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    Food. anime, manga,asian drama, asian Movie, Takeshi Kitano, books, photography, flowers and plants


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    ♥Skamichi no Apollon
    ♥Wolf in the House
    ♥Lover Boy
    ♥Escape Journey
    ♥Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku
    ♥Bj Alex
    ♥Endless World
    ♥Blue Lust
    ♥Senya Ichiya - Shitone no Himegoto
    ♥Jigoku Meguri


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    ♥Versailles no Bara
    ♥Wolf's Rain
    ♥Last Exile
    ♥Zankyou no Terror
    ♥Death Parade
    ♥Natsume Yuujinchou
    ♥Yuri on Ice
    ♥Junjou Romantica
    ♥Sekai Ichi Atsukoi
    ♥Banana Fish
    ♥House of Five Leaves


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    ♥Usagi-san x Misaki(Junjou Romantica)
    ♥Takano x Onodera(Sekai Ichi Atsukoi)
    ♥Minsuk x Bexan(Wolf in the House)
    ♥Diesel x Ein (Wolf in the House)
    ♥Naoto x Taichi (Escape Journey)
    ♥Yashiro x Doumeki(Twittering Birds Never Fly)
    ♥Kudou x Miyauchi(Kashikomarimashita, Destiny)
    ♥Eunho x Jaeha (Lover Boy)

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  1. hehe, it's a real shame but I understand :7yoyo10:

    Seeing a guy so charming with a d*** like that in his hand.. and wow, damn it, it's an absolutely magnificent drawing :Red_fox: yesterday, as soon as I saw it I almost missed my breath ... what a look ... and what a d*** ..congratulations to the artist :8yoyo13:

    It is a real work of art and I await the continuation of the scene:_red_fox 5

    You are a treasure, thank you very very much foxy3 have a super nice day

  2. Hahahaha

    yeah but i had to erase the d*** for the siggy actually otherwise i think it would be to much "info" XDD

    But i do wounder.. If he hold that D in his hand and it looks like to be "finnished".

    He still has that condom, so i guess there is a part 2 that has not been draw yet XDD

  3. tenor.gif



    I did not expect it so ... so ... wow .... amazing ... ohmyyyyy

    You are so kind,thank you soooooo much❤❤❤

  4. Ello

    Here ya go XD





  5. Yeah i also like creative people, im not so good at writing, but i like to litsen to audiobooks whne i draw, or play videogames ^^

    Yeah lets hope all this virus will go down, its very many people that has lost someone. hope everything will be ok.

  6. Yep!

    I have finished creating the blog, I hope I have done the right things ... I am always afraid of doing everything wrong.

    You drawing digital art too? That's great !! ahh i love digital art but i don't know anything about it. I see really beautiful images on tumblr and instagram and I really admire those who create this kind of work.

    I hope that the situation will settle as soon as possible and that life will return to flow ... for everyone♡

    Good luck with everything, have a wonderful day ^^

  7. Oh two special cards , sounds nice ^^

    haha is oki u awnserd late :p I was playing video games anyway. So im all in to that atm. I liek to draw alot, i like to draw traditional and digital. but atm i dont have time cuz im writing my paper in art history -__-

    i had some stuff i had to fix so yeah. but i study from home so its nice. We have lots of online classes here via the university but i hope the uni will open next semester so that i can be on a campus in town. would be nice ^^ but yeah... depends on how all this goes.

  8. I want to apologize for replying so late to your message, but I was trying to create a blog on Yaoi following K's directions regarding the discussion of how to earn 10,000 points and two special cards. It's interesting, I want to try and do it, but I hope to do things properly ^^

  9. The first manga I read, I was maybe over 25 years old, was "After School Nightmare", by Setona Mizushiro. I had noticed it in the newsagent of my country, while I was buying a newspaper, it was like love at first sight, the cover designs were wonderful, then after I read it... well, I loved it very much and I couldn't wait, every time the next volume comes out to buy it. Mysterious, exciting, it almost scared me sometimes, but I really loved it and guard it carefully.

    This manga, for me, represents a sort of unconscious prelude to the love I feel today for manga in general and for the yaoi.

    I think if you like doing something, whatever it is, you have to keep trying, always. So you will decide in time what to do.

  10. I love drawing, even though I haven't done it for many years now.

    I drew a lot when I was in middle and high school. Then, for various reasons, I quit.

    When I was a child I was obsessed with the classic houses with trees, flowers, mountains etc.

    Then my "style" was simple, nothing to do with manga because I did not know its existence, but more than the kind that I saw a cartoon on TV and I designed the character.

    Then I did many fantasy drawings, in school in a particular way, such as mermaids, warriors, which my high school drawing professor took and put them in the school archives. I have never been able to draw horses and unicorns, even if they are the ones I love most.

    I discovered the world of manga about 16 years ago. (I don't remember exactly)

    Lady Oscar, Hokuto no Ken, Mirai Shounen Conan gave it to TV when I was a child, and I only found out after that "illustrated stories" also existed.

  11. I noticed that you like to draw :D So do i. You draw like manga style or so? I wish i could do that, i used to be able to but i havent draw like that in a while so i think i would be really bad if i tried :p

  12. Hi I'm ok!

    I hope so ^^ and thanks for accepting

  13. Hi whats up ^

    hope all is good with you, thanks for the request.

  14. P.S. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I was really pleased to know that you too saw YOI and then yours: drool: I liked it a lot !!!


    Bye bye

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