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  1. Novel! its the best but be warned its quite lengthy (not a bad thing in my opinion) the anime/manga skips on the romance and isnt complete anyway i think. Theres also the netflix show the untamed. It makes them into brotherly.love type soulmates because of chinas censorship laws which dont allow BL - - - Updated - - - I LOVE it! The translatiom on exiled rebels was quite good. Made me try other translated chinese novels but the translations were soooo bad for the most part i just couldnt. And i wasnt into the anime or manga because they removed the romance which i really liked. Theres also a netflix adaptation now called the untamed if you're interested (its got great reviews) but again no outright romance
  2. "http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/thre...u-special-01-a" isn't a valid link. It's not a thread included on the contest. So I've updated only 2.

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