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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. Okay, I couldn't figure out how to edit my post. So I'm just gonna update it here. I haven't been the most active here in quite a while, but well, with everything going on right now, I have loads of time. I was hoping that someone might be interested in trying to RP with me. While I have a lot more time than before, I still am working so my replies might be a bit slow... but if I take a while to reply, I will do my best to keep you updated! I promise! Here's a few things that you should know about me: - I like to exclusively play the seme role. However, I MAY be open to being a switch if the situation calls for it. Just know that I don't have much experience writing for submissive roles. - I love to smut it up, but only if you're 18+ please, don't ask me to RP if you are underage. -I'm fairly vanilla in kinks...SORRY I'm not into rape, abuse, incest, furry, shotocon, or anything like that. However, I am definitely open to consensual BDSM type stuff! If you don't see a kink listed here, feel free to run it by me and I may be able to work with it, lol. -I'm really into fandom RP's. If you're interested in doing a fandom RP with me, just send me a list of fandoms you're into and odds are we'll be able to find something that we're both into. I can manage as long as I'm familiar with it, usually! -Feel free to poke me if you feel like I'm taking longer than usual. I will try my best to let you know if I am going to take a while, but I don't bite! You can hit me up on chat whenever or shoot me a PM, lol. I will provide my email, as well. If you're interested in RPing with me, hit me on chat or over PM. Or you can email me @ Rochavee89@gmail.com
  2. Sorry about that LOL! My inbox is cleared now!

  3. otarusushi


    I've watched the first 3 episodes so far! I plan to watch the 4th later today. I haven't read the manga, but I think I have to now! I'm really enjoying the anime so far!
  4. I hate when my new kitten cuddles with my roommate instead of me. I'm a clingy little biznatch.
  5. Veeeeery hard to pick a favorite of all time. Favorite of all time might be: Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z), Alucard (Hellsing), L (Death Note) Spike Spiegal (Cowboy Bebop) Favorite at the moment: Midoriya Izuku/FatGum/Mirio (BNHA), Senku (Dr. Stone), Arthur Boyle (Fire Force) Man, there really is just too damn many...
  6. I'm an OG... so you know it had to Dragon Ball Z, son!
  7. Oh man... lol Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji Trunks - Dragon Ball Z Fatgum - My Hero Academia (Fatgum is mood AF) MUTHA-EFFIN' NICHOLAS BROWN - Gangsta Yami - Black Clover (Can't tell me Yami ain't daddy AF) Alucard - Hellsing Ultimate Decim - Death Parade Those are all my husbando's that I can think of :Excited:
  8. I am currently loving this song~ had it on repeat for a while, lol. [video=youtube_share;gqsMJ1wezOY]
  9. It was a good day. The sun was shining, the temperature was just right, things were relatively quiet, and it was his day off. He'd slept in for two hours longer than usual this morning and felt refreshed. His agency currently had him on night patrols, so sometimes he would come home really late. Sleeping late and waking early had it's difficulties, but such was his responsibility as the symbol of peace. At least the work, though hard, was quite gratifying. Overall, Izuku really couldn't complain. Spending a relaxing day at home had been a tempting thought at first. However, after all of the action Izuku had seen recently, he found himself becoming antsy as early as 11 am. Unable to spend any more time on the couch, he began cleaning. He wasn't super messy or anything, but he definitely had allowed himself to get behind on chores. There was laundry scattered around his bedroom, a few dishes in his sink. and he hadn't cleaned the shower in weeks either. What if there was mold there now? He winced at the thought and rolled up his sleeves. His chores hadn't taken him more than an hour to complete. The shower tile twinkled in the sunlight, his clothes were circling in the wash, and his kitchen was spotless. He stood in the middle of his living room with his hands on his hips and looked around his place, perhaps hoping that some other chore would pop out at him. None did. Now what? As if on cue, his phone began to ring. It was his old schoolmate Uraraka. Seeing her name light up his screen had Izuku grinning and he answered on the 3rd ring. "Hello?" The exchange between them was short and sweet. Apparently, the hero Uravity also had the day off and had decided to ask Izuku out on a coffee date. Due to his busy schedule, he really hadn't been able to see much of his friends lately. Actually, he couldn't even recall the last time that he had seen Urakaka or Iida. Feeling a twinge of guilt, he eagerly accepted her invitation. The shop wasn't far, it would only take him 15 minutes to get there on foot. He had already showered and brushed his teeth and hair, so all that was left was to get dressed. He opted for simple and casual. Jeans, one of his notoriously plain t-shirts, a hoodie, a pair of sunglasses, and a hat. He figured he should at least make an attempt to blend into the crowd today since he wouldn't want to cause a commotion and get Uravity dragged into it. Ever since he topped the hero charts his popularity