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  1. Happy new year..eventhou it's a lil bit late to say that.. :p



  2. SSYaJYz.jpg

    Wish U have a nice day today! :D

  3. 。*★*。´・Д・`。*★*。´・Д・`。MERRY CHRISTMAS´・Д・`。*★*。´・Д・`。*★*。





  4. why are you such a fool my dear ,l am sure you are not really .Perhaps you just need to sit down and talk it through with them some times semes can be so unreasonable and foolish but we put up with it ne

  5. She wint Toby. I'm such a fool.

  6. she should still make the effort so that you feel special

  7. She can't. I'm not her only uke.

  8. thats a shame, your seme should make the effort mine does .

  9. Yay I'm happy with my seme too but she's too busy to speak with me everyday.

  10. yes l am almost as lucky as domina is to have me but its lots of fun .

  11. You are very lucky to have her.

  12. l wouldnt tell her she is sweet that will only irritate her ,but she is a good seme and mine so l am happy

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