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    Fantasy Boarding House Group RP! [7 Slots OPEN] Read for more Info~

    Heyo~, this idea came to me just a while back, but I thought something like a Fantasy group rp sounded nice~ Basically there would be about 9 people (Yume included) who will have OCs living in a Modern-Japanese-style boarding house--or more like trapped in there. :3c

    They could be newcomers or old tenants, up to you~ the old tenants would have been living in the boarding house for awhile now and know of it's curse, while newcomers would be those who were just recently whisked away there. The Boarding house is basically owned by Yume's OCs, 2 brothers both an incubus.

    There are various species available, so it's best to branch out from there I guess? Though repeating species is fine too~ Yume will list down a bunch of species to help get you started, others not from the list are ok too, feel free to suggest some!

    Species List:
    3.Living dolls
    4.Moon rabbit

    Species not allowed:
    1. Gods / demi-gods
    2. Humans
    3. Hybrids

    1. They have to be all males, no females allowed, traps are okay!
    2.Must at least have decent grammar, spelling, etc. Minor mistakes or typos are alright, but no text talk please~
    3.No M-preg, snuff, vomit, piss, shit--you know the drill.
    4.Shouldn't take forever to reply. Like say a month or so. Others will be waiting for you ; v ;
    5.No one horde one person, try to include everyone! No one should be left out~ ; c ;
    6.No automatic ships or pairs planned beforehand, cause that's no fun either, just let things progress naturally? :''D
    7.No godmodding! Also it would be nice to keep your posts nice and simple, no need for 3 paragraphs long. However do give others something to work with if you're planning something less than two sentences. A little tip is to tag the one your Oc's interacting with's username so they'll know it's for them.
    8. Have fun~ Anyone's welcome to join, and no unnecessary drama OOC please~ If you have matters to settle, do so privately. U v U <3

    Right, now as for slots, there are 7 slots available, make sure to reserve here if you plan on joining along with your species of choice, there are 3 positions available for semes, 3 for ukes and one for seke. Will add more slots if there is a high enough demand for it ; v ;

    Sample format: Hey, I'd like to reserve a slot~ /username/ Species/ Position/ Newcomer or Old tenant

    1. / [Sora] / Vampire / Old tenant

    1. /Funny Otaku / Nekomata / Newcomer


    Yume will start the thread once all slots are filled. You can start creating your character in the meantime. ; 7 ; ))/

    Prologue ::

    You suddenly wake up feeling cold and ...wet, looking around before, you notice that you are in the middle of a small stream, how long you were out here you can't say for sure as your memories are blurry and your head aches as you try to remember the last thing you were doing before you ended up here.

    'Weird'. You think. How did you get here..? Where is here...?

    Shaking yourself out of it, you gathered your strength and started looking for anything that might tell you of this unfamiliar location, but all you see are trees stretching around you like a wall and the thought of staying out here at night gave you the creeps. A dream..? The chill seeping down your spine form the cold water seemed to say otherwise...

    Turning your head forwards, you spot a building of some sort not too far away, and without fully realizing your feet already begin to walk towards there...


    Warnings: May contain incest, threesomes, foursomes, orgies, noncon/dubcon, double penetration, BDSM, tentacle rape, angry sex, blood, all the kinkiness, etc.

    Feel free to ask any questions if interested! ; 7 ; ))/
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