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    Food. anime, manga,asian drama, asian Movie, Takeshi Kitano, books, photography, flowers and plants


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    ♥Skamichi no Apollon
    ♥Wolf in the House
    ♥Lover Boy
    ♥Escape Journey
    ♥Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku
    ♥Bj Alex
    ♥Endless World
    ♥Blue Lust
    ♥Senya Ichiya - Shitone no Himegoto
    ♥Jigoku Meguri


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    ♥Versailles no Bara
    ♥Wolf's Rain
    ♥Last Exile
    ♥Zankyou no Terror
    ♥Death Parade
    ♥Natsume Yuujinchou
    ♥Yuri on Ice
    ♥Junjou Romantica
    ♥Sekai Ichi Atsukoi
    ♥Banana Fish
    ♥House of Five Leaves


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    ♥Usagi-san x Misaki(Junjou Romantica)
    ♥Takano x Onodera(Sekai Ichi Atsukoi)
    ♥Minsuk x Bexan(Wolf in the House)
    ♥Diesel x Ein (Wolf in the House)
    ♥Naoto x Taichi (Escape Journey)
    ♥Yashiro x Doumeki(Twittering Birds Never Fly)
    ♥Kudou x Miyauchi(Kashikomarimashita, Destiny)
    ♥Eunho x Jaeha (Lover Boy)

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  1. Hi @Milcah! Ah! I totally agree with you! Blood Bank is absolutely gorgeous! I have read it so many times and fall in love with it every time. It is one of those stories that catch your heart. It is published in my country so I wish to buy it! Warehouse I just started it but it is hard for me, the sense of anguish and the sadness I feel is stronger the more I go on reading it. I do not know, but also reading various reviews and various comments, I do not know whether to give it up or continue reading The Baker on the The First Floor it's on my list of webtoon to read Sign I am reading it and I like it very much it is fun, sexy, sweet ... Then the two protagonists are adorable I love them so much. Oh! My Assistant and Unripened Expression I don't know them but I will add them to my list of those to read Raising A Bat Ahh! I loved so much read this and occasionally reread willingly. Following Namsoo to the Bathhouse I read a few comments on this webtoon and I had already put it on my list to read. But there are other very interesting ones, in my humble opinion, that really deserve to be read, perhaps I have already mentioned some of them so I apologize if I repeat them: Royal Servant(already read) Guang Xiang (already read) Lover Boy (already read) Rain Again (already read) Love is an Illusion (already read) How Sweet is Sugar Daddy (already read) Walk on Water (I'm reading) Dear Door (I'm reading) Painter of the night (I'm reading) Jazz for Two (already read) Never Understand (already read) On or Off (I'm reading) Behind the Desk (I'm reading) Down and Dirty (I'm reading) Behind the Scene (I'm reading) Dark Heaven (I cry a lot) My Last Love Scenario (already read) Cover Up (already read) Incidentally Living togheter (I'm reading) Intense (already read) Blue, Black, Sky (already read) My Suha (I'm reading) Saha (I'm reading)
  2. Hi @Ryuu_L ! Thanks honey, you are so kind, thank you very much. Well, it was difficult but also liberating. I was very little when those things happened but they are memories that will always remain with me, like the memory I have of her. The thing that makes me sad is that she has not had a life at least a little happy. I love what your mom said about the butterfly. It is a beautiful, very sweet thing. Maybe it really so, huh? Would be great! Reading about the accident your brother had and seeing the conditions the car was in really scared me. I'm so sorry ... but I'm relieved to know he's okay. And you Ryuu, if only I could, I would hug you right away. Wow, I feel that you are a beautiful person and you and your brother are lucky to be there for each other. I am an only child and I had many complexes and a low esteem for me (still today it so), and believe me, even if the relationships between brothers are sometimes not always idyllic, it does nothing, it is much worse when you have no one to confide in, for ask for advice or help. Or even get angry and fight. Yes Ryuu, you are a great person and please allow me to say that I am proud of you and how you commit yourself, work and always try to do your best. I hope with all my heart that you can achieve what you wish and have a happy life. You deserve it! Stay strong and above all be proud of yourself, always!
  3. Coconut yogurt with chocolate cereal balls
  4. Hanakage no Kioku by Saori Mieno
  5. A little kiss on the cheek *^^*
  6. 63961
  7. Thank you very much, I love it ❤❤❤
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