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  1. Hello ^^ how are you? ^^

  2. hello

    thanks im fine but my mind is busy so much

    hmm its hard to remember japanese ^^;

    i forgot soon ^^;

    its good that you learn you are smart ^^

    do you want going if its like that its easy for you i think

    do you want live there ?

  3. I started think about school in Japan. It is expensive but maybe... who knows :)

    I hope you Japanese learn are good. I started too. I have voice and read lessons and I try remember. I watch more dramas too, because it is good lessons, like in other language. When I was younger I didn't think about USA movies with subtitles, but now it's no problem XD


    I saw new book from Takarai Rihito and now I'm unhappy, because I haven't this T_T


    How are you??

  4. hello

    yes mine too when i get sad angry and stress my situation is become not good

    hmm i want do a job 2 my classes left but i dont want to go again

    i become so sad every where i go teachers bothering me ^^;

    i am so tired of it but now pass important classes and i wanna do a job

    but in my country i cant do anything

    yes yes i wanna still go to another country

    i choose japan i hope it will be good for me ^^;

    now i bought books for they language but its hard to learn ^^;

    and soon i forget ^^;

    i like asia and i just like japan in asian country i thik i can buy anime too :))

  5. Unfortunately I still searching. I do small work with write, but it is nothing special.

    I hope your stomach is fine now? Mine is sometimes in bad mood, but doctor said it's because of stress. Probably, now live can be stressfull. I read in this week a few oneshot manga or short mangas. I founded "Love Calendar" nice love storie. I have mood on something like this sometimes, and you?

    Do you still thinking about move out from your country?

  6. i downloaded all of theme and they work how the work into a file i wanna the become one file how i can do that?
  7. thankssssrabbit13 i download it 2 days for two part and i want more time for other parts cuse of my speedrabbit0
  8. hi

    i happy for you yes cold is 3 days after that you will be fine

    hmm yes unpolite hmm now im not going to classes do my works

    maby find job ^^; i passed important classes so that 2 other is not much

    important seems^^; hmm as always sometimes get stomach pain ^^;

    but i happy cuse i didnt get it this days but today alittle hurt ^^;

    did you found job?

  9. I was sick because cold weather, but now I feel good. It was only two or three days, nothing importent.

    And how your health? I hope good

    Your teachers are scary? O_O

  10. sorry but where is the link of download ????????:hamtaro-005 (21):
  11. hello

    oh why you are sick ?did you catch cold or do you have stomach pain ?

    hmm my important classes was finished but 2 other classes find problem with teachers

    so i cant do anything now ^^;

  12. Hello! ^^

    Whats wrong with your class?


    I'm almost fine. I'm a little sick. Nothing very awful but pain. Still search job and write articles. And watch movies and... waiting for snow. I think only two weeks and I'll see it.

  13. hi hi it been long time how are you ?

    so you had fun ^^;

    thats nice

    i found problem with my classes

  14. hi hi it been long time how are you ?

    so you had fun ^^;

    thats nice

    i found problem with my classes

  15. Yeah, French is difficult language. Many words you write other than you say and numbers are very hard. My friend learnt French for two years and she said "numbers are awfull" everytime when she come back from lessons xD But I think if you want and if you find good teacher it will be pleasure. Gambatte!

    I come back from vacation yesterday. I was on Depeche Mode concert and it was amazing and awesome *____* And I ate many hamburgers all time, lol. More than I eat usually ;)

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