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  1. Very cute! Don't worry about feeling insecure, most artists do. Just keep drawing, and feel free to continue posts your favorites here, or anywhere on the web. =3
  2. Roman and Carter I had a gif I wanted to share too, but unfortunately no matter how small I make it, it doesn't seem to want to work on the forum! Oh well. Anyway, hope everyone here on YO is good! I've been so happy working, and continuing my comic, but I wish I had more time to just sit and draw. And work on a million other things too, honestly. XD
  3. Persis and Xalph having kisses~ Also some Hell Hounds snippets, because I like sharing those!
  4. Reminder that there's a new page of Hell Hounds on Tapastic and Smackjeeves as of Wednsday. :Building snowman:
  5. Aww, thank you @fan_yaoi @batista Thank you, that's sweet! You can always follow me on tumblr or instagram. But I'm just happy that people are interested in my art, regardless of where!
  6. New art! And a slightly nsfw under the cut.. ;3 Christopher and Imogen If anyone's curious these are characters from Cursed. Mostly the names are useful if you're on my tumblr, as I tag the characters according to the story they belong too, so people can keep track if they want.
  7. Happy Halloween! Have a great one everybody! Dress up! Steal candy from children!
  8. Ah, I ran out of time to edit that last post. I was just going to add this to it. But here is a newer version of the cover image based on some feedback I got on another site. =3
  9. Hey, if anyone pops by, I could really use an opinion! Smackjeeves, one of the comic hosting sites I use, is implementing a new design where they use covers instead of banners to show case comics. Bellow is the cover I made! Do you think this will attract new readers? Any advice on how it could be better?
  10. This is for a future page of the comic! I was having trouble drawing the particular panel, and eventually deemed the first image as 'good enough'. I went back recently to redraw it, and its just so much better. So here's a before and after of some art!
  11. New character I made for another RP with Sya. It took me a long time to draw him right, but I'm quite happy with the ginger man. PLUS I got to practice painting some bruises! Fun! Also, just to let you guys know, my comic is up to 11 pages on tapastic! If you like BL and you like my art, check it out! :Wink:
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