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    Adam & Steve BL movie review

    Themes: Drama,Romance,Comedy,Yaoi, SCAT
    Country: US (2005)

    In the eighties, a gay goth goes to the club with his best gal friend. They thought it was goth night but they were wrong. Adam (the goth) is attracted to one of the Go Go dancers (Steve). They hook up and go back to Adams place where Steve gives Adam Cocaine for the first time...the night turns into a big mess literally!

    Years later, Adam is still a shy and cynical kind of guy and is currently single. His best gal friend lost weight and Adam meets a guy named Steve as he begs him to save his dog. They keep meeting coincidentally and decide to date. Meanwhile, Adam goes to meetings for reformed coke addicts and thinks back to how he got addicted and scared for life from that night in the eighties.

    The romance between him and the new Steve continues...yet who really is Steve?
    Why does he disappear after proposing to Adam?


    I love this movie! This is one of my top favorite gay films of all time. Its hilarious on so many levels and lame and just plain exaggerated but its awesome. This is thoroughly entertaining and lives up to the saying opposites attract!

    Best line in it is: "God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve."

    Worth the watch- not for the faint hearted its got a poo scene :P


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    Re: Adam & Steve BL movie review

    It's a very funny movie.
    I kinda like this one.

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