had experienced a Kacchan type of boom. (Big. A very big boom.) He paused at his genkan when Kacchan's image flickered like a flame in his mind. Unlike with Uraraka and Iida, Izuku actually could recall the last time he had seen or even spoken to his childhood friend. It had been their high-school reunion get together. Everyone who had graduated from UA had been there. He remembered arriving late, almost missing the event completely because of his hero work. Everyone had been so visually excited that he had made it. All except for Kacchan, of course. The spikey-haired blonde had merely spared Izuku a glance and a grimace, before averting his gaze for the better part of the evening. Katsuki had been his usual stand-offish and gruff self, but lacked pretty much all of the malice that he had for Izuku during their earlier school days. They shared a few brief exchanges of words while in the company of everyone, but it was when people started to leave that things had begun to get tense and dare he say...awkward? When Katsuki had stood up to leave, Izuku had scrambled to his feet. "Kacchan! Good luck at your agency! I'll be watching, but don't expect my view to be from behind." (Wait...) His words had definitely been clumsy and he got yelled at as a result. Kacchan called him a "Gross-shitty-nerd" and stomped off. And that had been it! Neither Katsuki or Izuku had attempted to contact one another since. The only exposure that he got to his childhood friend now was on tv. His merchandise, too. A smile ghosted over Izuku's face and he brought a hand up to the hat he had chosen to wear today. It was black in color, with red trim, and on the front was the picture of a small explosion with the comical sound effect "BOOM!" written on it. This was the first merch of the pro hero Ground Zero that he had purchased. He was known for purchasing merch of his UA pals, but it was different with Kacchan's stuff. He was borderline obsessive about obtaining them, so much so, that it was even rivaling his obsession with All Might. ----- A boy of about eight raced passed him on the sidewalk, cheerfully ignoring his mother's calls. Izuku moved aside to let the mother pass by and watched with slight amusement as the boy was snatched up by his parent. He overheard the two of them grumble at each other, and then the mother dragged the boy around the next corner. It got him thinking that maybe he should call his mother later, perhaps after he and Uraraka had parted ways. It was when he was just 10 minutes away from the coffee shop now that he heard it. An explosion. Instincts kicking in immediately, his muscles tensed and his head snapped in the direction of the sound. "What's going on? A villain?" He wondered out loud. The street was a busy one and someone overheard him. "Yeah, apparently the heroes Red Riot, Cellophane, and Ground Zero are over there fighting with a villain. The villain is a tricky one, I've been hearing. Causing quite a bit of damage that one." The man shook his head. "Tore into some office buildings. I hope there isn't any casualties." While the man was speaking Izuku had whipped out his phone and begun looking up where all of this was taking place. It was several blocks away, block 12, and he could be there in less time than it would take him to get to the cafe if he moved at Full Cowl. "I'm sorry, Uraraka. I promise, I'll make it up to you." "Thanks!" He told the man before going into a half-crouched position, green sparks erupted around his body, and had people on the street jumping away from him in shock. In the blink of an eye, Izuku had shot off the ground and was zipping toward Block 12. Gasps erupted in the crowd that he had left behind. "Was that hero Deku?" "The #1 hero? No way!" "Damn it, I should've asked for an autograph!" ----- When he arrived on the scene, it was pure chaos. It seemed like they had taken care of the villain already and were now in the middle of rescue operations. He would've been relieved if the block didn't look like such a wreck! He began scanning the area for any sign of the pro heroes who had been mentioned to him earlier and caught sight of Kirishima. His friend was carrying a seemingly unconscious and wounded woman. He was dashing toward them in seconds. "Red Riot!" "Huh, Mido-...Deku?!" Kirishima hurriedly corrected himself, the shock of seeing Midoriya here made him forget that they were on the clock and hero etiquette called for them to use their hero names during missions. "Yeah, is that woman okay??" He questioned and then gestured to the surrounding areas, "Is there somewhere you haven't searched yet? Do you know if there are more civilians trapped in this building?" "Yeah, but Cellophane is on the top floor looking and I'm gonna head back up after I get this woman to safety, but Deku! Rather than helping with the other buildings, please go in and help Ground Zero!" Izuku's eyes widened, his mouth opening and closing a few times before he could ask, "Ground Zero? You mean...Kacchan is inside? Why-" "There's no time! This building is crumbling everywhere, Ground Zero saved this woman, but got buried under a heap of rubble. He can't use his explosions and none of us other heroes are strong enough to lift all that stuff. He's on the first floor, down the corridor and to the left" Feeling like he had explained enough, Kirishima started running off towards the hoard of ambulances parked in the middle