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  1. I do think that I'm a M. As for toys... perhaps a vibrator, ropes, blindfold and handcuffs. Oh and added to my fetish is tongue piercings and broad backs. Ughhhh.. <3 <3
  2. The new download link is not working... cheetah7
  3. @Saga Thank you!! @Hikaru Sakuragi congratulations too!!! omg. I didn't expect this. >////
  4. Ah really :o thank you for telling me :D

  5. yes. It's from Ao no Exorcist! :D

  6. I like your sig. is it from a specific yaoi??

  7. We NEED a second season (with longer episodes). Though a movie or an OVA will be great too.
  8. omg. hahaha. Talking about fat and thin Aoba made me remember Trip and Virus' route.. rabbit16 He was so damn thin there... I love Trip and Virus anyways~ rabbit13 //sorrynotsorry
  9. My first Kagami x Kise doujin! hahaha! Thank you for this~
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