Togainu no Chi Game!!

Many of you will know there is a game version of the manga 'Togainu no Chi' as well as there being an anime version But, did you know there is an English version of the game. If you have a copy of the game you apply the patch with ease. The English patch changes all of the text within the game to English allowing a bigger audience to play the game.

Trailer for Togainu No Chi

English Patch Notes

This patch contains the entire game translated into English. This includes all routes and all unlocked scenes.

Rin had some dialogue that was marked in the scripts not to show, I’ve removed this and the dialogue now shows. It doesn’t really add anything extra to his route but eh…

Menu’s in the options wern’t translated as they caused the game to crash.

The ‘Linner Notes’ are untranslated as they link to a webpage.Release notes:You must have Shift-JIS installed or word-wrap issues will be present Furthermore if you don’t have SHIFT-JIS then your game will crash when the game diverges from the common path to a route specific script.

You can find a copy of the english patch and a free copy of the game in the below link:

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And if you don't feel like playing the game yourself you can see a walk through below: