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    Sethos I, the cursed!

    Status: - Free
    Name:- Sethos ibn Seth y Hatschepsut
    Sex: - Male
    Position: Uke
    Race: - Egyptian
    Years: - 5834 Years, but since he was cursed with 24, he still looks like it
    Height: - 1.76cm
    Weight: - 67kg
    Eyes: - Orange/Golden
    Hair: - blueish Black


    - SetepEnSetech (the Name he was given at Birth) was born 3796 B.C. as the first Son of a Pharaoh. After his Fathers Death, he
    took place on the Throne of Upper Egypt, as a just Ruler.
    When Horus banned Seth under the Earth, the hyperstitious folk
    believed that Horus' Rage would also turn against a folk under the leadership of a Pharaoh who is
    blessed by Seth! They rebelled against SetepEnSetech and finally catched
    him in his Palace.
    They quickly dug a Burial Chamber in the Canyon that is now known as the
    Valley of the Kings. They buried him alive and cursed him: He would not be able to walk the Earth,
    until Seth rose again, so that he will never reach Paradies and tell the Gods of the Peoples shame!
    3000 Years later, Seth was able to free himself from his Prison, and so was SetepEnSetech!
    Through the Ages, Sethos ,how he renamed himself, wandered the Earth, living a humble Life,
    living one lifes lenght in one Area before moving to the next, never really being able to love
    some one, because he couldnt have endoured seeing his beloved die,

    Random information

    - Since he was live at many historic events, he knows very well about History
    - He is often very quiet, but can also be very talkative when he is drunk
    - He is an awful Cook
    - He is a total fan of Music
    - When angry, he often curses in Egyptian
    - He loves to dance and listen to Flamengo
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