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    Almost Normal BL movie review

    Themes: Drama,Romance,Comedy,Sci-fi?
    Country: US (2005)


    Brad is dissatisfied with his life, he is sicking of being the "abnormal" one (gay). He gets into a car accident and lands himself back in time. However, this past world is not like ours- in this world being gay is normal and being heterosexual is weird. Now in this world he can get any guy he wants..but he falls for a girl! Brad now has to deal with being abnormal again! This time he gets used to it and learns how to deal with it.

    Eventually, he is taken back to the future (lol). In the future now- what does brad become, straight or gay?


    I liked this film, its pretty drastic and unbelievable but it pulls it off. The whole idea of this going back into the past makes me think he probably was in a comma after the accident where he dreamt this..i don't know.

    Anyway, of more relevance its a good look at what is normal. Will being normal make you happy? Its philosophical but its all done in humor


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