Themes: Drama,Romance,School,coming of age,Yaoi,Sex scenes
Country: France (2002)

Vincent is an average guy, hes on the swim team and has a nice girlfriend- nothing unusual. Everything changes when he spots the new transfer Benjamin.

They have an instant chemistry and Vincent is interested. By beginning to open up to Benjamin, Vincent neglects friends and family and swimming.

As somebody sees them together- rumors fly that he is gay and everybody near him suspects him. Vincent turns on Benjamin to dispel the rumors. As the film progress we see what Vincent decides and how he comes to terms with his sexuality.

This is a really good film. Vincent and Benjamin both act in a most natural way- even the girlfriend Naomi (i dont rmb the french spelling) has a really realistic reaction to the coming out.

The way things are resolved is really good too. Highly Recommend this film.

Contains Straight Sex scenes