of the street. He yelled over his shoulder, "Hurry!! I don't know how much longer that building has got!" "R-right!" He shook his head in an attempt to snap out of his surprise. It was hard for him to believe that Kacchan would be in need of his help. Even as he sprinted inside, panic bubbled up inside him. This was far from an ideal reunion, that's for sure. Inwardly, he made a promise. "Kacchan, I'll save you!" "Kacchan, Kacchan, KACCHAN!" Izuku was yelling Katsuki's childhood nickname as loud as he could, even before he came into view. He saw the rubble first, then his gaze centered on the blonde head that was currently resting on the building floor. He hadn't responded, was he unconscious? It must've only taken Izuku a couple of minutes to reach him, but it had felt much longer. Worry strained his handsome face and his hand was shaking slightly when he reached out. "K-Kacchan?"
  10. Once they had both reached the locker rooms, he opened the door and held it open for Kosuke to pass through. As the younger man passed him by, Izuku caught a whiff of soap and shampoo. Being so close to him, the differences in their heights and builds was all the more noticeable. Kosuke was shorter than him by almost 5 inches and he had a much thinner build. Izuku himself had bulked up a bunch during his 2nd and 3rd years at UA and he had even experienced a growth spurt! But he had stopped just short of 6 ft, so he was still shorter than Kacchan. (of course, Kacchan always exceeds expectations) He began to remove his shirt as he made his way over to his locker. The soft material inched up his midriff, exposing chiseled muscle and scarred flesh. There had been a pretty large learning curve associated with One For All and his hands weren't the only victims of that. After developing the "Shoot style" for his quirk, his legs had took on their share of damage, as well. Torn ligaments, crushed toes, shattered kneecaps... just recalling that pain had Izuku wincing and inwardly thanking Recovery Girl for literally piecing his body back together time and time again. As for the scars on his abdomen, they had been the result of a rather troublesome villain fight right after Izuku had gone pro. Said villain had a "Wolverine" like quirk that caused the bones in his forearms to become sharp and protrude from his skin. Izuku had taken a good jab to his side and as a result, had experienced his first truly life threatening injury. He was just glad that even though the injury could have potentially been fatal, it hadn't caused any long lasting damage like the one All Might had once received. It was almost chilling to think about how close he had come to that... Mirroring Kosuke, he folded his clothes and stuffed them into his locker before stepping into his trademark hero costume. His costume had experienced minor changes since his time at UA. The suit still had it's green base, but the hood with the bunny-like appendages had been removed and he now adorned a smaller pair that attached to his mouth guard. Another noteworthy change to his get-up was that he had switched his footwear all together to just include some black boots with iron worked into the design of the toe and heel of the shoe. As such, he was a bit lighter on his feet and it took way less time to actually change into his costume. His leg and arm braces were still present but had lost most of their bulk. Now that Izuku had complete control of One For All, he decided to focus his suit a bit more on style, ease of movement, and speed rather than on defense. He'd also added a cape to it, because why wouldn't he? He was in the process of zipping up his costume when Kosuke began to hesitantly speak which caused him to pause. He listened silently and patiently until he was sure that Kosuke had finished. Clearing his throat, Izuku brought his hand up to cup the nape of his neck, his face looked a bit bashful. "As it happens, Fujimura..." He began, carefully. "I do want to take you with me on more missions.Your quirk really does have amazing potential and I believe that you can be a great help to me out there. Uh, you have been a huge help to me when you have gone with me, don't get me wrong! I had just thought that by having you accompany me on the more minor stuff, it would give you a chance to get a little more comfortable around me." Izuku reached towards Kosuke and let his hand fall on his shoulder. That being said, he hadn't meant for his sidekick to feel useless. Compared to how things were when it was just him, Kosuke being here had already been a major help, but he supposed verbal confirmation of that wouldn't be enough. He'd have to let Kosuke feel it for himself and the only way for that to happen was to let him help out more. "How about this," The hand on Kosuke's shoulder gave a couple of quick pats before withdrawing. "We get these morning patrols out of the way and if anything happens out there today, you and I will take care of it together! " Izuku grinned and noticed that he hadn't finished zipping up his costume, so the ugly, jagged scar on his abdomen was still exposed. "Things can get dangerous out there, but I have faith in you, and that's why you're with me now." When the two of them had finished dressing they headed out into the city. The sun had finally risen high in the sky and the streets were now flooded with people. Never fear, for the the hero team Deku and Kosuke Fujimura were here!
