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  1. Thank you so much @voide and congrats to you as well @crystald!!! :cuteonion51:
  2. Thank you so much @batista @lalunala and @crystald I agree, it's been so much fun, especially since I LOVE this couple XD And hope you all have a lovely week! :_red_fox 4
  3. Here's my entry The Confession - 595 words
  4. Uuumm, the latest items I bought, aside from groceries, are these two pairs of jeans, which were on sale (one was over 90% off XD). It's kinda difficult to make them look nice (I lack imagination and creativity unfortunately OTL) but hope it's ok...
  5. @batista OMG, thank you so much!!! Sorry for the late reply, just got back from holiday >_
  6. Task 10 - A New Beginning I've been way too unproductive this year >_ Thank goodness this is the last task! It's been so much fun but I'm away now until after the New Year and won't be able to participate after today ^^;
  7. Task 9 - Frutty Thank goodness I still have one left XD
  8. Ok, I've never done this before so hope this meets the requirements >_
  9. Task 8 - Something Sweet Since "sweet" can be interpreted in quite a few ways... "Sweet" as in taste: "Sweet" as in "aaww, how sweet" XD
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