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  1. I never expected my post to be up that again after a year. And also not the recent developements. Tbh I made my peace with the whole thing (not with the thieves though. esp. that stupid blcd online site. That sh*thole made me stop uploading here and on aarin). There is no big deal leading someone to these (public) forums with a note that everyone can access the CDs there. But no, people go around claiming shit I and other people spend our hard earned cash for. Honestly I'm quite the chill person but this stuff makes my blood boil. But hey I guess that's the kind of times we're living in. Where one licensed manga after another gets uploaded on mangago without a hint of guilt, no-reupload requests from scan groups and other uploaders get ignored and CDs are up on YT and other sites with "definitely no bad intentions". And all with the wonderful justification (excuse) that y'all "just wanted to share sth good". Sharing my ass. If that wasn't what the people sharing the original files were intending to do in the first place. Update: Btw I'm really sorry for all the other uploaders in the last few months that found their stuff somewhere else. I feel you. Everytime someone uploaded a recent CD I had to check back at the usual suspects and ofc they sniped the CDs. I'm not here to tell anyone to never upload again because why the hell should the majority of nice and respectful listeners and downloaders be punished for a few black sheeps, but jfc ... those few are making it hard to actually not get paranoid and stop uploading all together.
  2. There is a new link in the post right above yours and it's working. Please check the whole thread next time.
  3. As far as I know there is no translation. Novels rarely get translated (unfortunately). It has three volumes so far and I think you can only buy them from the usual suspects: amazon.jp, cmoa, renta jp and so on. Although I'm not a 100% sure since I'm usually not looking for novels.
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