  11. Izuku laughed a bit nervously and he scratched the back of his head, the action sending his curls further into disarray. "That obvious, huh?" "No matter how quick I am about it, it always seems to become this way." Izuku pointed to the stacks of papers behind him. "In my school days if someone had told me that hero work required this much paperwork, I might not have believed them." Shaking his head, izuku shrugged. Then he beamed another toothy smile at Kosuke, "I appreciate your offer to help and will gladly take you up on it!" Izuku whirled his chair around and scooted closer to the table behind his desk. He began shifting through his documents until he found the folder he was looking for. "Ah-hah!" he exclaimed, a bit too pleased about that minor accomplishment. Whirling his chair back in the direction that faced Kosuke, Izuku held the file up towards him. "This mess of papers is related to yesterday's fiasco with that villain. Essentially, you just have to go over the observation reports and then sign em'. The police just want to confirm that they have the details straight and since we worked that one together, they'll accept your confirmation." "Unfortunately, all of this other stuff requires my signature." he gestured to his workload and laughed again, but humor didn't quite make its way into his voice this time. "Alright!" Izuku exclaimed a bit too enthusiastically, almost as if he was trying to fire himself up. A few heads turned in his direction in mild interest before going back to whatever it was they were doing prior to his outburst. Everyone on this particular floor of the building was rather used to Deku's quirky (see what I did there) nature at this point. When the freckled man went on one of his hero tangents, no one so much as batted an eye at it anymore. "Let's get to it, shall we? This, too, is an important part of making the world a safer place to live!" Izuku winked at Kosuke and gave him a thumbs up before he delved back into his work. Izuku's personality hadn't experienced an outlandish change since his school days, but he was much better at exuding optimism than before. During his time at UA, his younger self had struggled deeply with having confidence in himself and as such had trouble with thinking himself worthy of One For All. Perhaps, this was another thing that drew him to Kosuke. His troublesome quirk that didn't quite suit his body (or damaged it with excessive use) and his lack of being able to control it at times all rang an all too familiar bell with Izuku. It was his utmost hope that he'd be able to help Kosuke break out of his shell, so to speak. A couple of hours would pass by before anything noteworthy occurred. The two men fell into silence, aside from the occasional mumbling from Izuku as he thought out-loud on certain cases. By the time 10 am rolled around, he had taken a huge chunk out of the stacks on his desk. Just in time for morning patrols! Dropping his pen on his desk, Izuku flexed his right hand a few times in an attempt to work out the stiffness in his joints. He wasn't sure if it was the copious amount of writing he'd done, all the injuries to his fingers, or a culmination of both that was the cause. Either way, he didn't complain. A small alarm sounded from his watch causing him to divert his attention to it. "Guess that's our cue, Fujimura!" Izuku rose from his desk and stretched languidly. "Hopefully, this peace lasts, but it'll be good to get up and move around, don't you think Kosuke?" "Let's hurry into our uniforms." with that, he made his way to the locker rooms.
  12. During the hours of early morning, Izuku's hero office was relatively quiet. Usually, it was at this time that he would take the opportunity to catch up on paperwork before things started to get hectic. Once he started on his patrols it was very likely that he'd fall behind on office work... At this hour, usually the only people present were himself, the director of the agency, the director's assistant, a few security guards, and...- - Come to think of it? Izuku's eyes left the documents on his desk to scan his surroundings. His agency was an older building, having been around since Grand Torino's prime days. So, there was obvious wear and tear, even despite the fact that the building itself had been restored and rebuilt multiple times. The floors were scarred, but clean. A few of the walls had scuffs, cracks, and dents; a result of a few quirk mishaps from the staff. However, the point of him scanning the area wasn't to take in the scenery, it was to locate a particular someone and this someone always arrived right behind him during the week. That someone was Kosuke Fujimura, sidekick and good friend to the hero Deku. Kosuke was a quiet young man, with a (sometimes) too serious face. Izuku had taken to these aspects of his personality almost immediately since it was fairly similar to his friend and old school-mate Todoroki Shouto. That's where the similarities ended, however, and this would become clear to Izuku over time. Before Izuku could do one more vision sweep of the office floor, Kosuke came walking in through the front door. When it seemed as though the other man had spotted him, Izuku lifted his hand in greeting. "Good morning, Fujimura!" Izuku beamed at him. He reached over his piles of paperwork in an attempt to bump fists with the other man, as was their usual morning greeting. "You look good! Sleep well?"
