En forelskelse

Themes: Drama,Romance,coming out,Yaoi,cheating
Country: Denmark(2008)

Carsten is dating his school friend Melissa- after taking her home from a party he gets to meet her parents.
Melissa's dad Stig is very interesting and Carsten likes him. When Melissa's parents want to go on holiday she says she doesn't want to- but Carsten convinces her otherwise. On the holiday he spends time with Stig and Carsten realizes that hes actually gay and in love with Stig. A little mutual romance ensues but how far will Stig and Carsten go? How about Melissa?


Good film, develops a great sexual tension between the characters. Shows the kind of natural feeling Carsten exudes when he realizes his sexuality. Stig also has an incredible chemistry with Carsten. The other characters Birgette (the mother) and Melissa show real raw emotions. Especially Melissa in showing how much she loves Carsten.

This is not a long film, from memory its about less than an hour. It also contains straight sex scenes.