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  1. I've always see Qpa promoting this manga in my timeline anw, thank you so much!!!
  2. thanks for sharing!! but I can't download the vol.4 somehow
  3. I just wrote the walkthrough of Koko and Mio (I will add Naruomi and Asuku asap) > HERE'S THE WALKTHROUGH
  4. I still work on the walkthough, I just finished Koko route, I hope I can share asap
  5. Why is your Katekyo Hitman Reborn club so inactive?!?!?

    Come back here and take charge!!!! >.<

    BTW: Hi !

  6. Halo, aku baru di sini! salam kenal semuanya... onion0 panggil aja Inori, ehehe hebat ya, orang indonesia, ada grup sendiri gini.. kaget juga liatnya onionn0
  7. First~ which pairing you like the most? Share here! onion0 and also, if you have a picture of them, you can share it. I'm Inori, and I really like D18 and 8059. D18 8059
  8. こんにちわ~ Nice to meet you (senang berkenalan denganmu) my name is Inori, よろしくね~ 16 years old, a girl and a fujoshi~ :leaf15: leaf3 by the way, i want to ask.. is there any fudanshi here? i'm curious! :leaf2:
  9. こんにちわ、みんな~!! onion3 I'm new here, よろしくね~ (sorry if my english bad) and also, i really like to share about animangame about yaoi. I can't stand if i watch some anime or read some comic that not yaoi but there's a hint about them! That's why i love doujin.. where something not happen in the anime or comic can be happen. I'm not often watch some BL drama, but I do, i have them. if you can introduce me about the drama, maybe i will like them? leaf1 oh yeah, also, i love D18, 8059, USUK, Spamano, Nezushi, and Shizaya among other. Oh, if you want to sharing with me about other pairing, i will love them! onion0 and... i have fetish with white/silver hair guy! :msn_red_fox 2 Thank you! oh yeah, you can call me Inori :cuteonion48:
  10. Hello~ I'm new here... first i want to apologize if my english are bad, its not my motherlanguage! I really really love D18, Dino x Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. This is the information i get about them>>> • He taking him for a tour around the country (almost). Only the two of them. Dino and Hibari :cuteonion46: • And Hibari actually uses handcuffs when fighting now too. And their training sessions do tend to get a bit physical. • Actually, Romario was supposedly there since Dino just messes up when his subordinates aren't around. Though of course, Romario and Kusakabe do sneak off to have a drink and a chat sometimes... • Dino is really one of the few people who will willingly spend time with Hibari besides the Disciplinary Committee since most other people are afraid of him. Plus Hibari does pretty much live with him during the trainings sessions (or the one in the future at least). • Don't forget Dino snuck in to see The Choice battle, because as he said himself, he couldn't miss out Hibari fighting. That's also when Hibari calmly listened to him. • Most Dinox Hibari fans will say the Daisy vs Hibari+Dino fight in TYL arc as their favourite fight for various reasons • Before the fight Dino ran after Hibari, who rushed to Namimori Middle High to check out the situation. • During the fight, Hibari was willing to destroy part of his beloved school in order to save Dino. • In Dino's Haru Haru interview, Dino stated that he drops by to visit Hibari from time to time. • In chapter 365 Hibari's incessant stalking of Dino, who's become an English teacher at Namimori in order to stay close to Tsuna in case of another battle. The only way Dino's able to get Hibari to stop following him is promising a rendezvous at a hotel after work. Granted it's only so they can fight, but both seem rather excited for it. • In chapter 367 Hibari is stated to be really fixated on Dino because he really wants him to become his mentor. • In chapter 373 Dino shows up to save Hibari from the Varia's attack and warns them that they better not attack Hibari again or they'll regret it. • In chapter 391 it is said that they spent the last few days fighting each other just as promised by Dino. and also many more about them! Let's share D18 here!
  11. Hello, i'm new here, and i love Durarara so much! :cuteonion41:
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