood the small boy had been mistaken for a girl. Ai at the time, never really liked being called a girl. He felt degraded, embarrassed, and wronged for his look. He couldn't count how many times he tried to change his appearance, to make himself more masculine. It failed every time. Came to the point where Ai just accepted his feminine frame and started to look the part. What lead after that was something Ai couldn't even expect to be possible. Nineteen at the time Ai was out of a house and wandering the streets, looking for his next meal. As he walked the dark streets a black car pulled up next to him, windows down and a rather grimy man appearing in the back window." Hey sweetheart." He said wickedly." You look like you could use a place to stay. Why don't you come with me and we can see what we can do for you." Ai wasn't stupid. He knew that if he went with this man,terrible things could happen. But what choice did he really have? He was cold,hungry and could feel a storm coming in at any moment. Ai buckled down and climbed into the backseat. The man that had picked Ai up was called Mr.Kyroga, a notorious crime boss that was in front of the pack of the city's Red Light district. A single night passed and Ai was under the crime boss' control, working for him in one of the busiest 'gentleman's clubs' in the whole district, Trapper's Keep.The fear and power set in that one night shocked Ai right into his place. He did not dare to leave. He took whatever strides he could to keep calm and keep, for the most part, safe.

One night,Ai was having a slow shift. For most of that night, he stayed in the corner, looking over the whole usual scene of other workers dealing with customers and some getting a little too grabby.' Looks like the girls are doing well for themselves. Wish I could have a little action. If I don't, Kyroga will take me all by himself, again.' Just as he shook his head a few of Kuroga's goons walked up to him." Hey Miki." One of them call." The Boss has a close associate in the VIP section that requires your attention. Better hop to it, little rabbit." The two goons laughed as they left him.' I hate that stage name. And I really hate being called a little rabbit.' With a soft sighed Ai tread his way to the back of the place where the VIP section laid. Not many people could even afford to come back there. Only a select few, most of them being Kyroga's associates, would pull a girl or himself back here to do a little business. Knocking on the first door to his right, Ai softly coughed before walking in." Um, would you be looking for me?" He played with the hair of his blonde wig." I'm sorry that I took so long. I wanted to make sure that I looked special for you." He settled himself on the bed in the center of the room and covered his face with his long gloved hand." I hope that you will be gentle. This little rabbit can only take so much."