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  1. You should definitely be rewarded with how consistent you are in greeting people on the site. Thanks @crystald
  2. I'm not functioning properly lately. I need a reboot. Or maybe a factory reset. If only there's an option to power off and charge. But my brain's data is glitched it doesn't go off. (╥﹏╥)
  3. A lot of people look for the one who make them smile. But the real challenge is finding someone who makes you feel comfortable crying with them. Smiling is easy, you can fake it all you want. But crying? You choose a shoulder to cry on.
  4. That's really sweet. Thank you @fan_yaoi
  5. I'm done with meds. It made me worse. I'm not allowed to take antidepressants because it will cause me mania. I can only have moodstabs and antipsychotics. And the dose only gets higher I don't trust it anymore. Thanks anyway. I appreciate that.
  6. Grabe. When things started to get really low. And you just wanna run away from everything. Things suddenly happen for you, making you stay. Life still suck. But atleast I have another reason to stay with it.
  7. What the hell is this? XD I don't even remember th- OH YEA the alt+s posting. I remember now. man, been here for a long time??? D:
  8. Sana naman. Sana talaga. Sarap manampal minsan. *sampal sa sarili* hahah
  9. 1. Been a fan of VoicePlay for two years and I still can't get enough of them voice. Specially Geoff's D: 2. Will look for the other pumpkins in a bit. 3. The moon is smiling. Guess this is a better night than yesternight's. 4. Still had the urge to just run away. Ugh
  10. @fan_yaoi It's the only thing I know I'm good at. Finding things. Lmao still can't find the other 5 tho D:
  11. 5 more pumpkins. Where in the world are they hidden? -_-
  12. Meow. I'm a crazy cat lady but I'm open to any other animals(including humans).
  13. Been calling death in my sleep smh doesn't want me to join em yet. Lmao why tho? Not my time yet? Hahaha life is a fucking laughable thing ever.
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