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  1. Ren grinned lightly as Fyrra began to eat and he looked at her when he felt her hand grip his lightly. His vibrant blood red orbs glimmered at her question and he smiled. "Of course the others wouldn't mind." He whispered back and let his free hand run through her hair before he himself began to eat. He ate with impeccable manners and didn't let his gaze wander off her face. Once he was done he would wait for her bringing her hand to his lips and kissed it lightly. His thoughts on what she might want to know about him.
  2. Ren blushed and smiled warmly at Fyrra's words and he pressed her hand to his lips. "It was my pleasure milady." He dipped his head politely before letting his his gaze rest on her face then waited for her to start eating. His thoughts however went to what Raven had said and made his grin grow. As far as Ren was concerned he would embrace the dragon in him when it came to Fyrra no one would have his mate. He still wanted retribution for what Fyrra's former master had done to her and he would get it just not anytime soon.
  3. Ren chuckled and smiled brightly at Raven's words and took Fyrra's hand and lead her to a spot in the shade and waited for her to pick out what she wanted before he got some for himself. His vibrant blood red orbs stayed on her violet ones and his finger traced the scar above her eye she could now see through and he felt his more violent nature want retribution for it but he showed no emotion in wanting to act on it. Today he was Fyrra's and do whatever she wanted today. He turned to Dezerey when he heard her giggle and he raised an eyebrow questioningly.
  4. Ren blushed faintly at her compliment and laughed as he hugged her back pressing her to him tightly. A low growl built in his chest before it faded and he removed his thoughts from where they had been. "You are always breathtakingly beautiful Fyrra." He said in hopes of getting off of hearing that growl. "You hungry yet?" Ren asked hopefully as he stared into her eyes running a finger down her cheek before he looked at Raven again and smiled kindly.
  5. Ren turned to look at Raven at her approach and smiled at her. When she asked him to give Fyrra her gift now he nodded and stepped back. "Its fine with me Raven." He said as he looked at Fyrra and smiled encouragingly while his gaze wandered over everything Dezerey had made for Fyrra's birthday surprised to see some of his favorites. He raised an eyebrow questioningly before he turned his gaze back to Fyrra wondering what her reaction to Raven's gift would be like.
  6. ooc: So sorry for the late reply been busy this summer watching my nephews and stuff but I'm back now. Ren laughed at her enthusiasm and how infectious it was. He felt her arms around him and pulled her closer his vibrant blood red orbs glittered dangerously before turning back to its normal vibrancy. Ren would lead her back to the lake where they had been the past few days only this time there was many violet tiger lilies growing in it. Aurora's icy pink wings glimmered in the morning light as she zipped past each flower till she was in front of Ren and Fyrra and smile warmly. "Happy Birthday Fyrra!" She exclaimed giggling in enthusiasm which as Ren had noted was indeed infectious and he didn't mind it he felt whole not that cold blooded creature he used to be. Dezerey laughed as she watched them from her spot underneath a thick oak and waved them over. She had spent most of the morning baking for Fyrra. She had managed to make some of Ren's and more so of Fyrra's favorites which she had asked Raven about. Waiting for them to come over and once they had she gave an angelic smile to Fyrra and wished her happy birthday and hoped she would enjoy what Dez and spent making her for her special day.
  7. Ren smiled at her and chuckled lightly at what she said. "Time flies." He murmured and hugged her back. His gaze wandered over to the entrance before looking back at Fyrra. "I'm sure Dez and the others want to wish you Happy Birthday as well." Ren would say and held his hand out for her to take so they could walk back to the lake. He smiled warmly and waited for her reactions. His thoughts went to the future and was sure of his course. Ren was more then ready to get that agenda done so he and Fyrra could be safe.
  8. Ren smiled as he watched Fyrra's sleeping form. The past two days were the most fun ones he had in a long time. He had taken her to the places he found she would enjoy the most. It was another of Aurora's hidden gardens and fairy alcove that Aurora used to honor her mother and father. The night before her birthday they talked until she had passed out and he enjoyed their conversation he ran a hand through his snow white hair before he moved closer to Fyrra and gently shook her awake. "Hey Sleepy Head Happy Birthday its time to wake up." He said as he waited for her to wake up.
  9. "As did I Fyrra." He said letting his gaze wander over the inside of the cave and looked at Dezerey for a fraction of a second before returning it to Fyrra. Ren smiled when she kissed his cheek and looked for Raven. "I'm guessing Raven wanted to take a flight?" He asked Dez who nodded in response and mouthed so did Aurora. His blood red orbs trailed over Fyrra's figure once more before he resumed stroking her cheek in a gentle caress with his finger. He watched her reactions as well hoping it was subtle.
  10. hello would u mind chatting wid me :)

  11. Ren smiled at her words. "Yes we will." He said his vibrant blood red orbs stayed following her features as his finger continued its path along her cheek. At the words she was ready to go back he grinned. "As you wish milady!" He said gallantly and began to lead her back to the cave keeping her hand tight in his. Once they were near the entrance he studied the branches carefully for Raven wondering if he could sneak a kiss. He decided against it and kissed her hand. Ren would then lead her inside catching Aurora out of the corner of his eye heading out.
  12. He listened to her words and he smiled and held her close after her show of affection. " I love you to nor do I want to be apart from you Fyrra. " Ren would say and let a hand rest on her slave collar and he made no effort to hide his disdain over it. "We will have to get that removed soon...those born of magical beasts and fae blood normally have powers grow near their eighteenth birthdays and we would need that removed I wouldn't want you to be hurt by them..." He said trying to explain his reasonings but then stopped and shook his head at himself. "Those thoughts can probably wait till after. Time with you is more important. Are you ready to head back?" Ren would ask his vibrant blood red orbs would watch her and he would run a finger up and down her cheek lightly.
  13. Ren could feel her arms around him and he pulled her closer before he allowed her to get some air. He grinned sheepishly and ran a hand through her hair and pressed their lips together once more. Ren was making sure to keep himself in check and simply enjoyed kissing Fyrra here in Aurora's garden it made it feel more complete. He would eventually get that collar removed but for now he was content in just kissing her. Ren would give her room to breath whenever the time called for it and he would pause and look at her with his vibrant blood red orbs taking in her expression.
  14. Ren listened to her speak and smiled at her words about Aurora. He would watch her take in scents and smiled brightly when she smiled when they made it to the golden lily and she opened her mouth to speak about it. Ren would listen to her words and smiled as she held his hand softly. His vibrant blood red orbs wandered the garden for a fraction of a second before he debated with himself over something. Ren's expression would turn thoughtful before he looked down at Fyrra. He would bring her hand up to his face and held it against his cheek before letting his nose skim across the skin. "Raven might kill me..." He muttered if she was about to ask why he would press their lips together before she could ask.
  15. Ren continued to watch Fyrra and smiled as she thanked him for bringing her here. "Its Aurora's hobby she loves nature so much and its part of who she is as a fairy." He explained as she hugged him. At her whispered thanks he smiled warmly he took her hand again and lead her to a golden lily. "What do you think of this one?" Ren asked her noting her clothes were almost dry. He tuned into her scent and noted that it stood out to him amiss all the floral scents trying to hide it.
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