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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. After organizing the servants in their duties bastion took stillachio to one side "Your reward is ready and being looked after by the baron l am assuming that you want it sending to the usual place ?" The young man nodded happily before replying "Thank you sir that is most kind ,""And you have more work for me now we are back in Paris ?"he asked with a smile playing round his lips . "Oh yes " Said bastion "I have ,when we go to the kings ball you will accompany myself and the baron and you will play the part of the barons play thing you understand ? but subtly so that the relationship is only hinted at . The baron will play his part and fuss over you a little so as to pique the interest of certain parties but you are to watch and memorise the faces of certain individuals whom l will indicate to you .One or two of them may approach you with offers of companionship for later that night refuse that but you are to agree to a later assignation but in a few days time explain your time is already taken for that night then later we will discuss your duties reguarding these individuals and stillachio peform them well and that which you dream of will be in your grasp the sooner ." The young man nodded and smiling happily bowed and took his leave of bastion . After finishing up a few notes whilst his bath was running he washed and changed before using the interconnecting door to enter the barons room . After tidying around quickly much to the barons amusement he then stripped and joined the already naked baron in his bed and as he slipped into his welcoming arms he whispered "All is now in place for your vengence my love ."
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  5. Bastion after overseeing the servants and showing the royal household servants where everything was put the finishing touches to that nights celebrations . The event it self passed smoothly and appeared to be enjoyed by everyone ,the king especially was in fine form witty and urbane and charming to everyone .After he had seen to the clearing up and given the staff orders for the following morning bastion called in at stillachio's room to inform him that he had won his bet as neither the king or the baron had spotted him, however for the following day he would have a much more prominent role at the barons side replacing bastion as the barons personal aide for the day "It is a task that you are more than capable of and one that l know you will excell in. Plus l want you to memerise all the faces of the royal party and their servants we will never know when we may have to move against them in the barons interests ." bowing and smiling the boy answered "Yes my lord ." and then a little more hesitantly "And my reward my lord ,what about that ?" "Dont worry ." bastion replied "The baron will be in the city overnight in a few days time and we will get you your reward then." Stillachio smiled happily and bowed again as bastion turned and left the room . Hurrying to the barons chamber bastion knocked softly and entered ,kissing the baron on the lips he quickly explained that he could not stay as he had to be up in 4 hours time to over see the servants and to smooth out any problems between the barons and the kings households. Also he explained that for the following day his place at the barons side would be filled by stillachio as his personal aide as there was too much to organise and oversee for bastion to be kept away from it . The baron nodded his agreement sadly but indicated that he understood why before giving bastion permission to leave .
  6. Quickly moving forward to open the carriage door to allow the king and the rest of the barons guests to disembark, bastion then moved to the side whilst the baron greeted the king and the other people .After greeting the king himself the baron began to present the rest of the household including bastion to the king as lower servants rushed forward with trays of drinks and little nibbles whilst the stable master brought round the horses they would ride to the hunting grounds .As soon as every one was mounted and the escort of guards was in place the baron and the king and antoine rode off for a days deer and boar hunting leaving bastion behind to organise the grand evening meal for when they returned . Having made sure that there was no problems in the kitchen and that the feast would be ready on time bastion turned his attention to making sure that there would be adequate amounts of hot water for the baron and his guests to bath with before eating after satisfying himself that all was prepared he layed out changes of clothes for the baron and showed the kings servants to the dressing and bath room that the king would be using .Occupying his time dutifully on the barons affairs whilst he waited bastion made sure that he was waiting at the front hall when the hunting party returned eight hours later .
  7. After the baron had finished enjoying all the many pleasures that bastion was able to provide and fallen asleep bastion crept quietly from his bed and back to his own room .When bastion was woken early the following day he he quickly washed and dressed and went down to the kitchen to arrange the food and servants for antiones and the kings hunting visit .After organizing the food and servants and a guard contingent with the captain he took stillachio to one side "Today is your most important job so far you will follow and guard the baron and his guests without being seen ,do you understand they must never know that you have been watching over them ." the boy griined happily and nodded his understanding . "And " bastion continued if you are succesful then l will give you a special reward ." the boy smiled nodding his head before turning and vanishing out of the kitchen . Bastion prepared the barons breakfast tray and returned to the barons suite .Knocking he entered and placing the tray next to the barons bed drew back the curtains , having gently shaken the barons shoulder to make sure he was awake he started to layout his clothes for the day while explaining that the barons bath had been drawn "Also dominus l have arranged for your young asssassin to be guarding you to day insted of me l want to see if you are able to spot him at any point in the day as it is you who will be paying the price of his reward if he succeeds in remaining invisible to you and your guests ." the baron nodded his head and stripped naked for his bath .
  8. Bastion made sure that before he hurried into the bath room the lighting in the barons room was low and flickering .Quickly stripping his clothes off bastion then took a small bottle of oil out of the bag .Slowly and carefully he applied a thin layer of the oil over his body so that it glistened and gleamed in the lamp light in the bathroom. The flickering flame casting ever changing shadows as it caught and highlighted the thin patena of oil that covered him when he was satisfied he dressed himself a linen breechclout and nothing else. Leaving the bathroom he returned to the barons room the the flames flickering from the fire and the small amount of light from the lamps giving his oil covered body a dark silvery sheen that costantly altered as he moved to stand infront of the open mouthed baron . Smiling shyly bastion began to move and sway his body intime to the exotic rythm that was playing in his head .moving his hips and his torso in the manner of a belly dancer he gradualy moved closer to the baron his arm gestures beckoning and teasing at the same time, inviting the baron to taste the myriad of treats his body offered. As the rythm in his head played faster and faster bastion moved faster and faster hips shaking and thrusting wantonly, arms and hands creating ever changing patterns in the fire light till finally he landed on the barons lap his arms twined round his neck and his lips locked against the barons. Slightly out of breath with his exertions he wait for the baron to cliam his prize .
  9. After a pleasant afternoon spent in the small natural pool by the river the baron and bastion made their way back to the chateau slowly ,enjoying this quiet peaceful time together away from the usual hustle and bustle of the barons household. When they arrived back the baron retired to his drawing room to attend to his correspondence whilst bastion returned to the kitchen with the picnic equipment . After returning the things and having a brief chat with the cook about what household supplies needed to be purchased bastion set out on one of his daily patrols of the house making sure that things were at the standard of cleanliness that the baron expected at least in the public areas and guest quarters .He finished as always at the room he knew the baron to be working in . Knocking quietly he entered the barons drawing room looking round he was suprised to see that the baron was abscent and even more suprised to see a note with his name on propped up on the desk . Striding over to the desk he picked the note up and glanced over the contents a small smile playing over his lips as he read " bastion l am feeling a little tired and unwell so l have gone to lie down in my room ,would you be good enough to attend to me later bringing a light meal for me ." "ps. Bring your dancing shoes as you will have to show me the dance you mentioned earlier." Bastion folded the note and put it in his pocket before turning and leaving the room to prepare for his duties later .
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