Breakfast With Scot

Themes: Drama,Romance,Family,Yaoi, Comedy

Eric and Sam are a established gay couple- they are very happy together except Eric is still in the closet at work. He is a reporter and Sam is a lawyer. Their life changes when Sam is given custody of Scot. Scot a young relative who is very comfortable in who he is. Scots actions and behavior show that he is probably gay. This really disturbs Eric who tries to teach him to be macho and not-gay because he doesn't want others knowing he is gay. Scots cheerful personality is infectious (even though he is dealing with a tragedy) and soon he is teaching Eric what life is really about.


Fantastic film on many levels ! Just teaches us how to be ourselves,the value of family and not fearing others. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Scots character is really cute and femme too you just want to hug him. Good film highly recommend.