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  1. The AniMix - For Real??? shall this really be the series??? I waited for so long but, this is not what i was hoping for! If this should be the final production i must say IM REALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a Fan production this would be great, but not for a work from yamane, i thought it would be like Junjo Romantica but FKS 18
  2. Please someone must know it, i wanna read it so bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (T^T)
  3. So many good choices, I would love to see all of them ^-^ Elektel Delusion and You're my loveprize in Viewfinder : The anime must be a "not under 18 version" XD XD XD
  4. Totally Captivated, Border, Only the Ring Finger Knows As for me, this are my favorites :hamtaro-005 (8):
  5. The only thing i heard was that there will be really a second vol. of Gravitation ex, but Volume 2 won't come out anytime soon, since there aren't enough chapters released in Japan. I guess we have to be patient and wait for good old lazy Murkami-sama to make more chapters.^^ I really want to read it so badly beacause i m a big fan at the beginning ( you can clearly see it on my nickname xD)
  6. To me the sweetest scene is when Gii is searching for takumi in the third series ^^ so cute with the background music T-T
  7. also it has nothing to do with the Game @JenovaVII the picture of Asami and Akihiko is really sexy >///
  8. Its really awsome that there are new BL animes ^^
  9. I really want to see it T-T I love it so much i could cry xD
  10. I really think i dont know this one so its searching time xD
  11. Thanks xD hohohoh xD

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