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    binge-watching anime & tv shows, stalking hot people & yaoi-related things, running & mu


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    too much to list, mostly yaoi with 99% of happy ending.


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    currently - Yuri!! On Ice


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    Otabek x Yurio (。♥‿♥。)
  1. 2 thank you for the lovely cupcake @Ryuu_L *smear it all over my face*
  2. eating canned tuna for 2 days straight now.. i finally understood my cat's grumpiness.
  3. yeah it feels like a never ending battle.. but im ok here. hope you're doing ok too.

  4. If you're reading this, I hope you're okay. I hope this pandemic ends soon! Stay safe :)

  5. Happy New Year 2020 @crystald~! Happy New Year everyone
  6. Tầng sinh môn l?* một hệ thống sinh lý trong thân thể của phụ nữ có vai trò rất quan yếu trong việc giao hợp, thu nh??*n tinh trùng v?* nuôi dưỡng thai nhi. Bộ ph??*n n?*y ch?*nh l?* phần mô nằm giữa h??*u môn v?* âm đạo có chiều d?*i khoảng 3-5 cm. Nếu bộ ph??*n sinh dục nam nằm ở bên ngo?*i thì bộ ph??*n sinh dục nữ nằm khuất ph?*a dưới, được che khuất bởi phần trên hai đùi. tham khảo: https://thuocxoaseo.com/kien-thuc-tri-seo/seo-loi-o-vet-khau-tang-sinh-mon.html

  7. 07 thank you @crystald~! here a cupcake for you and everyone else who come across this thread ^^
  8. binge watching Kengan Ashura s2, Baki & JJBA - golden wind. i think i have a thing for anime muscles now.. "kudaranai!!"
  9. Hey, awww thank u for liking my sight. Actually it was made in a rush XD. How are things with u?


    Yeah I'm a manager atm and we are a small team working on stuff :D we work together ^^


    Happy halloween

  10. wow, i've gotta check these titles out. sounds interesting. for me, currently digging these titles: Keeper of the Pearl Restless The Warrior & the Deity among others..
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