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  1. Key

    Yeah, it is hard, and time consuming. I used to hardsub as well a while ago, some of YO's translation projects for anime or movies/live action.

    I am glad to hear it's working well, congrats! ;D

  2. Lemur7

    Hahaha..I was so busy I forgot to check back over this way .

    Hope you're doing Okay...I miss being over here...

    The "Patalliro Project" has been going along great,,I'm up to ep 27 script wise,,,,Very excited!!

    They like my style so much I've been asked to join in on "Patalliro Saiyuki project"...which will be done after the Pataillro run is done


    I personally on my own will be doing "Puppet master Sakon" ..I always did find the subs a bit hard to read in places

    Seems I may have found my calling after all ....XD


    You up to anything ???? Remember to relax some !

  3. This series has been picked up from the last released Episode of 19 ....Numbers 20-24 are out ..and as of tommorrow Ep 25 will be released....If your interested that is....I can't give the links ..because they are not mine and I would never stoop so low as to post another's with out permission....you most likely can find them by googling "pataillro Ep 20" etc....but torrents are up on anime-Tosho..or I think I saw one there...was a fast search...(though if you are a fan of the series ....you'll most likely already know where and how to get them) I'll be asking permission to post links later on..... The series will be completed....I know this for a fact..if you look at it you'll know why..***hint look at my name*** **Bridget..and other mods....please don't remove my post...I only wanted to give some info..thanks**
  4. Key

    That sounds great, sure you'll make a lot of fans happy with it ;D

    Well, so far it's still the beginning, let's see how this year will turn, hopefully better than the previous few, really XD

    Happy New Year Lemur! ;D

  5. Lemur7

    I am thank-you ....I've started a new project over At Aarinfantasy....will be doing up a set of subs for Patalliro,,

    I was give some links to a Russian sub place and a full set of DVD quality raw episodes...

    at first I was going to go it alone ,,,then realized that's just greedy and Aarin bless her soul was still badly wanting to finish up the sub version over there...I didn't work on the subs for over a year and surrendered the lot to her ,,,but.... I then told her I would indeed help her after all,,,

    so I've busy cleaning up those ..grammar and diction mostly..so turned out very strange fron the translator program ...

    ..I sent her a surprise today of a almost finished Ep to glance at..I restyled and re typeset them to look better....

    And ...just how was your new year ??? So many crazy things going on...

    ~Happy New Year !!~

  6. Key

    Merry Christmas, Lemur! It's been a long time indeed! Hope you're doing well ;D

  7. Lemur7

    My Gosh..been so long ,,Sorry Key !!

    will try get get online more often....

    Merry Christmas *2018* ...Remember to enjoy yourself !!

  8. My Gosh..been so long ,,Sorry Key !!

    will try get get online more often....

    Merry Christmas *2018* ...Remember to enjoy yourself !!

  9. Sadly if it does "removed per request"..that most likely means it will not/can not be re-uploaded...
  10. Thank-you for they reply...yes very true,,now that I think about it both Box and Demonoid had people that actually had connections with people that did those things..making things super cheap all around...but it was a thought ..XD
  11. @Key; ..do you think in the future YO might have it's own t-shirt like Boxtorrents , Demoniod had..??? or a tiny shop of mugs ,keychains,bookmarks..all with YO art work( like using the banner art on something?)
  12. Finally I'm back to being a bit more active,,,still pickings are slim this time around just the one new large set.. just the same please enjoy! ...you can just right click and save as or go to the host and get the full size ,,your choice ! This weeks offering ...Yuri on ice ...
  13. @zackh; the last post in this thread has the link to the ova http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/17453-Gravitation-OVA-Lyrics-of-Love-(DUAL-AUDIO)
  14. My Deepest Apologies to all for not being very active these last few months.. here is a new link to my folder,,please do not repost,,if you wish to re-share download to your own computer,upload to your own host then re-share from there ! MEGA
  15. Key

    Merry Christmas, Lemur! Hope you're having a blast with your family and friends! ;D

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