  13. The blaring sound of an alarm clock had Izuku climbing out from his dream world, only somewhat unwillingly, and reaching across his bed to lightly swipe the screen of his cellphone. He yawned deep and ignored the slight resistance of his muscles when he sat up in his bed. He winced and rolled his shoulders a few times. "I guess yesterday's fight was a bit harder on my bod than I thought it'd be." Izuku muttered to himself and wondered why it was that the aches never registered until the following day. It was still dark, but Izuku habitually began his day before night yielded to dawn. Such was the consequence of being the number 1 hero, he supposed. He didn't really mind, actually, it suited him. The quiet, the city lights twinkling through his windows, the routine, and the promise of the hard, rewarding work that would follow. Izuku rose from bed, stretched his hands up towards the ceiling so dramatically that he went up on his tip toes. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he made his way to the adjoining bathroom. He paused on his way to the toilet to take in his appearance in the mirror. Blackish-green hair curled, twisted, and crumpled around his handsome face, only a tad bit more haphazardly than usual. His eyes, though still half-lidded with drowsiness, lacked dark circles. His skin remained clear thanks to his disciplined skin-care routine, but his chin was dusted with stubby black hairs. He ran his hand over his chin. "So rough..." he commented absently and then focused his attention to his hand. It was large, calloused and heavily scared. Most of his fingers were slightly crooked, having been broken so many times, at some point the bones had refused to heal quite right. (The same could be said for a few of his toes, unfortunately.)Izuku balled them into a fist and then released them again, a small smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. The scars on his hand, and the scar on his arm always filled him with such nostalgia. His school days seemed both far away and still very close. Shaking his head, Izuku tore himself away from the mirror and began the process of getting himself together. He showered, shaved his face, changed, and had breakfast. His breakfast was simple, lazy, and nothing fancy. Fluffy, thick toast, egg, and a green salad. Honestly, he didn't know how to make too much else, not to mention he was quite clumsy in the kitchen. It really was a pain to have to clean it all up afterwards. Izuku polished off his food, gathered up his dishes, and went straight to washing them. When he was finished he fetched his back pack and swung it over one shoulder. Izuku sat down at his genkan and began sliding on his trade-mark red shoes. (though this pair wasn't the same one that he had worn in High School. Those ones had been thrown out long ago) On the shelf nearest the front door had his 3 current favorite hats/headgear: an old, slightly beat up All Might baseball cap, A Ground Zero snap back, and a pair of Earphone Jack's ear buds. Izuku snatched up the All Might cap and the ear buds before heading out the door. He didn't need to drive, or take a train to his Heroes office being that it was only a 10 minute walk from his apartment. Which had been the biggest selling point of this place when he had first begun apartment hunting. The slightly chill, morning air felt brisk on his freckled face and gave him a burst of energy. Izuku picked up the pace until he was slightly jogging, eager to begin yet another day of being the new symbol of peace.
  14. Looking to find someone willing to RP one on one with me! I've done group RP's before and sometimes I really like them, but other times it's really hard for me to keep up with them ^^;; I have a few plots in mind, but I wouldn't mind working together to come up with one! Or if you have one you'd really like to do, you can run it by me! I've mostly indulged in fandom RP, but I like original, too. I might have to come up with an original character though, as I don't have many! lol I'm open to a lot of kinks, but I do have some limitations... nothing involving rape, scat/urine, shota (But I think that's against the rules, anyway lol) or Furry. I haven't RPed in a while, so I might be heckin' rusty! I hope you'll be patient with me @_@;; My hope is that I'll become a better writer by getting back into RP. If anyone is interested in helping me out, please feel free to reply here or message me! Thank you
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