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  1. HI!!! I was lost for a long time... anyways hi how you doing?

    hows everything with school? i think you're out of high school already right?

  2. sorry for really late reply >A< it's been 2 years eh? hope you still remember me

  3. lol yea XDDDDD //highfive

    well i wont flirt him, maybe approach him like a normal person do

    and start to become friend and i not that kind of person who show my felings toward other people

    So i will make him like me and confess to me

    i not the type of girl who said "hey i like you let's date" hell no D: i think the male is the one who approach first and i just can't say that >//< it's to embarrasing


    lol yea D: me too


    NOOOO D: i can't my family is a religious family so i can't say that


    lol XDDD i haven't kill any koi thought

    and now it's my senior year D: so only 1 year left on high school //sigh

  4. uwaaaa it's been a long time (it's been 2 years eh?) so sorry >A<


    lolol XDD

    //sigh to be honest i start to get really bored with naruto =="

    the story it just....


    ikr? XDDD that doujinshi is from 10rankai XD


    oh yea i figured it out too ^^"

    OMG no 6 XDDDD


    i want to read the novel she read >V<


    hey hey do you watch free? if you haven't watch it then you should watch it right nowww XDD //slapp

  5. 2ldjedw.gif *<(* ̄▽)/▽▼▽Merry X’mas▽▼▽\(▽ ̄*)>*



  6. 2i6g9lf.jpg

    Whishing you a great year... May all your wishes come true! ;)

  7. tumblr_le3intm6HX1qfwfzxo1_500.jpg

    Warmest Thoughts and Best Wishes for a Very Merry Christmas!

  8. Before the Internet connection goes nuts. Let me great you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



  9. Happy Halloween !!


  10. 5oi2k2.jpg

    Happy Halloween! ;)

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