I LARPEd before, does this help?
Here goes, do tell me if I need to improve something, 'k?

Status - FREE
Name: - Spark
Sex: - Male
Position: Seke
Race: - um, human?
Years: - 19
Height: - 171 cm
Weight: - 64 kg
Eyes: - Amber
Hair: - Copper red

He just moved into a new place and can't wait to meet all the new people. Maybe even... <gasp!> find true love?
A very special somebody to cuddle on long cold evenings, to play games together, to talk about everything and to just remain silent together, just content of each other's presence. To kiss and to hug and even... even do ... THAT!
He isn't very confident, yet he tries his best to put up a brave front, due to being used to his younger siblings looking up to him.
He does his best!

Random information
He is sensitive about his heights.
Loves to eat meat.
Used to play the drums in a band back in high school.